Yastrid Blunt Needles Mircocannula Kits 27g 40 for Lips Filler Injection

Brand Name: Yastrid®

Application: Hyaluronic acid derma filler, and botox injection

Yastrid 27g microcannula is much safer. Their blunt-tip slides under the skin and does not cut through vessels and tissues but rather navigates smoothly through the dermis and SMAS layer.  More control, more precision, better results!

They are more versatile option as it can be used for multiple face parts injections, temple filling, forehead filling ect.

Popular size is 27g 40mm, 27g 50mm and 27g 70mm.

· Non-Toxic, Pyrogen Free.

· Medical grade 304 stainless steel imported from Japan.

· Less pain and more comfortable.

· 100% sterilized by E.O Gas with safe and stable quality.

· Fully deburr & clean in the cannula tube wall, prevent inflammation, allergy and infections.

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