Yastrid and Dr. Favy: A Blossoming Partnership in the World of Beauty

Mexico City, October 2023

In the bustling world of beauty and aesthetics, strong partnerships often lead to remarkable success stories. The story of Astrid, Yastrid’s manager, and Dr. Favy is a shining example of such collaboration. Their journey, which began in 2015, has not only withstood the test of time but has continued to thrive over the years, bringing innovation and excellence to the forefront of the beauty industry.

Yastrid and Yastrid's partner

Astrid recently made her way to the Expo Beauty Show Mexico 2023, an event that would further strengthen her partnership with Dr. Favy. Dr. Favy, her long-time business associate, accompanied her to the event.

For eight years, Dr. Favy has been a loyal customer of Yastrid, consistently purchasing a range of products that have helped her maintain her thriving aesthetic practice. These products include PDO threads, injectable hyaluronic acid, and meso needles – essential tools in the arsenal of any modern aesthetic practitioner.

At the Expo Beauty Show Mexico 2023, Dr. Favy wasn’t just a spectator. She actively engaged in helping Astrid introduce Yastrid’s products at their booth, leveraging her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. With Dr. Favy by her side, Astrid successfully formed multiple partnerships, expanding Yastrid’s reach and influence within the beauty industry in Mexico.

Yastrid's partner

The collaboration didn’t end at the exhibition booth. Astrid and Dr. Favy’s relationship transcends the professional realm. They shared a warm and memorable dinner at a Chinese restaurant, bringing an element of personal connection to their partnership.

Yastrid's partner

Yastrid, the brand they represent, places significant value on fostering such relationships. These connections not only solidify existing partnerships but also pave the way for exciting opportunities in the future.

As Astrid and Dr. Favy’s journey continues, the prospects for their partnership appear brighter than ever. Yastrid will become an increasingly renowned brand and, at the same time, will provide the safest and most efficient products for the beauty industry, thereby assisting more beauty clinics in achieving higher levels of cosmetic treatment.