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Yastrid: Your Reliable PCL Threads Supplier in China

If your business needs to import PCL Threads for face lifting, Yastrid is for you.

As one leading manufacturer of non-surgical plastic surgery injectables and solutions, Yastrid has been developing plastic technologies to make beauty more accessible for over 16 years. Yastrid is committed to advancements in thread lifting, facial and body filling, and skincare. Yastrid’s products and services are now available in beauty salons in more than 52 countries — especially PCL threads, which is the highest quality in China to date.

Yastrid will provide you with the best PCL Threads for your business that are safe and effective. We have created an integrated management and service system to provide you with a superior customer service experience.

We believe that our expanding portfolio of high-quality and affordable products and services will enable us to continue providing accessible beauty to everyone. Drop us an email and send your contact details now!

Yastrid PCL Threads Advantages Ensure Customer satisfaction

At Yastrid, we are determined to be a reliable and trustworthy medial aesthetics supplier. Yastrid PCL Threads are made of natural PCL materials. We never add any untested materials to make sure it’s safe for human use. Your body can fully absorb our PCL Threads without any issue.

  • Yastrid PCL Threads provide long-lasting results, which could last around 2-3 years, possibly even longer
  • With its advanced design, Yastrid PCL Threads could reduce pain when inserting
  • Minimally invasive, painless, and no bruising


Yastrid PCL Threads
Yastrid Reverse Cutting Needle

Yastrid Reverse Cutting Needle

Reduce Bleeding and Bruising

When we insert sharp needle threads like mono threads, screw threads, we can hardly avoid damaging blood capillaries, causing swelling and bruising.

Yastrid always pays attention to the patient’s feeling and adopt a reverse cutting needle tip process to make each PCL thread unsharpened. This type of needle significantly reduces bleeding and swelling so that post-operation will be so much easier. There is no noticeable swelling too.

Strong Tension as PDO Threads

More Comfortable and Durable Needles

PCL threads should be soft but durable enough. This thread characteristic contributes to a more comfortable thread lifting procedure.

However, just because it’s soft, people doubt if you can gain a convincing lifting effect. The truth is: you can! Absolutely! Yastrid PCL Threads are superior products, and our research and development staff have made special production techniques to ensure strong tension PCL Threads that last for years.

Yastrid PCL Thread Tensile Test
Yastrid PCL Thread

Multifunctional to Meet Your Needs

Remove Wrinkles, Tighten Skin, Whitens

PCL threads are also called “Girl Threads” in China. According to the majority of thread lift cases and doctors’ feedback, PCL threads can not only have the function of removing wrinkles and tightening the skin but also making the skin whiter and younger. So it is widely used for the face, forehead, buttocks, etc.

If you need PCL threads for lifting, mixed with PDO threads will lead to long duration and promisingly exceptional lifting results.

All kinds of PCL Threads to Support Your Business

If you are looking for different PCL threads for thread lifting, Yastrid PCL Threads may satisfy your needs because Yastrid is a professional manufacturer that can customize any size.

Yastrid PCL Mono Thread
With excellent properties, PCL mono thread suture aids in the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin resilience and regeneration. It is widely used as a surgical stitch thread, ensuring you that it is ultra-safe and has been used for decades.
Yastrid PCL Twist Thread
It’s prevalent in removing facial wrinkles. It also effectively tightens the skin. PCL Twist Threads are very soft for injection to reduce pain. They’re often used for facial parts, sagging skin tightening, neck lift, etc.
Yastrid PCL Multi Thread
Yastrid Multi Thread is combined with several PCL mono threads; it is the best choice to fill temple smile lines or jawlines while trying new injection approaches instead of dermal filling.
Yastrid PCL Nose Thread
Less pain and downtime for treatment providers -- PCL Nose Thread has a long lifespan of about 3-4 years to give the nose a more natural appearance. You won't feel uncomfortable because it's soft.
Yastrid PCL Eye Thread
PCL eye threads are much more effective for under eyes bag lift, and it's used for removing black bags and filling lacrimal sulcus. Less pain and downtime during treatment procedures.
Yastrid PCL Cog Thread
360° 4d cog PCL threads are made of 100% safe materials. The barb of the thread is long and smooth, which holds tissues tightly in the SMAS layer. It is best for face lifts and breast lifts.
Yastrid PCL Finsh Bone Thread
PCL fishbone cog thread uses new biological innovation-molding press technology. It looks like a fishbone, and it's stronger than a common 4D cog thread. It's better to support more demanding tissues.
Yastrid PCL Molding Thread
We made PCL molding threads, including C type and Z type, both of these through molding press technology. The tension is strong, and it has a better lifting effect than a normal cog.
Yastrid PCL Cog Mesh Thread
It is based on cog thread, combined with mesh thread for lifting as well as filling. It's a new innovative way for non-surgical facelift treatment -- bullet cannulas could reduce more damage than sharp-tip cannulas.

Why Yastrid Is Trusted by Over 1,000 Worldwide Clients?

All Yastrid PCL threads are here for your choosing; please feel free to contact us if you don’t know which is best for you. We will give you suggestions and solutions. If you need a unique model, don’t hesitate to send us a message as we provide custom solutions.

Yastrid is a manufacturer that pays great attention to product quality, and we strictly control every production procedure. Please see the below pictures to know more about our PCL threads.


Yastrid Customer's Feedback


Due to the soft nature of PCL, you may worry about the lifting effects. But Yastrid PCL threads are unique. Please see the images below.


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Yastrid PCL Thread Lifting

Why Yastrid PCL Threads Are Your Best Choice for Non-surgical Face Lift?

PCL Thread is a new material for face lifting and skin tightening. It’s more and more popular because of its long duration and comfort. The actual PCL thread is soft; we must admit that the pulling force is not as strong as the PDO thread. So many other factories add some additional material to keep it hard and strong. But nobody knows what will happen? Or is it safe? Maybe it cannot be absorbed: possible infection.

Yastrid will only manufacture safe and high-quality products. We promise Yastrid PCL Thread is 100% pure material, which you can see the thread dissolves when put into hot water above 60 ℃. We assure you it can be fully absorbed after 4-5 years, and you won’t get irritation and inflammation.

In addition, although it’s soft and not easy to make a strong barb on the suture, Yastrid researched a technique to make the barb catch the skin tissue effectively. And the lifting effect is not inferior to the PDO threads that we also make.
Let us see your business grow with Yastrid PCL threads.

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
Ensure the barb on thread is smooth and strong
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Safety production environment is imperative to make high-quality threads
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Check
The resistance of blunt cannula puncture check ensures you that it's easy to insert into skin
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Sterilization
EO gas will kill all the microbe effectively to ensure the safety of the threads
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
We adopt imported machine from Germany to keep the moisture content under 3%
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling
We prevent the air and moisture by nitrogen filling; it can extend the shelf life of the threads

PCL Threads-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You don’t have to go under a knife for surgical procedures to correct sagging, loose or droopy skin.

You can do that with a thread lift.

Threads are unique biodegradable compounds consisting of absorbable sutures or stitches used in surgery.

When inserted under the skin, they stimulate collagen production, which helps in straightening the skin.

Their effect lives on even after the thread has dissolved completely.

Here, we’re going to focus on one type of thread; the PCL threads are the latest and the best, for that matter.

What Are PCL Threads?

Polycaprolactone (PCL) threads are the newest absorbable aesthetic threads in the market. They are made of strong, durable sutures. Surgeons insert them below the skin where you want to lift them after applying a local anesthetic.

The barbs in the thread hook into the surrounding tissue lifting the ski. The excess threads are cut out, and the tiny punctures heal after a few days.

You can do a PCL thread lift on your forehead, eyebrows, the area under the eyes, and the jowls. You can choose to target one area or all of them, which increases the total cost but gives a more realistic look. You can also tighten up the breasts with PCL threads, but that will be more costly.

PCL threads trigger the production of type 1 and 2 collagens as well as hyaluronic acid. This is one of their major strengths compared to their counterparts; PDO and PLLA threads. Increased collagen leads to increased blood flow in the skin resulting in healthy, smooth skin.

The effects of the PCL threads can take years to disappear. The reason PCL threads are great for aesthetic procedures is that they are biodegradable. So, they leave no toxins in the body after dissolving.

How Long Do PCL Threads Last?

PCL threads can last up to 3 years or more. This is because of their strong chemical and structural bonds that are hard to break.

One of our clients had her nose lifted with PCL threads in 2018. It took her 10 PCL threads to achieve this amazing look. This has lasted three years and is still going strong.

So we can confidently say that PCL threads can last more than three years when done correctly. But this will vary from person to person and how well you take care of yourself after the lift.

before after

Are PCL Threads Safe?

Yes. PCL threads are made of biodegradable compounds which dissolve into their constituent elements; CO2 and H2O.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also confirms the safety of PCL threads, so you have nothing to worry about.

Also, PCL threads are highly tensile. So, they cannot snap during the procedure.

What Is The Difference Between PDO And PCL Threads?

Even though both PCL threads and PDO threads are biodegradable and used nearly in similar functions, the two are different in various spheres.

PDO threads PCL threads
They take between 6-8 months to dissolve PCL threads take between 16-24 months to dissolve completely
Has slight discomfort when used on some parts Doesn’t have any discomfort at all
Not very tensile Very tensile
Average flexibility Highly flexible
Have an average hydrolytic resolution Have a high hydrolytic resolution

PCL Thread Lift Before And After

The recovery process after a PCL thread lift procedure is short. So, you can resume your everyday life right away unless you experience extreme side effects or complications or you don’t mind the bruises and swellings.

You may start noticing some changes immediately after the PCL threads insertion. With time, the effects will become more pronounced as the swelling subsides. You shouldn’t expect results immediately.

It takes between 2-4 weeks for the absorption of PCL threads to begin and produce any meaningful changes.

After the procedure, your provider may give you instructions on how to preserve the PCL threads and avoid injuries.

For example, do not scrub your face vigorously or sleep on your side.

Yastrid Cog Thread Before After

Do PCL Threads Dissolve?

Yes. Of course. However, among the three threads, PCL threads take the longest time to dissolve.

Whereas PDO and PLLA take up to 18 months, PCL threads can take 3 years to dissolve completely. However, their effects can continue for a further 12 months even after dissolving.

What Do PCL Threads Do?

PCL threads help lift the skin physically when inserted directly below it. They act as anti-aging components with cosmetic value. Besides the physical effect, they also boost collagen production.

With the increased collagen in the body, the skin becomes more elastic and smoother. And PCL threads being complex and durable, this effect lasts longer than any other thread’s. The slow rate of decomposition makes them ideal for aesthetic procedures. Even long after they’ve dissolved, their stimulation of collagen can extend for a year. Once dissolved, the constituent substances are nontoxic.

So, they are excreted out of the body without any interference or severe side effects.

What Are The Side Effects Of A PCL Thread Lift?

Besides being a low-risk procedure, there are some common side effects you should anticipate after a PCL thread lift. Complications can also arise, and that’s why you should be on the lookout.

You can treat all the side effects normally, but you should seek medical assistance immediately in case of an infection. Some of the common side effects include:

  • Swelling
  • Pain on the thread injection points
  • Bleeding
  • Bruises
  • Allergic reactions to the thread components
  • Visible dimpling
  • Infection

Can PCL Threads Be Removed?

All threads can be removed. However, there has to be enough reason because the process is not easy. In most cases, PCL threads removal is due to thread protrusions after surgery.

If the provider employs the wrong technique when placing or inserting the thread, protrusion is likely to occur. If that happens, the patient is at risk of infection and granuloma.

So that calls for immediate thread removal. In the case of a monofilament PCL thread, doctors shouldn’t cut it. The doctor in charge should remove it immediately to avert granuloma formation.

Can I Do A HIFU After A PCL Thread Lift?

Surgeons advise combining PCL thread lift with other forms of skin tightening procedures. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is one such procedure and gives incredible results.

It is a non-invasive skin treatment that targets the SMAS tissue with high-intensity ultrasound energy. That SMAS tissue is the same tissue targeted when undergoing conventional facelift surgery. So, yes, it being a non-invasive technique, it is good to combine with PCL thread lift.

However, you should wait for at least three months when the bruises and swellings subside. Otherwise, you may end up interfering with your initial procedure triggering synergistic effects.

How Long Does Swelling And Puckering Last After PCL Thread Lift?

PCL thread lift procedure can leave you with swelling and puckering feeling over the treatment area. These effects last between 7-14 days. However, there are several remedies you can apply to alleviate the pain and the swelling.

These include:

  • Take painkillers such as paracetamol; not Aspirin or Ibuprofen
  • Applying ice packs
  • Avoid rubbing your face vigorously
  • Applying mineral makeups
  • Avoid sleeping with your sides during the first 5-7 days

Are PCL Threads Reversible?

Yes, PCL threads are reversible. If the patient experiences severe complications that doctors cannot contain, you can reverse the procedure. The provider needs to remove the PCL threads, and their skin will revert to normal.

Even though they may have swellings and bruises, they will only last for a few days. Moreover, the procedure is not permanent. The PCL threads are dissolvable. And their effects can last only up to a maximum of three years, after which the skin will regain its sagged state.

If you don’t want the procedure again, you can decide to stay without any medical downside.

How Long Do PCL Threads Take To Heal?

The PCL threads take between 2-4 weeks to heal completely. That doesn’t mean you cannot do anything before the end of this period.

You can do anything you want unless you experience serious side effects. Within four weeks, the PCL threads should start dissolving and showing the change. The decomposition helps in returning the skin to its state and reducing pain.

Which Is Better: PCL Threads Or Filler?

The choice between PCL threads and fillers lies with an individual. So, it’s upon you to decide based on what you want and the part you want to lift. Fillers may not work in some areas, so you’ll need the PCL threads.

Durability is another factor. The fillers’ effects last between 6-9 months, whereas the PCL threads can go for years.

Therefore, PCL threads carry the day when it comes to long-term effects.

Is PCL Good For Face Lifting?

Yes. of course. PCL threads are the best candidates for face lifting.

First of all, they are durable, meaning their effects will live long on the face. Their stimulation for more collagen production also helps in skin regeneration. The areas around them and their barbs will remain supported and tightened.

Therefore, they can solve the face skin sagging problem very well.

Can I Do PCL Threads After Injecting Botox?

It is possible to combine Botox and PCL threads. Botox collapses the wrinkling muscles to create smooth skin. So, using Botox and PCL threads can work magic, especially in areas where the threads can’t reach.

For instance, you can inject Botox on the brows and the eye area when lifting the face. The PCL threads will lift the face, whereas Botox will collapse any muscles where the threads can’t reach.

Why Is PCL Thread Better Than PDO Threads For Nose Shaping?

PCL threads offer tough and durable threads necessary for nose shaping. The strength ensures that it cannot snap during the procedure.

PCL threads are softer and more comfortable than PDO threads. Due to this, PCL threads are less likely to cause bruises,, unlike PDO threads. PCL threads will last between 3-4 years. PDO threads are less durable and only last for a year.

PCL threads exceed this mark besides being more tensile. That’s why surgeons have resorted to using them in nose shaping.

How Do You Maintain PCL Threads?

For maximum results after a thread lift, you must be careful to observe the following. Otherwise, you’ll lose the aesthetic benefits you were looking for.

To maintain your new youthful skin, avoid the following;

Avoid sleeping on your stomach as well as on the side within the first five days. This can exert pressure on the treated area resulting in bruises, swelling, or poor results. Start by practicing to sleep on your back some days before the procedure for a smooth transition.

Avoid makeup for the first 12 hours after thread lift. Applying makeup on your raw skin can suffocate it, especially since it’s still sensitive. So, give it time to adjust, then start with light makeup.

Avoid excessive exposure to heat. You should avoid anything that increases your blood pressure, and heat is one of them. To do this, ensure that you don’t take a hot shower, eat hot food or drinks, etc.

Also, avoid vigorous exercise for the first 14 days.

Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. All these activities interfere with normal blood pressure and flow. Alcohol, for instance, drains water from your body. It also increases blood pressure.

How Much Is A PCL Thread Lift?

PCL thread lift is a much less expensive procedure compared to a traditional surgical facelift.

In most instances, your insurance does cover the procedure, and you have to dig into your pockets. The cost of the procedure is dependent on various factors. These include the number of threads, area of the procedure, the practitioner, and type of PCL threads.

However, the average cost of a PCL thread lift is around $2,250.

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