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One of the most used non-surgical face lifting threads is the mono thread. You may use it to tighten drooping skin tissues and calm the muscles. Your body creates new fibers that wrap around the mono threads after insertion for a more natural result. At the same time, it may increase face blood circulation, leaving the skin glowing and hydrated. It may also reduce muscular tension and have a relaxing impact on the muscles.

Yastrid’s primary emphasis has been on generating QUALITY face lifting threads — the objective is to cure those persistent indications of aging. We continue to enhance the quality of our absorbable material mono threads based on new research and consumer feedback.

Experts in the aesthetic sector are delighted to utilize and recommend our mono threads at all levels. We are the leading producer and supplier of mono threads because of our continual innovation in the non-surgical facelift industry.

Fast Collagen Production With Long Lasting Time

Yastrid mono threads are constructed of polydioxanone and are one of the most fundamental dissolvable PDO surgical sutures. You may apply it to any part of the body to encourage new collagen production. It softens wrinkles, giving you a more natural appearance. Mono threads provide the following advantages:

• Skin tightening and elasticity improvement
• Sculpted appearance in an instant
• No pain and a quick recovery


Stop the Signs of Aging With Yastrid Mono Threads

It is easily inserted into skin tissues and has a low resistance. It also does not need the use of a piercing needle. Not only is the method time-efficient, but mono threads have a distinct and powerful embedding level.

Yastrid mono threads may offer you a fresh, revitalized appearance in no time. The threads put under your skin dissolve after 3-4 months, and the benefits remain for at least 1-2 years.

Fewer Chances of Bleeding and Bruising

Yastrid mono threads usually take six seconds to insert into your skin while regulating the blood vessels without any higher chances of bleeding and bruising. Because the insertion of mono threads is a quick procedure, there is always a minor risk of occasional bleeding and bruising.

Yastrid always pays attention to patients’ skin and prefers the reverse cutting needle tip technique that easily pierces the skin. As a result, your face looks unswollen as it was before.

sharp needle pdo mono threads
mono threads packaging

Four Layers Waterproof Foil Bag Packaging

Yastrid offers mono thread unique packaging in four layers of waterproof foil bag to prevent germs, moisture, and air from entering. Considering other aspects, the thickness of these bags is fixed at 0.324mm, making it best for long-term storage.

Our lab also analyzes the expired mono threads preserved in foil bags to keep them as fresh as the day they were manufactured.

Multiple Size Mono Threads Offers Unique Results In Skin Lifting

Yastrid provides different sizes of mono threads; each one is designed to ensure effective, painless, and long-term lifting procedures.

yastrid pdo mono threads 19g
Stimulate new collagen once you use this cannula.
yastrid pdo mono threads 30g
This item works excellent for fine wrinkles around the eyes.
pdo mono threads lift 26g
This size is usually used for smoothing neck wrinkles to improve collagen.
yastrid pdo mono thread 29g
This is one of the most popular sizes for cheeks lifting, eyebrow tightening, etc.
yastrid pdo mono thread 27g
It helps regenerate new collagen once mono threads are absorbed.
eye mono threads 30g
It works gorgeously for eye bags; smooth blunt tip cannula.

Know More About Yastrid Nose Thread

Yastrid mono threads help stimulate new collagen once our face and body absorb them. Reach out to us to get the best deals today!

pdo mono threads size list

Yastrid mono threads will never let you down!

Making business with Yastrid, both your money and parcels are safe. See what they are saying about our products!

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Effective Results After a Minimal;y Invasive Procedure

Yastrid strict quality control procedures ensure that each batch processing of mono threads meets all the required manufacturing standards. Likewise, our foil bags are vacuumed. Our nitrogen-filled packaging ensures that the shelf life of these mono threads remains at least up to three years.

Tell us your mono thread manufacturing and supply requirements. We’re more than happy to serve you always!

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
We make sure the barb on our threads is soft and durable.
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Our safe production environment is required to make quality threads.
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Check
The blunt cannula puncture check's resistance guarantees that it is simple to put into skin.
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Sterilization
To assure the threads' safety, EO gas will efficiently eradicate any germs and viruses.
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
We use imported German machinery to maintain the moisture content below 3%.
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling
We use nitrogen filling to prevent air and moisture from entering the threads, which may increase their shelf life.

Mono Threads – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Mono threads is also called smooth threads. This treatment is suitable for all men and women – who’re in their 30s through to 50s – and who have started noticing the first signs of ageing.

If you would like to learn more about this magical mono thread treatment, do read this informative guide till the end.

What Are Mono Threads?

These are mono, short, biodegradable, CE-approved threads without barbs made of polydioxanone (PDO) protein.

Yastrid Pdo Mono Thread

Do Mono Threads Lift? What Are Mono Threads Used For?

Mono threads play a significant role in skin lifting/tightening procedures, especially in people who have wrinkles and fine lines. As their insertion under the skin causes the skin cells to secrete more collagen.

Purpose of Mono threads

Various researches have demonstrated that mono threads tend to produce a relaxing effect on smooth muscles and ligaments. Hence, they play a vital role in non-surgical facelift procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to strengthen and uplift sagging skin by enhancing collagen production.

Do PDO Mono Threads Build Collagen?

No cuts are made in this method, as the PDO threads remain under the skin until they eventually dissolve. They stimulate the cells inside the skin to release more collagen and elastin constantly. Hence, you should expect complete results after a few months due to progressively building collagen. Some notable advantages of collagen for your skin are listed below.
• It stops the drooping of aged skin by decreasing creases and wrinkles.
• It helps in counteracting the dryness of the skin by moisturizing it.
• It helps increase skin elasticity causing the skin to stretch.
• In most cases, collagen aids in working against pimples, acne, and blemishes as well.
• It assists the skin cells in restoring and repairing themselves.
• In some cases, collagen helps in slowing the aging process.

Categories of Mono threads

Three main broad varieties of Mono threads exist that are: PDO mono threads, PCL mono threads, and PLLA mono threads. The most commonly used ones are PDO mono threads that help restore your skin by stimulating collagen secretion.

Depending on your skin nature and conditions, your healthcare worker will pick the category which serves you best. Commonly, the width and thickness of the threads applied determines the overall worth and expense of the process.

Are Mono Threads Treatment Effective?

Yes, this treatment is considered one of the most effective non-surgical procedures for a facelift. Compared to surgical procedures, it offers a short-term approach but with outstanding results.

You will look more youthful and fresher immediately after the PDO thread lift due to the tightening of weakening skin. The threads cause the secretion of collagen and elastin proteins in the body that hydrate and stretch the skin.

Mono thread treatment allows instant effects within weeks, which improve with time over a couple of months. Whereas facelift surgery and other surgical options lead to inflammation, causing a delay in results. Multiple other effects of it are listed down below.
• You will look younger after this as the threads lift your sagging skin.
• There is a meaningful decrease in wrinkles and fine lines due to the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
• A notable improvement in skin tone, texture, and overall form takes place.
• After the treatment, there is an essential improvement in the occurrence of acne scars and blemishes.
• This treatment results in an enhanced volume to your facial areas.

Are Mono Threads Painful?

Mono threads offer a pain-free method for skin lifting and tightening procedures. In most cases, patients hardly feel any pain or distress. Patients sometimes encounter mild soreness and discomfort for a few days after having this procedure, whose management takes place quickly.

This procedure provides a pain-free option because healthcare workers use thin needles to minimize distress during the process. Moreover, doctors inject a local anesthetic before the process to make it as comfortable as possible.

However, despite a few potential risks, PDO threads go wrong in very few unique cases. Hence, before the method, your Practioner will take your medical history and plan the treatment accordingly.

What Are The Benefits Of Mono Threads?

PDO Mono Threads or short threads perform a revitalization skin treatment. This approach is for skin tightening, skin lifting, skin thickening, and improving skin tone and textures by reducing wrinkles and creases. Multiple benefits of this process are listed below.


Unlike facelift operation, this approach is non-invasive. Throughout this process, the patient barely experiences any trouble as the making of cuts does not occur. Moreover, the insertion of threads occurs in the outermost layers of the skin. Hence, nerve endings are left untouched, which causes the treatment to be pain-free.

Speedy results

This approach provides quick results within weeks, which evolve with time over several months. Whereas facelift operation directs to redness, creating a delay in results.

Customized carried out

These threads come in multiple shapes, sizes, thicknesses, lengths, and forms. Hence, each person can get a ready-made treatment according to their goals. These goals include skin requirements, aesthetics, skin type, and skin conditions. For example, fixing of sagging skin around the neck takes place by thicker threads.

Lesser risks and side effects

Compared to facelift surgeries, this approach has much less risk of bruising, scarring, infection, and swelling. Minor complications can occur in some exceptional cases, but they are easily solvable. Furthermore, due to lesser side effects, rarely any post-operational care is needed.

Cheaper alternative

The overall price of your method will depend on numerous factors, including the fields you want to heal, the sort of threads applied, and whether you get a local anesthetic or not. However, this treatment is cheaper and affordable than other options such as facelift operation.

Rejuvenation of skin

The fibers begin the secretion of collagen and elastin that moistens and tightens the skin. Hence, you will look more youthful and fresh right after your treatment takes place.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Mono Threads?

It allows the treatment of various regions of your face and body. This safe, adaptable, long-lasting revitalization approach can cater to the areas listed below.

Chin and double chin

These medically recognized threads support uplifting and stretching skin tissues by producing collagen. Stimulation of muscle contraction and collagen production under the skin decreases the excess fat, highlighting the jawline.


Mono threads smooth out the folds encircling your mouth. Unlike lip fillers that increase the size of your lips, lip threading heightens the curving of your lips, giving a fuller and sharp look.


Threads build collagen below the skin, producing uniform lift and tightening along the jaw and throughout the jowls. These fibers attach into various layers of the skin via needles, instantly lifting and tightening drooping skin.

What Does The Mono Thread Procedure Involve?

Precisely, the procedure requires the insertion of multiple fine mono threads via a cannula into the different layers of skin. It offers a painless, fast, and cost-effective technique whose steps are listed down below.
• Your healthcare expert will guide you about its advantages and hazards and then take your consent to carry on with the procedure.
• It’s a pain-free procedure as no marks or incisions are made by the doctor.
• It starts by anesthetizing the operation site using local anesthesia, thus ensuring that the process is minimally painful.
• After applying lidocaine injections to the points, introduction of threads by a cannula takes place.
• Insertion of cannulas into different layers of skin to anchor the threads to lift the skin occurs.
• Lastly, the removal of leftover threads takes place.

How Long Does The Mono Thread Procedure Take?

The overall method of inserting the mono threads only takes about 15-30 minutes. The time taken by each client varies, but most procedures take a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes.

Moreover, after taking the needles out, you may feel light pressure or a tingling sensation under your skin. Afterwhich, you can go home. Hence, this time-effective procedure requires no downtime or post-treatment care. Rarely any side effects like inflammation or bruising after the method take place.

How Long Do Mono PDO Threads Last?

Due to the usage of dissolvable and biodegradable mono threads, the results are not permanent. They persist for roughly six to eight months. It might be needed to receive preservation strategies or treatments from time to time. Factors that affect the durability of PDO threads.

Listed below are various factors that impact the life span of the facelift in different individuals.
• The density, volume, tensile strength, and length of the thread used.
• It depends on the type of thread used and its distant shape.
• It depends on each body’s ability to metabolize the strings.
• The capability of each body to produce collagen also varies.

How Long Do Mono Threads Take To Work?

Mono threads take approximately two weeks to show immediate results, whereas you should expect complete results within two to three months.

Within two weeks, the threads cause the synthesis of collagen. Hence, your skin will start improving within this time frame. However, the full results begin to show within two to three months following the initial treatment as the collagen progressively builds up. These final results may include multiple changes in your skin. Such as decreased wrinkles and fine lines, increased skin tightness, fuller lips, enhanced skin texture, reduced double chin, and less acne.

What Is The Difference Between Mono Threads And Facelift Surgery? Which Is Better?

Mono thread treatment allows instant effects within weeks, which improve with time over a couple of months. Whereas, facelift surgery and other surgical options lead to inflammation; hence causing a delay in results.
Multiple other effects of mono threads are listed down below.
• You will look younger after this as the threads lift your sagging skin.
• There is a meaningful decrease in wrinkles and fine lines due to the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
• A notable improvement in skin tone, texture, and overall form takes place.
• After the treatment, there is an essential improvement in the occurrence of acne scars and blemishes.
• This treatment results in an enhanced volume to your facial areas.

What’s The Difference Between Mono Threads And PDO Threads?

Mono threads, on the other hand, are a form of PDO filament that may be placed into the skin to produce a mesh-like arrangement that could assist tighten your skin. They are smooth and do not have barbs, and they get tugged to a position on the chief facial region or forehead.
Mono thread lift treatments are primarily for the cheekbones and jowl region, including the chin and jawline and other thick skin locations. On the other hand, the sutures serve by inducing fibroblasts to generate more collagen in a specific area.
Research has shown that PDO mono-threads not only have the potential to yield some elevating effects when used correctly, but they are also successful in achieving outcomes and promoting elastin synthesis.

Can You Get Mono Threads Under The Chin?

You can use mono threads to tighten tissues beneath the chin, such as the usual turkey neck or a double chin, activating the collagen already present in the body. Another method would be to use the lipolysis process.
In this approach, the practitioner deliberately decomposes extra fatty tissue by inserting these sutures into a deeper location within the skin that seems to collect in this area. Each factor results in continuous rejuvenating lasting approximately a year following the treatment, giving you a more uplifted profile. Fortunately, a mono thread lift is currently a minimally invasive treatment that may lift, contour, and hold sagging facial and neck muscles. It is indeed excellent for those who are starting to show early indications of aging. Luckily, because the threads used in a thread lift are tiny, you may have no idea what is going on.

Do Mono Threads For Forehead Works?

The forehead, jowls, under-eye region, and eyebrow are all areas of the face where you can address a mono thread lift. You may also have the option of targeting only one region or multiple at once. The importance of a smooth forehead and raised brows in full-face renewal has a massive impact.
Furthermore, usage of fillers might cause long-term harm in addition to wrinkling the skin. People who tend to be afraid of injectable fillers may opt for getting a thread lift for this reason.

Do Mono Threads For Neck Works?

The mono thread lift was initially developed as a superstructure to enhance the neck and facial epidermal tissues. During the procedure, these tissues might get elevated and rearranged. The PDO mono-thread gets inserted directly below the surface of the skin, providing a significantly uplifted profile. Installation of every suture to treat the neck region takes merely a couple of minutes. Creasing and wrinkling of the neck skin, textural variations, platysmal rings, and a double chin are by far the most prevalent symptoms of neck aging addressed. The choice of thread may depend upon the indication of concern. Usually, monofilament threads seem to do the job of treating textural changes. Since these threads increase microcirculation and collagen production, the texture and minor wrinkles look improved. To treat a double chin, the use of mono threads in a crosshatch manner helps in lipolysis while also in skin tightening, attempting to reestablish the correct elevated degree.

What Is Mono Thread Before And After Neck Care?

There are a few activities you should avoid following a thread lift using mono threads to get excellent outcomes. These few examples for before and after neck care are similar for any targeted area and include:
• Resting on the stomach or either sideways may cause problems in your treatment.
• Avoid applying makeup or any facial cream
• Prevent the consumption of alcohol
• Avoid expressing exaggerated facial and neck exercises.
• You must choose to avoid the use of any aspirin-based medicines before and even post-procedure as they have the potential to cause bleeding and other unwanted side effects.
• Avoid getting facial or neck massages.
• After treatment, apply ice for some days to the treated area to prevent any inflammation or swelling.
• Stop smoking as it will constrict your blood vessels.

Do Mono Threads Work For Under Eye Wrinkles And Eye Bags?

A few of the biggest game-changers are when it comes to maintaining a fresh, rejuvenated appearance is treating the under-eye region. Mono threads efficiently tighten the skin under the eyes, with the procedure usually targeting the upper and lower eyelids and the under-eye bags. The eyes are generally the first to reveal signs of withering and give a weary look, such as:
• Wrinkling and appearance of fine lines
• Dullness
• Puffiness
• Dark circles and eye bags
The pretreated dermis contracts resulting in an immediate tightening effect and will produce collagen within a few weeks.

What Is The Difference Between Mono Thread Vs Cog Thread?

Mono threads are smooth and do not have barbs. They can get attached to anywhere on the face, primarily tightening the sagging skin and giving a little lift.
Cog threads, on the other hand, have barbs that get latched to the skin. It lifts and provides support to the drooping skin tissue.
Although, depending on your body’s ability to process and eliminate the absorbable PDO sutures, thread lift results using cog thread typically lasts around nine to twelve months, while a mono thread can preside for over a year.

What Are Mono Thread Side Effects?

Thread lifts are less risky procedures due to their little invasiveness. After a mono thread lift, there is almost little chance of bruising and perhaps other problems. However, Irritation, swelling, and the development of inflammatory spots on the skin or ‘lines’ beneath thicker skin regions are all frequent side effects that individuals may notice.
While other rarely possible adverse effects may involve post-inflammatory pigmentation, piercing spot scars, and minor bleeding during or after treatment.
Even though the treatment is less intrusive because of the local anesthetic administered for all mono thread techniques, just like any aesthetic and cosmetic procedure. You may feel discomfort in the afflicted region for several days after your treatment, as low risk does not imply any risk at all.

How Much Does PDO Mono Thread Cost?

Even though your health insurance will not cover up your treatment, the cost of a PDO mono-thread lift is cheaper than that of a standard facelift. The money spent on mono threads and mono thread lifts vary depending on the number of sutures used and areas to target. However, the following are some basic estimation:
• Treating laugh lines using mono threads cost around four hundred dollars.
• Treating the regions of the eyes may cost approximately nearly the same amount of three hundred dollars.
• A submental or double chin PDO mono-thread lift also costs the same amount as treating the nasolabial folds.
• Comparatively, cheek rejuvenation and sagging jaw tightening may cost you relatively more, with an amount of around seven hundred dollars.
• For acne scar meshing, the pricing may range from seven hundred to more.

How To Buy The Best Mono Threads Near Me?

Selecting the best mono threads to buy can depend on the number of sutures and your location. You can purchase these threads from a wholesale market or an online platform like Yatrid.com – a leading manufacturer and supplier of facelift threads.
Yastrid produces premium-quality mono threads at affordable rates. So, send in your requirements and the agent will contact you shortly.

While looking for a pack of PDO mono-sutures, you must keep the size of the thread in mind.

We hope this guide will help you make the right choice.

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