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Yastrid is the leading manufacturer and supplier of smooth threads. We pay close attention to improving the product quality based on market trends and customers’ requirements.

Astrid’s continuous dedication and innovation in the medical aesthetic industry ensures that we’re ruling the hearts of medical aestheticians all across the world.

Backed by more than 50 skilled professionals, Yastrid welcomes clients with open arms. With 100% absorbable smooth threads, you can now improve the firmness of your facial and body sagging skin tissues quickly and effectively.

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Excellent Quality at Affordable Rates

Yastrid 100% absorbable PDO Smooth Threads, when placed inside your skin, can restore the lost blood supply to the area that will further rejuvenate and tighten wrinkled skin. With Yastrid PDO smooth threads’ innovative technology, you can have perfectly smooth skin. Yastrid offers the most high-grade quality smooth threads at the most reasonable prices. And it is packed with the following benefits:

 Stimulating new collagen to the wrinkled areas

 Restore your original appearance

 Removing wrinkles

 Long lasting natural results

Yastrid PDO Smooth Thread 29G-38mm

Stop Aging With Yastrid Smooth Threads

Yastrid smooth threads are made of premium quality polydioxanone material imported from famous Korean surgical suture company Samyang. With 100% pure and safe raw materials, it can make you look younger than you expect. The smooth threads are placed surface layer under the skin, which absorbs within 3 to 4 months, and the effect could last for 1 to 2 years or even more. Yastrid smooth threads will help you stay youthful and beautiful for years.

Reducing Bleeds and Bruises

The insertion of smooth threads is a quick procedure. On average, it takes around 6 to 7 seconds to insert with little to no downtime.

There is a risk of occasional bleeding and bruising, but Yastrid always takes care of the patient’s skin and utilizes a reverse cutting needle technique which is sharp without any burr and easy to pierce into the skin tissues without damaging.

The benefits include reduced bleeding and swelling. As a result, the face looks unswollen as before, even after the procedure.


Lasting Longer Time Than Others' Brand

The packaging of Yastrid smooth threads is crucial to its production control. As a responsible manufacturer, Yastrid smooth threads packaging comes with four layers of waterproof foil bag made up of special material to prevent moisture, air, and bacteria from contaminating the product. The thickness of each bag is 0.324mm that helps protect smooth threads in the long run.

Variations of Yastrid Smooth Threads for Stimulating More Collagen

The size of Yastrid smooth threads helps you to stimulate more collagen with minimally invasive surgery; each size is designed to ensure painless and long-lasting skin lifting effects.

yastrid pdo mono threads 19g
Smooth threads with bullet cannula will reduce bruising.
yastrid pdo mono threads 30g
This item usually is used for forehead lines, lips, etc.
pdo mono threads lift 26g
26G smooth threads are used for filling nasolabial folds, cheek, etc.
yastrid pdo mono thread 29g
A sharp mini needle will be easy to insert into the skin layer; this item is usually used for a neck lift.
yastrid pdo mono thread 27g
It provides a very smooth surface for precise skin lifting and tightening.
eye mono threads 30g
Eyes smooth threads reduce damage to blood vessels in sensitive areas around the eyes.

Know More About Yastrid Smooth Threads

Yastrid smooth threads will help you improve more collagen production to fix sagging forehead, temple areas, cheeks, neck, and lips. Drop us an email to get the best price now!


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Why Yastrid Is Your One-Stop Shop of Smooth Threads?

Yastrid, since its establishment, has been dedicated to following strict quality control procedures at each smooth threads manufacturing phase.

Our skilled and trained staff members use premium-quality imported raw materials to meet all the standard requirements of manufacturing smooth threads. Moreover, our vacuumed and nitrogen-filled packaging in foil bags ensures that the shelf life of threads remains longer – up to three years.

Lets us know your smooth threads manufacturing and supply requirements. Together, we can build your business.

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
Ensure the barb on thread is smooth and strong.
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Safety production environment is all-important to make high-quality threads.
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Chek
The resistance of blunt cannula puncture test is to ensure it's easy to use.
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO gas will eliminate all microbe effectively to ensure the safety of the threads.
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
We use imported machines to keep the moisture content is below 3%.
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling
We prevent the air and moisture by nitrogen filling, it can extend the shelf life of the threads.

Smooth Threads – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Smooth threads lift, a revolutionary procedure, was introduced into the medical aesthetic world a few years back and became popular for its uncountable benefits.

Today, doctors all around the world use smooth threads to lift and tighten your sagging skin tissue so that you can have a natural and beautiful V-shape to your face with minimally invasive surgery.

Are smooth threads soon going to replace Botox?

To find the answer to this question and many others, read this smooth thread guide till the end.

What Are Smooth Threads?

A PDO smooth thread is a type of dissolvable polydioxanone (PDO) thread.

You may use it for any part of the face or the body.

The minimally invasive and non-surgical technique uses sutures made of protein and is thinner than a strand of hair.

A doctor may utilize these smooth sutures as a part of various treatments, as the threads get inserted below the skin to provide rejuvenating benefits.

What Are Smooth PDO Threads For? Do PDO Smooth Threads Build Collagen?

PDO smooth threads tend to smoothen out wrinkled and crepey skin by reducing and subsequently creating collagen and elastin in damaged regions. It promotes collagen, which impacts cell regeneration, and enhances complexion through neovascularization.

It allows the effects to stay for another 12 to 15 months. The procedure involves generating a mesh underneath the skin with a smooth thread that serves as a basis for fresh collagen synthesis.

Do Smooth PDO Threads Lift?

The innovative PDO smooth threads show global success in treating the various targeted areas while giving a mild lifting effect.

Moreover, it provides complete facial regeneration and can make you seem visibly more rested and freshened.

How Long Does It Take For Smooth PDO Threads To Work?

Within a few weeks of your procedure, you can notice the outcome of your PDO smooth thread lift. An individual’s age may also verily influence its duration.

The aging of the skin is among the significant factors for how efficiently your body generates newer and healthy collagen.

Following the surgery, you should notice immediate toughening and uplifting in the treated area, having your thread lift facial results take shape over the next three weeks or perhaps more.

Even after the durability of the PDO smooth thread wears out, the new collagen produced around them persists and preserves the rejuvenated appearance. However, if you want the treatment to last longer or feel the impact is fading off, you may opt for a retouch-up.

How Smooth Thread Lift Works?

This treatment involves placing one smooth thread or more beneath the layer of skin, providing support to the drooping skin.

The revolutionary treatment is a safe and efficient way to rapidly elevate regions of the face, neck, and any part of the body.

A qualified professional makes use of medical-grade PDO smooth sutures that stimulates collagen production, further plumping and smoothing the skin.

This process of smooth thread lifting results in a smoother and volumetric appearance. You can opt for this versatile treatment to treat regions such as:

• A fuller outline for the lip area as an alternative for Botox.

•  Near the eyes to treat crow’s-feet

• To treat the “11” lines on the forehead

 To use around the corners of the mouth for marionette lines

 Filling for acne scars

PDO smooth threads are best for youngsters who undergo early signs of aging and wrinkling.

Do Smooth Thread Hurt?

Most of the discomfort experienced occurs in the first twenty-four hours following the procedure. At the utmost, you may feel a sudden pinch as the smooth thread gets inserted into the skin.

Occasionally people may feel a pulling sensation that can be irritating when using barbed or even smooth sutures. However, the undesirable effects will go away within two weeks.

These effects are very short-lived and are bound to decrease each day subsequently. You may resume normal activities right after or as tolerated. Since preventions are a factor to keep in mind after any kind of treatment, you may want to include taking care of your skin as an everyday task to get the best out of it.

Do Celebrities Get Smooth Thread Lifts?

Several famous icons including, Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters, prefer to get brow lifts now and then to achieve a more enhanced cat-eye trendy look.

Smooth thread lifts have been widely familiar and prominent in the beauty industry for many years. It is an innovative approach to traditional thread lifting that draws the attention of many females who want to appear more confident as they age, just like these celebrities.

Smooth sutures have gained significant prevailing recognition among celebs from all over the world. Moreover, due to multiple links, easy access, and all the profit they earn, celebrities tend to be the first to endeavor such mystifying beauty techniques.

How Many Threads Are Used in a Smooth Thread Lift?

Generally, your doctor may use between two to twenty medical-grade smooth PDO sutures relying on many factors, including your skin type, the area you want to treat, and the aesthetic goal you wish to achieve.

PDO smooth thread lifting procedure depends on customization and assessment of an individual.

The following is the ordinary count of threads required for the respective treatments:

Eight threads in total would be the standard for a thread facelift, having four on each side of the face – two on each cheekbone and further two at the corners of the mouth. But take into consideration that different factors may determine the number of smooth sutures used for the treatment.

How Deep Do Smooth Threads Go?

The threads usually get placed into the deep layers of the skin to a length of around 25-60mm – get positioned and anchored at the middle to deep grades of the subdermal layer.

You can use a smooth thread lift to treat areas like deep lines and mid-forehead lines.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Smooth Threads?

Doctors debate about the benefits of each treatment, and any curious patient would like to know about the ins and outs. Discussed below are some merits of PDO smooth threads:

 PDO smooth thread lifts are dissolvable, making them last a temporary effect. Luckily you can repeat your treatment initially as many times as you want after the results have worn out.

 Thread lifting benefits over the fact that the procedure got commonly promoted due to being a viable non-surgical alternative to facelift surgery.

 Modern threads, smooth threads, are more absorbent, skin-friendly, and safer than traditional ones.

 This revolutionized approach shows success for instantaneously uplifting sagging areas of the face, neck, and other body parts, including the chest and wrinkles on the stomach. It smoothens excess skin having fine lines and wrinkles to give a contoured and rejuvenated appearance.

 Even though getting a smooth thread lift may be temporary than getting a permanent facelift, recovering from a thread lift, on the other hand, is relatively simple. Furthermore, it has minimal side effects and has a low tendency for complications.

 The results may not be as effective as a proper facelift, but this method is best for youngsters who experience early signs of aging.

Can You Feel Smooth Threads?

At the very most, you may feel nothing more than a slight pinch while the smooth thread enters your skin and gets pulled through the region of treatment. Nevertheless, because the sutures used in a thread lift can be so short, the patient may not perhaps feel anything going on.

Your doctor can also carry out the procedure under local anesthesia instead of the general one. It allows you to drive home all by yourself, even right after the treatment.

Furthermore, you can take care of yourself without the expense of relying on others. For post-procedure effects, once the skin heals and produces new collagen around the sutures, most people are unable to feel them at all.

Can PDO Smooth Threads Move?

Thread migratory symptoms usually appear a few weeks after the smooth thread lifting procedure and are generally triggered by the following:

 The use of threads without a cog

 Inaccurate cutting of bi-directional threads

 Breaking of the thread

Due to this, a few individuals tend to complain about thread movement or relocation within the face. Some may feel that the sutures are about to fall out of the tugged layer. It is essential to seek and consult an expert doctor who has years of experience for the given reasons.

According to research, smooth threads are the most popular and versatile threads available today. Once inserted into the appropriate layer of skin, they act as anchors as the skin lifts upwards. Then, the extra extending thread gets cut away. With the advancement in this methodology, treatments are safer and more comfortable for patients and aestheticians or dermatologists than ever before.

Can Smooth Thread Lift Go Wrong?

Smooth thread lifts seem to be less risky due to their non – invasive nature. After a thread lift, there is almost a very negligible possibility of scarred tissue, severe bruising, bleeding, and perhaps other complications. If in case, something goes wrong, it is possible to reverse or undo the treatment through a process known as radiofrequency.

Although, individuals may experience irritation, infection, or the sutures becoming visible under their skin in rare circumstances.

However, in this procedure, your dermatologist or an aesthetic surgeon may use techniques to dissolve the threads in the skin or remove them. As a result, by doing so, the patient’s face will revert to its previous state.

Do PDO Smooth Threads Tighten Skin?

The Mesh formed readily tightens the skin from the inside, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars. The treatment tightens the dermis by contracting the excess fat.

Likewise, it promotes elastin production surrounding the smooth thread insertion, resulting in elasticity and reduced fine lines and wrinkles. The outcomes are nearly instantaneous, with a natural uplift or filling appearance.

Do Smooth Threads Lift Cheek?

Several individuals prefer thread lifts for face regions that sag or appear less taut with age. The cheeks are one of the regions that you can treat with smooth threads. As a result, they will often merely elevate the face by a few millimeters and eventually create new collagen around each smooth thread injected, retaining the modestly improved appearance for up to a few months.

A smooth thread facelift would require eight sutures altogether, four per side of the face, two on each cheekbone, and two more at the corners of the lips.

Do Under-Eye Smooth Threads Work?

A PDO smooth thread gets placed with a thin needle and is an excellent alternative for under-eye skin rejuvenation. They primarily tighten the skin and offer a slight lift.

You must avoid the use of dermal filler injectables in the under-eye region. They can be problematic for tear-troughs because they can exacerbate eye bagging and puffiness.

Thanks to the innovative treatment option of PDO smooth thread lift available today that does not interfere with the sensitive under-eye lymphatic system.

Does Smooth Threads Smooth Away Your Forehead Lines?

Smooth Threads Forehead lift helps generate new collagen naturally to eliminate your stubborn forehead lines and wrinkles, which can’t go away otherwise non-invasively.

You won’t see quick results right away, but improvement will be seen once the thread breaks down and the body starts producing new elastin and collagen.

It usually takes four to 5 weeks to see the first results and 4 to 6 months to see peak results.

Do Smooth Threads For Lips Work?

PDO Smooth threads are good to fill in corners of the mouth, deep lines around your chin, and outlining of the lips. Unlike lip fillers which are used to volume to your lips, smooth thread lips add curve and a better definition to your upper lip cupid’s bow area.

Recently, Megan Lynn, a celebrity, has undergone smooth threads lip treatment to define and add volume to her lips.

How Long Do Smooth PDO Threads Last?

A thread lift that incorporates a smooth thread of mono-PDO type provides effects that typically last between one to three years. It is critical to remember that no lifting method can offer long-term results.

Smooth threads can gradually get absorbed into the skin and disappear in as little as nine months. Nevertheless, the new collagen generated maintains the revitalized look. Additionally, you may repeat the treatment as many times as you desire after the effects wear off.

Is a Smooth Thread Lift Worth It?

Instead of sagging, the thread lift may perform a fantastic job of lifting the jawline, jowls, and chin directly up near to the bone. The thread lift produces a considerably younger facial contour without the requirement of surgical treatment, which can be worth it for both males and females for the expense.

However, the results from a smooth thread lift are more effective in the case of young adults experiencing the early indications of aging.

What Is PDO Smooth Threads Before And After Care?

Smooth Threads Pre-Treatment Instructions:

• Reduce your caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol intake at least 5 to 6 days before the procedure

• Talk to your doctor if you are taking any pharmaceutical drug

• Consume a lot of liquids before the procedure and avoid hot beverages

• Don’t apply any makeup or other creams in the area that needs to be treated

Smooth Threads Post Care Instructions:

• Avoid scrubbing the treated area

• Avoid sun exposure and use sunblock as per doctors advised

• Gently put cold compresses – 48 hours post-procedure – at the treated area

• Avoid exerting pressure after the procedure

• No heavy activity or exercise

• Avoid coughing or sneezing for 2 to 3 days if your treated area is face

• No excessive facial movement is allowed or at the treated area

• Do not use makeup at least for a week

What Is the Difference Between Smooth Thread and PDO Lifting Threads?

Smooth Threads Vs. PDO Threads is the most searched Google term these days. The difference between PDO lifting threads has various types, all designed to treat sagging skin, whereas smooth threads are specifically used to treat your fine lines and wrinkles.

The procedure of both treatments is identical, except that smooth threads are placed only in specific targeted wrinkled areas, and lifting threads are inserted in strategic locations to naturally combat skin laxity and to lift the skin.

Smooth threads do not have barbs; they’re ideal for stimulating the natural collagen process in areas – like lips and cheeks – that have creased over time.

Barbs require numbing, but a premium quality smooth thread does not. The doctor just needs to cleanse the area with an alcohol swab, and it will only take 6 to 7 seconds to insert a smooth thread. So it’s a quick treatment.

Barbed sutures take 30 to 45 minutes to insert (depending on the barbs quantity to insert).

What’s The Side Effect Of Smooth Threads?

Swelling, bleeding, and bruising are normal after the smooth thread lift procedure, and you can recover from these issues in just 7-10 days.

If the side effects are much more than this, immediately contact your doctor.

• Bump appears on the treated area

• The area becomes red, or you feel continuous itching

• If you suspect infection

A doctor can better prescribe you medicine or Daub Silding Cream.

Can PDO Smooth Threads Cause Nerve Damage?

Small threads may protrude from the skin and be apparent. The doctor can attempt to resolve this by cutting the suture back. Sometimes this may be observable up to a few days after insertion of the smooth thread.

Serious complications include damage to blood vessels and facial nerve damage, but all of this may only happen if your doctor is untrained and unprofessional.

Since facial nerves divide into many branches and have anastomosis amongst layers, so this risk of nerve injury or adverse impacts is minimal yet not utterly non-existent.

A qualified specialist is bound to meet the needs of a good doctor who has enough experience to carry out a pain-free procedure without the risk of having complications. The doctor must possess the following abilities:

• They should be well aware of the facial anatomy

• Handle with delicacy

• The doctor must have a good understanding of the equipment he uses

Do PDO Smooth Threads Leave Scars?

Initially, there is no risk of significant scarring, bruising, bleeding, or any similar complications after getting a thread lift. However, you may experience some side effects that may occur in the first 24 to 48 hours after the treatment occurs, such as irritation at the site where the thread got placed.

Thankfully, these effects can get resolved as quickly as possible. There may be a brief observation of mono threads protruding from the skin’s surface that disappears within a few days.

Smooth sutures are one of the safest materials implanted in the body. Your skin fully absorbs it within months and will not leave you with any scarred tissue.

What Is The Cost Of Smooth Threads?

Depending on the treated area, smooth threads cost between $200 and $500.

PDO Smooth Thread Pricing

Sleep lines, Deep lines, and scar fill-in lines usually range between $200-500. Lip Outline – $200-300, Smokers Lines – $120-400, and body areas costs above $500.

In short, PDO Smooth Thread Pricing depends on the number of threads used.

From Where Can You Buy Yastrid Smooth Threads?

There are many smooth thread suppliers in the market; however, choosing the best one depends on several following factors.

• They must be highly reputable in the aesthetic industry

• Must have a professional website and social media platforms

• Fast customer service – 24/7

• Must provide reasonable MOQ requirement

• Fast shipping service and refund policies

Which Smooth Threads Are The Best?

Yastrid smooth threads can be a great addition to your cosmetic lifting procedures as our smooth threads are made of protein, thinner than hair, absorbable in nature, and can be used in all face and body parts.

Is Smooth Thread Better Than Botox?

Smooth thread is an ideal choice for certain areas – such as cheeks – where Botox is not a great option.

Botox being a filler, does not induce elastin synthesis. However, a smooth thread lift does.

Getting a Botox differs from thread lifting since of how it efficiently and deliberately disables the facial muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. Some patients use smooth threads as an alternative to Botox, while others prefer getting both techniques at the same time for better and enhanced results.

You may use these smooth threads instead of dermal fillers to add volume to the treated area. People who also run away from injectable beauty treatments opt for getting PDO smooth thread lifts. Similar to Botox, you can also perform smooth thread every 3 to 4 months. Still, the latter option is less painful and a milder alternative to facelift surgery, which requires huge recovery time and is expensive.

The Verdict

In general, doctors recommend using PDO sutures to treat crepey and droopy skin, along with the use of Botox or other dermal fillers. Together they offer lasting and enhanced results. Nevertheless, much like Botox and fillers, the results of smooth threads are not permanent, but they last relatively longer.

We hope this informative guide regarding ‘PDO Smooth Threads Review’ will help you make the right choice.

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