Top Three Microcannula Brands

Top three microcannula brands

For those who have never had any exposure to injection needles, they might assume that only sharp needles are used for injections. However, microcannulas play a significant role in injecting various dermal fillers. A microcannula is a small, hollow tube with a blunt tip and some elasticity. The tip of the microcannula is typically round, resembling a bullet, which design helps reduce the chances of puncturing blood vessels during injections, thus minimizing bruising and swelling.

But how do you choose high-quality cannulas? Here, we present the top three microcannula brands: TSK from Japan, Dermasculpt from the United States, and Yastrid from China. After gaining ample knowledge about microcannula within the industry, you can make informed decisions when purchasing them.

Microcannula’s Advantages and Its Market Analysis

Microcannula’s Advantages:

  • Require only one injection entry point.
  • Reduce pain, bleeding, swelling, and bruising.
  • Minimize the number of puncture entry points, reducing trauma to skin tissue.

The injection process with a microcannula involves making an initial incision with a sharp needle in the injection area. Then, the cannula is inserted into this incision for the actual injection. The round-tipped design helps it navigate around blood vessels, naturally reducing bleeding, bruising, and swelling. Patients generally experience mild pressure rather than intense pain during microcannula injections as the cannula pushes through the skin and tissues.

Market Analysis:

In recent years, with the rise of internet celebrities and the pursuit of beauty becoming more pronounced, the beauty industry has flourished. Whether it’s cosmetic surgery or minimally invasive procedures, microcannula plays an essential role as a vital operating tool. Consequently, the demand for microcannulas in the market has been steadily increasing.

How to Choose A Quality Microcannula Brand

Microcannula standards

FDA and CE Certification:

The quality of any product depends on certification testing. FDA and CE certifications are critical indicators of product quality worldwide.


Besides FDA and CE certifications, product safety can also be assessed using ISO standards. These are standards for the top three microcannula brands.


Consider feedback from others and personally try out the product. The experience of using a microcannula is crucial in selecting the right brand for your needs.

The Importance of Choosing A Good Brand

Good brands bring good quality

The top three microcannula brands often represent strict standards in product design, manufacturing, and quality control, resulting in exceptional performance. High-quality brands typically use premium materials in conjunction with advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the reliability and performance of their products reach optimal levels.

Good brands instill trust and safety

Behind top-tier brands often own a rich history and reputation. They have won the trust of consumers through long-term stable product performance and reliable after-sales service.

Good brands enhance the comfort of end customers during injections

This means the design of unique cannula tips and tube structures to ensure the injection process is as comfortable as possible. High-quality microcannula can optimize aspects such as reducing discomfort and minimizing insertion resistance. So it’s important to learn about the top three microcannula brands in the current market.

Top Three Microcannula Brands

TOP1: TSK Laboratory

TSK logo

Company Overview

TSK Laboratory, based in Japan, manufactures high-quality needles and cannulas for the global market. TSK is a market leader in various specialized needles used for fillers, subcutaneous therapy, and botox injections. The company’s philosophy revolves around product quality, innovation, and customer intimacy.

Over the years, as one of the top three microcannula brands, TSK has maintained innovation in its craftsmanship, striving to empower doctors and experts to provide the best treatments for patients. With superior products, ongoing innovation in manufacturing processes, and excellent service, TSK has played an important role in the global market.

Key Product Lines

  • STERiGLIDE Microcannula: Known for easy insertion.
  • STERiJECT CSH Cannula: Remarkably thin cannula walls, allowing for reduced injection force due to larger inner diameter.
  • INViSIBLE NEEDLE: Noted for its thin needle tube, significantly minimizing patient discomfort, being 14% thinner than a 33G needle, and reducing bleeding during injections.
  • LOW DEAD SPACE Needle: Reduces the effective space left in the needle hub close to zero.

Market Position

Product Quality and Performance: TSK offers products of superior quality, continually innovating to cater to different customer needs. Their products are easy to insert, and thin cannulas facilitate the smooth flow of injectables.

Technological Innovation:  As one of the top three microcannula brands, TSK has consistently innovated in the craftsmanship of blunt and sharp needles. Over the years, they have introduced several high-quality categories of blunt and micro-needles, particularly focusing on ease of operation and needle tube thickness, bringing significant advancements to the field of microcannulas.

Future Innovation: TSK plans to continue its innovative approach, striving to achieve the goal of “best injections.”

Customer Feedbacks

Customer feedback for TSK microcannula is overwhelmingly positive, with 94% expressing high satisfaction. This satisfaction extends to product quality, prompt delivery of microcannula, and the quality of customer service.

Here are some customer comments:

  • “Love it. Highly recommend the service and products!”
  • “Very good, always ship on time.”
  • “My nurses love these cannulas!”
  • “These cannulas work exceptionally well for dermal fillers and are very easy to use.”

Top 2: Dermasculpt Microcannula

derma sculpt

Company Overview

As one of the top three microcannula brands, Dermasculpt Microcannula is an American company established in 2012, specializing in a range of microcannula of various specifications. These microcannula come in multiple sizes, catering to all dermal filler products available in the market. They can be used for reshaping fullness, addressing tear troughs, dark circles, temples, nasolabial folds, cheek augmentation, marionette lines, upper and lower lips, chin, and hand wrinkles and creases.

Product Line:

Dermasculpt offers a variety of microcannula with specifications ranging from 30G to 18G, and lengths from 25mm to 70mm, meeting diverse customer needs.

Market Position:

Product Quality: The products are of high quality and exhibit a certain level of flexibility. The design of the blunt tip reduces the occurrence of bruising and swelling caused by puncturing blood vessels, resulting in an improved injection experience for patients and shorter recovery periods.

Technological Innovation: Currently, Dermasculpt’s microcannula has not introduced new models into the market, and the technology seems to be at a stagnant phase.

Customer Feedback

90% of users express satisfaction with this microcannula, saying that it reduces bruising and pain during injections, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Here are some authentic customer reviews:

  • “I love these microcannulas. They are incredibly easy to use, and my patients have given very positive feedback. Much less discomfort and no bruising.”
  • “These cannulas work just as advertised. Each lane requires a larger gauge. Minimal pain and minimal bruising. I agree they are safer than sharp needles. It’s pricey, but I haven’t seen other options.”
  • “I have been using these microcannulas by threading them into the area to be treated and injecting filler throughout the entire orbital area. I’ve also been using the same technique to add filler to the contours of the face and chin. My patients are very satisfied with the results.”

Top 3: Yastrid Microcannula

Top three microcannula brands

Company Overview:

Yastrid has a history of over 10 years in the production of medical aesthetics consumables. The main offerings include microcannulas, facial lifting threads, injectable hyaluronic acid, as well as multi-needles, mesotherapy needles, and hydra needles. The company has always aimed to bring beauty and confidence to customers with minimal discomfort. Yastrid’s clientele spans the globe, including countries such as the United States, Brazil, Uruguay, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, France, and more.

As one of the top three microcannula brands, Yastrid maintains an innovative mindset and will continue to introduce high-quality microcannulas in the future, optimizing manufacturing processes to provide experts and doctors with the most user-friendly tools. Their goal is to minimize the pain experienced by patients during medical aesthetic procedures, delivering the best possible medical aesthetic experience to both doctors and patients.

Product Line

Yastrid offers microcannulas ranging from 18G to 30G in specifications and lengths from 25mm to 100mm.

These microcannulas can be used for injecting all dermal fillers available in the market, for facial contouring, eliminating dark circles under the eyes, lip augmentation, temple filling, nasolabial fold correction, as well as marionette lines and chin wrinkles, and even for body contouring.

Market Position

Product Quality:

Certifications of Yastrid

  • Yastrid’s microcannula products boast excellent quality, with certifications including CE2292 and ISO 13458. They are expected to receive FDA certification by October 2023.
  • Yastrid microcannulas strike the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity. They are flexible enough to move easily around sensitive structures but rigid enough for precise product placement.
  • The materials used are 304 stainless steel imported from Japan, and advanced sandblasting and polishing techniques are employed.
  • The microcannula tips are designed to resemble perfect bullet heads, reducing the sensation of pain when inserted into the skin.

Perfect Details:

  • The red dot on the base indicates the injection site for superior manageability, control, and precision during injections.
  • Degree markings help accurately identify the tip’s position for safer and more precise injections.

Technological Innovation:

Yastrid is dedicated to investing in research and development, aiming to invent more convenient microcannulas to assist doctors in providing better treatment for patients.

Customer Feedback

Yastrid’s confidence stems from customer feedback, with over 95% of users expressing a positive experience. “Very easy to insert” is the most frequently received feedback for Yastrid’s microcannulas.

Here are authentic user testimonials for Yastrid’s microcannulas:

  • I LOVE the cannulas! We had trained here and the ladies wrote down your company name to order some too because they loved them as well !!!
  • I’m loving the cannulas. I will definitely reach out when I’m ready for another order.
  • I absolutely love the cannulas – I’ve been doing a lot of under-eye PRP with the 27G. Very good quality and performance
  • I am using them and I think they work really well.
  • I received package and have been using both sizes of cannula. I love how they feel and glide, so easy to use! The price point is even with shipping. It is so worth it.

In Conclusion

The top three microcannula brands mentioned in this article offer high-quality and user-friendly microcannulas. However, each brand’s microcannulas have distinct features. Yastrid’s microcannulas are renowned for their perfect combination of flexibility and rigidity. The flexibility allows the microcannula to navigate around bones in facial and body areas, while the rigidity ensures precise placement of injections.

As one of Yastrid’s best-selling products, their microcannulas have garnered the favor of numerous customers. We offer free samples to our customers. Come and experience them for yourself. Feel free to inquire with us anytime, or you can have a look at our online store.

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