Are Mono Threads Painful? How Much Do Mono Threads Cost?

Sagging or crepey skin is a natural part of aging, but it might also raise concerns about one’s mental status. Professionals have been using various approaches that involve efficient authentic sutures or threads to restore your face’s youthful appearance. Are you planning on getting a facelift using mono threads but are unsure if it is worth it and budget-friendly? Well, this article will give you a comprehensive guide that will surely help you make your decision to spare you the time and effort.

How Much Do Mono Threads Cost

Opting for mono threads means receiving a thread face-lifting treatment. These sutures are ideal for addressing your drooping skin. They are smooth without barbs and can get tugged to a point on the central face region or the forehead. Instead of eliminating your sagging face skin by surgical procedures, the practitioner merely delays the aging process by anchoring up the intended area.

Moreover, the PDO mono-type smooth sutures are often a part of numerous surgical operations to delicately treat the layers of the skin by sewing them together. The revolutionary twist on the conventional thread lift procedure employs easily absorbed threads that dissolve into the skin with time.

Each aspect contributes to long-term rejuvenation that lasts around a year after treatment, offering you a more lifted profile and a young-looking appearance. Fortunately, since the sutures utilized in a thread lift are minute, you might as well not even feel them getting inserted at all.

Mono threads are non-surgical and have a low level of intrusiveness, in contrast to other dermal injectable fillers, which can be invasive. However, the doctor may choose to anesthetize you immediately as the initial procedure starts. Aside from that, the visible sutures are unable to spot once the skin around them has healed. However, one of several reasons it is necessary to get the service of a trained and accomplished practitioner is to minimize the potential of pain to the least.

Mono-directional face lifting threads are the most frequent and widely used. Nevertheless, the method’s constant progress has resulted in improved versions of every type of its suture. PDO mono threads are relatively short in length, which is why you may not even feel a thing.

Thread lifting with Yastrid Mono Threads

How does it work?

Mono threads are a type of PDO filament that can be placed into the dermis to create a mesh-like structure that potentially tightens it. The dissolvable threads permit the body to synthesize enough natural collagen production in the treated and adjacent areas. The development of elastin or collagen is vital because it serves a significant role in the skin maturing process.

Furthermore, the different parts of the body that lack firmness necessitate varied degrees of thread tightness. Aside from scar recovery, collagen helps to keep your skin resilient, increase volume, and provide a smooth texture. Collagen seems to be the body’s natural mechanism that is bound to react in this way every time it senses such a foreign substance within the dermis or even a slight injury. With this technique, the face tissues get progressively and continually restored. People who receive a thread lift to promote collagen will notice how their complexion and texture will gradually improve.

How do mono threads work

When compared to dermal fillers, these mono sutures offer a more convenient and safer basis for patients and practitioners alike. It enables you to merely target various areas of the body, face, or neck. You may also aim for both at the same time without fear of risks. Fortunately, you can begin using cosmetics shortly after, unlike a surgical facelift, when you must wait weeks to continue your usual lifestyle.

You can immediately use a mild moisturizer, sunscreen, or a skim foundation and concealer post-treatment. Yet, while using dermal injectables, you should be careful since addressing many locations simultaneously at the same time might result in severe swelling and post-treatment pain. Injections of dermal fillers may raise various issues.

Secondly, individuals afraid of needles frequently opt for thread lifting procedures. However, doctors suggest combining the two techniques for improved and somewhat prolonged outcomes. Your practitioner can assist you in sorting through the many considerations to select the approach that best matches your requirements. A well-known example to better understand the comparison can be Botox.

The most noticeable distinction between both is that these face lifting mono threads will encourage collagen formation, whereas a Botox may not. Many folks can necessitate over single Botox injection to achieve the desired effects. It varies from a thread facelift because it gradually numbs the nerves, inflicting long-term harm in addition to wrinkling the skin.

Yastrid Mono Threads

Eventually, this nerve paralysis could lead to such issues as the spreading of toxins and sagging skin. Yet, using Botox alongside mono sutures may amplify the juvenile effects, permitting you to enjoy its prolonged advantages.

Nonetheless, the Chinese-origin way could be preferable to some, particularly those who have already tried the technique. The cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will recommend the best approach for you based on the amount of uplift you desire and other related considerations, including:

  • Region to focus on
  • Desired objective to achieve
  • The type of skin you have and its tone and texture

Dermatological history and diagnosis are also as essential as any other factor since it indicates whether your skin will be able to endure the changes or not. Any skilled doctor might undertake various physical examinations and go through your related medical history.

Even though these sutures are suitable for many circumstances, they are not everlasting and only produce transient effects, unlike a facelift. However, the durability of the threads gets determined by the type used and the aftercare.

Where can you utilize mono threads?

Addressing the under-eye region of the face is one of the substantial alterations whenever it comes to keeping a fresh, revitalized look. These sutures effectively tighten the wrinkles underneath the eyes. When utilizing mono threads for the face, you will notice an instantly constricting impact and collagen production only within a few weeks. Mono sutures, known for their mild and natural uplifting, are best-recommended for treating these types of sensitive areas. Besides this, additional facial features that you may improve by employing mono threads include:

  • Mono threads for lips
  • Mono threads for cheeks
  • Mono threads for acne scars
  • Mono sutures for forehead and brows

Where can you utilize mono threads

You can also use mono threads for double chin to reduce the typical turkey neck via stimulating the elastin that naturally exists within your body. Thankfully, a mono thread lift is a less intrusive solution that can uplift, contour, plus hold drooping face and neck muscles in place. The application of mono threads in a crosshatch pattern to address a double chin contributes to lipolysis along with skin tightening, aiming to restore the ideal elevated degree.

Each suture utilized to target the neck area takes only a few minutes to place. It is very beneficial for individuals who begin to show skin maturing indications.

Side Effects

Thread lifts are less risky treatments since they are minimally invasive. Following a mono thread lift, there is virtually less possibility of bruising or other complications. Like any aesthetic and cosmetic operation, thread lifts using mono threads are less disturbing due to the local anesthetic administered. Moderate skin tightening is quite usual after the procedure that involves facial lifting threads, and it typically alleviates and goes away within fourteen days.

Patients and sometimes doctors get worried about crinkles, dumplings, and sutures being visible as a noticeable negative effect. Studies reveal around 18% of threads pucker, with only good expertise capable of reducing this concern by up to 70%, considering this factor.

Since less risk does not signify any risk, mild swelling and irritation are obvious side effects in the treated area immediately after your treatment. You likely experience minor discomfort as the face lifting threads press between the dermal layers after insertion, resulting in post-swelling.

Side Effect after mono thread lift

However, slight inconveniences caused by it will be gone in less than a week. These facial muscles, together with other features, meet their ultimate positioning. There is no need to feel worried as the body’s healing process gets initiated once the sutures are inside the skin.

Below are a few of the most common transient side effects that remain up to 24 hours:

  • Slight bruising along where the threads got inserted
  • Mild swelling and inflammation
  • Little pain at the insertion site

In unusual circumstances, you may experience:

  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation
  • Scarring at the pierced locations
  • Minor bleeding during or after the procedure

Receiving the proper attention and level of skills is a factor that will determine the success of your treatment. While these threads are not unpleasant, you might experience some discomfort or itching in the targeted region for a few days after they get introduced.

However, here are some of the situations that may warrant a pain-free procedure:

  • Your practitioner has to be a licensed and certified doctor.
  • The dermatologist must be familiar with the facial anatomy.
  • You must carefully follow the pre-treatment care as well as the post-treatment care.

How much do PDO mono threads cost?

Even though your medical insurance would not support your treatment, a PDO mono-thread lift is less expensive than standard facelift surgery. The mono thread lifts and mono threads cost is primarily dependent on the number of sutures used and the areas to address.

Therefore, some average estimations for mono threads price are as follows:

  • The cost of treating laugh lines (wrinkles that develop around the sides of the mouth) with mono threads is roughly four hundred dollars.
  • It is possible that treating the eye areas will cost around $300.
  • A PDO mono-thread lift of the submental or double chin expenses is the same as treating the nasolabial creases, being three hundred dollars.
  • Cheek rejuvenation and drooping jawline tightening are likely to be more expensive when compared to others, costing approximately $700.

Yastrid Mono Threads

Face lifting sutures of various varieties utilize biodegradable polymer substances that are utterly safe to use for both men and women. The instant results of its procedure have established it well-known across the world. It has also proved global efficiency in addressing a variety of targeted areas. Furthermore, studies have revealed that if used appropriately, PDO mono-threads not only possess the ability to produce some uplifting effects, but they are likewise effective in having accomplished outcomes and stimulating elastin production.

Do you want to know if you are a suitable candidate for using mono threads when it comes to a thread facelift?


People with mild sagging and wrinkling symptoms are usually the best candidates for a thread facelift utilizing mono uplifting sutures. Even if there is no set age limit for such procedures, both the genders in their mid-30s to late 60s are eligible. People who couldn’t or wouldn’t prefer a facelift surgery might benefit from this minimally invasive technique.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of reasons why someone may be unfit for this procedure, including:

  • Individuals who have excessive or severe sag might very well not be suitable for undergoing mono threads for the face
  • People with skin conditions are also ineligible for this approach.

In any instance, you should first consult with your primary health care specialist before proceeding with the treatment.

Before and Aftercare

Whatever you decide to do, on the other hand, is equally as significant as what you avoid. Following any thread lift, it is critical to restrict particular activities for the time being. For the mono threads before and aftercare, you must keep the following precautions in mind:

  • Preventing the intake of alcoholic drinks
  • You ought to avoid exaggerated face and neck workouts.
  • Refrain from receiving a facial or neck massage.
  • To minimize swelling and inflammation, apply ice to the affected area regularly.
  • Avoid cigarettes for a few days before and after your sessions since it narrows your blood vessels.
  • Doctors recommend lying either on your stomach or sideways to elude complications in the treated region.
  • Unless otherwise directed by a physician, do not use any pharmaceutical creams or apply heave cosmetics for the first few days post-treatment.

Where can I find the best mono-threads near me?

Choosing the best mono threads to purchase can depend on the number of sutures and where you reside. They can be available at a wholesale store or perhaps on an online platform. However, you must know the FDA-approved brand like “Yastrid Threads” and the thread size you require.

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