Yastrid PCL Molding Cog Sculpted Thread 18g 100mm Blunt Cannula

Material of Thread:  Absorbable Ploydioxanone Suture

Material of Needle: Japanese 304 Stainless Steel

Cannula Type: R/W/Bullet Cannula

Package: 10 pieces in one bag

Payment Terms: PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc.


Yastrid pcl molding cog threads have been created through a pressure molding production process to create barbs on the surface of pdo threads. This new innovative production process forms a cog thread with more stronger tensile and anchoring strength allowing master injectors to obtain superior lifting effects over regular barbs threads.

1. Material of Thread: PCL (Polydioxanone)
2. Material of Needle: Stainless Steel (Imported from Japan)
3. Shelf Life: 2 years
4. Duration: 6 Months
5. Absorb Beginning: 3-4 Weeks
6. Completely Absorbed: 180-240 Days
7. No Side Effect
8. Quantity: 5pcs/package
9. Packaging Detail: 1pcs/blister bag, 5pcs/Aluminum bag
10. Delivery Detail: 7-10 days after receiving the deposit and all package information confirmed.

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