Effects of Microcannula Liposuction

Do you like dieting and exercising to achieve your dream body? Sometimes these activities fail to give you the results you want. With stubborn pockets of fat, you might want to try out other procedures like microcannula liposuction.

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Microcannula liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that is on the rise. All and sundry currently embrace plastic surgeries. Did you know that 17.7 million minimally invasive surgeries like microcannula liposuction were performed in 2018 alone? Well, this number was an ultimate of a steady rise within the previous five years.

Invented by Dr. Jeffrey Klein, liposuction redefines your body’s curve and shape and lowers your amount of weight. From this procedure, you’ll safely get rid of stubborn fats in your body within a short time. Like any other cosmetic surgery, there are numerous effects, both positive and negative.

As you think of undergoing microcannula liposuction, it’s wise to understand its effects. But, first, let’s know what it is and then get the impacts of microcannula liposuction.

What is Microcannula in Liposuction?

Have you ever come across the term microcannula? It’s similar to the inside diameter of a 12 gauge hypodermic needle, only their diameter is less than 2.2mm.

While they are the most miniature plastic surgery needles, microcannulas are different from other liposuction procedures. The cannulas are made from fully hardened, typically stainless steel hypodermic tubes.

The microcannula works by removing topical fat layers while retaining the fibrous attachments that connect the skin and muscles. Though it takes more extended periods to extract fat with this method, it removes large amounts of fat. Are you thinking of getting liposuction? Try microcannula. You’ll love the results.

The Structure of Microcannula Needles

Like mentioned, microcannula liposuction is a type of plastic surgery with various impacts on the body. Extracting fat from your body through liposuction is similar in every other procedure, but the difference comes from the needles used.

Using microcannula needles is delicate and requires cosmetic surgery experts. The cannulas are pretty small, and any mistake could lead to blood loss. With an inside diameter of 2.2mm, microcannula needles are smaller than average cannulas (traditional liposuction needles).

Are Microcannulas Different from Other Plastic Surgeon Needles?

To understand the structure of microcannulas needles and their effects, let’s compare them to the other two types of needles used by plastic surgeons: blunt tip cannulas and sharp tip needles. The structure of microcannulas is quite similar to blunt tip cannulas and pointed tip needles. However, there’s a slight difference.

For instance, the microcannula needles are best for liposuction and other cosmetic procedures, while blunt tip cannulas are meant for dermal fillers and similar cosmetic procedures. On the other hand, sharp tip needles are best for all surgical and medical processes.

When you compare the microcannula needles to the sharp tip needles, you’ll realize that they are almost the same in length. But the blunt tip cannulas are a bit longer. With small-sized tubing, the microcannula is different from the blunt tip needle.

Though the tip design is quite different, the microcannula structure is still effective in performance. So, don’t fret when your surgeon recommends microcannula liposuction. It will deliver the exact cosmetic results you want.

Microcannula Tumescent Liposuction

As mentioned, the main patient’s concern in liposuction over the years has been blood loss.  Unqualified plastic surgeons who’ve failed to consider this factor have ended up achieving poor results as less fat is removed.

Another reason for the use of microcannulas is reducing discomfort after the procedure. Discomfort is directly proportional to the size of the needle used. The larger the inside diameter, the greater the chances of pain even under local anesthesia. But, with the introduction of tumescent liposuction, patients enjoy an excellent pain-free procedure without anesthesia.

While microcannula liposuction is now harmless, the tumescent technique wasn’t applied before. The invention of tumescent vasoconstriction reduced the risks and made it practical. Even though liposuction procedures are recorded in high numbers (258,558) per year, tumescent techniques have made it possible.

Without a tumescent hemostasis procedure, bleeding is almost inevitable. Initially, surgeons used to prefer the use of larger cannulas until a solution to evade bleeding was found. With the skilled use of tumescent methods, liposuction blood loss is eliminated, and the use of microcannula needles is then possible.

For instance, a 2mm cannula would likely cause four times the bleeding equal to an 8mm cannula. On the other hand, tumescent liposuction causes zero bleeding. Besides, if the procedure is done wrongly, there are higher chances of bleeding just like in the traditional microcannula liposuction.

Why Should You Use Microcannula Needles for Liposuction

Despite being a high-tech innovative medical procedure, microcannula needles have several advantages when used for liposuction. Here are some of the positive effects of using these types of cannulas.

1. Best Fat Removal Procedure

By now, you know that microcannulas are the smallest needles. For this reason, they have access to areas that other larger cannulas cannot reach. With hard-to-reach areas, skilled doctors use microcannulas to remove fat without causing harm to the patient.

A microcannula is the answer for a patient who wants liposuction done in the epithelial tissues around the breasts or areas of failed liposuction procedures. While the surface tissues are delicate with thinner blood vessels, there’s a need for safety procedures with the right equipment. The microcannula needles make this possible.

The needles are pierced deeper, plunging into the skin to avoid damage. And the microcannula works best when inserted into the subcutaneous fat.

2. Better Patient Experience

Have you ever been scared of needles? Imagine having several of them piercing your skin to remove fats for some time until the procedure is complete. It’s scary and probably painful. You might not like the process, especially when you get anxious. With anxiety, you’ll likely ruin the final results.

Well, you have an option now! If you fit the description mentioned, then microcannula liposuction is your answer for fat removal. With this procedure, it’s possible to calm and enjoy a pain-free experience with quality results. Remember, there will be little to no marks on your skin which soon disappear as the incision is quite small and heals quickly.

3. Quicker Recovery Time

The liposuction procedure is always associated with inflammation, pain, bruising, or several other skin issues as you recover. Such post-surgery problems are unavoidable with traditional liposuction methods.

Did you know that sharp tip needles are intrusive? When used, the needles penetrate through your skin, fat, and blood vessels. And such piercings cause evident flaws on the superficial layer of your skin. Besides, microcannulas are narrow incisions during the liposuction procedure and enable quicker healing.

Recovery is quicker because the piercings are minor, meaning no sutures are required after the procedure. So if you go through a microcannula liposuction, don’t worry about recovery. You’ll soon get back to normal activities within one day.

4. Performed Under a Local Anaesthetic

Are you worried that you might take longer to resume your work due to anesthesia recovery? Well, don’t fret. Microcannula liposuction surgery is performed under local anesthesia. It eliminates the need to wait longer as you would in general anesthesia surgery.

Microcannula Liposuction Concerns

Microcannula liposuction is a delicate procedure, and for excellent results, one must consider specific actions. The negative facets of microcannula liposuction can be evaded if the patient is fit for the process. Here are some more concerns:

1. More extended Period and Effort Required Per Session

With minor inside diameters, microcannula needles are known to remove less fat per every incision. Every time the microcannula is inserted, a smaller amount of fat is removed than in larger needles. Patients undergoing this treatment should be prepared to wait a bit longer for the procedure to be complete.

While it’s time-consuming, there’s a guarantee for better results as it’s accurate and improves surface fat removal. Besides, less effort is needed during the procedure as microcannula can penetrate the fibrous fatty tissues easily.

The outcome from this procedure is long lasting though. Plastic surgeons need to speak to the patient about their expectations. If you have undergone other liposuction methods before, ask to know the time expected in recovery for quality results.

2. Need for a Skilled Plastic Surgeon

Have you made an appointment with the doctor for microcannula liposuction? Is your doctor an expert in this field? You can check their certification to be sure. Most medical institutions make it a requirement to have the training and a certificate in this field. Besides, most local anesthetics are in an excellent position to train and become professionals in this liposuction technique.

Microcannula liposuction requires minimal straining on the wrists or elbows of the doctor. The surgery is different from the traditional liposuction methods in which force is used. It’s essential to undergo the procedure with the right people as it’s delicate due to the structure of the tube. Besides, less expertise may cause bending of the needle or painful incision in the patient.

3. Concerns for the Thrombocytopenic Patients

Previously, liposuction led to patient blood loss after extensive penetration of the needle in the skin. But, now there is an option for reduced blood loss. Whether the patient is undergoing lip enhancement, removal of facial fat, thread lift, or brow lift, the introduction of microcannula tumescent liposuction reduces blood loss.

Patients with thrombocytopenic conditions are still at risk of losing blood during this procedure. Thrombocytopenic patients have a condition known as thrombocytopenia which means having thin blood. So, microcannula liposuction might still be risky to such patients even with the advancements recorded in this field. If you have such a condition, seek other fat reduction methods for your well-being.

4. More Openings

Despite the microcannula needles being tiny, they require numerous incisions to clear all the fat as needed. With so many openings created, the risk of getting injured during the procedure is equally high. Plastic surgeons must be efficient to avoid harming the epidermis due to prolonged dyschromia.

What’s dyschromia? The continuous friction on the epidermis while the microcannula liposuction process continues causes postoperative dyschromia.

When the surgeons are careful and competent, such injuries are evaded at the dermal-epidermal joint.

To minimize scarring, you must ensure that the liposuction procedure with microcannula is carefully conducted with a professional surgeon.

5. Too Much Efficiency

There are various methods of microcannula liposuction that are attached with multiple risks. For instance, when dealing with Capistrano microcannula, there’s a likelihood of over-removal of fat.

Are you planning to try out this method of liposuction? Sometimes the plastic surgeon doesn’t recognize this limitation causing a damaging lipotropic. While using such equipment, inexperienced surgeons ought to be more cautious. However, you have to choose your surgeon wisely.

6. Clogged Fat in the Equipment

The microcannula needles are tiny. Therefore, they are at risk of clogging. When the procedure is done, the apertures must undergo thorough and prompt cleaning. Failure to do so will cause the fat to dry up, and this may need special cleaning.

Clean the microcannula to avoid leftover fat blocking the small holes of the cannula tip while changing equipment.

So, how do you avoid clogging? Use germ-free gauze to rub the distal portion of the microcannula while the vacuum pump is running.

7. Risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Despite being a risk in people with darkly pigmented skin, plastic surgeons must be cautious. In cases of dark pigment, the patient’s back and abdomen are at a higher threat of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Other areas, including the thorax and edges, are less prone. If you want to undergo this procedure, it will be wise to let your doctors give you the best advice as the condition is inherited.


From this read, you have all the knowledge you need on the effects of microcannula liposuction and what it is. When you have stubborn fats that do not go away despite physical exercise, don’t get frustrated. Try microcannula liposuction. It’s less invasive, effective and the negative impacts are avoidable. Also, invest in a skilled plastic surgeon. And with the right equipment. You’ll enjoy a pain-free experience with quick recovery! In need of microcannulas? We’re manufacturers of high quality medical aesthetic equipment including microcannulas. You’ll have it all. Get in touch with us.

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