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Welcome to the Yastrid News section, where we share the latest updates and exciting stories from Yastrid. This includes visiting customers across the country and participating in global exhibitions. The Yastrid brand is an ongoing journey of growth, and our news section allows you to follow along on this journey.

In this section, you’ll not only find information about our products and exhibition activities but also stay updated on the latest industry news. This section is designed to help you understand the direction of the Yastrid brand, delving deeper into our mission and vision.

Worldwide Exhibition

Beauty Fair Brazil 2023
Beauty Fair Brazil 2023

With an impressive display of various medical aesthetic consumables, Yastrid drew a crowd of enthusiastic attendees to our booth on  Beauty Fair 2023.

Expo Beauty Show Mexico 2023

“This exhibition was a truly significant opportunity for us to present our products to a wider audience in Mexico. ”  said Diaminy, the spokesperson for Yastrid.

Worldwide Customer Visit

Yastrid Customer Visits
Visiting Loyal Customer in Brazil

The visit was more than just a business trip; it was a chance to connect on a deeper level and strengthen the existing partnership with Yastrid friends.

Yastrid's partner
Visiting Yastrid's Partner in Chicago

Astrid, the manager of Yastrid, embarked on a significant journey to Chicago to connect with two remarkable customers: Ms. Lana, a registered nurse, and Ms. Kennelly, a nurse practitioner.

Yastrid and Yastrid's partner
Visiting One Partner in Mexico

Since 2005, for eight years, Dr. Favy has been a loyal customer of Yastrid, consistently purchasing a range of products, and assisting Astrid with the Expo Beauty Show.