What is PDO Smooth Thread Procedure?

PDO smooth thread

Non-surgical techniques have taken center stage in the constantly changing world of cosmetic modifications, allowing patients to refresh their looks without invasive surgery. The PDO smooth thread procedure is one of the innovations that has attracted the masses for its astonishing capacity to turn back time with little to no downtime.

What is the PDO smooth thread procedure, and how does it function?

Come along on this adventure with us as we explore the world of PDO threads and learn the mysteries of this game-changing procedure.

What Are PDO Smooth Threads?

PDO (Polydioxanone) smooth threads are cutting-edge biocompatible synthetic threads for non-surgical procedures for skin rejuvenation. They are medical-grade threads with a long history of safe use in surgery.

The fragile threads resemble the strands of medical sutures. They are expertly inserted with a needle beneath the skin’s surface, building a solid foundation that lifts and tightens sagging tissues. This dual action progressively lifts and tightens, giving the skin a youthful appearance.

But how does this all play out during the actual procedure? Let’s unveil this procedure.

The PDO Smooth Thread Procedure

PDO smooth thread procedure provides a minimally invasive way to lift and tighten drooping skin by utilizing the strength of polydioxanone threads.

Depending on the size of the treatment region and the number of threads utilized, a PDO smooth thread lift operation usually takes between 30 and an hour to perform. This period comprises the consultation, planning, and threading procedure.

The operation process of the PDO smooth threads is:

  • First, disinfect the treatment area to avoid infection during the injection;
  • Then, in the treatment area, Lidocaine is injected, which can greatly reduce the pain of PDO smooth threads insertion;
  • Afterward, the PDO threads are inserted according to the results of the previous consultation. Generally, after a certain number of PDO threads are inserted, they are pulled out uniformly. When pulling out, the insertion port needs to be pressed to prevent excessive bleeding.
  • After the needle is pulled out, the PDO threads remain in the skin. Over time, they will stimulate the skin to continuously produce collagen, eventually restoring the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Consultation and Customization

PDO smooth thread procedure

A thorough consultation with a knowledgeable practitioner is essential before the adventure starts. Your specific requirements and expectations are reviewed at this point, and a tailored strategy is created to ensure the procedure is precisely in line with your objectives.

It’s time for the significant event once the plan is set. A local anesthetic ensures comfort throughout the process and meticulously delineates the treatment area.

Precision Placement of PDO Threads

The PDO threads are carefully and expertly inserted beneath the skin’s surface by the practitioner. These threads elevate and support sagging tissues as a framework. The practitioner skillfully sculpts and contours to produce the desired results.

Instant Results, Continued Improvement

The appeal of PDO smooth threads comes in both their instant results and long-term advantages. Collagen formation increases as the threads gradually dissolve naturally, improving the effects and assuring a long-lasting impact.

Precisely, results often persist for 3 to 4 years in younger individuals, but older individuals with less-than-optimal skin volume or elasticity typically only experience improvements for 1 to 2 years.

Practically any area of the body or face may be treated with PDO threads.  While some changes are noticeable almost away, the whole effect is visible about three months after therapy.

Is the PDO Smooth Thread Procedure Right for You?

The adaptability of the PDO smooth thread procedure is one of its most exciting features. Many people seeking a non-surgical solution to cosmetic issues can benefit from this process.

PDO smooth threads provide a customized approach to rejuvenation, whether you want to lift sagging jowls, reshape your jawline, or add volume to hollowed cheeks.

The Distinctive Advantages of PDO Smooth Threads

Yastrid PDO Thread Lift before after for Belly

PDO smooth threads offer a unique blend of immediate and long-term benefits that set them apart from other non-surgical procedures. Unlike dermal fillers, which focus primarily on restoring volume, PDO threads address both sagging skin and volume loss.

Strategically placing threads beneath the skin’s surface provides a structural framework that lifts and supports sagging tissues.

Additionally, the polydioxanone material used in PDO threads provides immediate results and stimulates collagen production over time. This dual-action approach ensures that the effects of the procedure continue to improve in the weeks and months following the treatment. As a result, patients enjoy a natural and refreshed appearance that matures beautifully.

The Aftercare: Nurturing the Results

To achieve the best outcomes and quick recovery following your PDO smooth thread procedure, adequate aftercare is crucial. This step is equally important as the procedure since it prepares the ground for the long-term advantages you want.

A thorough explanation of how to take care of and preserve the stunning effects of your PDO smooth thread procedure is explained.

Post-Procedure Guidelines for Radiant Results

It’s time to start the post-treatment journey now that the operation is complete. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions in the following days and weeks. These can include using moderate skincare regimens, refraining from physically demanding activities, and skipping some facial procedures.

You’ll start seeing the gradual change as you move through the recuperation phase. If any, light bruising and swelling will go away, revealing a more youthful version of yourself.

Long-Term Benefits and Maintenance

The capacity of PDO Smooth Threads to produce long-lasting results is one of their key features. The benefits of the operation become more noticeable as collagen creation continues, giving you a more rejuvenated and natural appearance.

It is advised to keep a consistent skincare routine and arrange regular follow-up consultations with your practitioner to nourish your newly discovered brightness further. These adjustments guarantee that your outcomes will remain at their best throughout time.

Comparing PDO Smooth Threads to Alternative Procedure

There are a dizzying array of non-surgical cosmetic procedures available nowadays. Each strategy offers particular advantages and things to keep in mind. PDO smooth threads are an exceptional and practical choice for face rejuvenation.

But how do they stack up against alternate techniques like conventional facelifts or dermal fillers?

Let’s explore the main contrasts and benefits of PDO Smooth Threads, providing a thorough viewpoint for people looking for the best route to a revitalized and youthful appearance.

The PDO Smooth Thread Difference

While non-surgical enhancements offer various options, PDO Smooth Threads stand out for their unique combination of immediate impact and sustained improvement. Unlike dermal fillers or traditional facelifts, PDO Threads work with your body’s natural processes to rejuvenate and restore, resulting in a more subtle yet incredibly transformative outcome.

In contrast to other non-surgical treatments, PDO Threads provides a versatile solution tailored to address various concerns, from facial sagging to volume loss.

One of the most notable characteristics of PDO smooth threads is their adaptability, making them an excellent option for people with various aesthetic goals, offering a comprehensive solution in a single procedure.

Additionally, PDO Smooth Threads complement and enhance the effects of other non-surgical treatments, allowing for a customized treatment plan.

Compared to Traditional Facelifts

Even though traditional facelifts are still a well-liked choice for cosmetic rejuvenation, they require a more significant commitment in terms of expense, recovery time, and potential hazards from surgery.

PDO Smooth Threads, however, provides a minimally invasive option with significantly less recovery time and a lower chance of problems. They, therefore, appeal to people looking for a more delicate and progressive regeneration method.

Additionally, PDO Threads offer a degree of personalization that conventional facelifts might not. The threads can be strategically positioned to target particular problem areas, enabling a customized approach that considers each person’s aesthetic objectives.

Potential Complications During PDO Smooth Thread Procedure

Like any medical operation, the PDO smooth thread procedure is considered safe and successful, but patients should be aware of potential side effects. Approaching this method in total transparency and being aware of its advantages and potential risks is crucial.

Some rare but possible complications may occur during or after the PDO smooth thread procedure:

Temporary Bruising and Swelling

Side Effect after mono thread lift


Temporary bruising and swelling at the treatment site is one of the most frequent and expected adverse effects of the PDO smooth thread procedure. It usually only lasts a few days to a week and is moderate. These signs can be lessened by using ice packs and adhering to post-procedure care guidelines.


Even while infections are uncommon, they might happen if adequate hygiene and treatment guidelines are not carefully followed. Maintaining cleanliness in the treated area and avoiding touching it with dirty hands are essential.

Seek immediate medical assistance if you spot infection-related symptoms like swelling, warmth, or increased redness or pus.

Thread Migration

PDO threads may occasionally move away from where they were initially placed. This may result in worse-than-ideal outcomes and call for corrective action.

Proper placement is essential in minimizing this problem, so skilled practitioners take care during the surgery to reduce the chance of thread migration.

Allergic Reaction

Allergic Response

Although rare, allergic responses to the PDO substance are possible. This may manifest as redness, irritation, or a rash at the treatment location. Before the procedure, you must inform your doctor if you have a known allergy to polydioxanone or other comparable substances.

Visible or Palpable Threads

Patients may occasionally be able to see or feel the threads that are under the skin. This might occur if the threads must be appropriately positioned or inserted deeply enough. Skilled practitioners carefully consider the placement of threads to reduce their visibility or palpability.

Nerve Damage

There is a slight chance of nerve injury during the surgery, albeit it is pretty unusual. This may result in a brief period of numbness or altered sensation in the treated area or, in rare instances, permanent numbness. A professional practitioner will take precautions to avoid nerve-rich areas when placing thread.

Uneven or Asymmetrical Results

Even the most skilled practitioners need help achieving perfect symmetry. While every attempt is taken to produce balanced results, there may occasionally be a slight asymmetry. Usually, this can be resolved by adding therapies or making changes.

Expert Insights and Recommendations

Hiring a knowledgeable practitioner is essential to get the best outcomes with cosmetic modifications. Seeking the advice of a skilled practitioner when it comes to the PDO smooth thread procedure provides a secure and prosperous process.

So, these are insightful observations and suggestions made by professionals in the industry to help you on a transforming and self-confidence-boosting journey.

Credentials Matter

An experienced specialist stresses the significance of checking the credentials of any individual providing PDO Smooth Thread Procedures. Look for credentials from recognized universities, training, and a history of effective therapies. This guarantees technical expertise and faith in the provider’s dedication to your well-being.

Customization is Key

An experienced practitioner understands that every person’s facial structure is different. They go into the surgery knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A full consultation is necessary to customize the treatment plan to your unique problems and intended results. This will ensure a natural result that complements your features.

Transparent Communication

A qualified PDO Smooth Thread practitioner will always communicate with you openly and honestly. They take the time to answer your inquiries, thoroughly describe the process, and establish reasonable expectations. They’ll also go through potential dangers and ensure you’re educated.

Experience Counts

When executing PDO Smooth Thread Procedures, a practitioner with extensive experience gives assurance and knowledge that translate into more significant outcomes. They have a high aesthetic sense developed through many years of practice, enabling them to make subtle and significant improvements.

Before and After Portfolio

thread lift before and after jowls
Unsmooth face contour

.Portfolio Comparing the Before and After Reputable professionals delight in exhibiting their work. They’ll offer a thorough portfolio of before-and-after images that showcase PDO Smooth Threads’ potential while exhibiting their skill. Thanks to this graphic portrayal, you may evaluate their talents and develop a fair expectation of what to expect.

Patient-Centered Care

The focus of a top-notch practitioner is on you and your health. They put your comfort, safety, and pleasure first throughout the procedure. They’ll pay close attention to your worries, give comprehensive aftercare instructions, and arrange follow-up sessions to check your development.


Those seeking a non-surgical rejuvenation procedure have a cutting-edge choice in the PDO smooth thread procedure. Because of its ability to boost collagen formation and offer immediate lifting benefits, it is a tribute to the continually developing field of aesthetic enhancements.

Remember that talking to a skilled specialist is the first step to restoring confidence. You might rediscover a more radiant version of yourself with PDO smooth threads. Try it now!

As one of Yastrid’s best-selling products, PDO smooth threads have garnered the favor of numerous customers. We offer free samples to our customers. Come and experience them for yourself. Feel free to inquire with us anytime, or you can have a look at our online store.

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