The Strongest Molding Cog Thread for Lower Face Lifting
Highest Tensile Strength | Best for Heavy-Duty Shaping | Lasts for Years

Premium Quality Face-Lift Molding Cog Thread By Yastrid

Yastrid molding cog thread has been manufactured by a pressure molding technique to form barbs on the surface of the threads, as opposed to common barb threads. This one-of-a-kind manufacturing secret produces a variety of molding cog threads with higher tensile and anchoring strength for customers to get improved lifting effects over typical 360° dimensional cog threads. Our product effects may persist for up to 2-3 years following a minimally invasive operation.

Our molding cog thread will always be of premium quality. Our products are endorsed by professionals all around the globe, which motivates us to enhance our present medical aesthetics products. It also encourages us to maintain a flawless production line. Our top-quality molded cog thread ensures that you receive nothing but the best results in beautifying yourself.

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Best-Performing Molding Cog Thread Barbs

In most cases, other companies produce molding cog threads with crimped barbs, although you may not see it immediately. The lack of quality presents itself when the barbs detach from the skin after a short period. But with Yastrid molding cog threads, you can see under a microscope that the barb is very smooth and prominent, which is much better for catching skin tissues.

This feature results in an effective procedure that will last for a much longer time.

yastrid pdo molding cog threads
yastrid pdo molding cog thread 18g

Silicone Fixing Bolt for Risk-Free Infection

Most products come with a plain tube wall regarding molding cog thread, which may leave room for infections upon insertion into the skin. Although most companies typically overlook this issue, Yastrid does not.

We ensure that each thread has its silicone fixing bolt. As a result, it prevents the entry of contaminants that could infiltrate the skin and cause infections.

Bullet Cannula Tips for Painless Molding Cog Thread Procedures

During a skin lifting procedure, the pain experienced usually determines your experience. If your patients always have to endure pain, it might be time to reassess your medical aesthetics products. The reason for this discomfort might lie in the design of your cannula. Many companies manufacture a W cannula with a rounded-off tip, leaving a possibility of skin bruising.

However, Yastrid’s cannulas are bullet-shaped, giving you a sharp tip for the procedures. Therefore, inserting the Yastrid molding cog thread into the skin is far easier and smoother.

yastrid pdo molding cog thread
molding cog thread tensile test

Strong Lifting Tension for More Noticeable Lifts

When discussing the standard 360° 4D barb threads, molding cog threads typically have a lifting tensile of roughly 4.8N. However, is that the best in the market? Yastrid once again outperforms all its competitors by offering a molding cog thread with a lift tension of 5.2N, which is much higher than other manufacturers.

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Multitude of Molding Cog Threads to Meet Your Needs

Each patient who comes in for a skin lift may have different needs. Yastrid offers a wide range of molded cog threads to meet all of your requirements.

yastrid pdo fishbone molding cog thread
For lifting the lower face, this product is a popular choice among skilled injectors.
yastrid pdo sculpt molding cog thread
This product is utilized for breast, buttock, and arm lifting.
yastrid pdo flat sculpt molding cog thread
This one is a new invention for raising lower drooping skin tissues, such as a double chin.
yastrid pcl fishbone molding cog thread
With a bullet cannula, you may shape your face's v-line for a long time.
yastrid pcl z type molding cog thread
It aids in regenerating new collagen and the lifting of cheeks, double chins, and other areas.
yastrid pcl sculpt molding cog thread
It's excellent for cheek raising, breast lifting, and jawline lifting, among other things.

Know More About Yastrid Molding Cog Thread

Yastrid molding cog thread aids in achieving the highest tensile strength for lifting lower skin tissues. Send us an email to receive the best deal right now!

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Yastrid’s Molding Cog Thread: Superior Effectivity

Although other anti-aging products are on the market, no one accomplishes it like Yastrid with its molding cog thread. This cog thread is exceptional in lifting sagging lower face tissues and appropriately regenerating new collagen, allowing you to get a natural and youthful look.

Overall, there is simply no better option than non-surgical facelift surgery. Another advantage is that you do not have to go through a recuperation procedure. It’s because you’ll be OK as soon as this minimally invasive surgery is finished.

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
We have modern barb-cutting devices to produce a smooth and sturdy barb.
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
In order to make high-quality threads, the production environment must be safe and clean.
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Check
The purpose of the blunt cannula puncture test is to ensure that it is both effective and simple to use.
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Sterilization
To ensure the safety of the threads, we utilize EO gas to kill any microorganisms.
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
We use international equipment to keep the moisture level below 3%.
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling
We improve the shelf life of packages by keeping air and moisture from entering them.

Molding Cog Thread – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

With every passing day, the trend of skin thread lifts treatments is gaining immense popularity. Molding cog thread is one of the most effective skin lifting products accepted by celebrities worldwide. The thread gives you a reliable and powerful lifting effect that stays for years and years.

If you’re interested in learning more about Molding Cog Thread, read this guide to the end.

What Is Molding Cog Thread? How Does It work?

Molding cog thread is a thread that comes with barbs. These barbs hook right on the skin, ensuring that enough support is provided to the tissues. But why do we call it a molding cog thread?

A regular cog thread is being cut by a machine, but a molding cog is manufactured by pressing according to the mold — without a heating process. The best part about molding cog thread is that its results are better than a typical 4D and 6D cog as it is much stronger.

Used most of the time while uplifting the jawline and saggy cheeks, the molding cog thread aids in keeping the face appear young. All the sagging tissues get help from the thread and regain their lost energy. Eventually, the skin can get its texture back and appears more youthful and brighter! It corrects sagginess and brings the skin to its actual position once the procedure is complete. It defies the movement of muscles and keeps the effects of surgery intact. It stays effective for around twelve months, at least!

What Are Molding Cog Threads Used For?

Molding cog threads are surgical threads that surgeons use to pull up the cheeks and face. They also utilize it to construct a nasolabial fold repair. Because they are undetectable, they are the most satisfactory solution for reducing jowl size and lifting the neck up.

The fact that they are not to be removed, unlike conventional skin threads used throughout different treatments, gives them an advantage. Within six months following the Molding Cog Thread technique, collagen develops around the threads, giving the skin a tighter look. It dissolves with time, and no one will ever know what treatments you had on your face or neck while utilizing these threads! In a nutshell, they aid in restoring the skin’s freshness and brightness.

What’s the Difference Between Molding Cog Thread and 4D Cog Thread?

4D cog thread is being cut, but the molding cog is prepared by pressing (without heating process) according to mold. The lifting effects of molding cog thread are much stronger than 4D cog thread, robust and durable.

Which Area Can You Treat With Molding Cog Thread?

The molding cog thread is extremely safe to use in various areas, including the cheeks, neck, brows, and jowls. Being quite strong and sturdy, it ensures to stay intact for a long period, no matter the area. Apart from these areas, molding cog thread can tie up on almost all body parts.

Wherever there is some loose skin that needs to be lifted, it works quite effectively over there. So much so that the loose skin in areas like thighs and stomach can also be treated and lifted up using the molding cog thread. All this is possible owing to the strength that it comes with. A highly experienced practitioner would ensure that he inserts the molding cog thread in just the right manner, no matter the area of insertion!

Can Molding Cog Thread Correct Is Used To Correct The Face Line And Asymmetry?

Yes, the Molding Cog thread helps all those who want some symmetry to their facial features and correct their face line. You can easily fix a crooked face line by using molding cog thread.

As molding cod thread is available in unidirectional and bidirectional cogs, the practitioners can use it is a variety of manners to provide their clients with their desired results. The original face life surgery is highly expensive.

The cog thread method is equally effective but comes with a cost way lower than the former. The asymmetry of the face can either be by birth or caused by the weakening of facial tissues. No matter the reason, the use of molding cog thread corrects it without making the work done on the face visible.

How Long Does It Take for Molding COG Threads to Dissolve? How Soon Will You See Results?

The molding COG threads are easily dissolvable. The surgeon doesn’t have to remove them himself, which saves him and the patient a lot of time and hassle. With six to nine months of this thread lift treatment, these stitches dissolve themselves. This is the time period when collagen starts forming around the thread, and it repairs the skin.

However, the results shown by the molding cog threads are contingent on the age, and the actual condition of the skin after the doctor does the surgery. For relatively younger patients, it takes lesser time to see the results, while the aged ones have to wait for a while to see the actual results.

In terms of the molding cog thread procedure’s speed, this is considered the fastest anti-aging procedure, and rightfully so. It takes on 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

What Is Molding Cog Thread Lift? Is This Treatment Safe?

Molding COG thread lift is an aesthetic procedure that helps in making the skin look younger and youthful. It uses a non-toxic and metal-free thread, which keeps the facial elements stuck to specific points. It rejuvenates the skin as, later on, collagen is produced around the thread.

The molding cog thread treatment is exceptionally safe as no toxic or harmful chemical/element is used. It is non-toxic and is well sterilized before usage. It helps in calming down the wrinkles and bringing cheeks and neck back to the original position. The molding cog thread procedure is CE approved, which furthermore improves its significance.

Are Molding Cog Threads Better Than Filler?

The Molding Cog thread is better than fillers in many ways, including the cost and the extent of the treatment. The thread method is way more economical compared to the fillers that are pretty heavy on the pocket. At the same time, the extent of insertion in the molding cod thread method is minimal, while the fillers require deeper treatments.

Do Molding Cog Thread Lifts Look Natural?

Yes, the best part about having the molding cog thread used on the face is that its result looks highly natural.

Compared to the facelift technology that was once quite popular amongst the people, this one offers extremely close results to nature. However, at the same time, it shows visible changes by lifting up the loose areas. It does this only by a few millimeters to keep the natural look intact.

Hence, one can say that the results showcased by the Molding Cog Thread are subtle and make the person using it appear fresh and young! The results are not too drastic to make it look like fillers or plastic surgery. Instead, they are subtle yet highly effective.

What Are The Benefits of a Molding Cog Thread Lift?

The molding Cog thread lift comes with a lot of benefits, including the correction of nasolabial folds. At the same time, they are equally efficient in reducing the appearance of saggy jowls, giving a fresher and younger look to the face.

On the neck, the molding cog thread procedure works like magic. It removed the sagginess and made it appear youthful. This thread lift procedure is completely safe and works by placing threads in the desired place. By stimulating the production of natural collagen, it improves the quality of skin profoundly.

How Painful Is a Molding Cog Thread Lift? Does it hurt?

The best part about the molding COG thread lift procedure is that it is completely painless. Even for people with low tolerance to ache, this molding cog thread procedure is not likely to cause any pain. Minor discomfort may be there, but it can’t be specified as pain. It is a low traumatic method which, without causing any pain, gives impressive results. Even if there is some discomfort, it subsides within two to three hours of the procedure.

Who’s A Good Candidate of Molding Cog Thread Lift?

Anyone above the age of thirty can be considered a good candidate for molding cog thread lift. After this age, the skin tissues start loosening their grip, which leads to sagginess and flaccidity.

The mouth, neck, and cheeks are significant points where the molding cog thread procedure works exceedingly well. The lines on the forehead, the wrinkles under the eyes, and marks on the cheeks are easily removed using the Molding Cog Thread Lift. As molding cog thread lift is a non-surgical treatment, even those who back off hearing the word ‘surgery’ can go through it successfully.

How Long Does a Molding Cog Thread Lift Last?

The Molding Cog Thread Lift is a non-surgical procedure; hence it is bound to have its effects diminished with time. The molding cog thread tends to tighten the skin by pushing it. As a result, it produces collagen and makes it appear younger and firmer. However, after a period of 15 months, it starts losing its grip, and the thread is dissolved.

Can Molding Cog Threads Break?

Yes, there is a possibility of molding cog thread breaking if used for a longer time than specified. However, it’s not common. Molding cog threads are bi-directional and come with certain protocols and conditions regarding their storage. When these are stored in the wrong manner or for a more extended period than specified, they may break once inserted. This happens as the longer storage periods tend to remove the ability of the thread to fix itself on the treatment area.

What keeps the molding cog thread attached to the skin is the barbs that make sure that the thread doesn’t go loose and come off from the insertion point. However, there are times when excessive facial movements can break a thread that has already gone weak due to improper or long-term storage. The issue of molding cog thread breakage mostly doesn’t occur. There are super rare chances of the thread breaking off.

Can Molding Cog Threads Be Removed?

The removal of molding cog thread is a difficult task. Once the cog thread is attached to the skin, taking it off gets painful as it embeds in the skin’s soft tissue. Hence, its removal gets intricate and agonizing. Once it is broken itself and comes out, the patient may feel discomfort and soreness. Removal of this thread is excruciating; however, it is possible. The best way is to wait for it to get dissolved.

What Happens If the Molding Cog Thread Breaks?

There are slight chances of the molding cog thread breaking as it is quite a sturdy one. Compared to the standard thread, it is strong enough to withhold pressure. However, a very long-term usage or improper application can cause it to break bi-directionally. If stored for way too long or improperly, molding cog thread may get weak and lose its strength.

Thus, once inserted in the required area, it may break off. Nonetheless, it is not a source of harm. As it breaks off from one of the two insertion points, a doctor can easily place it back to its position. However, a well-experienced practitioner would ensure that he leaves no loophole that would cause such a breakage.

Will You Be Able to See Molding Cog Threads?

Once the molding cog thread lift treatment is complete, you will be able to see the actual results, but not the thread itself. This thread’s lift showcases clear results, but the thread itself is not visible at all. Though it is pretty sturdy, it still doesn’t appear clear on the skin.

The fact that the skin heals quite fast around the thread makes it possible for the thread to stay hidden. With the skin around the thread heals itself, the chances of the thread being shown or breaking off-limit down automatically. The tissues develop around the tissues, which conceal it completely. Hence, even if someone views the molding cog threads from really close, that person won’t be able to spot it.

How Many Molding Cog Thread Lift Treatments Will You Need?

Molding cog thread lift treatment ultimately depends on the condition of the skin. For a face that is extraordinarily wrinkled and saggy, you would require two to three treatments.

The molding cog thread starts losing its grip around fifteen months after making the skin appear extremely young and lively. Whenever needed, you can retake molding cog thread treatment after a period of 15 months after post-treatment. This depends on the willingness of the patient.

How Many Threads Are Used Ina Molding Cog Thread Lift?

Different parts of the face require a different number of molding cog threads to work efficiently in keeping it lifted. For instance:


Cheeks require around 2-5 cog threads to correct the nasolabial folds. They also reduce the sagginess of the jowls. As this treatment area is large compared to other common areas, around five threads can easily be used.


The molding cog thread lift procedure on the neck requires around four well-placed barbed threads. As one thread comes with limited lifting capacity, there is a need to use at least two more to make the results work longer and be more effective.


Helping as a minor rhinoplasty, three to four threads work well to live the nose and correct its shape.

Can Molding COG Thread Lifts Go Wrong?

As molding cog thread lift is a non-surgical procedure, a person going for it is not really high risk. However, there are always chances of it causing infection if the patient’s skin doesn’t approve of it. These chances are pretty minor. As it is a small treatment, it doesn’t cause extensive scarring, irritation, or bleeding. The surgeons know the dept at which the molding cog threads need to be inserted. Hence, there is no risk if you go for it through an expert!

Can You Use Molding Cog Thread for Under Eye Wrinkles and Eye Bags?

If the skin under the eyes is saggy and you don’t want to undergo extensive surgery, getting a molding cog thread is a good option. Threads placed under the eyebrows and near the eyes themselves give them a firmer look. Hence, it is entirely safe to use this procedure around the eyes. Most people opt for the molding cog thread procedure to correct their under-eye wrinkles and remove the eye bags.

What Are the Common Side Effects of Molding COG Thread?

Being non-invasive, molding cog thread procedures are extremely low on risk. There are no side effects associated with the treatment. However, in very rare cases, this procedure may lead to a bit of infection. An over-the-counter medicine would correct the infection instantly without making it linger on for long. Contrary to the popular misconception, fever and pain are not the side effects of the procedure.

Can You Wash Your Face After Molding COG Threads?

After getting the molding cog threads, touching, scratching, washing, and bringing them into contact with water should be avoided. You should take this care for at least twelve hours after taking this treatment. Scrubbing the area or stroking it should further be avoided for at least a weak. This will ensure your COG thread treatment will stay intact for a long period. To prevent post-procedure pain, you need to ensure that you don’t do anything that directly involves touching the thread that has just been placed on your face or neck.

What Is Molding Cog Thread Before And After Care Instructions?

Taking the right steps before and after getting the molding cog thread treatment done on the face is necessary. If these steps are not considered, there are great chances of this treatment not being effective on you.

Molding Cog Thread BEFORE Instructions

The most important thing to do prior to entering the insertion room has an extended sitting with the practitioner. You need to discuss what you are looking for and make sure that you both have the right understanding of the final results. Before you sit for the treatment, you need to make sure that you have no makeup on. A simple washed face will make it easier for the practitioner to work with your features.

Molding Cog Thread AFTER Instructions

Once you are done with the thread insertion, you need to take some real care of the area treated. You may feel a bit of discomfort initially, which is completely normal. With time, molding cog thread would subside and make you feel better. Don’t worry about what you are feeling!

Ensuring proper care is necessary at least for a week after taking this treatment.

Keeping the head lifted and not putting it down will ensure that the molding cog thread remains in its place.

How Much Does Molding Cog Thread Cost?

The cost of Molding Cog Thread depends on the area that you want to be treated and the kind of insertion you want. If it’s only one area that you need the thread to be inserted in, the cost would obviously be below-average price. Typically, it costs somewhere between 700 dollars to 4,500 dollars.

Where To Find the Best Molding Cog Thread Near Me?

Finding the right kind of Molding Cog Thread is significant. The quality of the thread ensures the longevity of the treatment. In case the thread is substandard, there are great chances of it causing some kind of infection to the patient going through the treatment. Alongside this, such a thread also has higher chances of breaking, which ruins the entire purpose of opting for this treatment.

The best place to get your hands on a good quality Molding Cog Thread is Yastrid. Located in Shanghai, China, the products can be bought personally from the stores or ordered. The required merchandise would reach you on time, making sure that the quality is not compromised.

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