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As one leading manufacturer and supplier of twist threads, Yastrid dedicated itself to producing the highest quality products to support your business. With Yastrid twist threads supporting your skin and promoting collagen growth, you will surely be satisfied with the final result after minimally invasive treatment.

Since Yastrid pays close attention to detail and customer reviews, Yastrid works endlessly to improve the manufacturing process of its product. No wonder every cosmetic professional out there picks our twist threads over everything else.

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Extraordinary Twist Threads by Yastrid

Giving a great lifting effect to the sagging skin is possibly one of the most challenging medical aesthetics out there. But is that a problem for our twist threads? Certainly not!

The twist threads manufactured at Yastrid are the perfect products for stimulating collagen production. Since it can so effortlessly refine the skin, people with acne problems can also benefit from these threads. However, the best part is that Yastrid manufactures and supplies them at such affordable rates for everyone out there. Yastrid twist threads can stimulate new collagen to fix loose skin.


Revitalize Your Skin With Top-Notch Quality Twist Threads

Yastrid produces twist threads from 100% absorbable and safe raw materials that are bound to give you desirable results. With the high quality of this pure raw material, you can expect the stimulatory response to last an additional 1-2 years in the skin.

As a result, you will have a guaranteed positive tissue response with a 6-15 months improvement.

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Say Goodbye To Unnecessary Bruises And Bleeding

When the skin’s collagen is already reduced due to age, a conventional sharp needle would only worsen the situation with skin tissue cuts.

Thankfully, we thought about our customers’ feelings and introduced twist threads with reverse cutting needles. Since this thread is relatively less sharp but still easily pierces through the skin layer, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted bleeding or swelling.

pdo_threads_E.O Gas Sterilization

Top-Standard Safety for Protected Twist Threads

When you look at single-use medical tools and antiaging products, there’s always a chance of contamination.

As one leading manufacturer of twist threads in China, Yastrid always pays attention to the quality. Yastrid takes all the necessary steps while manufacturing the twist threads. We use low-temperature Ethylene Oxide for sterilization of the products, eliminating harmful bacteria, and ensuring safety. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the possibility of infection.

Yastrid Twist Threads With Its Collagen-Promoting Face Lift

Yastrid leads the market in manufacturing and supplying many different types of twist threads. With so many variations available, you will undoubtedly find a suitable one for you.

This one is a powerful collagen-stimulating product that is very effective in filling volume.
This item is designed as two single mono threads that accelerate stronger simulation.
This type is mainly used for under eyes areas with blunt tip cannula to reduce bruising damage.
It is much more effective to volumize sagging skin tissues with minimally invasive surgery.
It is one hot item for smoothing sagging wrinkles, like the forehead, temple, lips, etc.
It stimulates more new collagen for the face and body with two pieces of single smooth threads.

Know More About Yastrid Twist Threads

Yastrid twist threads are much more effective for removing wrinkles, especially in sensitive areas, like the forehead, temple areas, lips, neck, etc.


100% Absorbable | 100% Safe | Premium Yastrid Twist Threads

Fabulous service and quality of twist threads are supported by thousands of international organizations and brands.

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Long-lasting and natural beauty with Yastrid twist threads.


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Yastrid's Twist Threads --The Best Solution to Your Skin Problems

Our twist threads are at the top of the market because we always put the customers above everything else. We utilize quality control techniques and pay attention to detail for manufacturing affordable products that are suitable for you.

Moreover, the EO gas sterilization procedure ensures that our twist threads contribute to a safe and microbe-free environment.
So if you’re interested, do let us know and get your hands on the best twist threads around!

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
We ensure the barb on thread is soft and robust.
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Safety production environment is necessary to create quality twist threads.
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Check
The resistance of blunt cannula puncture check ensures it's easy to insert into the skin.
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Sterilization
EO gas can kill all microbe effectively to ensure the usage safety of the threads.
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
We have imported machines to keep ensure zero moistrure.
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling
We prevent the air and moisture through nitrogen filling -- this process extends the shelf life of the threads.

Twist Threads – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

According to research, PDO relaxes tendons and muscles, while a foreign material reactivity increases the blood circulation towards the affected region, promoting fibroblast stimulation and collagen deposits in the skin. If you’re interested in learning more about Twist Threads, read this guide till the end.

What are twist threads?

Apart from mono threads, many threads in use for different treatments get twisted in a certain way. These dissolvable medical-graded twist threads are just another technique for utilizing PDO threads.

These coiled threads can get inserted into the skin to treat facial folds, grooves, and wrinkles. Most of them usually have two to three plies coiled together to give a final result as a twisted type of PDO thread.

The kind of spiral thread used might vary in size between dental floss to human hair. In each particular strand or ply, several micro-strands have already gotten wrapped collectively.

An essential factor determining the thread’s quality depends on the number of twists given to a ply in any specific length, such as twists per meter.

What do twist threads do?

PDO twist threads, just like smooth threads, do not contain barbs and can slide smoothly beneath the skin layers, making insertion almost pain-free. Instead of lifting or repositioning the dermis, they are a single filament strand meant to promote elastin and maintain it. This collagen offers an improvised facelift by creating a fresher facial structure, enhancing the efficiency and longevity of the treatment.

What does a twist thread lift feel like?

While the dissolving PDO twist threads themselves will remain unseen, they can cause some stiffness and mild pressure beneath your skin. Conversely, the stress of the sutures you may feel also depends on the doctor’s skill level. Nevertheless, even a minor incision requires an anesthetic. Your doctor will address you with some local anesthesia, so you will barely feel anything happening.

Are twist threads treatment effective?

The FDA has recognized using PDO twist threads for uplifting treatments due to its safety and effectiveness. As the thread lift treatment is non-invasive, it brings about a great deal of benefits. Moreover, aestheticians and dermatologists have also conducted tens and hundreds of procedures involving spiral sutures. While in the making, a poorly or loosely twisted suture can seem thick. It becomes more likely to unwind and tear than a firmly coiled thread.

A loosely twisted suture can certainly get entangled or pinched, whereas a tightly wrapped one has a seamless finish and is less likely to become tangled or hooked at the wrong place. However, the results are more effective and prominent for young adults with early symptoms of aging.

What areas can be treated with twist threads?

PDO twist threads or spiral threads may effectively tread the various areas of the face, neck, and body.

The type of PDO thread used depends on the specialized individual requirement of the patient. Furthermore, the twist threads are excellent for etching creases and wrinkles such as nasolabial folds or laugh lines, scowl lines (also known as the 11’s), horizontal forehead lines and wrinkles, and necklines. However, other regions that you may opt for treating using these sutures can be:

• Creases at the corner of your eyes

• Wrinkles on the upper lip

• Crepey neck skin

• Marionette lines starting from the edge of the lips towards the chin and the jaw

• Acne scars

• Wrinkles on other body parts such as the arms, knees, and stomach

What does the twist threads procedure involve?

The procedure using PDO twist threads is similar to a standard thread lift, involving sutures getting placed under the skin after undergoing local anesthesia. Before doing so, a tiny pierced incision will be made near the region of treatment by your cosmetic surgeon or practitioner. Once inserted with the help of a cannula or needle, the suture gets gently pressed under the dermis, adjusting it in place. In case of any extra extended thread outside the injection point, it will get cut using sutures scissors.

To volumize and tighten the surrounding regions, your doctor may utilize smooth and twist threads at the same time. Unless you want to create further elevation or volume, adding more sutures may also do the job.

How long does the twist threads procedure take?

The complete procedure involving PDO twist threads takes up to half an hour or more. After that, the patient gets permitted to go back to work and resume light activities.

For instance, you may take the example of a lip thread lift using these threads. The border of the lips is a great place to use PDO twist threads for an enhanced outline and volume.

A lip thread lift requires about half an hour in total, taking up to fifteen minutes to numb the region to process with the treatment and another fifteen minutes to perform the initial procedure.

What are twist threads used for? Do PDO twist threads build collagen?

For starters, PDO twist threads result in immediate skin uplifting physically. Furthermore, it causes fatty tissues to compress, culminating in instantaneous skin tightening and contouring. Last but not least, this stimulates collagen synthesis and new blood vessels allowing your skin to look renewed at the cellular level. The unique effects combined synergistically improve the skin texture, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and makes the skin appear suppler. These PDO twist threads promote the body’s natural synthesis of collagen while they degrade. As a result, the collagen helix produced by twisted sutures comes out to be thicker.

How long do twist PDO threads last?

Besides the instant uplifting action by twisted threads, your skin will start to recover via a moderate inflammatory reaction alongside the suture inserted as it gets absorbed into the skin after over four to six months. These threads may last for a short time, but they have prolonged effects for up to a year or more. Furthermore, to receive even more enhanced results, doctors recommend getting additional fillers such as Botox. The duration of these threads will greatly depend on your skin type, how you choose to proceed with the aftercare methods, degree of sagging, and several other factors.

How long do twist threads take to work?

You may notice the best rejuvenating look you wish to achieve within a few weeks after the initial treatment. Twist threads start showing results in approximately two months, as they function to alter the appearance of your skin comprehensively from the inside out. Your body will start the recovery phase by increasing the synthesis of collagen in the threaded regions. Post-procedure, your practitioner might advise you of some recommendations and instructions to take care of your skin at home. It will further aid you in your recovery and effective outcomes.

What are the benefits of twist threads?

The evolution in threads for thread lifting purposes is superior to earlier ones for a variety of reasons:

1. PDO twist threads can get utilized to contour the neck and jawbone. Along with minimizing wrinkles from the skin, reducing the effects of aging.

2. These sutures improve elasticity and texture. The aging process puts a lot of stress on our natural skin suppleness and smoothness as we continue to grow old. We graduate from possessing smooth and silky skin to chapped skin that is no longer as flawless as it once was.

3. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles from the face or the rest of the body parts. They can assist in treating fine lines and creases that are just beginning to appear as well as deeper folds that have been present on your skin for a long time.

4. It enhances and brightens the skin tone and complexion. PDO twist threads improve skin health and give you a better youthful glow. Due to the apparent lifting action, this approach revitalizes the epidermis and helps to define facial features.

5. It produces natural outcomes without a lengthy recuperation period. With only a single treatment, you may counteract undesirable indications of aging and improve your overall look.

6. Since germs do not get a persistent alien material to feed off, the possibility of infection or other risks is virtually non-existent.

Are twist threads painful?

Unlike the discomfort associated with other injectable fillers, PDO twist threads are minimally invasive and do not involve surgery. It is also due to the very fact that local anesthesia takes place you may not even experience as to what is going on. You can get virtual effects without the need for any intrusive procedure in a short matter of time.

Do twist thread lifts look natural?

It does not only offer natural results but is also safe and successful when administered correctly. Uplifting techniques using PDO twist threads seem to be the ideal method for addressing drooping skin without the need for a surgical procedure. They merely elevate the skin by just a few millimeters, therefore, delivering a precise and natural-looking outcome than a surgical facelift.

Will you be able to see the PDO twist threads?

You cannot see the PDO twist threads once they get placed beneath the skin layers. They usually reach an extent of between 25 and 60 millimeters into the sub-dermal layers of the skin. However, in rare situations, they may be visible as mild bruising or inflammatory lines on the skin in place of treatment.

How many threads are used in a PDO twist thread lift?

The doctor tailors the treatment involving twist threads according to your unique requirements and various other aspects. These include:

• The degree of tightening and uplift you desire

• Your skin type and skin tone

• The area to target

Keeping these in mind, you may receive two to twenty twist threads.

Who is the best candidate for a twist thread lift?

Thread lifts using PDO twist threads are best suited for young individuals who experience mild to moderate indications of skin laxity instead of extreme signs of sagging skin.

However, men and women in their mid-20s to late-50s who want to restore their youthfulness are also appropriate for this procedure. The patient should be in overall good health and have realistic treatment expectations. Moreover, people who want to forgo surgical treatments and postpone the advent of face aging may benefit from this technique.

Can PDO twist threads be removed?

A thread lift using PDO twist threads is reversible, unlike a facelift performed by surgery. They are a safer alternative because of this unique, innovative feature. Once the doctor places the sutures inside the skin, while the extended thread still being there, you can still adjust or remove them. However, once the procedure is over and the extra extended sutures get cut, you will have to wait till the threads dissolve in the skin. It still may be an advantage over permanent surgical lifters as you will not have to live with undesirable effects.

Can PDO twist threads break? And what will happen if they do?

Even if a single PDO twist thread breaks, no structural assistance is lost since the collagen produced within the region will fill the deficiency. Twist threads snapping is an overly unfortunate side effect. The threads may break due to a few factors, such as excessive facial movement, vigorous rubbing of the skin, or contact with moisture. Breakage of thread is among the few reasons to utilize high-quality sutures used by a qualified practitioner who has enough experience. To achieve a firm hold and prolonged effects, the doctor may introduce several PDO twist threads at once in an area. Thread breakage usually occurs near the point of the incision. Although it is not visible, you can feel it snap.

How do you care for a twist thread lift treatment?

It is necessary to avoid specific activities following any thread lift. What you do, therefore, is still equally as essential as what you avoid. You ought to do the following aftercare post-procedure involving twist threads:

• Apply a gentle antibiotic cream suggested by the doctor

• Exclude strenuous exercises from your routine for several weeks

• For a few days, you must refrain from aggressively touching or rubbing your face.

• Avoid getting a face massage or using a scrub.

• Apply ice to the treated area on a routine basis.

• Prevent the use of makeup for the first few weeks of treatment

• Avoid cosmetic laser therapies for at least three months.

• You are to rest with your head facing upwards, in an elevated position, and avoid sleeping side-ways for long.

• If you have any follow-up appointments, these are mandatory after the procedure.

When can you wear makeup after twist threads treatment?

To prevent the possibility of unnecessarily exerting pressure on the inserted twist threads, avoid wearing cosmetics during the first few days post-procedure. Nonetheless, under some circumstances, you can use a mild moisturizer, sunblock, and a thin foundation or concealer right after the treatment. If in case moderate bruising appears, you may hide it with a lightweight natural-shaded makeup concealer. But you must consult with your doctor before using any of this.

Can you use twist threads for eye /eyebrow lift?

While using PDO twist threads anywhere on the face, they can effectively raise the brows and the eyelids. Furthermore, you can also treat the area under your eyes since they are synthetically degradable. These threads for eyelids and various features are a good treatment choice for people who do not wish to get an extensive facelift. This technique assists you in achieving your chosen aesthetic goal, which is also reversible. Results from an eyebrow lift typically persist for up to a year.

Can you get fox eye with twist thread lift?

Even if you’re aiming for something like a raised, trendy cat-eye or fox-eye effect but also would like a more contoured result in specific spots, a thread lift with twist threads is a superb method to consider. Obtain your desired shaped appearance without the use of makeup or surgical intervention. Eye creases develop cause the skin around the eyes to sag. It is due to the gradual weakening consequence of the muscles that occurs as you age. Some doctors would rather not even anesthetize you for a fox eye lift as one or two numbing injections would do. In addition, several celebrities, like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, have opted for these procedures to achieve an uplifted brow and elongated eyes. It captures the interest of many ladies, often influenced by celebrities from all over the world. However, this revolutionary method of traditional thread lifting has been a part of the beauty industry for years.

Can you get a Botox after twist thread lift?

Botox does not include elastin synthesis because it is a filler. However, professionals advocate utilizing PDO twist threads combined with Botox or other dermal injectables to address crepey and drooping skin. Together, they provide prolonged and improved effects.

Which is better, twist threads or fillers?

Fillers volumize in certain areas of concern and necessitate touch-ups after every few months. Although they provide a sufficient volume, they have a low capability to produce an uplifted profile. Using twist threads gives a modest lift by tightening and lifting the entire face in a single go. The infill in the absence of increased thickness of traditional facial liquid fillers encourages the development of new collagen beneath the skin layers. Many prefer getting thread lifts using PDO twist sutures as an alternative to fillers to prevent the discomfort of needles. While others also like combining the two methods to receive even more enhanced outcomes.

Can you be allergic to PDO twist threads?

PDO twist threads are indeed safe and non-allergic to use as the FDA also recognizes and approves them. There are neither any lengthy consequences nor allergic responses using these threads. Doctors use these sutures in different types as a routine to close wounds throughout hospitals and clinics of the world.

Are there any side effects of PDO twist threads?

Because twist threads are bio-degradable and approved sutures, they have a low risk of causing complications or adverse effects. However, even the most minimally invasive treatment may have some common uncomfortable impacts, these include:

• Irritation or mild swelling

• Mild bruising or inflammatory spots under the thicker skin surface

• Stiffness in the treated region

Nevertheless, the additional uncommonly potential negative effect may include minor bleeding during or after treatment.

How much do PDO twist threads cost?

PDO twist threads may cost between $250 and $1,500, whereas a PDO twist thread lifting treatment can cost around $700 to $4,500. The Yastrid PDO Twist Threads, best used all over, come in different types of PDO sutures. The expense of an eyebrow PDO twist thread lift, for example, varies from $1,500 to $4,500. However, the pricing very much depends on where you reside and other influencing factors. Understand that getting any thread lift is an aesthetic treatment that is not under your insurance. You are held responsible for the costs of the procedure.

When can you sleep on your side after PDO twist thread lift?

For the first few days, you should pay attention to your resting position because it influences. You may resume your initial resting position however you may like, after at least a week. When you sleep on your stomach or sideways, it exerts pressure on the twist threads if utilized on the face. Furthermore, your head elevated in support of the pillow can reduce the post-procedure swelling.

How many times can you get a twist thread lift?

You can choose to get a twist thread lift as many times as you wish to. A follow-up session after each year using twist threads is perhaps the most effective method to maintain the benefits. Nevertheless, the collagen produced around the treated area slightly persists the effects even after the sutures dissolve.

Can twist threads cause nerve damage and blood clots?

Smaller monofilament or twist threads may cause severe concerns if an unskilled practitioner performs the treatment, such as facial nerve injury or damage to blood vessels. These may further result in blood clots. For this very reason, it is essential to consult a licensed doctor with sufficient skill who is also knowledgeable about facial anatomy.

Are PDO twist threads worth it?

PDO twist threads comprise biodegradable synthetic material, making them entirely worth it for both men and women. The immediate effects make the PDO thread lifting procedure world-famous and demonstrate international success in treating different targeted regions.

Yastrid twist threads are the leading choice of cosmetic surgeons, spas, and training institutes worldwide. If you’re looking to buy high-quality face lifting threads, contact us right now!

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