Top Three PDO Thread Brands

top three PDO thread brands

PDO threads are composed of sutures made from Polydioxanone material. These threads are attached inside a needle, and when inserted into the face, they gradually stimulate the production of facial collagen, reducing wrinkles, tightening the skin, or using barbed threads to lift sagging skin, making the skin appear more youthful. They can be used for facial treatments as well as wrinkle reduction and lifting in the neck and other body areas.

The top three PDO thread brands on the market today are Mint, Nova, and Yastrid. This article aims to comprehensively explore these three renowned PDO thread brands, including their characteristics, product types, and market positions.

Differences between PDO Thread Lift and Facelift Surgery:

The most apparent difference is that PDO thread surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that can typically be completed in half an hour to an hour, whereas a complex and comprehensive facelift surgery takes much longer. Facelifts involve the use of scalpels, requiring anesthesia before the procedure and hospitalization afterward. Patients must endure a period of discomfort, and it takes about a month to see significant relief.

For this reason, PDO thread lift procedures have successfully dissuaded individuals from considering surgical facial correction, offering a perfect alternative. PDO thread lifts can achieve mild to moderate wrinkle reduction and lifting, making them a preferred choice for many people.

Criteria for Top three PDO Thread Brands:

top three PDO thread brands

FDA and CE Certification: High-quality PDO threads should undergo rigorous certification by FDA and CE. Certificate validation is a crucial step in assessing product quality.

Safety: High-quality PDO threads should be made from medical-grade absorbable materials. Additionally, they should undergo strict sterilization and aseptic processing during manufacturing to ensure they do not cause infections or adverse reactions when used.

Ease of Use: In addition to material quality, PDO threads should be designed for ease of use, making them a convenient tool for doctors. Ensuring ease of insertion and operation enhances the surgical experience for patients and increases satisfaction.

Long-lasting Effects: PDO threads’ effects should last for a certain period and provide noticeable and natural results for the face. Typically, these effects can last from 6 months to a year or even up to two years.

Factory Production Standards: Factory environments should meet ISO 13485 standards, and there should be a robust quality control system to ensure product consistency and quality. Lastly, the factory should maintain stringent aseptic production conditions to prevent contamination and infection risks.

The Importance of Choosing A Good Brand:

Product Quality and Reliability:

Reputable brands often adhere to strict quality control and research and development standards. A good brand can reduce the chances of surgical failures, facial wound infections, and other complications. This leads to better cosmetic results and, finally enhances the clinic’s reputation.

Customer Service and Support:

Established brands typically invest significant resources in providing excellent customer service and support. Choosing a reputable brand ensures timely assistance when needed.

Reputation and Word-of-mouth:

The top three PDO thread brands usually have excellent reputations and word-of-mouth recommendations, built over the years through the delivery of high-quality products and services and positive customer feedback. Choosing a reputable brand instills greater trust in the product and improves the user experience.

The Top three PDO Thread Brands

1st Place: Mint

mintpdo logo

Brand Introduction:

Mint represents minimally invasive non-surgical threads made from Polydioxanone (PDO), and it is the world’s first brand with triple FDA certification, including certifications from the United States, China, South Korea, and European countries. Mint PDO threads have improved the traditional cutting process with the use of molded embossing. Compared to traditional cutting, molded cog threads maintain better integrity and provide better support.

As one of the top three PDO thread brands, Mint not only offers high-quality PDO threads but also provides relevant training in thread lifting. It enjoys high recognition in cosmetic clinics and medical spas in the United States.

Product Line:

  • Mint Mono Threads: Smooth PDO Threads without barbs, sharp needles ranging from 25G to 30G, and thread lengths from 2.5CM to 6CM.
  • Mint Easy Threads: PDO Threads with bidirectional barbs, a sharp needle of size 19G, and a thread length of 43CM.
  • MINT FINE+ Threads: PDO Threads with bidirectional barbs, a W cannula, and a thread length of 12CM.
  • MINT 17+ Threads: PDO Threads with bidirectional barbs, a bullet-head cannula, and a thread length of 17CM.
  • MINT FIX-MINI: PDO Threads with multidirectional barb distribution, a W cannula, and a thread length of 6CM.

Market Position:

Product Quality and Performance:

MINT PDO threads have passed triple certification from the FDA, ensuring product quality. In recent years, they have consistently introduced new products to meet industry demands for different thread types.

Technological Innovation:

MINT continues to introduce more types of PDO THREADS, but the basic types have been confirmed and are not expected to undergo significant changes.

Customer Feedback on MINT:

Over 90% of MINT customers have given positive feedback, praising its effectiveness in providing excellent facial lifting results.

Here are some related customer comments:

“I’ve fallen in love with MINT’s PDO THREADS; they truly are magical beauty weapons!”

“Using MINT’s PDO THREADS, I’ve seen my clients regain their youthful glow, and it feels absolutely fantastic!”

“MINT’s PDO THREADS have transformed the lives of my clients; they’ve become more confident and happier.”

“PDO THREADs are one of the most effective anti-aging treatments I’ve ever tried. I feel like my skin has gone back ten years, and there are no surgical scars. I’ve already recommended it to my friends because it’s truly miraculous!”

“PDO THREADs are one of the most effective anti-aging treatments I’ve ever tried. The pain was within an acceptable range for me, and between the procedures, my nurse administered anesthesia.”

2nd Place: Nova Threads

nova PDO threads

Brand Introduction:

Since its launch in 2015, Nova has maintained a leading position in the industry, receiving recognition and strong recommendations from key opinion leaders and experts in the entire beauty field. As the original supplier of PDO threads in the United States, their goal is to uphold the highest quality standards for all their products. They continuously enhance and improve their equipment through ongoing research, development, and feedback from practitioners. Finally, Nova undergoes strict multi-step quality control processes from production to delivery to ensure consistency and reliability in all aspects.

As one of the top three PDO thread brands, in addition to rigorous quality checks on their products, the Nova team also provides professional customer service and a dedicated sales team. They offer extensive informational resources and ongoing education to ensure that patients of their customers achieve the best results.

Product Line:

  • Mold PDO Threads: Blunt tip with various needle gauge and thread length options.
  • Barbed Threads: Blunt needles with multiple barb direction choices, as well as various needle gauge and thread length options.
  • Smooth Threads: Needle options include sharp and blunt needles, with various needle gauge and thread length choices.
  • Twist Threads: Needle types include both blunt and sharp needles, with various needle gauge and thread length choices.

Market Position:

Product Quality and Performance:

Nova’s PDO threads claim recognition and recommendations from experts and doctors in the entire beauty field. They maintain a commitment to innovation, optimizing their products and enhancing their performance based on practitioner feedback.

Technological Innovation:

Nova has introduced Barb4 and Barb5, continuously improving the barb hardness of PDO threads, making them more robust with narrower spacing, thereby increasing skin lifting effectiveness.

Customer Feedback on Nova:

Doctors and patients generally have a positive outlook on Nova’s PDO threads, believing that they can achieve facial rejuvenation with noticeable and immediate results. However, a small percentage of individuals have commented that they experienced minimal to no effect, some discomfort, and potential complications or thread migration.

Here are some reviews from doctors and patients regarding Nova:

“Some of my patients had previously undergone absorbable PDO thread lifts in Europe. So, I decided to try it myself, and the results exceeded my expectations. I have no doubt that this will become the next big thing in the United States. It attracts those seeking safer and faster results at a lower cost. Patients tolerate it very well, and the recovery time is almost zero.”

“Two weeks after the procedure, I’ve already done several lift-ups, and people are extremely satisfied with the immediate results, with almost no discomfort. They can’t wait to see the final results in a few weeks!”

I am 46 y.o. Actually, l am happy with the results after this procedure. it is painful, very painful. Have bruises and they are still in pain. What understood – you should wear your facial bandage for 2-3 weeks – it is extremely important.

I got PDO threads for my double chin. l saw no improvement (visible), although l didn’t say it “wasn’t worth it” bc maybe they will help improve the cells, tone, build collagen, etc. going forward. I got ten threads, it wasn’t painful even a little bit, some of them l didn’t feel anything.

3rd Place: Yastrid

yastrid PDO threads

Brand Introduction:

As a manufacturer specializing in medical aesthetics consumables, Yastrid boasts over a decade of experience. PDO threads are the main product category for Yastrid, offering various types to satisfy the different needs of clinics. Moreover, Yastrid PDO Threads is one of the few PDO threads in the market backed by safety and efficacy clinical research.

Yastrid places a strong emphasis on the production environment, holding ISO 13485 certification and CE 2292 certification to ensure the highest product quality. Besides, Yastrid adheres to the motto “Quality is our culture” and meticulously attends to the quality of each PDO thread. Stringent quality control measures are in place to ensure both operating physicians and patients are satisfied with the results.

Product Line:

  • PDO Mono Threads: Smooth threads, also known as “short PDO threads,” with sizes ranging from 25G to 30G and thread lengths from 30MM to 120MM, used for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening.
  • PDO Screw Threads: Also known as “twist threads” with sizes ranging from 25G to 30G and thread lengths from 30MM to 120MM, used for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.
  • PDO Multi Threads: Composed of multiple mono threads, these are used to fill facial depressions, providing results ten times better than smooth threads. They are suitable for filling temple hollows, marionette lines, and other facial depressions.
  • PDO Nose Threads: Used for nasal correction, available in sizes 18G and 19G, with thread lengths ranging from 50MM to 90MM.
  • PDO Eye Threads: Designed for wrinkle reduction around the eyes, available in size 30G, with thread lengths of 30G and 40G.
  • PDO Cog Threads: Used for facial lifting, available in sizes from 18G to 23G, with thread lengths ranging from 120MM to 180MM.
  • PDO Molded Cog Threads: Used for facial lifting, available in sizes from 18G to 23G, with thread lengths ranging from 120MM to 180MM.

Market Position:

Certifications of Yastrid

Product Quality and Performance:

Yastrid’s PDO threads have been certified by CE2292 and ISO 13458, meeting international standards for product quality. They deliver effective and natural beauty enhancements, garnering positive feedback from numerous clinics in North America, South America, and European countries.

The raw materials for the products are imported from Samyang in South Korea, and the needle cannulas are made of stainless steel 304 material. Yastrid offers a wide variety of PDO thread types, covering nine different varieties, and can also provide customization to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Commitment to high quality is Yastrid’s mission. Whether it’s the cutting shape of barbed threads or the shape of molded threads, it ensures the thickness of the barbs, enhancing the facial lifting effect. To ensure product integrity and safety, our products undergo multiple sterilization and disinfection processes before packaging. Additionally, Yastrid uses packaging paper that is 0.5 times thicker than other packaging materials, effectively isolating the external air and moisture.

Technological Innovation:

As one of the top three PDO thread brands, Yastrid places a strong emphasis on research and development to introduce more PDO thread options for achieving better facial lifting results. In recent years, they have launched PDO Fishbone cog threads and Sculpted cog threads, which provide superior support and lifting strength compared to traditional cog threads, thanks to the serration design.

Customer Reviews on Yastrid:

Customer reviews for Yastrid’s PDO threads are as follows:

“The quality is exceptional, and I trust Yastrid’s PDO threads for all my cosmetic procedures. The range of thread types allows for versatility in treatments.”

“Yastrid’s PDO threads have transformed my practice. They are easy to work with, and the results are impressive. My patients are thrilled with the outcomes.”

“I’ve been using Yastrid’s PDO threads for a while now, and the multi threads have been particularly effective in filling facial hollows. The quality is consistently top-notch.”

“Yastrid’s PDO nose threads have been instrumental in my rhinoplasty procedures. The range of sizes and lengths ensures I have the right tools for the job.”

“The cog threads and molded cog threads from Yastrid have made a significant difference in my facelift procedures. They provide excellent lift and longevity.”

In conclusion

The top three PDO Threads brands mentioned above have all earned their reputation as the top-quality choices in the world, backed by real-world usage and feedback from numerous clinics. Each brand’s PDO threads are designed to meet the needs of both medical professionals and patients, offering a minimally invasive approach to achieving beauty transformations.

Yastrid, as a PDO threads manufacturer with over a decade of experience, has consistently pursued the goal of providing high-quality products and attentive customer service. Our threads have brought significant and natural changes to numerous patients and have garnered recognition from a wide range of satisfied customers, including many long-term partners with over a decade of collaboration.

We welcome you to join us on this journey. Taking the first step towards joining us can involve contacting us to request a batch of samples or making direct purchases through our store.

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