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Yastrid Pdo Threads

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Quality is our culture; as a professional and experienced PDO thread manufacturers and suppliers, Yastrid always pays much importance to quality. We hold CE2292 & ISO13485 certificates, ensuring you that we comply with international standards. We make each thread with imported, natural material that is safe for surgical use.

At Yastrid, we strictly inspect each thread before sending it to the market. We are devoted to providing you with the best PDO threads for your business.

PDO Thread Manufacturers with the widest range of products 

As an 18 years history PDO threads suppliers, we spent our whole time manufacturing the widest range of PDO threads such as mono threads, screw threads, eye threads, cog threads, nose threads, multi threads, molding cog threads, and double-needle cog threads, etc.

With the development of the past 18 years, 95% of our PDO threads were sold to North America and European countries like  USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Greece, etc.

Yastrid PDO Threads
Yastrid Pdo Thread Barb

Top-Quality PDO Threads

As a trustworthy PDO thread Manufacturers, Yastrid prioritizes your safety. We cut the barb with a German-made machine to ensure the PDO threads barb is smooth and thick. And then, we dry the threads 24 times with nitrogen replacement to ensure complete moisture removal.

The packaging bag of Yastrid PDO Threads is a four-layer foil bag that prevents air and moisture. This packaging ensures a long and stable shelf life of our PDO threads.

PDO Mono Thread

Mono Threads, also known as “short PDO threads,” are designed for skin tightening, skin thickening, and improving skin texture, all of which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Once inserted into the skin, the mono threads stimulate collagen synthesis, gradually tightening and rejuvenating the skin.

PDO Screw Thread

Screw Thread is a standard PDO thread mainly used to cure wrinkles on the face and body (neck, nasolabial fold, labiodental fold, suborbital area). It is also suitable for facial tightening. In addition, it plays a supplemental function in contouring body lines of the face, chin, arm, abdomen, and hips.

PDO Eye Thread

Eye thread is assembled with a USP 6-0 PDO thread and used to cure dark circles, fat layer, and sagging skin in the infraorbital area. It also shows excellent effect in the removal of fine wrinkles in the infraorbital region.

PDO Multi Thread

Multi-thread has six separate PDO threads connected to a single needle. This design is done to maximize the skin volumizing effect by inserting multiple PDO smooth threads simultaneously. While six soft PDO threads closely attached allow for the development of a larger area of fibrous connective tissues. These threads take longer to biodegrade when they are tightly secured.

PDO Nose Thread

Nose thread adopts barbed PDO thread using the greatest diameter. It is effective for the augmentation of the bridge volume of the nose through collagen regenesis. Also, the needle is a blunt type, which prevents bleeding and minimizes swelling and bruising. Combined with “the nose thread for nasal columella,” it is ideal to use this product for shaping up a beautiful nose.

PDO Cog Thread

Cog threads are lifting threads that can reshape facial contours while also stimulating collagen production. It’s also called barbed PDO thread. The cheeks and jawline will be among the treatment coverage. It can improve the appearance of the face by immediately lifting and tightening.

PDO Molding Thread

Molding cog thread is also called a sculpted thread; it’s not a regular PDO thread. It’s pressed according to the fixed mold, making it more durable than cog thread. The most popular three types of molding PDO thread are Y Type, Z type, and C type. Doctors can choose as they like.

PDO Double Needle Cog Thread

Double-needle cog thread consists of two straight needles and one barbed PDO thread. It’s for V-lifting and eyebrow lifting; the advantage is: if we use cog thread to lift the face, we usually need six pieces for one face. But if you use a double-needle cog thread, you only need two.

PDO Double Screw Thread

A double-screw thread consists of two smooth PDO threads; it is frequently used for subtly lifting and volumizing the face, allowing the patient to achieve a smaller V-line face shape with a pointy chin and more defined jawlines.

Why Trust Yastrid PDO Thread Manufacturers?

Yastrid is one of the leading PDO threads suppliers in China. Our PDO threads meet and exceed CE2291 & ISO13485 standards, making us worth your time and money. Yastrid gives you the highest-quality products and services:

  • Yastrid is an over 18+ years PDO thread manufacturers in China; we can make different PDO threads upon request
  • You can get factory-direct prices with trustworthy PDO threads Suppliers
  • We make PDO threads using 100% absorbable PDO sutures imported from abroad.
  • We promise you fast delivery because we produce over 50,000 pieces of PDO thread daily
  • You can get a free sample of Yastrid PDO threads upon request
  • Yastrid’s service team consists of 12 elite customer service representatives that provide 24/7 support
  • In the past 16 years, Yastrid paid much importance to research and development to produce new PDO threads
  • As professional PDO thread manufacturers, we’re constantly making your idea turn into reality — OEM & ODM are available
  • We are lucky to grow and be inspired by great partners such as Medtronic, Juvederm, B&D, and many other successful companies


1)Yastrid PDO thread barb is long and smooth; it’s easy to use and longer-lasting
2)Yastrid PDO thread distance is 1.5mm; it’s more effective in getting a better lifting effect
3)The tensile of the Yastrid PDO cog thread can reach 4.5N to 5.6N, reshaping your face faster
4)The cannula tip of our PDO thread is smooth, and the tube wall inside is clean; it is less painful when inserted into the skin
5)Yastrid PDO thread materials are imported from the biggest Korean suture company. It can be absorbed entirely by the body — 100% safe
6)Each handle of our PDO thread is made of pure medical-grade PP, with no peculiar smell
7)Yastrid spent a lot of materials and financial resources to establish a world standard medical grade workshop to ensure all of our PDO threads are safe and of quality
8)Yastrid paid much attention to the production environment; all of our workers wear coverall cloth and mask to prevent germs and impurities

9)Yastrid is a 18 years history PDO thread manufacturers. We can customize any type and any length of threads for you.

PDO Thread- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

These days PDO threads are becoming the most demanded minimally invasive alternative to traditional painful surgical facelift procedures.

This new concept has introduced ‘cat-eye’ and strong jawline trends – followed mainly by celebrities. But if you’re also concerned about aging, you must opt for this safe treatment.

In this guide, you will learn more about PDO threads. Let’s dive into the details.

What is a PDO Thread?

Facial rejuvenation using Polydioxanone (PDO) threads has been used in surgeries for decades.

PDO thread is made of biodegradable polymer (categorized into synthetic polymers) that naturally reduces your aging effects. It is thinner than hair but is robust, non-allergenic, and will dissolve after 90 days when placed under your skin. However, they have a lasting effect.

According to research, the PDO thread works by triggering fibroblasts (an active connective tissue cell) that produce collagen in your skin.

It is made of protein that helps relax your muscles and stimulate neocollagenesis (forming new collagen naturally). Moreover, it also stimulates elastin and hyaluronic acid, the two best substances to maintain firm, youthful-looking skin.

Why Is PDO Thread Popular in Medical Aesthetic?

As per the reports, the aesthetic threads industry will boost in 2022 with a valuation of USD 112.2 million. By the end of 2026, this figure is expected to reach USD 177.69 million.

Fastest Growing Market: Asia Pacific

Largest Market: North America

This growth of the aesthetic threads industry strongly suggests that people prefer non-invasive treatments for problems like anti-aging, face rejuvenation, and face lifting. This proves that aesthetic threads such as PDO are popular in demand worldwide.

New advanced procedures in PDO thread treatment create opportunities for everyone to have glowing and younger-looking skin without undergoing the knife.

Here are the benefits of PDO threads.

Benefits of PDO Threads

  1. Non-surgical means to lift – no cuts, just injections
  2. Once inserted, the threads lift your skin upwards – giving an immediate mechanical lifting effect
  3. Skin rejuvenation through stimulation of collagen
  4. Redefines facial curves and improves skin texture
  5. Best for skin tightening, removing wrinkles, face lifting, noise shaping, filling, etc.

Due to these five best benefits, PDO threads have become a popular choice for people looking for non-surgical means to lift their loose skin.

Is PDO Thread Safe for Men and Women?

Without any doubt, PDO threads are 100% absorbable by your body and face. Likewise, it is considered 100% safe as these threads are FDA-approved and have test reports available.

Does PDO Thread Treat Mild to Moderate Skin Sag?

Yes, the thread is highly effective in tightening your mild to moderate sagging in areas like the neck, cheeks, and brows.

Which of Your Body Parts Are Treatable With PDO Threads?

Indeed, PDO thread lift is a versatile treatment, which means it can treat any of your body parts and not just the face. Most commonly, PDO threads treat the following:

  • Undereye area
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Cheeks
  • Naso jugal folds
  • Jowls
  • Crow’s feet
  • Eyebrows
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds

Moreover, PDO is an excellent choice for your body lift. Patients experienced terrific results when treated in the following problematic areas:

  • Arms – say bye to saggy arms!
  • Abdomen – get your body shape back after pregnancy!
  • Thighs – goodbye to cellulite, welcome lift and firm thigh once again!
  • Buttocks – get your buttock in shape; rounder and lifted!
  • Breasts – get your lifted breast back; no more sagging!

Do PDO Threads Work to Build New Collagen?

Yes, it is no surprise that PDO Threads are absorbable. The thread is placed below the skin surface stimulates new collagen production in that affected area. However, the result you get immediately after the treatment will continue to improve afterward.

When collagen builds up, you can get reduced wrinkles and tight skin. PDO thread is often known as “Natural Collagen Producer.”

The thread is made of polydioxanone (a dissolvable suture). When inserted into the skin, it creates a “selective inflammatory response” that helps build collagen.

The sutures are safe materials to use (also applicable in heart surgeries). After your specialist inserts PDO threads, your skin begins reacting to the sutures – to strengthen the skin.

However, your skin will take six months or less to produce new collagen and improved elasticity.

How Many PDO Threads Are Used?

There’s no specific number of threads used, and it depends on your cosmetic concerns and expectations from the treatment.

For a face lifting procedure, cog thread is used – generally, 3-4 pcs per side.

For skin tightening, smooth threads or screw threads is best – around 80-120 pcs gives better results.

However, other parts of the body may need more threads, depending on the patient’s condition.

What Are the Symptoms That PDO Threads Address?

Following are the symptoms which indicate you need a PDO thread lift.

  • Loose Skin

You can get PDO Threads to tighten the jawline – in a safe manner – throughout the cheeks.

  • Flattened Cheeks

If you admire voluminous cheeks accompanied by three-dimensional lift, there’s no better option than PDO Threads.

The volume addition is the same as you get with dermal fillers but without pain.

  • Drooping Eyebrows

As you age, your eyebrows start sagging, and you look for surgical treatments, right? PDO Threads lifts the brows without surgery. Its unique ability selectively raises those saggy areas of the brow.

  • Loose Skin Around the Eyes (Crow’s Feet)

If you’re facing Crow’s feet, you must have thought to get Botox. But do you know PDO thread is a great replacement to treat wrinkles around your eye corner? Moreover, PDO sets in lines around your eyes, providing a comprehensive solution.

You get eye wrinkles due to either loss of fat or loss of skin elasticity. PDO threads work by adding more volume in the area in a single treatment.

Doctors sometimes use Botox in conjunction with PDO Threads – as preventative maintenance – to prevent future wrinkles.

  • Drooping Buttocks

Traditional ways to lift buttocks are somehow painful. PDO Threads can lift your buttock skin without pain. And when combined with Sculptra, you get the result similar to Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) – an effective non-surgical procedure.

  • Lip Shape

These days’ women prefer adding volume to their lip area. PDO threads help you achieve redefined lips in a single treatment. The result is longer-lasting when compared to dermal fillers or any other procedure.

Also, PDO creates a smooth and more natural look, unlike any other lip treatment.

  • Wrinkled, Saggy Skin Around the knees and Elbows

Your knees and elbows skin is not so easy to treat, and there are a few solutions to treat its loose skin.

PDO Threads is a safe and non-surgical way to lift and tighten the skin. Likewise, it helps improve your skin elasticity and firmness.

  • Horizontal Neck Bands

As you age, your neck skin starts losing its elasticity, making horizontal lines more prominent. PDO Threads work great to improve your neck skin smoothness and eliminate those stubborn neckbands – rebuild collagen throughout the area.

The above list is not exhaustive. The thread is usable at any part of the body where you may be noticing sagging skin.

How PDO Threads Help Tighten Your Loose Skin?

As said above, when PDO Threads are placed under your skin, it gets absorbed until eventually dissolved.

Once dissolved, your skin starts producing more collagen to tighten it naturally. Doctors insert threads through a small thin needle, and no incisions are done in this procedure.

What Effects Can A PDO Thread Have On Your Facial Contours?

PDO threads cannot stop the natural aging process. But it makes the aging process a bit slow. Likewise, it helps enhance your facial features by adding better shape – when certain lines reduce.

  • ‘Cat-eye’ contour
  • A sharp and more defined jawline
  • Heart-shaped facial contour
  • Lifted eyebrows
  • No or reduced smile lines
  • Smoother and firmer necklines
  • A lifted cheek effect

Are PDO Threads Worth Investing In?

The best part about PDO thread lifting is that it offers long-term results. However, the results depend on your age, skin type, and other related factors.

Many patients enjoy results for a year or more before they need to get any other treatment. Now, you might think it is safe to have additional therapies post PDO threads procedure, right?

The answer is YES. The threads are dissolvable; hence, there will be no problem in opting for top-up treatments later.

How Are PDO Threads Worth It?

Here’s why PDO is worth considering:

  • No cuts and stitches (non-invasive treatment)
  • Safe treatment with minimal downtime
  • Back to work soon after the procedure
  • Nothing left inside the skin tissues
  • Immediate and long-lasting results
  • Budget-friendly as compared to a surgical facelift
  • Walk-in-walk-out procedure

Who Can Perform PDO Threads?

Medical practitioners such as physicians or nurses can take PDO thread lift courses and attend training. However, each institute has set up different criteria for admission.

Does PDO Thread Hurt?

Unlike surgical lifting treatments, PDO threads are less painful. There may be a little discomfort (very minor in nature) and tugging sensations during the procedure.

However, the good news is, that specialists use topical anesthetic creams, which are very effective in painless treatments. Likewise, they use other advanced techniques, so you face very minimal discomfort.

Furthermore, you need to follow some post-care treatments so no pain arises afterward.

Aftercare of PDO Thread Procedure

  • Avoid touching the treated area after treatment – at least for 4 hours.
  • Do not sleep on the treated area – at least for 3 to 4 nights.
  • Do not go for further skin procedures for a month after you had PDO thread. No laser treatments are advisable. In case if you plan other facial treatments, it would be best to discuss them with your practitioner.
  • If bruising happens in the treated area, apply arnica gel (or advised by a specialist).
  • Avoid stressful exercises and saunas or hot baths for at least 15 days after the procedure.

As said above, recovery after a PDO thread treatment is painless if you follow these instructions.

Are All PDO Threads Alike?

There are various types of PDO threads available in the market; all come with a special purpose.

The kinds of thread required for treatment depends on

  • age of the patient
  • the condition of the skin – the looseness of a muscle (laxity)
  • the thickness of the layer of skin (dermis)

Your practitioner may decide which PDO thread type works best for your anti-aging treatment. In short, it depends on the client’s aesthetic goals.

 What Are the Types of PDO Threads?

PDO threads have two primary types; floating barbed threads and floating non-barbed threads.

There are further sub-classifications of these types.

Floating barbed threads: Cog Threads, Nose Threads, Molding Threads, Cog Mesh Threads, and Double-Needle Threads

Floating non-barbed threads: Smooth Threads, Twist Threads, Eye Threads, Multi Threads, Double Screw Threads, Mesh Threads, and Tornado Threads

The best thing about PDO threads is that they are customizable as per the patient’s needs, and the treatment can be done on almost any part of the body. Moreover, different types of threads offer different cosmetic goals; that’s why a customized treatment plan is designed to meet individual needs.

Does it Matter What Type of PDO Thread is Used?

As said above, different types of PDO threads are available; it absolutely matters what type you require – it depends on different factors.

PDO thread has different shapes, strengths, lengths, and thicknesses. The following factors are affected by the kind of thread used.

  • Quality and efficacy
  • Tensile strength
  • Cost of treatment

Are PDO Threads Results Similar to PLLA and PCL Threads?

Generally, PDO, Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), and Polycaprolactone ( PCL) primary function is to tighten skin. But there’s a slight difference between all of these types, each having unique characteristics.

PDO is stronger than PCL and PLLA in the sense that its lifting effect is better. You will notice better face shape after PDO.

Why Are PDO Threads Better Than Filler?

Here are a few reasons why the PDO thread is the number one choice.

  • Fillers only help volumize specific areas. PDO thread lifts the whole face after one procedure – gives a moderate lift.
  • If you’re suffering from sagging skin, PDO threads are the perfect solution. Fillers give mild lifting capacity; hence, they aren’t suitable for the neck and jawline.
  • Filter results are visible immediately. Whereas PDO results are visible after some time; when a thread gets absorbed, your body starts producing collagen.
  • The fillers’ results are short-term – typically lasting between 9 to 18 months. Whereas PDO thread lift results are long-term – lasting between 1-3 years.

Despite these differences, the right choice between both treatments depends on your age, skin condition, and other factors.

How to Know if You’re the Right Candidate for a PDO Thread Treatment?

The judgment is simple. If you’re suffering from skin issues like anti-aging, sagging, and crepey skin, you can opt for PDO thread treatment.

Likewise, if your natural features become sag and lose their shape (like hollow cheeks), you may be the right patient for this treatment.

  • You Want Natural Results

PDO threads are the best option for people who are either ineligible for (due to any medical condition) or uninterested in invasive surgical procedures.

PDO threads can naturally lift your sagging skin, and volumize and restore jaws, cheeks, and other areas.

  • You’re in Good Health

You’ll be considered a good candidate for PDO if you are healthy and have no skin issues like acne, eczema, cold sores, or other inflammatory condition.

This thread treatment is not suitable if you are diabetic, pregnant, or in the breastfeeding phase. Moreover, it’s not ideal if you have an autoimmune disorder.

Are PDO Threads Breakable?

Thread breakage occurs due to poor quality and mainly because of older methods of suturing.

The emergence of advanced technology has so far reduced the chances for threads to break.

If you’re interested in PDO thread lift, you must be concerned about thread breakage, right? But it’s extremely unlikely. And this may happen if the thick threads are inserted in the skin, not cut accurately, using moisture threads, and many other reasons.

The nature of the PDO thread is that if it gets exposed to air moisture, it won’t restore its strength. This concludes that proper storage is essential for its long-term benefits.

Signs of thread breakage

  • Visible threads
  • Early decline in appearance
  • Extrusion

What Should You Do If The PDO Thread Break In Your Skin?

Your surgeon will fix broken threads promptly when you bring this to their attention.

In the meantime, never scratch or touch the broken thread.

Are Broken PDO Threads Dangerous for Skin Health?

The answer is NO. Broken threads don’t provide any lifting benefits to your skin and are not considered dangerous.

Broken threads are easily fixed, and there’s no threat to your skin.

Can PDO Threads Snap?

A good quality thread, if inserted properly within the skin, cannot be snapped.

Many patients suffer from this issue because they don’t get premium quality PDO threads or go to inexperienced specialists.

Whatever the case is, if a thread slips out of place, the patient will feel frightening and lose the lifting benefit. Hence it is concluded that only FDA-approved PDO threads are trustable.

Can You Feel PDO Threads?

The polydioxanone threads are so thin that you won’t feel any discomfort. But the threads inserted under the skin should be of high quality.

Are PDO Threads Removable?

Yes, your specialist can dissolve PDO Threads with heat – RF (Radiofrequency).

An RF device will go deep into the dermis to heat the threads. A laser won’t degrade them as they can’t go deep to the dermis.

Can Something Go Wrong With PDO Threads? Are There Any Side Effects?

PDO threads are safe for everyone. However, in rare cases, patients feel discomfort, irritation, inflammation, or sutures becoming visible after some period.

In this situation, specialists dissolve threads, and when the patient’s face returns to its normal state, they might suggest other treatments.

PDO thread is non-invasive. There is usually less or no risk of complications like scarring, bleeding, or severe bruising post-thread lift.

What’s the Duration for PDO Threads to Heal?

As it is clear that PDO treatment doesn’t require surgery, its recovery period is minimal.

You can return to work one day after the procedure, and there’s no change in everyday activities. However, you’re not allowed to exercise and sleep on the treated area as it will remain sensitive for a week or more.

It is common for you to experience redness, itching, and minor inflammation, which will resolve in a week. Once fixed, this area will remain smooth for a good 2 to 3 years.

How Often Can You Get PDO Threads?

Indeed, PDO threads don’t offer permanent results. Once you get the treatment, you will enjoy its effects for 2 to 3 years. It means just one treatment will be enough to satisfy you. However, there are a few situations in which you can choose to repeat the procedure to prolong its benefits.

You can visit your specialists for a regular checkup – 6 to 9 months after – you get your first treatment. They will determine when you will need the next procedure.

How Long After PDO Threads is it Safe to Exercise?

Experts suggest that you shouldn’t exercise for seven days after getting PDO threads inserted into your skin. Any type of vigorous cardiovascular exercise is strictly prohibited.

You can only walk at an average speed.

How to Preserve PDO Threads? Do PDO Threads Expire?

The expected shelf life of PDO suture is three years. However, PDO thread life is shorter – around one year. This is because threads get exposed to air during the manufacturing process, which reduces their shelf life.

Especially the cog thread, after making barb on the suture, its real shelf life is expected to be only one year.

How to Preserve PDO Thread?

  • PDO threads must be packed in a foil bag to prevent water and air from entering. Astrid’s foil bag is best to preserve threads as it has nylon inside it, preventing air and moisture from entering.
  • The PDO thread can tolerate a 90-degree temperature. But it is not advisable to store it in the fridge. The reason is, that if you keep it at a low temperature, there will be moisture left inside the threads when you take it out of the refrigerator — hence making it more breakable.
  • Experts recommend using PDO threads within one month of their opening date. If you don’t use one bag at one time, do make sure to lock it inside the foil bag carefully. This way, the threads won’t expose to the air and wet environment.

In short, you’ll need to prevent threads from air and moisture. Likewise, keep the temperature lower than 60 degrees; the most preferable is to store it in between 10-25 degrees.

How Much Does PDO Thread Cost?

Different type of threads comes in different price range. Smooth thread is the lowest, usually around 1USD/pc. Whereas molding threads and cog mesh threads are the most expensive ones, usually costing around 10USD/pc.

So you can say that the average cost of a PDO thread is between $1 to $10/ pc.

This price range varies due to many factors. Like if it is made by professional and qualified PDO Thread Manufacturers. Also, a thread lift is a budget-friendly option than a traditional facelift.

What is the Future of PDO Thread?

The pace at which PDO thread lift treatment is evolving concludes that its demand is expected to rise in the near future. With each passing day, people demand quicker, painless, and more effective procedures; hence, making PDO threads the number one choice.

Last Words

As an experienced PDO thread Manufacturers and Supplier, Yastrid is fully engaged in manufacturing various high-quality PDO threads. Strong lifting and long-lasting. It’s helpful for skin tightening, wrinkles removal, and filling.

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