Yastrid’s Journey to Chicago: Strengthening Bonds with Ms. Lana and Ms. Kennelly

Chicago, October 2023

Astrid, the manager of Yastrid, embarked on a significant journey to Chicago to connect with two remarkable customers: Ms. Lana, a registered nurse, and Ms. Kennelly, a nurse practitioner. Their collaborative journey, which began in 2016, has not only been fruitful but has also opened doors to numerous opportunities within the beauty industry.

Yastrid's partner

Ms. Lana and Ms. Kennelly have played a pivotal role in Yastrid’s growth and expansion. During the cooperation, Yastrid provided them with high-quality and cost-effective products, and at the same time, due to trust and loyalty, Ms. Lana and Ms. Kennelly also introduced many customers to us.

Ms. Kennelly has been actively involved in injection training, an essential component of modern aesthetics. Her training programs always employ Yastrid microcannula and meso needle, which have garnered high praise from her and her trainees. With a smile, she remarked, “The microcannula is fantastic, I love it, and my trainees love it too. They were so impressed that they’ve even noted your company’s information and plan to purchase more of your products. I’m thrilled to be in collaboration with you and your company.”

Yastrid's partner

Yastrid’s premium cannulas and an array of needles have not only met but exceeded the expectations of Ms. Lana and Ms. Kennelly, providing a new level of convenience and precision in their aesthetic practices.

Beyond business, Astrid took the opportunity to visit the studios of Ms. Lana and Ms. Kennelly, appreciating the beauty of Chicago. The city’s stunning skyline and vibrant culture left a lasting impression on Astrid.

Yastrid's partner

Astrid’s journey to Chicago was a delightful and rewarding experience. The strong bonds established with Ms. Lana and Ms. Kennelly have not only enriched the Yastrid brand but have paved the way for even more exciting collaborations in the future. As Yastrid continues to evolve, its commitment to providing top-notch products and fostering genuine relationships within the beauty industry remains unwavering.

Stay tuned for what the future holds, as Yastrid’s journey, fueled by these strong partnerships, promises to be nothing short of remarkable.