Neck Thread Lift Procedure with PDO Threads

Aging is inevitable—everyone ages, and every other organ in the body, like the skin, ages too. But, what could be contributing to faster skin aging? External factors are a significant contributor to it. They are, for instance, smoking, infrared rays from the sun, pollution of the air, and other ethnic characteristics exclusive to persons.

Neck Thread Lift

While other body parts like the bones and muscles face aging signs, the neck is an area where the aging signs cannot be hidden. The excessive sagging skin, the wrinkles, the inelasticity cannot be evaded.

A PDO neck thread lift, therefore, is the answer. It is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that improves neck contours, elasticity and reduces wrinkles and double chin. The face’s lower third is tricky to perform aging treatments like injectable fillers and botulinum toxin.

And that’s why PDO threads come in handy. Many people are going for such non-invasive treatments. In 2018 in the US, approximately 18 million people underwent a cosmetic procedure.

So, this blog post will discuss the neck thread lift procedure with polydioxanone threads.

What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are naturally biodegradable and biocompatible sutures commonly used in medical surgeries. PDO stands for polydioxanone. Polydioxanone threads naturally dissolve in the body after three to six months, and the effects last from 12 to 18 months.

PDO threads are natural sutures used in thread lifting. This all-natural suture can cut down on healing time and scarring. In addition, this highly absorbable suture inserts cleanly and offers minimal site-to-site stretching and foreign body reaction.

Yastrid Pdo Threads

It is indicated for treating moderate and severe facial and neck wrinkles and midfacial treatment of moderate and severe congenital and traumatic deformities. They are FDA cleared and the threads.

Besides, they are processed to create an elastic synthetic fiber with superior strength. By mimicking the structure of the natural gut, PDO Threads are made to perform in wet, challenging conditions to help “raise” other fibers.

What is a Neck Thread Lift?

The neck thread lift procedure is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure, with patients often having a faster recovery period than traditional surgeries. The neck threads lift system is performed by injecting PDO threads, made of a polydioxanone substance, into the patient’s neck.

Neck thread lift is quite convenient, it doesn’t require surgery, and these threads are placed under the skin. They are used to tighten and firm the neck through a mechanical lift and rejuvenation by collagen and hyaluronic acid.

The neck thread lift procedure with PDO threads seems to be the new buzzword in the world of dermal fillers like Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Voluma. Some dermatology clinics are now using it to improve their client’s appearance, and the popularity of this treatment is growing. However, patients wonder exactly how it works. Let’s find out!

The procedure of Neck Lifting with PDO Threads

Neck lifting, commonly called ‘facelift’ , is a procedure used to improve the appearance of the neck and throat and is gaining popularity among celebrities. But what’s the process like?

We’re sure clients come because they have heard about a new non-surgical procedure that can eliminate wrinkles in their necks. This will help them stop any reservations they have about non-surgical treatments.

The procedure is a quick three-step process. First is the initial consultation, then the preparation, and lastly, treatment.


The consultation will help patients know what they need to do to prepare themselves and become safe and thriving in the whole treatment process. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon prepares patients psychologically for the procedure.

If the patient has any concerns, it’s time he gets every answer. The doctor prepares the patient for post-procedure and aftercare treatment to undertake.


Under aseptic precautions, topical anesthesia, lidocaine is applied to the neck area. The patient is left for about an hour for the anesthesia to work before the treatment begins. Next, the aesthetician puts marks of inserting the threads.


A cut or incision is made using a medical-grade hypodermic needle or cannula while injecting underneath the skin the threads. The PDO threads are left under the skin like the cannula, or the hypodermic needle is removed.

The threads are left for the body to absorb fully. Meanwhile, collagen starts forming around the threads for lifting and skin rejuvenation with no scar tissues forming.

How do PDO Neck Thread Lift Works?

Being safe, biodegradable sutures, PDO threads work in two processes:

  • Mechanical or instant lift
  • Controlled healing by stimulation of collagen for skin rejuvenation

Mechanical lift

Mechanical lifting happens when barbed sutures are used. PDO threads with barbs offer anchoring into the skin. The threads are then pulled in one or two directions resulting in an immediate lift.

When inserted, they are tightened, resulting in an instant lift of the neck area. In the meantime, the threads stimulate collagen and elastin production that also lifts the skin, smoothes out wrinkles leaving the skin looking young again.

Controlled healing

In controlled healing, mostly smooth PDO threads are used. Threads are inserted in the skin in a mesh-like design—two in the vertical direction and 3 in the horizontal. The design makes it easy for the body to stimulate collagen for healing as the skin rejuvenates.

PDO Threads is an Excellent Option for the Neck Lifting

For patients looking for a hot summer body, many people turn to plastic surgery or uncomfortable diets to get there. But what if there was a better way? PDO threads are an excellent option. They can help the body look young and healthy. Find out more below:

  • Safety. The safety of PDO threads cannot be questioned. These sutures are even used in surgical procedures like delicate open-heart surgery. And since they do not need general anesthesia, risks of anesthesia side effects are minimal.
  • Non-invasive. No cuts or incisions are made. Injection of threads is the only thing to place in the deep layers of the skin.
  • Scarring. No scarring is observed post-procedure as the sutures are absorbed hence no scarring.
  • No pain. With the application of topical or local anesthetic, there’s no pain as the neck remains numb to the end of the procedure.
  • Quick recovery time. After a PDO neck threading, clients can embark on their routine almost immediately after one or 2 hours of the threading. Any discomfort afterward can be managed by painkillers like ibuprofen.
  • Affordability PDO sutures are affordable compared to the traditional facelift and when other types of threads like Polycaprolactone or PCL threads are used. Also, compared to other anti-aging treatments like laser treatments, it also depends on the geographical location.
  • Longer lasting outcome. Since PDO threads dissolve in about six months and last to two years, they’re guaranteed a youthful look and perfect skin in just two hours!
  • Look ten years younger. PDO Thread Lifting also increases collagen in the dermal layers of the skin, giving younger-looking skin.
  • Thread lifting can be combined with other procedures. For example, patients can go for a PDO neck thread lift and still undergo additional operations to address other problems on the face.

Remember, anyone with loose neck skin, double chin, perfect health, and good skin elasticity is an ideal candidate for the procedure.


What could be some of the Side Effects and Risks?

The procedure is performed using minimally invasive techniques. This means that the risks are minimal, and the success rates are successful. However, because there are injectables involved, risks and complications can happen.

  • Redness, swelling, and bruising are common side effects that can be managed by applying some ice or taking painkillers.
  • Uneven skin pigmentation may be observed in the neck.
  • Another cause can be infection or harm to the deeper skin layers, which is rare unless tools and techniques are inappropriate.

Managing Risks/ Aftercare

Most of the side effects after neck thread lifting can be managed.

  • Do not rub the neck area or massage for a week.
  • Sleep facing up to avoid sides that may cause further swelling and bruising.
  • Avoid vigorous exercising that may cause sweating and disturb healing for at least two days after treatment.
  • Do not smoke to heal appropriately.
  • Avoid applying harsh chemicals either from make-up. Avoid using harsh chemicals from make-up until healing.
  • Avoid strenuous activities too to avoid damaging the neck threads.


Do you have patients feeling tired of facial aging? Do they want to look younger and more beautiful? I know this seems a little bit crazy, but the PDO neck thread lifting could be the perfect solution for them.

Thread lifting is a relatively new form of facial rejuvenation. However, many threads lifting doctors are now cropping up worldwide, touting the benefits of thread lifts. But if they’re still on the fence about whether to have it or not, from the read above, they should be ready now.

Thread lifting has become an increasingly popular procedure for getting rid of fine lines on the face. It is essentially a skin tightening technique that smoothes wrinkles and creates a more youthful appearance. It is the perfect procedure for anyone looking to reverse the signs of aging without the costs associated with other types of cosmetic procedures.

As medical spas get out there and give the best consultation, let anyone that visits enjoy the benefits of younger skin!

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