How to Choose a Doctor and a Clinic for a Thread Lift?

Lately, there has been a surge in individuals seeking cosmetic treatments and reconstructive surgeries such as thread lifting. In fact, the recent global cosmetic threads market was priced at $114 million and is expected to rise by 7% CAGR through 2030. That’s why there’s a demand for information on how to choose a doctor and a clinic for a thread lift.

How to Choose a Doctor and a Clinic for a Thread Lift

Thread lifting, also known as threading, uses PDO threads, PLLA or PCL threads and the human body’s power to stimulate skin cells and collagen production. It can be done solo or paired with other treatments such as chemical peels and laser treatments.

Choosing a thread lifting clinic and a doctor can be a difficult task. Many clinics offer various procedures and packages, and so finding the right one for you is challenging. Choose a clinic by finding out what they specialize in and when they are open to. Also, what are the qualifications of the doctor? Avoid complications and poor services by selecting only board-certified experienced doctors.

Well, this daunting task has been simplified below. Don’t tire!

But Why Should You Be Keen on Choosing a Doctor and a Clinic for a Thread?

If you’ve had a glimpse at a previous article on the benefits of a thread lift, then you’re familiar with most of them. However, we can briefly review some. Thread lifts are affordable, minimally invasive procedures with little to no downtime for anyone seeking to look young and beautiful.

Thread lifts are vital for cheek augmentation, hair transplantation, tummy tuck, butt lift, eliminating nasolabial folds, frown lines, eye bags, and wrinkle treatment, etc. Generally, it helps tighten loose skin and gives you a youthful look. And with combination with other cosmetic procedures like Botox injection and dermal fillers, you may want to keep checking your facial looks in the mirror anytime!

Well, that is the basic understanding of a thread lift, and now you should read on to understand why you need to be keen on selecting a doctor and the clinic for a thread lift.

I know you wouldn’t want to have a failed procedure after having high hopes of enhancing your looks, let alone investing time and money!

So, it would be best if you were keen on choosing a doctor and a clinic for a thread:

  • To avoid complications. Many risks may arise when an unqualified doctor conducts a thread lift. Risks can be bleeding, inflammation, the occurrence of hematomas or hemorrhages, scars, skin reactions, and wrong asymmetry, among others.
  • Satisfaction. Choosing a good doctor will help you feel satisfied as you have surgery as there are many options and different techniques for the surgery.
  • Legal concerns. Getting your surgery done in an accredited facility will also help you avoid legal problems.
  • Hygiene. Good facilities will also have high standards for hygiene, so you will be assured that the environment is clean and safe for you to recover in.
  • Trustworthiness. There are many doctors in the world, but it’s essential to find the best doctor for you. A good doctor is qualified, trustworthy, and can communicate openly with you as the patient.
  • Quality services. A thread lifting clinic plays an essential role in the cosmetic surgery process. They’re the ones who know the ins and outs of what to expect with surgery. They can give you information about the different types of surgery and expectations after surgery as well as speak to you about the risks and benefits of the surgery.

Choosing Criteria for a Clinic for Threading

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic is the criteria you use to select the right one. Ideally, you would want a clinic with well-trained and expert plastic surgeons, well-staffed and experienced nurses, well-equipped operating rooms, and excellent safety records.

Fortunately, many clinics meet these criteria and offer these services. For instance, they offer laser hair removal among others. In addition to this, they offer dermatology and injectables. Also, they provide cosmetic surgery services. This will give you a better idea of what you can find at a clinic for lifting threads.

6 Criteria for Choosing a Thread Clinic

Results and Reviews

You should choose a thread lifting company based on the availability of results and feedback. Check to ensure there’s enough good evidence concerning the clinic. What are people saying about it? The reviews?

It is advisable to be cautious despite the many downsides of the treatment that may arise if the treatment is not made with expertise. The results should be made available to anyone interested to learn about them. The clinic should have been in operation for an extended period to guarantee that the experience is satisfactory to clients.


Is there available proof to show the clinic is licensed? Several ways licensing can be crucial in selecting a thread lifting clinic. The first one that springs to mind is that if the clinic is not approved, it is not taking care of your health needs. This is at the heart of the matter of health care.

Check to confirm that the clinic has licenses for the implementation of medical activities, especially in this field of medical anesthetics. They must have a permit to partake in the process according to the set rules and regulations. Also, they must show a certificate for products used.

Another way that licensing is essential is that if the clinic is approved, the insurance may cover the cost of the treatments. This means less out-of-pocket for you. A licensed clinic is of higher quality than an unlicensed one!


The clinic must have some good years of experience to deliver outstanding clients. It should be discreet in providing its services to be successful all years.

Additionally, the experience will also be indicated by the availability of regalia. This means it should have some symbols like the official garments, tools, etc.  Having some certificates of advanced training will also be handy for proof of experience.

Independent expert ratings

If everything else is adding up to your expectations, just before beginning the procedure, find out the independent ratings of this clinic. This is to say the ratings must be an external evaluation and not from within.

But unfortunately, these ratings are only a guide and may not necessarily imply the legitimacy of the clinic. If anything, they may only aid in giving you confidence in the service they offer.

Availability of Portfolio

Do they have a portfolio to display their kind of work? Something like the before and after pictures? A portfolio has an assortment of documents to prove what the clinic has been offering and what it intends to offer to convince the doubting Thomas clients.

Besides, it’ll be a guide to help you gauge whether the plastic surgeon is offering professional services worth your time and money or something you might want to brush off and proceed to the next. And while some may deny you the chance to have a look at the portfolio, some may willingly share to gain a prospecting client.

Do they have a registered website and official domain?

Without an official website, it’s no doubt that you will hesitate to take such services. If you’re doing your research online, the website is the central place to find the most answers to your questions. The website will give you a glimpse of what is being said about the clinic apart from letting you know if they’re legit or are after money. And if so, that is dangerous. You might land your skin health in dire need.

While the internet offers an open chance for anyone, even businesses, to have an online platform, some untrustworthy people are still manipulating it. Therefore, be keen.

Remember not to have any money transactions before undergoing the thread lift treatment, and ensure to use the pin location and the physical contact address linked to the website.

How Do You Choose a Specialized Doctor for Thread Lifting?

Before we embark on the criteria for selecting a doctor, maybe finding out what a thread lift is is perhaps a significant background for understanding.

The thread lift procedure has been a popular choice for the aging face. Still, more and more people of all ages are seeking it out to redefine facial contours and general body contouring so they can maintain a younger look.

In addition, thread Lifts can be a surgical and non-surgical procedure and are most often used in people who are not candidates for a face lift or other surgical option.

The procedure employs a permanently embedded, thin, horizontal suture inserted into one or two of the patient’s superficial facial muscles. When pulled tight, the suture lifts the tissue and supports that form the cheeks and smile lines.

This technique can completely rejuvenate the appearance of the face with little downtime for recovery. To get perfect results from a thread lift, you should find a very experienced doctor in this technique. You want to make sure that nothing backfires. So, you will probably have such questions:

  • How much time and money can I afford to spend?
  • What do I hope to achieve with the surgery? and

Has the doctor performed this surgery before?

Before deciding on the surgery, it is advisable to examine all of your options, including other surgical facelifts. Remember, different procedures focus on different goals. You may need this for satisfactory answers and outcomes.

Well, to choose a board-certified doctor, you need to ensure you have a:

Thread Lift Consultation

Before the process, there must be a thread lift consultation by a board-certified plastic surgeon.  It is time to familiarize yourself with the procedure as the doctor understands your type of request and the probability of work-ability.

The first thing to consider when scheduling a consultation for a thread lift is the specific expectations for the procedure. Some people are looking to reduce the appearance of sagging skin or lines under the eyes; others are looking to reduce the look of excess fat pockets.

Some people are looking to change their face shape, which is why specific consultations may also want to find out about the type of anesthesia you will use during the process.

What to Consider

Therefore, what type of anesthesia will be used? Some people are only comfortable with conscious sedation because they believe it causes less pain, but others think it causes confusion and drowsiness that can persist into the next day. If someone prefers general anesthesia, then they should go for it.

Also, during the consultation, this is the time for you to speak of any allergies and diseases you may have. Talk of the expectations and create a good relationship with the doctor for accessible communication, trustworthiness, any materials to be involved, and the preparations. It will also help you find out how qualified the doctor is.

They may let you know of other cosmetic procedures such as fillers and Botox injections to enhance your appearance.

Now, request an appointment first before scheduling your thread lift!


It’s natural, as we age, our bodies deteriorate, and we may be left with sagging skin and wrinkles. But now, there is a solution to the problem: the thread lift! Thread lifting is a non-invasive procedure that addresses sagging skin and overall facial appearance. It is an alternative to sagging skin surgery. The pros of the process are that there is no downtime, rare need for anesthesia, and no unsightly scars. In fact, the surgery only takes two to three hours and will give you a rejuvenated look in one day. These benefits, and more, make thread lifts the perfect choice for those looking for a quick, natural-looking face lift.

Now for the not-so-good news. Thread lifting is expensive, and it is sometimes not covered by insurance. And that’s why it’s crucial to choose a reputable, professional thread lifting clinic and doctor. Choosing a doctor and a clinic for a thread has been addressed; don’t stop at that go for the cosmetic surgery now.

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