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Yastrid Hydra Needle Roller

Yastrid Hydra Needle --- One of Yastrid's Best Sellers

Hydra needles are a type of tool with multiple small needles that can deliver a solution from a container into the skin tissue, providing benefits such as reducing acne scars, and wrinkles, and promoting hair growth. This device comes with either 20 or 64 needles, each as fine as a hair, and the resulting small punctures on the skin are similarly sized as hair diameter, thus minimizing noticeable discomfort during the injection.

It can be operated by professionals or DIY users at home. Thanks to its high quality and user-friendly features, Yastrid hydra needle has received widespread acclaim and garnered a multitude of devoted fans.

Titanium-Made Needle Tips Plated by a Layer of Gold

The needle tips of Yastrid hydra needle are extremely sharp, which are easy to insert into the skin to deliver the solution. During the process, there is minimal to no noticeable pain, providing a comfortable experience. 20 needle tips of the same length simultaneously deliver the solution to the skin, ensuring both efficiency and reducing the discomfort of puncturing.

The gold-plated needle prevents degradation from repeated use, maintaining their sharpness over time.

Yastrid Hydra Needle 20 needle
Hydra roller

Maximizing the Use of Serums, Minimizing Waste

Hydra needles directly deliver the serum into the skin tissue, ensuring every drop of serum is utilized. However, the process of microneedling involves applying valuable skincare serums to the face and then using microneedles to puncture the skin, allowing the serum to naturally flow into the freshly pierced microchannels.

Unlike microneedling, where unabsorbed serum might go to waste, around 90% of the solution can penetrate the skin with hydra needles. This significantly enhances the treatment’s effectiveness. The advantage maximizes the utilization of serums and, to some extent, reduces the cost of skincare.

Comes with Multiple Benefits

1, Improve moderate wrinkles and tighten the skin.

2, Enhance skin hydration, reducing excessive dryness and roughness.

3, Revitalize and rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, restoring vitality.

4, Diminish acne scars and other minor scars.

5, Address enlarged pores.

6, Yield rapid and long-lasting results.

Hydra needle before and after
Hydra Needle 20 Needle

Hydra needle stamps infuse solutions through small needles into the skin tissue. It is a common tool for delivering cosmetics to the skin.

Hydra Needle 64 Needle

Hydra needle roller infuse solutions deliver serums during scrolling. Its operation is more labor-saving, compared to Hydra needle stamp.

Why Trust Yastrid Hydra Needle Manufacturer?

The Yastrid hydra needle kits boast sharp and finely crafted needles, making it easy to penetrate the skin tissue. The needles are coated with a layer of gold, preventing corrosion and maintaining their sharpness.

As a tool commonly used to deliver serums to the skin, this product has received praise and consistent positive reviews from numerous customers since its introduction to the market. The packaging is exquisite and offers strong sealing properties, contributing to moisture resistance and product storage.

We provide hydra needles in various specifications, from 0.25mm to 1.50mm, which are suitable for various skin items and meet the different needs of consumers.

Step 1: Wash your face and your hands.

Step 2: Put your serum inside hydra needle and put it halfway

hydra needle use at home

Step 3: Press the needle against the skin you want to treat.

The needle at a 90-degree angle on the face would be better.

hydra needle use at home

Step 4: Finally, you can apply more serum with a cotton pat.

hydra needle use at home

Tips: Avoid makeup in the next 24 hours.

What serum can I use?

The Yastrid hydra needle could be used with the following serums, but not limited:

1, Vitamin C

2, Vitamin B

3, Hyaluronic Acid

4, Filler

5, Peptides

6, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

7, Growth Factor

What areas can I treat with Yastrid hydra needle?
  1. Facial areas
  2. Neck
  3. Scalp
  4. Belly
  5. Other body areas
What problems can Hydra needle solve?

1, Help the skin regain firmness and treat certain skin issues such as dullness, moderate wrinkles, and sunburn.

2, Combined with appropriate hair growth factors to address hair loss problems.

3, Alleviate stretch marks.

Hydra Needle Specifications


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FAQ about Yastrid Hydra needle

What is a hydra needle?

Hydra needle is an effective beauty tool designed to infuse various serums into the skin tissue for improving skin conditions. It comes in two types: the hydra needle stamp (also called hydra needle derma stamp) and the hydra roller, each equipped with 20 and 64 needles respectively. These needles are of the same length and retract slightly when pressed against the skin, successfully delivering the serum evenly into the dermal tissue. Users experience a comfortable sensation with only slight, mild discomfort.

How does Yastrid Hydra needle work?

As users press down, the serum evenly and gently flows into the twenty titanium-made needle tips, subsequently entering the skin tissue by pierced channel. This will maximize the function of the serum. At the same time, the needling action stimulates the skin’s regenerative functions, promoting a firmer and more elastic complexion.

What is the difference between Hydra needle and Derma Pen?

The key distinction between hydra needle and Derma Pen lies in their application methods for delivering skincare products. The former directly delivers essential serums into the skin through its pierced channels, while the Derma Pen pierces the skin, and afterward, the serums are applied to the pierced areas.

Besides, the hydra needle is manually operated, while the Derma Pen is electrically powered, with no need for continuous downward pressure during application.

What is the difference between hydra needle and roller?

The Hydra needle, also known as a Hydra needle stamp and Hydra stamp, differs from the Hydra needle roller in several aspects:

Shape: The former resembles a stamp-like tool, whereas the latter has a roller-shaped design.

Usage: The former stamp requires a downward pressing motion and greater force, while the latter is rolled across the face.

Numbers of needles: The former features 20 needles, while the latter owns  64 needles.

Is hydra needle treatment painful?

No, undergoing hydra needle treatment is not painful. You may experience mild pricking sensations and discomfort. If a numbing cream is applied before the treatment, your face will become numb, and you won’t feel any discomfort at all.

After the treatment, occasional redness might occur, which is normal and should subside within 24 hours.

How often should I get hydra needle treatment?

The frequency of hydra needle treatment should be determined based on the length of the needles used during the procedure.

If the needle is 0.5mm long, the treatment can be done at most once a week.

If the needle is 1mm long, the treatment interval should not be less than one month.

If the needle is 1.5mm long, the treatment can be done every one to three months.

Of course, the frequency of treatment is closely related to the individual’s experience. If you find the above frequencies too frequent, you can extend the interval between treatments.

Does hydra needle treatment work on deep wrinkles?

Yes, hydra needles treatment is highly effective in treating deep wrinkles, even in challenging areas such as the mouth. Hydra needle treatment not only stimulates the skin’s natural recovery abilities but also maximizes the effectiveness of its serums.

Visible results can be achieved after just one session, and the effects can last between 3 to 4 months. It’s recommended to undergo three to six treatment sessions within one skincare project, adjusting the interval between sessions based on the needle length.

How do you know if hydra needle is working?

The effects of hydra needle treatment may not be immediately apparent on the same day of the procedure. Most patients experience noticeable results after about a week. As the body’s natural healing process takes place, collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin continues for four to six weeks.

Besides, keep the routine for a few months, and you will get a better result.

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