Yastrid PCL Cog Sculpted Thread 18g 100mm R Blunt Cannula

Material of Thread:  Absorbable Polydioxanone Suture

Material of Needle: Stainless Steel (Imported from Japan)

Cannula Type: R blunt cannula


Yastrid PCL 4D Cog Thread is one type of  V-Lifting thread, which is upgraded version of 4G PCL Lifting Thread. It uses cannula type needle in order to avoid buises and swelling. The introduction of this product enabled replacement of conventional lifting surgery with non surgical lifting treatment.Which means there is no need for incision but lifting effect is guaranteed. When The UP L/C is inserted in SMAS layer.

It accelerates collagen systhesis to improve skin elasticity and provides lifting to sagging skin. The UP is ideal for lifting in facial area and is recommended to be inserted in or under the SMAS layer.

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