What is a Neck Thread Lift?

Neck thread lifts are a quick and easy way to tighten the skin on your neck and improve your appearance. These threads are woven into the skin to give you a tighter neck. They are increasingly used in place of other neck lifts because they don’t require downtime.

What is a Neck Thread Lift

So what is a thread lift for the neck?

A thread lift for the neck is non-invasive because it is created using a thread. The thread is anchored in the facial skin tissues. As a result, the thread pulls tight on the tissues, which is the main reason why the tissue firms up and adopts a new shape. Thread lifts are often used to improve the appearance of aging skin on the neck.

If you are considering a neck thread lift, you may be wondering; what is a neck thread lift? Find all answers to all the questions about what it is and how it will positively impact your life.

Do Neck Thread Lifts Work?

Yes, they do. Neck thread lifts works in two ways; the first is pretty simple; the doctor threads thin dissoluble sutures under the skin and then pulls the skin around the neck. Local anesthesia might be used in severe cases, while a numbing cream is used for mild ones.

The doctor uses invisible, less painful hooks to attach to the skin in the second method. This ensures that the thread holds the skin below the muscles tightly as the thread is pulled.

Healing begins when a barbed thread is inserted. This happens when the body detects sutures. This then triggers the release of collagen in the area. This collagen then fills up the gaps in the skin to create tighter youthful skin.

How much is a Neck Thread Lift?

The cost of thread lift is cheaper than that of a facelift by 40 percent. So many other factors will increase or decrease the cost of the procedure, though.

There are factors such as; the area where one lives, the doctor’s experience, the part of the body where one wants the procedure to be done, and if they are multiple areas or just one.

Research has been done, and the cost for a single procedure is approximated to cost $2,050 in the United States. Certain body areas will cost more than others, like a thread lift used to draw up and tighten the breast area will be more costly.

Benefits of a neck thread lift

Thread lift is an innovative new treatment in the field of aesthetics. It has, however, been used in suturing incisions when medical processes are done or gynecological disorders in the past.

Thread lifts have been associated with the release of collagen that leads to youthful skin. In addition, the threads help eradicate wrinkles resulting in smoother skin because of the pull effect they have on the skin. The procedure is usually speedy, but the results will last between 1 to 3 years. This makes the process affordable and worth the money.

The procedure leads to immediate results of skin lifting, and it is also compacted fat tissues, which leads to skin tightening. As a result, the skin is more enhanced with fewer wrinkles and more elastic.

Safety concerns of a neck thread lift

A neck thread lift has low risk and a short recovery time. However, the procedure has been mentioned to have some complications and side effects. Some of the common side effects include; bruising, swelling, bleeding, a slight pain.

Some minor complications that have been attributed to this procedure include dimpling. A doctor can quickly correct these problems because they are minor.

Some serious complications that can happen include; bleeding especially due to build-up behind the skin, allergic reaction to threads, noticeable dimpling or pulling, shifts, and unintended movement of the threads leading to bumpy skin. The patient might also suffer pain if the threads are tight or placed wrongly and an infection where the procedure was done.

Infections have been considered the leading in all the complications mentioned above. If one notices any of the following signs, it is essential to let the doctor that did the procedure know. Suppose one experiences discharge from the area where the process was done. The discharge could be green, black, brown, or red. If you experience swelling for more than 48 hours, continuous headaches, fever, then you should let the surgeon know.

In some instances, the procedure may turn out to be what the patient did not expect. Therefore, it’s essential to have an appointment with the surgeon before the procedure to lay down what you desire. It’s also crucial to identify a qualified licensed surgeon to avoid a botched operation.

How many sessions are needed?

Treatments differ from patient to patient, and factors such as age will guide the surgeon on the number of sessions that a patient might need and the treatment plan. Each session will take approximately 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the technique and the expertise.

How long is the downtime?

This procedure is said to be less invasive and hence takes less time to heal. There may be swelling and bruising, but one can resume work and everyday life immediately after the procedure. The results should be visible immediately after the process and more noticeable as the days and weeks proceed.

The swelling and bruising will also start to reduce. The benefits of the procedure are not supposed to be permanent, but one will enjoy the benefits from 1 to 3 years. The threads used mainly are PDO threads typically absorbed by the tissue underneath your skin.

You may be wondering now; what is PDO neck thread lift?

It is a neck thread lift done by use of polydioxanone threads which are biodegradable and biocompatible, hence having less downtime.

How to choose the doctor for a thread lift?

To have a safe and seamless procedure, it’s vital to get a skilled, board-certified service provider. In addition, it’s likely to have fewer issues if handled by an experienced surgeon.

One can also ask friends and relatives to refer them to a surgeon who might have done this procedure on them successfully. It’s also important to note that insurance will most likely not cover this procedure.

Is it comparable to facelift, and how?

A thread lift will give less dramatic results as compared to a facelift. It is vital for anyone planning this procedure to be aware of the different results.

Facelift gives more lasting effects even though aging still takes place. On the other hand, the results are less permanent for the thread rift and will only serve for around 1 to 3 years.

For the results to last longer, invest in dermal fillers. This will come at an extra cost that is not covered during the procedure.

However, the facelift is riskier with more complications compared to a thread lift. If the results from the facelift are not what one expected, they will need to do an invasive procedure that might cost more and might not still bring out what they might have wanted in the long run.

Thread lift results can be reversed. Just wait for the threads to dissolve. Therefore, this process is much easier and less risky than the facelift.

The thread lift is cheaper than the facelift, and one can resume their everyday life immediately after the procedure has been done. In addition, the recovery process is not as hectic as the one for the facelift.

If one wants to see how they would look with a permanent procedure like a facelift, it is advised to start with the thread lift to glimpse how a lasting method will look on them.

Aftercare of neck thread lift

One can confidently resume their routine the procedure. The doctor might ask the patient to avoid rubbing, sleeping on one side, or touching their neck a few weeks after the process. After the practice, you will be asked to sleep facing up and might be advised not to use your daily moisturizer to avoid any irritation to the area.

The doctors will also advise you against intense workouts or visiting the sauna because of the sweat that might interfere with the healing process.


With the rising demand for more minor invasive procedures, neck thread lifting is also gaining popularity. As a result, more and more treatment providers are coming up. Neck threading eliminates signs of aging like acne scars in the neck, removes wrinkles and lines to give you a youthful look within an hour. Besides, given that it is less invasive, unlike skin resurfacing treatments like laser treatment, there are little to no complications hence a short downtime.

If you are interested in having a new young look, you may try a neck thread lift. First, ensure to research the aesthetic procedure, understand the safety concerns, the aftercare, and generally how the process is conducted. Then, find a qualified plastic surgeon, schedule your consultation in an excellent med spa, and proceed with the neck lift.

The good thing is that if you fear cosmetic surgery, you’ll find this the perfect procedure ever. And remember, though the outcome may not last for a lifetime, you may still have it again years after the impact has ceased.

Also, the doctor can use other procedures like hyaluronic dermal fillers to enhance the look and make it more lasting. Well, good luck as you try it out!

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