Why Hyaluronic Acid Filler Is the Best Way to Increase Collagen Production

The use of hyaluronic acid fillers is a relatively recent development in the world of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. It was first introduced in the year 2000, and it quickly became one of the most popular options for removing wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid filler is also considered the best way to increase collagen production because of its added benefits.

best way to increase collagen production

This substance provides immediate results with minimal to zero side effects. You may feel some discomfort and minor pain after the treatment, but they will last only for a couple of days. The fillers will almost instantly give you softer and smoother skin because of their ability to trap water molecules beneath the skin’s surface.

Apart from the results being immediate, they are also long-lasting. You can expect the effects to last from anywhere from 6-12 months after treatment. Hyaluronic acid fillers will continue to improve your skin’s conditions even months after treatment because of their ability to stimulate collagen production (neocollagenesis).

What Is Collagen Used For?

Your body’s most abundant protein is none other than collagen. Tendons, fat, and ligaments are just a few body parts where you can find collagen. We have a stable and robust structure when our bones are correctly aligned. Furthermore, our skin cells will work better when we have high collagen levels. This efficiency translates to younger-looking skin.

Collagen is Used For wrinkle removing

Another protein that is responsible for our skin’s youthful glow and responsiveness is elastin; it is also a kind of collagen. You will also find this protein in arteries, lungs, and other similar organs. These two, elastin and collagen, are one of the building blocks of our skin’s texture. Together, they are responsible for how well, soft, and young-looking our skin is.

So, in essence, if you want to look youthful with fairer and tighter skin, you have to focus on increasing your collagen. Here are the other ways to enhance your neocollagenesis apart from using hyaluronic acid, which is the best way to increase collagen production.

Best Way to Increase Collagen Production | Five Effective Ways

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is the No.1 natural way to cure and soothe wounds, and we have been using it for that very purpose for thousands of years. Not surprisingly, this plant is also one of the best ways to increase collagen production.

Aloe Vera can increase collagen

Applying or ingesting aloe vera promotes collagen formation due to its unique abundance of sterols. This compound can enhance neocollagenesis and hyaluronic acid in your body.

You may apply the plant’s gel (flesh after the skin) directly to your skin. If you want to take the commercial route, there are thousands of ready-to-use aloe vera products out there — both in the form of oral supplements or skin-care products.

Vitamin C-rich Food

The most prominent reason vitamin C is always part of any skin-care product’s ingredient is that it is the main promotor of collagen formation. Without it, you cannot synthesize hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is widely accepted, proven, and tested as a natural substance that promotes neocollagenesis.

Your body will have a challenging time making hyaluronic acid if you are deficient in vitamin C. According to several studies in the last decade, hyaluronic acid aids in the formation of new collagen in the human body after losing volumes of it due to aging.

Consuming meals high in vitamin C and amino acids (coming from fruits and vegetables), both of which are necessary for healthy skin, may raise your body’s hyaluronic acid and collagen levels.

Vitamin C-rich Food boost collagen

To see faster results, eat:

  • Oranges
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Strawberries
  • Kale
  • Broccoli

You may also buy vitamin C supplements. However, going organic is still the most effective approach as your body has a more effortless and much faster time synthesizing it.


We know this recommendation may be surprising or weird, but a growing number of pharmaceutical companies are using its extracts as part of their cosmetic ingredient. Why? That’s because algae is a powerful cure against oxidation.

Algae can increase collagen

Oxidation is the exposure of your skin to harmful components of our modern times, like pollution and toxins. These damage cell development and is the primary cause of skin damage.

Seaweed can effectively protect your skin’s health due to the harmful effects of pollution, and it can significantly decrease the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. You can buy oral supplements containing algae in most pharmacies or health and fitness centers.


Cilantro, also known as coriander leaf, is one of the best vegetables packed with vitamin C. As mentioned previously, this vitamin is essential for our skin’s overall health.


However, one other element that makes this special is its abundance of linolenic acid, a potent anti-aging element for your skin. Healthy skin cells are destroyed by free radicals, which linolenic acid effectively prevents. We recommend incorporating this herb into your diet. You can also find capsules of this as a supplement.


Several studies have shown that ginseng is a powerful herb that can slow aging. That is why it has captured the eyes of royalty back in the olden days.

Ginseng Increase Collagen Production

Panax (any slow-growing perennial plant such as ginseng) has been observed to penetrate the skin without creating any negative responses. It preserves your skin’s natural, youthful form by boosting your blood flow, indirectly enhancing your collagen production.

This herb is also known to repair sun damage in Chinese medicine. Taking ginseng supplements (drinking ginseng tea) once a day is enough to provide you with the above benefits.

Hyaluronic Fillers

Like collagen, you can naturally find hyaluronic acid in the body. Thanks to its water-binding capability, it provides much-needed lubrication to the eyes, joints, and skin. It’s responsible for keeping the skin soft, supple, and young-looking.

Yastrid Hyaluronic Acid Filler

You can increase the amount of hyaluronic acid in your body by eating food rich in amino acids, such as root crops and soybeans. Hyaluronic supplements are also available in the form of dermal fillers. These fillers are considered one of the best ways to increase collagen production and, as a popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure, identical to Botox.

The main advantage of hyaluronic acid is its immediate and lasting results. The effects of the procedure last from 6-12 months. And because it can stimulate the production of collagen, you can see significant improvements in your skin even after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions on Increasing Collagen Production

How to increase collagen production under the eyes?

An effective way to increase collagen production under the eyes is to use retinol moisturizer. Retinol or vitamin A is essential in creating collagen fibers around the skin. You just need to make sure that the moisturizer you’ll use is safe to apply around the eye area, which is quite sensitive. You also need to be careful not to get some moisturizer in your eyes.

The best retinol moisturizers contain alpha-hydroxy acids. They can stimulate collagen production and heal dry skin at the same time.

You also need to protect the area around the eyes from sun exposure by wearing sunglasses. You don’t need to buy an expensive pair. But the glasses need to wrap around your eyes to make sure that UV rays won’t be able to sneak through.

How to increase collagen production on the face naturally?

The best way to naturally increase the collagen production on your face is to use natural skin-care products. Try applying a vitamin C serum every morning on your face. Vitamin C is a known antioxidant that can protect the collagen in your face from UV damage. It can also trigger the formation of new collagen.

Products containing peptides also promote collagen and elastin formation, resulting in firmer skin. Short-chain amino acids such as peptides act as building blocks of proteins.

How to improve collagen production in the body?

You can improve collagen production in the body through a balanced diet. Ensure that you’re consuming protein-rich foods such as lean cuts of beef and pork, chicken breast (without the skin), and fish. These foods contain amino acids that are crucial in collagen production.

One collagen-boosting food that you can also try is bone broth. You can either make it yourself or buy a premade from the grocery store. Bone broth is made by slowly simmering beef, chicken, and fish bones for one to two days to draw out collagen. The result is a flavor-rich liquid that you can consume or make other dishes.

If you’re buying premade bone broth from a store, make sure it’s organic. Non-organic bone broth may contain residues of antibiotics and pesticides that can cause health problems.

Can you increase collagen naturally?

Of course, you can. Keep in mind that collagen is already present in the body. Again, as mentioned in this article, it’s the most abundant protein found in the human body.

So what you need to do is avoid the degradation of collagen already in the body and promote the synthesis of new ones. Doing so entails making a few changes in your lifestyle. If you’re smoking, one of the best things you can do to increase your collagen is to quit. Cigarettes cause the skin to produce free radicals that can cause less collagen synthesis.

What’s the best way to increase collagen production?

There are many ways to increase collagen production. You can do it by changing your diet and lifestyle and taking supplements. But the best way to boost collagen production is through the use of hyaluronic acid fillers. Its effects are immediate and long-lasting, and it continues to work even months after the treatment.

Final Words

You can’t stop the wheel of time from turning, but you can avoid the effects of premature aging by utilizing the best way to increase collagen production. If you want to have soft, supple, and young-looking skin, you should look for ways to boost collagen production in your body.

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