Yastrid PDO Eye Thread Lift 30g 38 with Blunt Tip Cannula

Material of Thread:  Absorbable Ploydioxanone Suture

Material of Needle: Japanese 304 Stainless Steel

Cannula Type: Blunt Tip Cannula

Package: 10 pieces in one bag

Payment Terms: PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc.


Yastrid Eye thread is assembled with thread of USP 6-0 and is used for curing dark circle/fat layer/sagging skin in infraorbital area. This product also shows excellent effect in removal of fine wrinkles in infraorbital area.

Due to easy visibility of bruise and swelling around the eye. The Eye thread adopted needle of cannula type. So it results in much less pain and bruises while reducing the wrinkles. The Noon resolves the aging symptoms like sagging skin, lacrimal groove, wrinkle in infraorbital area. This product is to be inserted in the epidermis under the eye.

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