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Yastrid Is Visiting Partners Worldwide

Strengthening Bonds with Brazilian Customers: Yastrid visited Partners in Brazil

Brazil, September 12, 2023

While the Beauty Fair 2023 in Brazil is almost finished, the journey for the Yastrid team extended far beyond the exhibition halls. In a demonstration of their commitment to fostering strong relationships and exploring new opportunities, the team embarked on a memorable visit to one of Yastrid partners in Taubaté.

visiting Yastrid's customer in Brazil

The visit was more than just a business trip; it was a chance to connect on a deeper level and strengthen the existing partnership. The Yastrid team toured the customer’s factory, gaining insights into their operations, and getting a firsthand look at the remarkable work being done there. This visit not only reinforced the trust between Yastrid and our customers but also offered valuable insights into the dynamics of the industry.

One of the highlights of this special day was the opportunity for both teams to discuss their plans for future cooperation. Sharing visions and aligning strategies are essential steps in ensuring a successful and enduring partnership.

We have greeted all employees in customers’ company. They are very nice and we got along well. When we gathered, we not only talked about business, but Taubaté customers also took us on a great journey on surrounding scenic spots.

visiting Yastrid partner in Brazil

A delightful lunch hosted by the customer’s company brought both teams together in a warm and relaxed setting. This informal yet meaningful gathering allowed for the exchange of stories, experiences, and laughter, further strengthening the bonds of friendship.

What truly made this visit special was the genuine connection that formed between Yastrid’s team and our customers. It wasn’t just about business; it was about forming real friendships based on shared values, and versions.

This visit highlighted Yastrid’s commitment to forging strong partnerships and creating a global community in the beauty industry. It showed that business relationships can be built on trust, respect, and common goals, not just transactions.

visiting Yastrid's customer in Brazil

As Yastrid continues to thrive in the medical beauty industry, we will increasingly emphasize our partnerships with both sides, ensuring high-quality standards and building a stronger brand presence for Yastrid.