Pros and Cons of Nose Thread Lifting

You’re not the only person who doesn’t love the shape of your nose. Some hate how big their nose is, while others dislike lacking a nose tip. Thank goodness today we have ways of designing your nose into what you’ll love known as a nose thread lift.

Nose Thread Lifting

Previously, you could go for invasive surgery such as a rhinoplasty, to carry out a nose lift. But now we have a less invasive, less risky way and the simplest method to improve the look of your nose; a nose thread lifting.

Nose threads are a cheaper alternative to plastic surgery. While it is cheaper, it does have its disadvantages. And since our nose can be a key indicator of beauty. It is also vital to be aware of these disadvantages that will also help others make a more informed decision.

So, to understand better and make an appropriate decision whether to go for a thread lift, you’ll have to look at the following pros and cons of nose thread lifting.

Pros of Nose Thread Lifting

The nose thread lift is a non-invasive procedure that provides a gentler alternative to a nose job. A nose thread lift can provide more dramatic results at a less high cost, like a nose job.

With a nose thread lift, the surgeon creates a natural lift of the face by lifting the nasal base and lifting the skin of the tip of the nose up. The patient is put under a sedative and local anesthesia and a thread is inserted into a small incision.

Once the threads are in place, the surgeon will pull them tight and tie them off. The result is a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

And there’s much more to learn on the pros and cons of nose thread lifting. Keep going and decide whether a nose thread lift is for you!

Instant Lift

Do you know that you can get an instant lift with a thread lift? Imagine getting to the hospital and getting out after about 30 minutes, and having attained the desired look you want. Wondering how and why? A thread lift uses dissolvable sutures under the skin. They can be Polydioxanone (PDO), Poly-L-lactic acid (PLL), or Polycaprolactone (PCL) threads.

The components of these threads make them easily dissolvable in the body after some time. They are biodegradable barbed sutures.

The nose thread lift uses a thread that is inserted beneath the skin around the nose area and pulled upwards to lift the nose. The surgery process is relatively painless and will help revitalize the nose’s appearance.

Quick Recovery Time

While there are many pros to the nose thread lift, the most common answer is that it delivers quick, effective results. The procedure is only minimally invasive, with no incisions needed to be made; hence the recovery is quick.

Moreover, the procedure is very simple, taking about 20 minutes, while other invasive surgeries can take hours. There are no visible scars or stitches. Results are instant with little or no downtime. And since the nose thread lift is an outpatient procedure, you can even proceed to your lunch date right after the procedure.

Extremely Safe

This procedure is considered to be safe with minimal risks. It is extremely comfortable since it takes under 30 minutes, and numbing cream is used. The numbing cream curbs any pain you may feel from the piercing of the needle or a cannula at the nasal bridge or nose tip.

So, if you are still hesitant about going for a thread lift, do intense research of the aesthetic hospital before making a reservation for treatment. Remember, a nose thread lift is a safe procedure as long as a qualified physician monitors the person.

This will increase the chances of an extremely safe cosmetic procedure because an expert will do it. It will curb common risks like infection, scarring, and tissue damage.

Lasting Admirable Results

Patients can have a more defined and beautiful nose with a nose thread lift. No more wrinkles and lines at the nose tip and on the left and right sides of the nose. No more drooping at the tip of the nose as it’s also corrected after a thread lift.

So how do thread lifts achieve this? The threads have more functions than lifting. Thread lifts are for instance, PDO threads; they are dissolvable, and they stimulate collagen production. Collagen is a protein substance that ensures our skin looks more tight, plump, and elastic.

And that’s why any wrinkles, sags, and droops are eliminated for some time. Till the threads completely dissolve and disappear in the body is when you may need another nose lift.

As a result, your nose will look young, plump, and with enhanced nose tips as desired!

Nose Threads are Non-surgical

Another advantage of nose thread lifting is that the procedure is non-surgical. Since the procedure is less invasive, no intense piercing or incisions are done like in invasive procedures such a nose rhinoplasty.

The process only involves using 100% biocompatible, and biodegradable threads that are FDA approved to lift the nose for quick recovery and less pain.

Cheap Cost of Nose Thread Lifts as compared to Nose fillers.

Nose lifting is a common procedure that has been around for a while now. It has been a cheaper alternative to plastic surgery for a long time.

Threading increases collagen production, which strengthens the skin’s elasticity, but most importantly, they offer an inexpensive alternative to surgery.

Research has shown that the techniques used in the thread lifts are not costly; hence you can have the procedure without hurting your pocket.

Thread lifting can cost anywhere from $300-$700, depending on the length of the threads. However, the prices will also vary with the hospital, the location, and the doctor’s experience. If you’re undergoing a PDO nose thread lift, prices vary from $500. PLA and PCL thread lifts are pretty costly.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not incorporate a cosmetic procedure in their packages. Since a nose thread lift is a cosmetic procedure, you may not be lucky to use insurance.

Remember, six to ten threads are used, and charges may be done as per a thread.

Cons of a Nose Thread Lift

While nose threads have their share of benefits to the doctor and users, there are some side effects that you may not evade. You may experience 15% to 20% of complications from a thread lift. But the good thing is that most will always be corrected.

So have a look at some downsides of a nose thread lift here:

Visible Sutures

Some advantages of a thread lift, also known as a facelift, include it being a minimally invasive procedure and a cost-effective way to achieve a rejuvenated appearance in a matter of hours.

However, one disadvantage of thread lift procedures is the possible visibility of the sutures, which might make people wary of booking a procedure. This is especially true for people with thin skin.

Those who require a nose thread lift soon may be concerned that these suture lines will show in their skin.

The best way to mitigate the chance that the threads will show in the skin is to be well-prepared for your thread lift. Make sure that you clearly understand what will happen when you’re in the office. It will ease your tension. Above all seek expert advice.

Nose threads results are not permanent.

For most patients, a typical thread lift may last only one to two years, depending on the type of thread. Threads are dissolvable, and they will have worn off the body after some years.

You may need to go for another nose thread lift after the years. Or as well you can combine it with other procedures like nose dermal fillers to add them some more life.


Many people these days consider a nose thread lift to achieve a more youthful appearance. However, if not done with a professional aesthetician, the procedure may cause swelling and bruising that may end up as an infection if not treated.

Possible infections may also arise from the piercing for the insertion of the threads. If keenness is neglected, then the chances are so high for infections.

And since the nose is a pretty delicate area, you may not want to have an infection that spreads. You’ll have to treat the infected as soon as possible.

Threads are Hard to Reverse.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to reverse a nose thread lift. So when the thread results aren’t appealing, there may be no remedy, unlike in hyaluronic acid fillers, where the possibility of reversal is better.

You’ll therefore have to be a little patient till the threads dissolve. But if you’re fortunate enough to find a professional dermatologist in handling such hitches, then you may try them out.

But you’ll have to understand that such complications are tough, particularly when scar tissue has infections around the thread.  Remember, threads are barbed for gripping purposes and hardly slide out.

Necrosis and Blindness

When you keep disturbing the nose area that has had a recent lift, you may end up with disastrous problems. Removing improper, extruded threads with infection can injure the skin and the tissues beneath.

As a result, you may get scarring, ischemia, and necrosis. Interestingly, necrosis cannot be as worse as in nose fillers. In fact, rarely will it cause blindness.


If you undergo a thread lift, then you may experience a hematoma. How? The tightening of the tissue and muscle creates a lifted and tightened look, injuring a blood vessel, causing a hematoma.

So, what is a hematoma?

Hematoma is a localized collection of blood usually caused by a natural blood vessel injury. Also, a hematoma is a swelling that occurs due to damage to the blood vessels.

Hematomas will usually occur due to injury and surgery and be located near the area. They can also happen due to chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

Symptoms to look for:

  • The skin over the hematoma will become red and warm.
  • Pain and swelling will also be present.

The treatment for a hematoma is to apply pressure and ice to the affected area. The individual should also see a physician if the hematoma does not show signs of improvement. Treatment includes rest and sometimes pain killers.


PDO threads or the other forms of threads are foreign materials in the body hence may cause inflammation and allergic reactions.

Also, everyone’s body is different. There are those that threads may cause inflammation and those that may not. However, it has always been compatible with many, exceptional cases are rarely heard of.


Nose thread lifting is a new type of cosmetic surgery. It is important to understand that nose thread lifts are inappropriate for every patient with facial aging changes. Therefore, there are pros and cons to nose thread lifting.

The procedure is very similar to others, except it does not take that long to repair the broken outer skin layers. This procedure is perfect for someone who wants a quick fix to their nose but does not have the money for something more expensive.

The possible risks associated with this procedure are extensive and can range from minor bruising to swelling and infections. Another major disadvantage of a nose thread lift is that it can sometimes cause complications when healing. So, be aware of the risks and consequences of nose thread lifts.

However, if you go ahead with this procedure, you can expect to see immediate and gradual improvements in the appearance of your skin. But, you could also experience problems such as skin dimpling if you do not choose a qualified and experienced practitioner.

But the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, so don’t fret about trying it out! You can get expert advice from experienced doctors and sites. Yastrid Medical Aesthetics offers quality services with the best advice if you’re ever looking for resources for a thread lift.

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