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With the advantages of less damage, a short recovery period, and good results, the PDO cog thread lift procedure is becoming more and more popular in the medical aesthetics world. PDO cog thread is used to reshape facial contours, create fox eyes, and lift the neck. It can provide immediate results after the procedure. PDO cog threads are made by cutting several barbs on smooth PDO threads. These barbs are the key to lifting skin tissue, which can save sagging cheek and mandibular skin, tighten the skin on the neck, and create a more youthful face.

As the leading manufacturer of PDO cog threads in China, Yastrid provides medical aesthetic consumables to customers in many countries, including facial lifting threads, PDO threads, and PCL threads, as well as various needles and filler cannula, as well as those required for mesotherapy. Microneedling pens, hydra needles, and derma roller. In the many years of operation of the company, we have received constant positive feedback from customers. Inspired by this feedback, we have always insisted on providing beauty lovers with the best quality and most effective minimal invasive medical beauty products to help more people with their beautiful careers.

Yastrid PDO Cog Threads: Versatile Solutions

Once inserted into the skin tissue, the cogs of the threads become embedded within the tissue. Through the operation of a physician, facial lifting effects can be achieved, addressing facial sagging and mild to moderate wrinkles.

  • Lift sagging facial skin, reshaping facial contours.
  • Used for creating fox eyes, naturally lifting eyebrows.
  • Used for chest lifting and rescuing sagging breasts.
  • Lift the neck, reducing the severity of double chin.
  • Lift buttocks and intimate areas, increasing firmness.
Yastrid PDO cog threads
Yastrid PDO cog threads

Superior Craftsmanship and Material of Yastrid Threads

Yastrid PDO Cog Threads are manufactured using precision cutting instruments imported from Germany. The cogs are neat and smooth, with high resistance to pressure. Such superior cogs facilitate thread lifting procedures. Conversely, short and disorderly cogs with low resilience would affect the effectiveness of facial lifting. Additionally, Yastrid’s cog threads utilize high-quality PDO raw materials sourced from Samyang Suture Company in Korea. The high purity of PDO stimulates the production of more collagen, avoiding side effects caused by impure materials. The exceptional craftsmanship and material of Yastrid PDO Cog Threads bring about optimal postoperative results, frequently receiving recognition for Yastrid PDO cog threads.

Diverse Options of Yastrid PDO Cog Threads

Yastrid PDO Cog Threads come in various styles. Classified by needle types, there are L-type, W-type threads. Categorized by thread styles, there are PDO cog threads, PDO fishbone cog threads, Z-type PDO pressing threads, Y-type pressing threads, PDO mesh cog threads, and PDO cog threads with double needles. Whether it’s L-type threads (blunt needles) or W-type threads (blunt needles), they are smooth and burr-free, utilizing medical-grade stainless steel material to minimize unnecessary damage to skin tissue during penetration.

Yastrid PDO cog threads

Yastrid PDO Cog Threads Display

Yastrid has been producing various types of PDO cog threads, satisfying different needs of face thread lifts and body thread lifts.

21G Cog Double V Lift
It has barbs both inside and outside, most used for eyebrow lift, cheekbone, and jaw.
19G Cog Thread R Cannula
The resistance of R cannula cog thread is small, easy to operate and less painful.
19G Cog Thread L Cannula
Compare with 18g, 19g cannula is smaller, it's less painful and good lifting effect for face.
18G Cog Thread R Cannula
18G cog thread is the most popular size because of it's strong lifting effect and the special cannula tip.
18G Fish Bone Cog Thread
It's much stronger than normal cog thread, catch the skin tissue firmly and tightens the skin.
18G Sculpture Cog Thread
Sculpture cog thread is suitable for older ladies whose skin is sagging badly. The Barb is deep enough for a reliable catch.
18G Z Molding Cog Thread
The barb of Z molding is unique. It's like Z letter. It can easily hang on the skin and provide great lifting effects.
21G Cog Thread L Cannula
21G cannula is suitable for eyebrow lifting; the small cannula size can reduce the pain and swelling.
19G Cog Thread Double Needle
It needs special thread lifting skills, but you won't need much of it compared to typical cog threads.

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Yastrid Cog Thread Production Workshop

How Yastrid Workshop Produce PDO Cog Threads?

Yastrid PDO Cog Threads are made using high-quality raw materials and advanced barbs cutting and pressing machinery. During the quality control process, the cog details are observed under a microscope to ensure the length and smoothness of the cogs. The orderly arrangement of cogs ensures superior lifting effects.

Yastrid’s production workshop adheres to GMP production standards, ensuring environmental and hygiene standards are met. Attention is paid to every detail in the production, quality inspection, and packaging processes. For instance, during packaging, nitrogen is injected into the packaging bags to extend the shelf life of the threads, ensuring the high performance of PDO Cog Threads.

Numerous positive product usage feedback has been received, praising the effectiveness of the product and affirming the company’s sales team service. With over a decade of experience in producing facial lifting threads, Yastrid has rich production experience and service history, providing customers with perfect solutions.

FAQ about PDO Cog Threads

  1. What are the differences between cog threads and face lifting threads?

Cog threads are among the best-selling facial lifting threads. The diameter of the cog threads’ cross-section is generally larger than other facial lifting threads, such as smooth threads and screw threads. Cog threads have several cogs along the thread, hence the name cog threads. After insertion into the skin’s subcutaneous layer, the cogs on the thread provide opposing forces to upward lifting, helping to better fix the skin after lifting. This can significantly improve facial sagging and moderate wrinkles. In contrast, smooth threads and screw threads only tighten wrinkles and promote skin smoothness, without lifting sagging skin.

  1. How long can the effects of PDO cog threads last?

PDO cog threads are made from PDO material, and the effects of PDO cog threads can last from 6 to 12 months. If you want to maintain the effects for a longer period, you can use facial lifting threads made from PCL material. PCL cog threads can last for 2-3 years. However, correspondingly, the price of PCL cog threads made from PCL material is higher. If you seek longer-lasting effects, you may consider facelift surgery, which can maintain lifting effects for approximately 10 years or longer, but the risks and side effects of surgery are much higher than those of facial lifting threads.

  1. How much do PDO cog threads cost?

The price of PDO cog threads is approximately between $1200 and $2500. The specific cost depends on the local consumption level, the level of the physician’s skills, and the type of lifting threads used, among other factors. Yastrid’s PDO cog threads have an extremely high repurchase rate due to their excellent postoperative effects, making them one of our best-selling products.

  1. How soon can the effects of cog thread lifting be seen?

The lifting effects of cog threads can be seen immediately after the procedure, reaching their peak at about 6 months after procedure. The effects can last for approximately one year, and regular facial care can prolong the maintenance time of PDO cog threads.

  1. Will PDO cog threads dissolve?

PDO cog threads will gradually dissolve after one month after procedure. During the dissolution process, collagen stimulation occurs gradually, promoting skin firmness and elasticity. The lifting effect of cog threads is not a permanent cosmetic surgery; it will not remain in the skin tissue indefinitely and will dissolve over a certain period. It will completely dissolve approximately 4-5 months after insertion, being excreted from the body through normal metabolism.

  1. What is the procedure for cog thread lifting?

The procedure for cog threads is roughly as follows:

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is administered to the treatment area before the procedure begins.

Marking: The physician marks the incision and approximate insertion sites of the cog threads during the procedure.

Incision: Since the needle of cog threads is typically blunt or semi-blunt, a sharp needle is needed to create incisions in the skin.

Thread insertion: The physician inserts the cog threads through the incisions and lifts the skin to the desired position to reduce sagging and wrinkles and increase skin tightness.

Wound dressing: After lifting is completed, excess threads are trimmed, and adhesive bandages or gauze are used to cover the incisions and secure them.

  1. Is cog thread lifting painful?

Cog thread lifting is performed after anesthesia, so patients may only feel a pulling sensation or no sensation at all; they will not feel pain. However, there may be some discomfort during anesthesia injection.

  1. Has Kardashian undergone PDO thread lifting?

Kardashian has publicly stated that she has undergone facial thread lifting and combined it with filler injections and botox treatments to achieve a good facial tightening effect. This helps her maintain youthful facial features with minimal trauma and short recovery periods. Facial thread lifting can naturally lift and tighten the skin, improving sagging caused by collagen depletion.

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