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Yastrid's PDO Collagen Threads: The Perfect Route to Youngest Skin

When it comes to care about the customer, nobody does it better than Yastrid. Our highly skilled specialists know the ins and outs of PDO collagen threads and are always available to address your every need. And thanks to our top-notch collagen threads, you won’t have to worry about sagging skin ever again.

It is no surprise that Yastrid is one of the chief manufacturing sources in the whole market for these PDO collagen threads. You might be asking why. Yastrid has the approval of innumerable customers because they are always searching for ways to improve the quality of their products.

Since we manufacture products regularly, we frequently look into ways of improving our already-perfect threads. So we always take the time to research methods of improvement and take customer reviews into genuine consideration.

We believe that our constant dedication to improvement sets us apart from the rest of the competition in the market.

The PDO Collagen Threads in a Pocket-Friendly Price Range

Our PDO collagen threads are specifically manufactured products intended for tightening, elevation, and rejuvenation. This PDO collagen lift is a non-surgical alternative to a conventional facelift. Moreover, these threads are beneficial for lifting and tightening sagging skin on the face and neck. Not only that, but they can also activate the skin’s network of supporting collagen fibers. These specialized threads are meticulously inserted into the face to give it a more youthful look without any need for lengthy surgeries.

PDO Collagen Thread
PDO Suture

The Purest PDO Suture Material There Ever Was!

If you look at the sutures available at other suppliers, their questionable quality becomes noticeable. If the skin’s inner layers can’t absorb this thread, it could lead to infection.

At Yastrid, we import our suture material from Samyang, the leading Korean suture-production business. Resultantly, it is 100% guarantee that our PDO collagen threads will dissolve without any problems.

No One Lifts More Than Yastrid!

While getting a thread lift, its strength can make or break your satisfaction. Other companies typically provide thread lift just around 3.2N, having a minimal effect. But with Yastrid’s PDO collagen threads, the lifting tension is as high as 4.5N. As a result, you will notice the effects on your skin immediately.

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pdo collagen thread package

Thick Packaging for Long-Lasting PDO Collagen Threads

When the product has thin packaging, it can’t efficiently protect the threads from moisture, leading to shorter shelf life. For avoiding such scenarios, Yastrid uses a 0.324mm thick packaging material for longer-lasting PDO collagen threads.

GMP Standard Workshops

Working in an everyday production and cleaning workshop always carries its risks. Every time the workers step into the room, there is a risk of contamination.

But at Yastrid, we train our employees to know better. They always follow strict quality-control procedures to avoid any such contamination in our PDO collagen threads. As a testament to our safety, we have a GMP standard cleaning room.

pdo collagen thread workshop

All kinds of PDO Collagen Threads to Enrich Your Business

Yastrid is a professional manufacturer who can customize different types of pdo collagen threads, which can satisfy different needs of different customers.

PDO Mono Thread
It brings excellent effect of facial lifting. which is not only good for recovery of skin elasticity, pore tightening and whitening but also effective for slimming at breast, hips and arms.
PDO Twist Thread
It is mainly used for curing wrinkles at face and body and is also good for facial tightening. In addition, this thread is playing supplemental function in contouring body line at face, chin, forarm, abdomen and hips.
PDO Eye Thread
It is used for curing dark circle/fat layer/sagging skin and fine wrinkle in infraorbital area. with needle of cannula type, it results in much less pain and bruises while reducing the wrinkles.
PDO Multi Thread
Known as filling thread,it is composed of serval mono thread,it is powerful and effective stimulation of skin tissue collagen regeneration,but also effective removal of wrinkles,slow down the aging sagging speed.
PDO Nose Thread
Adopted cogged thread in greatest diameter that is effective for augmentation of the volume of the bridge of the nose through collagen regenesls. Also its blunt cannula which can prevents bleeding and minimizes swelling and bruise.
PDO Cog Thread
It uses cannula type needle in order to avoid buises and swelling. When The thread is inserted in SMAS layer. It accelerates collagen systhesis to improve skin elasticity and provides lifting to sagging skin. best results for face, breast and buttock lift.
PDO Molding Cog Thread
It includs C type, Z type and Y type (fish bone), they were made through special molding press technology. The lifting results is much stronger than normal cog threads, best for face, breast and buttock lifting.
PDO Cog Mesh Thread
It consists of a COG and USP5-0X8 MESH THREAD. Which is not only able to LIFTING like COG,but also FILLING at the same time. In addition, with blunt cannula which can reduce brusing and bleeding.
PDO Double Needle Thread
Different from normal cog thread, they are two blunt cannula on the end, the procedure requires more higher skills. It is new innovative ways for non-surgical face treatment, as well as for eyebrow, breast and buttock.

Know More About Yastrid PDO Collagen Threads

PDO collagen threads will help you to improve more collagen of sagging forehead, temple areas, cheeks, neck, tummy bingo and lips shapping as well as lifting your face, breast and buttock. Drop us an email to get the best price, we are waiting for you!

Yastrid PDO Collagen Threads  is your best choice!

Yastrid is always devoting ourselves to producing top quality PDO Collagen Threads. In the past years, because of the world standard products, we were so lucky to get positive feedback and good ratification.

Yastrid Customer's Feedback

You never expected that what a big difference you will get with Yastrid PDO Collagen Threads. Following are some real cases from Yastrid clients.


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Yastrid Is All You Need for High-Quality PDO Collagen Threads ?

Yastrid offers top-quality products manufactured in a safe environment to take good care of your skin. Moreover, we ensure proper packaging and preservation of our threads, so there is never a risk of contamination. And last but not least, there aren’t many brands that can confidently say that their thread lifting is effective and painless. But at Yastrid, we offer you our PDO collagen threads, loved by everyone that ever tried it because of their safety and effectiveness.

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
Ensure the barb on thread is smooth and strong.
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Safety production environment is all-important to make a quality thread
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Chek
The resistance of Blunt cannula big, puncture check is ensure it's easy to insert into skin.
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas can kill all microbe effectively to ensure the safety of the threads
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
We adopt imported machine to keep the moisture content is below 3‰.
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling
We prevent the air and moisture by nitrogen filling, it can extend the shelf life of the threads.