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To connect more with our company, we urge everyone to visit our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages to get the latest news, promos, and innovation. We want to nourish our relationship with all our clients and partners. On social, we also emphasize happiness and positivity — so please feel free to leave messages, like & share!

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Let’s be Friends on Facbook. Yastrid is happy to share our great fun and knowledge with you.

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Seeing is believing. One picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy beauty and youthful with Yastrid Products

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Updating Yastrid News & Development Report on time, know about us, start from here.

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Educational and thread lifting, filler and botox injection and other aesthetic medicine videos from Yastrid Professor.

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If you want to get Yastrid latest product photo and want to know the trend of aesthetic medicine, here it is.

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Yastrid’s Linkedin is a treasure of aesthetic medicine knowledge. We share FAQ and skills by posts and articles here.