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Your Trusted Multi Injector Needle Manufacturer and Supplier for Mesotherapy Treatment Solutions

Yastrid is a reputable high-quality mesotherapy device manufacturer and supplier, catering to the needs of professionals in the field of needle mesotherapy treatment and aesthetic procedures. With a focus on innovation, precision, and customer satisfaction, Yastrid offers a diverse range of products that meet the evolving demands of the industry.

The company specializes in the production of microcannulas, multi injector needles, Meso Needle, PDO threads PCL threads, Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Filler, hyaluronic acid essence, Recovery hyaluronic acid Facial masks and more. These products are essential in the arsenal of medical practitioners and aestheticians striving for outstanding results.

For procedures requiring multiple injection points or the need for controlled and precise injections, Yastrid’s multi injector needles are an ideal choice. It is made of Japan-imported stainless steel, and each mesotherapy multi needles was inspected by hand. It allows for simultaneous injections, simple processes, es and optimizing efficiency.

Yastrid Multi Injector Needles is Best for Mesotherapy Treatment

The Multi Injector Needles are also called mesotherapy needles. With these needles, practitioners can administer multiple injections simultaneously, streamlining the process and saving valuable time without compromising accuracy.

The multi injector needle offered by Yastrid offers distinct advantages in terms of convenience, precision, and efficiency

Yastrid Muli Injector Needles
Yastrid Multi Injector Needle Material

Medical Grade Material to Ensure the Multi Injector Needle Safety

As a Leading Multi Injector Needle Manufacturer, Yastrid understands the paramount importance of safety in mesotherapy treatment. That is why our needles are crafted with medical grade materials, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability in every use.

We import Japanese medical grade 304 stainless steel. So, buy from Yastrid, at least, your customer or patient in a safe.

Unique Production Process to Make Unique Multi Injector Needle

Surface treatment is carried out on the inner surface of the tubes, which clears the burrs and reduces patient irritation and inflammation.

Yastrid places significant emphasis on the quality and construction of the tube wall In our multi injector Needles. The tube wall of these needles is carefully handled to ensure it is 100% clear and smooth, contributing to an optimal injection experience.

Yastrid Multi Injector Needle Tube Wall
FDA Approved Multi Injector Needle

High Quality Products Should Meet the World Standard

Yastrid takes pride in ensuring that our multi injector needles meet the standards set bythe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Meeting FDA standards involves rigorous testing, quality control, and compliance with regulations governing the manufacturing, safety, and performance of medical devices.

Yastrid follows these guidelines to ensure that their Multi-Injector Needles meet the necessary criteria for FDA clearance or approval

Why Yastrid Multi Injector Needle Is So Popular?

Yastrid multi needle is 5-bevel tip needle. It is a specialized design that has been developed to enhance safety and minimize pain during mesotherapy injections. Unlike traditional needles with a single bevel, the 5-bevel tip needle features two additional bevels, it can reduce pain and blood bleeding successfully.

Except for safety, Yastrid can make different sizes and types of multi injector needles for different injections or treatment purposes. Quality is even better than some big brands. But the price is only 1/4 of them. So, it’s very good for money.

Yastrid Multi Injector Needle Tip

Discover Yastrid, Your Trusted Multi Injector Needle Supplier

With our wide selection of multi injector needles, including the 3 pin, 4 pin,5 pin, and 9 pin options, you can ensure precise and targeted delivery. Achieve outstanding results and deliver exceptional care with Yastrid’s versatile needle solutions

Yastrid 3 pin Multi Injector Needle
It's for skin under eyes, 34G is the smallest size for safety injection and less pain.
Yastrid 4 Pin Multi Injector Needle
This needle is designed for neck or around eyes, it makes the injection much more efficiency.
Yastrid 5 Pin Mutil Injector Needle
5 needle injector at the same time, your ideal choice for mesotherapy treatment.
Yastrid 9 Pin Mutil Injector Needle
This 9 Pin injector needle can only connect with skin booster machine, it improve the injection.

Experience Excellence with Yastrid: Your Top Choice for Multi Injector Needle Supplier

At Yastrid, we take pride in efficiently handling your multi-injector order. Here are the steps we follow:

1.✅ Order Placement: Once you have selected the desired multi-injector needles from our extensive range, proceed to place your order through our secure online platform or by contacting our dedicated sales team.

2.✅ Order Confirmation: After you confirmed your order, we will send you a confirmation email with the details of your purchase, including the types, specifications, quantities, shipping address, and some special requirements of multi-injector needles you selected.

3.✅ Send PI: Once everything were confirmed, we will send you the PI together with our payment way, you can choose the one which is convenient for you.

4.✅  Packaging and Preparation: After receiving your payment for the order, our experienced team will carefully package your order, ensuring that each item is protected and secured to prevent any damage during shipping.

5.✅ Shipping and Tracking: We partner with reliable shipping providers to deliver your order safely and on time. And then, we will send you the tracking number as soon as possible after sending out your package.

6.✅ Delivery: Your multi-injector order will be shipped to the address provided during checkout. We strive to ensure prompt and efficient delivery, so we will keep you know the tracking information until you get the package.

Yastrid 9PIN Multi Injector Needle

7.✅ Customer Support: Getting your package is not mean your purchase is finished, however, it just begins. Yastrid always attaches importance to our every client’s business experience with us. More important, we sincerely hope we can grow up and make further progress together with our clients. So, our professional customer support team is available to solve any questions and problems. If you have any questions, call us or email us at any time.

At Yastrid, we prioritize your satisfaction and aim to provide a seamless experience when handling your multi-injector order. Rest assured that we will handle your order with utmost care and efficiency, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products and services.

📧 Email: info@yastrid.com /sales01@yastrid.com/ sales04@yastrid.com /sales03@yastrid.com

📲 WhatsApp:  / +86 189 1864 3944 /+86 189 1864 7463 /+86 180 0166 5039

Yastrid multi injector needles offer versatile applications across various medical and aesthetic procedures. From mesotherapy to dermal fillers, hair growth, and more, our needles provide precise and controlled delivery of medications, serums, hyaluronic acid essence, VC, and substances into the targeted areas. With options like 5 pin, 9 pin, and 3 pin needles, Yastrid empowers professionals to achieve optimal results and enhance patient experiences in a wide range of treatment modalities.


Yastrid is always devoting themselves to producing top quality multi injector needles. In the past years, we are so glad to gain the good reputation and positive feedback from our customer.

Using a multi-injector needle for mesotherapy treatment and skin booster treatment can offer several positive effects and benefits. Here are some of the advantages of using a multi-injector needle: Enhanced Treatment Efficacy, Enhanced Treatment Efficacy and Enhanced Treatment Efficacy etc. You can see the big difference before and after injection as below:

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Yastrid 5 Pin Multi Injector Needle

Why Yastrid Is Your Reliable Multi-Injector Needles Supplier?

Yastrid stands out as a premier manufacturer and supplier of multi-injector needles for several compelling reasons.

👉Superior Quality: Yastrid is committed to delivering exceptional quality products. Our multi-injector needles are meticulously crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability, precision, and reliability in every use.

👉Extensive Range: We offer a diverse range of multi-injector needle options, including 5 pin, 9 pin, and 3 pin, 4pin needles, catering to the specific needs of different treatments and procedures. This wide selection allows professionals to choose the ideal needle for their applications.

👉Expertise and Innovation: With years of experience in the industry, Yastrid combines expertise and innovation to continually improve and enhance our multi-injector needle designs. We stay at the forefront of advancements to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving demands of medical and aesthetic practices.

👉Strict Quality Control: Yastrid maintains stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. Each needle undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent performance, adherence to industry standards, and utmost safety for both practitioners and patients.

👉Customer Satisfaction: At Yastrid, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver prompt and reliable service, providing exceptional support to our clients. We value feedback and continuously work towards meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

👉Ethical and Responsible Practices: Yastrid operates with integrity and follows ethical and responsible manufacturing practices. We are committed to environmental sustainability and adhere to regulatory guidelines, ensuring that our products are safe, compliant, and environmentally conscious.

When it comes to multi-injector needle manufacturing and supply, Yastrid excels in quality, variety, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Trust us as your reliable partner for exceptional multi-injector needle solutions that enhance your practice and deliver superior results.

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
Ensure the barb on thread is smooth and strong.
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Safety production environment is all-important to make a quality thread
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Chek
The resistance of Blunt cannula big, puncture check is ensure it's easy to insert into skin.
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas can kill all microbe effectively to ensure the safety of the threads
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
We adopt imported machine to keep the moisture content is below 3‰.
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling
We prevent the air and moisture by nitrogen filling, it can extend the shelf life of the threads.

Multi Injector Needle– The Ultimate FAQ Guide


What Is Multi Injector Needle?

Multi injector needle, also known as a multi needle or multi prong needle. It is a specialized medical tool used for various purposes, including injections and fluid delivery like mesotherapy treatment and skin booster. It consists of multiple needles grouped closely together within a single device. These needles are typically arranged in a circular or linear pattern and are designed to deliver multiple injections simultaneously.

The multi-injector needle is commonly used in mesotherapy, a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a series of substances into the mesodermal layer of the skin. By utilizing multiple needles, the multi-injector needle allows for faster and more efficient administration of the injected substances, covering a larger treatment area in a shorter period of time.

Yastrid 5 Pin Multi Injector Needle

The number of needles in a multi-injector needle can vary depending on the purpose of the injection device and treatment. Some multi-injector needles may have just a few needles, while others can have a dozen or more. The commonly used specifications are 3pin, 5pin, 6pin, 9pin etc. The spacing between the needles is usually predetermined to ensure accurate and uniform distribution of the injected substances.

What Are Benefits of Using a Multi-injector Needle?

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: With multiple needles delivering injections simultaneously, the multi-injector needle allows for a faster and more efficient treatment process. This is particularly advantageous when treating larger areas or when multiple substances need to be injected.
  2. Uniform Distribution: The close proximity of the needles ensures a more even and uniform distribution of the injected substances within the targeted area. This helps to avoid uneven distribution and promotes consistent results.
  3. Reduced Discomfort: Simultaneous injections with a multi-injector needle can potentially reduce the overall sensation of pain or discomfort compared to individual injections with a single needle. This can enhance the comfort level for patients during the procedure.
  4. Precise Placement: The multi-injector needle is designed to penetrate the skin at a consistent depth and with accurate placement. This ensures that the injected substances reach the desired target area and exert their intended effects.
  5. Time-Saving: By delivering multiple injections simultaneously, the multi-injector needle significantly reduces the treatment time required. This is beneficial for both the practitioner and the patient, making the procedure more convenient and efficient.

    Mesotherapy Treatments with Yastrid Multi Needle
    Mesotherapy Treatments with Yastrid Multi Needle

It’s important to note that the use of a multi-injector needle should be performed by a qualified medical professional who is trained and experienced in the specific procedure being conducted. The practitioner will determine the appropriate needle type and technique based on the individual’s needs and treatment goals.

How to Choose a Good Multi Injector Needle?

Choosing a good multi-injector needle is important to ensure safe and effective use during medical or cosmetic treatment.

Usually, we should consider the following factors:

✅Quality and Safety:  You should choose the multi injector needle made by reputable and qualified manufacturers who specialized in producing medical devices.  Ensuring the needle is sterile and individually packaged is crucial to prevent contamination and reduce the risk of infections.

✅Needle Configuration: Consider the configuration of the multi-injector needle, such as the number and arrangement of the needles. The configuration should align with the specific requirements of your procedure. For example, if you need to cover a larger treatment area, a multi-injector needle with more needles might be suitable.

✅Needle Gauge and Length: You should pay attention to the gauge (thickness) and length of the needles. The appropriate gauge and length depend on the substances being injected and the specific procedure. Thinner needles may be preferred for less invasive treatments, while thicker needles may be needed for delivering thicker or viscous substances.

✅Needle Material: A good quality multi injector needle should be made of high-quality, medical-grade material. This ensures the needle remains sharp and reliable during use.

✅Ease of Use: Consider the design and ergonomics of the multi-injector needle. Look for features that make it easy to handle and maneuver during the procedure. A comfortable grip and intuitive design can help improve accuracy of the injection.

✅Compatibility: Ensure that the multi-injector needle is compatible with the syringe or injector system you will be using. Check the compatibility of the connection points and ensure a secure fit to prevent leakage or detachment during the procedure.

It’s important to consult with a qualified medical professional who is experienced in the specific procedure you are performing.

Why Yastrid Multi Injector Needle?

As a professional multi injector needle manufacturer and supplier, Yastrid engage in this industry since 2004. We are a medical devices factory. So, all of our products are committed with the world standard. Here are some reasons why Yastrid is your trustworthy supplier:

1) We have rich experience in manufacturing various medical devices products including hypodermic needle, multi injector needle, microcannula and meso needle etc. We are a big factory with more than 150 workers and equipped with imported advanced equipments.

Yastrid Multi Injector Needle Factory

2) Yastrid is always so serious with each production. We use the Japan imported medical grade 304 stainless steel as our needle material, it ensures the high quality when we do the injection. We know that a good stainless steel should have excellent rigidity and toughness.

3) Yastrid has their own R & D department, the team consists of 5 engineers. They developed many patents machine for our needle production. It can help to ensure the safety of Yastrid Multi Injector Needle.

4) We should pay attention a good quality needle should have a smooth and clean needle tube and inside. It is not only for quick injection, but also won’t cause swelling and inflammation.  Yastrid did a great job with these details when we produce our multi injector needle. Seeing is believing. You can refer to the following picture.

Yastrid Multi Injector Needle Tube











5) Because we are a leading manufacturer of different kinds of needle, we should be responsible for all of our clients. So, choose Yastrid multi injector needle, you made a smart decision. Because each of our needle was inspect by hand before sell to market. It’s 100% safe for your treatment.

In the last decade, our customer satisfaction even reaches to 99.6%, and the product pass rate is 99.9%. That’s why our needle is selling as hotcake in North America and Europe Market.

Yastrid Multi Injector Needle Inspection

7) The biggest advantages you choose Yastrid as your multi injector needle supplier is we can promise you 15 days money back guarantee and 90 days return policy if any quality problem. Why can we be providing this promise? That’s only because we have confidence with our products quality. We believe that we can afford the evaluation of the market and our clients. So, with Yastrid, your business is very safe, and you will have a happy business experience.

You can know more about our medicine aesthetics products on our online shop.

Or you can contact us for further questions:

📧 Email: info@yastrid.com /sales01@yastrid.com/ sales04@yastrid.com /sales03@yastrid.com

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