Inspiring Customer Reviews of PDO Thread Lifts

Inspiring Customer Reviews of PDO Thread Lifts

We all seek effective and reliable solutions when enhancing our appearance and regaining a youthful glow. Yastird Medical Aesthetics has been at the forefront of the industry, offering PDO threads that have left countless individuals thrilled with their results. But don’t just take our word for it – we’ll delve into customers’ reviews of PDO thread lifts.

In this blog post, we’ll look at inspiring customer reviews for Yastrid PDO threads. From healthier skin to a brighter and clearer skin texture, discover why people are raving about this invisible treatment. With no pain, downtime, and all gain, you can get instant facelift benefits with PDO threads!

But first;

Why Yastrid PDO Threads?

Let’s explore the numerous benefits of Yastrid PDO threads:

Imported High-Quality Materials

Yastrid PDO threads are made from the best materials. They are hailed from top-notch materials which demonstrate our dedication to quality and efficiency.

We import from the biggest Korean suture company called Samyang. It is a reputable supplier known for its stringent quality control processes and adherence to international standards. We adhere to the strictest standards in the industry making your thread-lifting journey a breeze.

Yastrid PDO Threads Material

One of the primary benefits of Yastrid PDO threads is that they are 100% absorbable. 

The threads are specifically designed to be gradually absorbed. And this nature means there is no need for removal procedures or additional interventions. The threads naturally break down within the body, leaving behind the desired lifting and rejuvenating effects without any residue. This aspect of Yastrid PDO threads contributes to their safety and convenience as a non-surgical aesthetic solution.

Full Types for Meeting Your Different Thread Lift Treatment

As a professional PDO Threads manufacturer and supplier, they make full type of PDO threads such as Mono threads, Screw threads, Multi threads, Eye threads, Nose threads, Cog threads, Mesh threads and Molding threads. We can see, different types of threads can meet different requirements. For example Mono and Screw are commonly used for rewinkles removing and skin tightening of the sagging skin. The Multi Threads is a good choice for filling such as temple and smile line, it make you looks 10 years younger. Regarding the Eyes threads, it’s special for the skin around the eyes like black circlE. Nose thread is widely used for nose shapping, it’s a non-surgical treatment, but will get the good effects as the plastic surgery.

Anyway, Yastrid provid full type and full size of PDO threads, it allows for a customized treatment approach, tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual. The ability to customize the treatment ensures that patients can achieve their desired results and address specific areas of concern. 

Smooth and Long Barb to Ensure Amzaing Effect

Yastrid prioritizes the effect of its customers. The super star products of Yastrid PDO  threads is the cog threads. It has smooth and long barb, it catchs the skin tissue easy, and lead to the good lifting effect.

In addition, Yastrid Medical Aesthetics follows strict safety protocols and adheres to industry standards to maintain a safe environment for procedures. 

By prioritizing safety at every step, Yastrid provides customers with peace of mind and confidence in their chosen aesthetic procedure.


Yastrid PDO threads can be used to address a wide range of aesthetic concerns including lifting sagging skin. 

Additionally, PDO threads can improve the appearance of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and even eyebrows. The versatility of PDO threads makes them a versatile solution for various facial rejuvenation needs.

Here’s a video on how to use our anti-aging products

face lift threading video of how to use anti aging products face lifting thread

What are the Perks of PDO Thread Lift?

1. Healthier Skin After PDO Threads

Clients have commented, “I look five years younger” after having this treatment! Others have said they feel more confident in their skin because it has lifted everything nicely. They have also noted that the process involves minimal discomfort, allowing them to continue their day immediately post-treatment without any downtime required.

2. Younger and Brighter Skin with PDO

PDO thread lifting reduces aging symptoms. This is by enhancing elastin and collagen production for a tighter skin appearance. In time, they also help illuminate and renew the complexion. 

3. More apparent Skin Texture with PDO Thread Lifts

Many customers have shared their transformation stories online, vouching for the effectiveness of PDO thread lifts. These reviews, found on forums and social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, attest to the improvement in overall confidence and skin appearance. 

It’s a compelling option for those seeking more than creams and serums.

4. Fantastic Results from an Invisible Treatment

Unlike surgery or other alternatives, it requires no injections or incisions, making it hassle-free and comfortable. The procedure takes minutes but yields instant yet long-lasting results with minimal downtime. Even after multiple sessions, customers have achieved prolonged results that give them a more youthful look with minimal discomfort.

With this procedure, there’s no risk of scarring or unnatural-looking results associated with traditional treatments, making it one of the safest options available today. 

Furthermore, compared to other alternatives, such as cosmetic surgery options, it’s also cost-effective, making it accessible to anyone who wants great-looking skin without breaking the bank.

5. Instant Facelift Benefits of PDO Threads

These threads have gained popularity recently due to their ability to deliver immediate results with minimal recovery time. PDO Threads effectively reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture, and add volume without leaving scars or requiring stitches. Achieve a healthier skin instantly!

With PDO thread lifts, the results are immediate, and there’s no recovery period. After treatment, patients will notice visibly improved skin texture right away. These threads also create a long-lasting, youthful-looking complexion lasting for months. Say goodbye to extensive maintenance! 

6. Collagen Stimulation

Freshly created collagen fibers stimulated by these threads improves the skin’s suppleness and firmness.

7. No Pain, No Downtime, All Gain With PDO!

Some skin regions sag due to aging or weight reduction. Following PDO thread lift surgery, your body produces more collagen as it recovers, giving you a younger-looking face with decreased wrinkles and drooping skin.

So why give it a try today? With minimal effort on your part and maximum gain in terms of youthful looks, nothing stops you from achieving beautiful, natural results!

Inspiring Customer Reviews of PDO Thread Lifts

customer reviews of PDO thread Lift

Customer Review 1: Jennifer’s Lifted and Defined Jawline

Jennifer, a vibrant 45-year-old, sought a solution to combat the sagging skin along her jawline that made her look older than she felt. After careful research, she chose Yastird PDO threads for her thread lift.

Before: Jennifer’s jawline lacked definition, with loose and sagging skin contributing to an aged appearance.

Jennifer's Lifted and Defined Jawline
Jennifer’s Lifted and Defined Jawline

After: Yastird PDO threads worked their magic, providing an immediate lift and tightening effect. Jennifer’s jawline became beautifully defined, restoring a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

Customer Review 2: Emily Enhanced Cheek Contours

Emily was concerned about the loss of volume in her cheeks that made her appear tired and worn. After consulting with Yastird’s experts, she underwent a PDO thread lift to restore her youthful cheek contours.

Emily Enhanced Cheek Contours
Emily Enhanced Cheek Contours

Before: Emily’s cheeks lacked volume, giving her face a hollowed and aged appearance.

After: The Yastird PDO thread lift procedure revitalized Emily’s cheeks, restoring volume and creating a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Customer Review 3: Sarah’s Lifted and Rejuvenated Brows

rejuvenated brows
rejuvenated brows

Sarah, a 38-year-old working professional, was bothered by her drooping eyebrows, which made her appear constantly tired. She turned to Yastird threads lift to lift and rejuvenate her brows.

Before: Sarah’s eyebrows drooped, giving her a tired and aged expression.

After: The PDO thread lift by Yastird threads, she provided Sarah with an instant eyebrow lift, opening up her eye area and giving her a refreshed and more youthful appearance.

Customer Review 4: Emma’s Smoother Nasolabial Folds

Emma, a 42-year-old mother of two, had developed deep nasolabial folds over the years. She sought a non-invasive solution and chose Yastird PDO threads to smooth out her wrinkles and achieve a more youthful look.

Emma's Smoother Nasolabial Folds
Emma’s Smoother Nasolabial Folds

Before: Emma’s nasolabial folds were prominent, making her look older than she desired.

After: The PDO thread lift procedure at Yastird significantly reduced the depth of Emma’s nasolabial folds, leaving her with a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Emma – After PDO Thread Lift

Customer Review 5: Emmanuela’s Tightened and Rejuvenated Neck

Emmanuela, a 55-year-old businesswoman, was concerned about the loose and sagging skin on his neck that added years to her overall appearance. Determined to reclaim her youthful neckline, Emmanuela entrusted Yastird PDO threads for her thread lift.

Emmanuela's Tightened and Rejuvenated Neck
Emmanuela’s Tightened and Rejuvenated Neck

Before: Emmanuela’s neck, with loose and sagging skin, exhibited signs of aging.

After: Yastird PDO thread successfully tightened and rejuvenated Mark’s neck, restoring a more youthful and defined contour.

Customer Review 6: Jane’s Journey to a Defined Jawline

Jane's Journey to a Defined Jawline
Jane’s Journey to a Defined Jawline

Jane, in her mid-40s, had noticed sagging skin along her jawline, which affected her self-confidence. After extensive research, she decided to undergo a PDO thread lift using Yastird threads. 

The before picture revealed the lack of definition, while the after image showcased a beautifully sculpted jawline. Jane raved about the immediate lift and tightening effect she experienced and the natural-looking results that made her feel years younger.

Customer Review 7: Mary’s Remarkable Cheek Enhancement

Mary’s Remarkable Cheek Enhancement
Mary’s Remarkable Cheek Enhancement

Mary had lost volume in her cheeks, contributing to a tired and aged appearance. Seeking a non-surgical solution, she turned to Yastird PDO threads. The before picture showcased sunken cheeks, while the after view revealed a remarkable enhancement in volume and a rejuvenated look. Mary shared her satisfaction with the procedure, highlighting the minimal downtime and the confidence boost he gained from the results.

Customer Review 8: Elizabeth’s Lifted and Opened Eye Area

Elizabeth Enhanced Cheek Contours
Elizabeth Enhanced Cheek Contours

In her late 30s, Elizabeth was bothered by drooping eyebrows, which made her look constantly tired. Wanting to revive her appearance, she opted for a PDO thread lift by Yastird threads. The before picture displayed a heavy brow, while the after picture showcased raised eyebrows and a more open eye area. Elizabeth expressed her joy at the rejuvenation she experienced, noting how the procedure had given her a refreshed and more youthful look.

Customer 10: Emily’s Brow Lift and Eye Rejuvenation

Emily's Brow Lift and Eye Rejuvenation
Emily’s Brow Lift and Eye Rejuvenation

Emily, a busy professional in her early 40s, was concerned about her drooping eyebrows and tired-looking eyes. Determined to regain a more vibrant and alert look, she chose Yastrid PDO threads. 


The procedure lifted her eyebrows, opening her eye area and providing a natural-looking rejuvenation. Emily was thrilled with her new, refreshed appearance and how it made her feel more youthful and confident, even after long days at work.

Customer 11: Daniela Nasolabial Fold Reduction

Daniela Nasolabial Fold Reduction
Daniela Nasolabial Fold Reduction

Daniela approaching his 40s, noticed deepening nasolabial folds that made her look older than she felt. Seeking a non-invasive solution, she turned to Yastrid PDO threads. After the procedure, Daniela was amazed at the visible reduction in the depth of his nasolabial folds. The smooth and rejuvenated appearance of her face brought a renewed sense of self-assurance, enhancing his overall well-being.

Customer 12: Ava’s Neck Rejuvenation

Ava's Neck Rejuvenation with PDO thread lift
Ava’s Neck Rejuvenation with PDO thread lift

Ava desired a more youthful and tightened neck contour. She opted for a PDO thread lifts with Yastrid threads, and the results were remarkable. The procedure effectively tightened and rejuvenated her neck, reducing the appearance of loose and sagging skin. Ava felt rejuvenated and more confident in her appearance, embracing her newfound youthfulness with joy.

To Sum Things Up

Customers have reported improved skin texture, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and visible lifting effects with minimal risk. Additionally, it is an affordable option with no downtime required and can last up to two years with occasional maintenance treatments. 

With such positive reviews from customers worldwide, why not consider Yastrid PDO thread lifts as your next step toward younger-looking skin? Contact us now! or Email us at:

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