Yastrid PCL Eye Thread Lift 30g 25MM with Blunt Cannula

Material of Thread:  Absorbable Ploydioxanone Suture

Material of Needle: Japanese 304 Stainless Steel

Cannula Type: Blunt Tip Cannula

Package: 10 pieces in one bag

Payment Terms: PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc.


Yastrid PCL Eye Twist Thread is one single mono screw thread with blunt tip cannula, which is one new innovation for lifting eyes area based on mono threads with sharp needle.

With blunt tip cannula, Yastrid PCL Eye Twist Thread can:

  1. Avoiding making clients blind with blunt tip cannula;
  2. PCL thread itself is very sofer than PDO thread, which can reduce pain;
  3. PCL could last around 2~3 years;
  4. PCL could remove the eyes bag in some ways.

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