Undereye Filler with Cannula

In the world of anti-aging, one of the newest cutting-edge approaches involves dermal fillers. The primary objective of dermal filler injections is to restore or improve facial volume or contours lost due to aging, sun damage, or medical conditions such as acne scarring and rosacea.Yastrid blunt tip cannula

There are a lot of different ways to inject these fillers, and cannulas are one of them. But why fill the undereye with cannula? The benefits that a blunt injectable has to offer as compared to the hypodermic needles are many. Cannulas, with ease, can move underneath the undereye without causing bruising or injury to the patient as the procedure is being done.

And there’s much more. Keep reading to unravel!

What is a Cannula Undereye Filler?

Eye bags and dark circles occur in your tear trough from birth or form afterward as you age. Since they give you a tired and very old look, no one would want to have them. Even most aged people find ways to do away with them.

So, plastic surgeons fill these tear troughs to control hollows under the eyes and soften the contour. As a result, you gain a less tired youthful appearance. I know you still may be wondering what exactly a tear trough is. Many terms are floating around the aesthetics world, you know.

Well, tear troughs are hollows that appear as dark shadows or bags below the eyes from low fat from the eyelids or brow bone. This severe hollow may eventually appear due to aging when the skin loses elasticity, as mentioned before. Medical ailments, such as diabetes, can also cause tears trough.

So, fillers are used undereye or in the tear troughs to cause a smoothing and plumping effect and stimulate collagen and elastin production without surgery. Most of these fillers contain hyaluronic acid-based substances that help to smooth out wrinkles and enhance natural facial structures.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. When this acid is found externally, it helps to keep away signs of aging, mostly at the jawline, nasolabial folds, cheeks, and undereye. Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Belotero, Volbella, Vollure, etc.; these are all biocompatible dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid and can be injected into your undereye skin to clear those signs using a cannula.

Undereye Fillers Cannula vs. Needle

Some people think that these treatments are hard to come by. It may or may not be the case according to the device used in filling. Both cannula and needles are used in undereye fillers. While cannulas have blunt tips, needles have sharp ones.

Needles are the old way for filler treatment. And since their tips are sharp, they have a high level of preciseness. However, they’re a little harsh to the skin and risk bruising and swelling. On the other hand, the cannula is rounded and has a little more benefit during an undereye filler treatment.

Here they are. Cannula:

  • decrease the risk of bruising and swelling during filler treatment. Since the area around the eyes is soft, it’s delicate. It makes them susceptible to bruising with any mess done, especially when needles are used. Cannulas only force through the skin, and less often can they puncture an artery or blood vessel.
  • Use one or just a few entry points as they are long and flexible. Since needles are injected on the same site, they need some more entry points if several areas are to be treated. However, a cannula will use one entry point and get to a wide area. It’ll put not as much stress on the skin reaching delicate filler sites like undereye with the use of an adjacent site. Since undereye is a sensitive area, the cannula won’t complain of pain during the procedure. It’ll eliminate dark shadows and circles easily for your desired results!
  • Are safe with reduced downtime and trauma. After a dermal filler injection, there’s a need for some time for recovery. While this time is less with the use of cannulas, it takes a long for needles. Why? Because needles pierce through the skin layers causing trauma that needs more time for recovery.  Worst case when the needle necessitates multiple injection sites. Hence for a swift embarking on your activities, cannulas are perfect!

For those reasons, cannulas are most preferred by patients for tear troughs and other sites. And it’s possible to get back to your normal life after an undereye filler with the cannula. Even though cannulas are these great for eye bags, needle still has their good side. They are perfect in cases of shallow fine lines, acne scars, and other surgical scars.

Is a Needle Still an Option for Undereye Filler Treatment?

Apart from filler treatment with a cannula, needles can also be an option. Besides, it’s not always good for dermatologists to opt for cannula use in almost all cosmetic dermal filler treatments. Because efficiency in cases like Botox works best without cannulas, sharp tip needles eliminate fine lines on the faces and lips.

The patient’s anatomy also affects the use of a cannula. A plastic surgeon must understand the facial anatomy of patients for the appropriate use of cannulas. Remember, the cannula design is effective and can’t easily cause trauma. However, undereye cannula filler bruising is possible if not used with expertise, risking bruising and swelling to the patient.

For that reason, several dermal filling procedures utilize and switch needles and cannulas when desired. In fact, excellent results have been achieved with this strategy; there’s flexibility, and a large area is covered, reducing any trauma and pain experienced by the patient.

Cannulas for Undereye Filler Treatment Considerations

When using cannulas, facial plastic surgeons pay particular attention as the tear trough areas are very gentle. And though most medical spas utilize cannulas, there are still issues that might arise.

Facial Plastic Surgeons Considerations

Before the plastic surgeon starts the undereye filler with the cannula, they need to set the patient’s expectations right. How’s the procedure different? Is it painful? How long? Patients may have initial hesitations before the procedure for the discomfort that’s felt beneath the skin. Therefore, when they are convinced that the advantages of a cannula overshadow the risks, they may be willing to try.

Cannulas need dermatologists to have knowledge and experience in handling them. So, they need to have a little training before use. Most issues that have occurred from cannula use have been linked to the greenness of managing the tool. Probably, medical spas should conduct training with proper certification to avoid concerns that arise with cannula filler treatment.

Generally, cannula filler treatment in sensitive areas like under the eyes is less likely to cause problems. But this doesn’t mean there are no difficulties at all, and there must be keenness while using them. Remember, an appropriate discussion between the plastic surgeon and the patient would ease any further concerns.

Patients Considerations

Dermal filler injections have some sensations, and first-time users may feel it more because they’re not used to it. In fact, they may involuntarily tic, causing movement of the facial muscle. It may interrupt the route through which the cannula is following, causing meddling of the flow of the filler material.

Do not forget the eye bags are below the eyeball. So, during undereye filler with a cannula, patients should remain calm as possible. Anesthetic treatment would go a long way to relieve you from such sensations.

Though most plastic surgeons use anesthesia only when a hypodermic needle is involved, the procedure is typically the same with cannulas. Well, you may ask your attending doctor to treat you under anesthesia for a pain-free procedure.

Do Undereye Filler with Cannula Last Long?

A single treatment may last from six months to some years to clear eyebags. And this big range is due to several factors.

What is the Type of Undereye Filler Used?

With numerous fillers available, some will indefinitely last while others may not. Fillers made of hyaluronic acid such as Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, Kysse, Refyne, Kysse Lyft, Volbella, among others, are long-lasting. However, those made of silicone, acrylic, and calcium are not recommended for undereye filler treatment.

So, why are hyaluronic fillers the best? These fillers have varying concentrations, dissimilar sizes of particles, and even the amounts linking them together are not the same. And this is the reason why they last long but each differently. While Restylane is stable and more cross-linked, it lasts from one to almost one and a half years, Belotero is slim and runny, lasting only six months.

How’s the Undereye Filler Placed?

Even though fillers like the hyaluronic ones last even for years, they’ll still degrade from the body with time as the body forms hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that binds the sugar chains in the gel. So, while the filler decreases, its effect diminishes too. The good news is that placing the filler close to the skin is highly visible longer.

However, the downside may be the bluish appearance of unevenness, unlike deeply placed fillers. When half the filler amount is absorbed, you may feel like half is gone. And so, this boils down to the method used in placing the fillers. How have you placed the fillers? Because cannulas are flexible and long, they are the best technique for this!

What Amount of Filler is Enough for Undereye?

Well, small amounts of fillers are enough to disappear undereye shadows but will dissolve within 12 months. Therefore, if you have serious cheek depressions or deep undereye hollows, lots of filler is vital.

Though the numerous fillers may not look good as they may alter the natural silhouettes look and slopes. If that occurs, filler reversal is necessary by injection of hyaluronidase enzyme.

How Long Will an Undereye Filler with Cannula Take and the Results?

With no downtime and immediate results, undereye filler with cannula is worth trying. Imagine you won’t need to postpone anything on our calendar; you’re ready to go about anything. As mentioned, blunt-tipped cannulas easily maneuver under the skin without bruising, swelling, nor any other vascular complications.

Even though a slight swelling may occur, it isn’t something to keep you worrying. After like two days, you’ll feel nothing. A little makeup will hide any visible changes. You may have to avoid taking alcohol and ice your skin often for faster results without complications.

Would You Need a Follow-Up?

For a little tweaking, you’ll have to go for a follow-up. The undereye is not an area you’ll want to have complications. Most follow-ups are done after two weeks or so. The follow-up may involve adding a few drops of the filler to the site. Also, it may need to add a touch of hyaluronidase to compress out any slight puffing.

How Much is an Undereye Filler with Cannula?

Though prices vary according to the plastic surgeon and the geographical location, be prepared to spend about $800 to $3,000.  Individuals with deep hollows may use a full syringe of filler treatment on each eye, while shallow ones may use one syringe for both eyes.

Remember, undereye or tear trough treatment filling may not be as noticeable as other types. So, it’s a procedure you’ll love!

Where to Get Your Undereye Cannula Filler Treatment?

A medical spa is an appropriate place to get any medical anesthetic treatment. You can have your laser hair removal or chemical peels with the desired outcomes only in a medical spa. However, be alarmed and forego the procedure if it isn’t a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon; even if the hospital looks satisfactory, don’t.

Remember, under the eyes is a delicate area, and there’s still a steep learning curve in this field, especially this site. Extra accuracy is therefore significant. Do your due diligence; critically check for all the details, such as the doctor’s certification status, before settling for a hospital.


It’s no doubt that cannulas are the best tools for undereye filling. They are easier to use with little to no post-operation complications for patients. Apart from that, they’re highly flexible, very gentle, have less trauma, and have a perfect filler flow. Accordingly, this is the best tool for undereye filler treatment, unlike the use of sharp needles full of complications.

You can now have a perfect look, rested and refreshed with cannulas. But ensure to have it form an expert proficient in cannula use. Make it a procedure you’d want to have again and again with tools from Yastrid Medical aesthetics. They’re affordable of quality and from a dedicated and team that offers perfect service. There’s a chance to see those tired-looking eyes refreshed again!

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