Yastrid Repair Fask Mask
Yastrid Repair Fask Mask

Yastrid Highly Effective Repairing Mask

Yastrid’s repair face mask is used after microneedling or laser treatment to calm and repair damaged skin. The Yastrid face mask can form a film-like protective layer on the skin surface to act as a physical shield and can take care of superficial wounds, such as small wounds and redness left by microneedle or laser treatments. Considering that small wounds are susceptible to infection, we will provide sterile repair face masks, strictly control the number of microorganisms, provide users with assured and high-quality products, speed up the skin repair process, and promote skin moisturizing and brightening.

Product Features

Good for calming and restorative effects:

Yastrid Repair Face Mask contains ingredients that help calm and repair the skin, including polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and carbomer 940, which quickly relieves the stinging and burning sensation of the skin, promotes hydration of the skin, and keeps the skin hydrated.

For use after microneedling and laser treatments:

Microneedling and laser treatments are minimally invasive facial cosmetic procedures. Facial tingling, redness, swelling and burning will occur after the operation. Using a repair face mask can greatly alleviate this symptom.

Yastrid Repair Fask Mask benefits
Yastrid Repair Fask Mask benefits

Product Ingredients:

Yastrid repair face mask has simple ingredients, enabling simple skin care, quickly repairing and calming unstable skin conditions.

It contains polyvinylpyrrolidone, carbomer 940, and purified water, which are proven to bring many benefits to the skin, including repairing the skin, making the skin radiant, and promoting wound healing and moisturizing.

The simple ingredients of the mask bring a gentler care effect. Besides, the face mask will not fall off easily when applied to the face, and it perfectly fits the face shape and size of most users.

Professional Production Team and Production Workshop

Yastrid’s repair face mask has always adhered to strict production standards and kept the factory clean, sterile, and dust-free. From production to quality inspection to packaging, we strictly control the quality and compliance of the product to produce safe and reliable facial masks.

The production workshop follows GMP standards and has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Anti-counterfeiting signs are placed on the packaging to ensure genuine delivery, providing safe and reliable medical repair masks and adding a safety guarantee to customers’ microneedle projects.

Yastrid Repair Fask Mask workshop
Yastrid Repair Face Mask

Calm down the face after microneedling and laser treatment.

Why Trust Yastrid Repair Face Mask Manufacturer?

We offer premium repair face masks with high performance and provide great after care for microneedling and laser treatments. Redness and hurt will disappear quickly after using the mask.

Product name: Yastrid repair mask—liquid dressing

Product ingredients: polyvinylpyrrolidone, carbomer 940, and purified water;

Product specifications: 30ML

Use of the product: Used for the care of superficial wounds such as small wounds and abrasions. It can quickly calm the skin after microneedle or laser treatment and help the skin get rid of sensitivity.

Side effects: No adverse reactions.

Sterile status: After sterilization by Co60 irradiation, the product is sterile.

Contraindications: It cannot be used for open wounds and burns before scabbing.

how to use Yastrid Repair Face Mask

After the microneedle treatment, there is no need to wash, just tear open the package, lay the mask flat on your face, adjust the appropriate position, and use the mask for 15 to 20 minutes every day.



  1. This product is only suitable for the care of small wounds caused by microneedle and laser treatments and does not have other skin-brightening and anti-aging effects.
  2. This product can only be used once and cannot be reused;
  3. It can only be used externally, not taken orally;
  4. If redness, swelling, and allergies occur on the face, you should stop using it. In serious cases, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

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FAQ about Yastrid Repair Face Mask

1, Do I wash my face after a repair face mask?

The ingredients of the repair face mask are simple and do not contain thickeners. You do not need to clean your face after using it. You can simply wipe it off. After applying the mask at night, you can go to sleep directly without washing off excess essence on your face.

In addition, the essence left on the face can also form a film-like protective layer, which acts as a care barrier for the skin.

  1. How long does it take to apply a face mask?

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to apply the mask, depending on the absorption of the face. If the face mask sheet is dry, the essence on it will be absorbed, then the mask can be thrown away. Otherwise, the mask can also be left on longer so that the essence of the mask is absorbed.

  1. How often do you apply a repair face mask after microneedling and laser treatment?

Due to microneedle will create several tiny wounds on the face, and the high frequency of the laser will cause burning and redness on the face, it is very necessary to use a repair face mask, which can help relieve postoperative discomfort and speed up the process. In the skin repair process, how often should you apply facial masks? It should be done once a day in the morning and evening for about a week. If the injury is relatively minor, it can last for 3-5 days.

  1. Is repair face mask worth it?

The repair mask is very functional. It can quickly calm unstable skin, help relieve the stinging and burning sensation on the face, reduce swelling and redness of the skin, help repair the skin barrier, and promote skin improvement.

Therefore, the repair mask is well worth buying and using.

  1. Can you use repair face mask in daily life?

In addition to the care of small wounds, the repair mask can also be used to repair sensitive skin. It can help hydrate sensitive skin and strengthen the skin barrier, improve skin sensitivity, and reduce signs of skin redness or itchiness, so in daily life, you can also use Yastrid repair face mask, especially for users with sensitive skin, the effect is good.

  1. Can you leave your repair face mask on overnight?

No, you need to throw away the mask before going to sleep. The mask paper cannot be left on the face all the time, as it will cause the face to become airtight.

  1. Can I use moisturizer after applying a repair face mask?

Yes, the repair mask has a simple function. It can help relieve small wounds on the face, but it has no other effects. After use, you can apply other skin care products, essence, moisturizing cream, eye cream, etc. to complete a comprehensive skin care work.

  1. Is Yastrid face mask helpful for repairing skin barrier?

Yes, it can help the skin repair the facial skin barrier. The mild and non-irritating ingredients help the skin recover quickly and promote the skin’s own repair function. The simple ingredients will not cause any side effects on the skin. Affecting the skin barrier, which is one of the biggest advantages of the repair mask.

  1. Does Yastrid repair face mask have side effects?

No, the repair mask has almost no side effects because its product ingredients are very simple and will not burden the skin. Instead, it has a positive effect on the skin’s barrier repair.

If you encounter special circumstances, please stop using the product immediately and seek medical attention immediately if the situation is serious.

  1. Is Yastrid face mask suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the repair mask has simple ingredients and is very suitable for sensitive skin. It can help relieve the redness, itchiness and redness of sensitive skin, improve the skin barrier, and reduce the occurrence of sensitive skin attacks.

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