How Long Does a PDO Thread Brow Lift Last?

Do your patients consider a brow lift but don’t want to go under the knife? If they are looking for a non-invasive option with long-lasting results, a PDO thread brow lift might be right. So then the main question becomes, how long does a PDO thread brow lift last?

How Long Does a PDO Thread Brow Lift Last

PDO thread lifts are a relatively new procedure, and there is still much uncertainty about how long they last. PDO threads are generally considered a temporary solution with results lasting 6-18 months. However, several factors can affect how long the PDO thread lift lasts, such as the type of threads used, the skill of the surgeon, and the skin’s natural aging process.

If they’re considering a PDO thread lift, they must consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to know how long the results will last. In the meantime, read more about this popular cosmetic procedure!

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure that can help to improve the appearance of the forehead and brow area. The process involves lifting the skin of the forehead and brow, which can help to smooth out wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance.

Dermal filler for brow lift

A brow lift is an outpatient procedure that can be performed in a doctor’s office and only takes about 1 hour. The doctor will use an injection of Botox, dermal fillers, or insertion of threads into the forehead to temporarily relax the muscles in the face.

Brow lifts are typically performed using one of two methods: surgical incisions or non-surgical procedures. Surgical brow lifts involve incisions in the forehead and brow’s skin, allowing the surgeon to reposition the skin and muscles.

It is essential for plastic surgeons to be board-certified to gain the trust of patients. Discuss with them the proper techniques, options available, goals, and expectations. Assess and see if the patient is fit for the procedure.

What is a PDO Thread Brow Lift?

A PDO thread brow lift is a minimally-invasive non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can take years off your patient’s appearance by lifting sagging skin on the forehead and brow area.

What’s the procedure like?

Yastrid Eyebrow Lift

The patient lies down while the doctor lifts the eyebrows by placing dissolvable threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO) under the skin into critical areas of the brow to raise and support the tissue. These threads act as “anchors” to lift the skin and create a more youthful appearance.

Patients may feel discomfort during this time, but it should not be severe enough to require pain medication or cause difficulty breathing. Afterward, their face will look more youthful and fuller as new tissue grows back where we removed the extra skin below their brows!

Some people have their brows permanently lifted and have the procedure done every few years. Others choose to maintain their brows with fillers or no treatment at all.

About three months after the procedure, another follow-up appointment will be scheduled so the patient can be checked on how well the brow lift is healing and make any adjustments needed before they head home!

PDO thread brow lifts are a popular choice for people of all ages who want to rejuvenate their appearance without surgery. But how long do the results last? Keep reading to find out!

Factors that Determine How Long a PDO Thread Brow Lift Lasts

The length of time that a PDO thread brow lift lasts depends on the individual and their desired outcomes. Also, the skin type, the type of threads used, the surgeons’ expertise, and the aging process determine how long the PDO brow lift will last. So, it’s best as a physician to let your patient know of this before taking them through the process.

So, let’s look at each of these factors:

The Skin Type

Careful patient selection, ensuring that there is no excessive tissue laxity and that the skin is neither too thin nor too thick, are the most critical factors in determining the lifetime of the thread lift.

If the patient has dry skin, it will be difficult for the thread brow lift to stay for an extended period because any moisturizer will not remain on the face for more than 12 hours. However, those with oily skin will not be as much of an issue because oil can help keep the thread brow lift intact for more extended periods.

So, it’s good for patients to use a moisturizer every day before going to bed and apply it right after washing off the makeup at night or in the morning when they wake up so that it doesn’t dry up too quickly.

The Amount of Threads Used

The more threads you use, the more different the results will be. Typically, numerous threads are injected into each side of the face.

Yastrid PDO Threads

It’s critical to utilize the correct number of threads while suspending tissues to achieve the most outstanding results. After a thread lift, the skin remodels; therefore, if there is extra skin, a surgical procedure could be preferable rather than a thread lift.

Adding more threads can provide the additional lifting some people require. The amount surgeons use enables help them to tailor the treatment to the issues while also lifting and volumizing the face.

The Texture of the Threads

PDO threads come with different textures. This improves their adaptability to treatment. It also allows you to tailor the treatment according to each patient’s needs.

Using barbed threads ensures that they can hold onto the skin and lift it into position. This allows for long-lasting effects. Screw-type threads allow patients to increase the volume on their faces.

The Type of Threads

There are three types of threads if identify by material: PDO, PLLA threads, and PCL threads. Although in this procedure, PDO threads are the ones being employed, it’s good to note that these other threads last even longer. However, PDO threads have been used for a long and tend to be stable and highly recommended by most physicians.

 Yastrid Cog Threads

Compare with PLLA and PCL threads, PDO material is hard and strong, and we can get an amazing effect after thread lift treatment.

Yastrid PDO Threads covered almost all types of threads such as mono threads, screw threads, double screw threads, multi threads, nose threads, cog threads, molding cog threads, fish bone threads, eye threads and double arm cog threads, etc.

Yastrid Eye threads

The practitioner’s competence

The plastic surgeon is the most crucial factor in determining how long a PDO thread brow lift lasts. A good plastic surgeon can help the patient eliminate any signs of wrinkles, scars, and lines on the face. They will also be able to treat them with the most advanced methods available in the market today.

Age And General Health Condition at the Time of Procedure

Young and healthy patients with no underlying conditions like asthma or diabetes are eligible for a PDO thread lift which will last long. For patients older than 60, there’s a good chance that their browlift procedures will not last as long as they do when performed on younger patients.

The Technique Used

The technique used during a PDO thread brow Lift can also affect how long it lasts. Plastic surgeons must use quality equipment and lighting to get the best results possible. Bi-directional cones or barbs are utilized on the suture to retain the “lift” and produce a lift in the skin.

Yastrid PDO Thread Lift

Preparation and Aftercare Matters

Before beginning a PDO thread brow lift, certain patients may need collagen stimulation, such as using Ellanse, to restore volume and enhance tissue and skin quality. Following the procedure, the patient’s cooperation during the recovery period is crucial because it is advised against making extreme facial movements and to refrain from exercising for at least two weeks to prevent the threads from micro-moving and the new collagen from laying down before it contracts in five to six weeks. It should last 15 to 18 months if everything goes in the patient’s favor.

Though it slows it down, thread lift does not reverse the aging process. Every year, patients might need minor adjustments according to what the doctor evaluates during their visit. This may enhance the look for a much longer time.

There are a few things patients need to stay away from following a PDO thread lift to get the best results. These include sleeping on the side or stomach, donning cosmetics, imitating other people’s facial expressions, consuming alcohol, and producing exaggerated facial gestures.

So, How Long Does It Last?

One of the best things about this procedure is that it helps lift and support the skin immediately while encouraging long-term rejuvenation by stimulating more collagen synthesis.


Accordingly, patients will start to see some firming immediately, and the results will fully develop in six months. Every patient has different results. However, you can expect the results to last up to 18 months.

Thread lifts are long-lasting. But botulinum toxin injections and other dermal fillers last less than a year. But the average PDO patient can expect a complete brow lift procedure to last 18 months or longer.

When a thread lifts, results wear off, typically 18 months or longer; patients can schedule another procedure to maintain the skin’s beauty and freshness.

But if they have any problems with the brow lift, it will need to be redone. Though it’s unclear why this happens, some people report that the thread swells after a few months, which can cause irritation and pain in the eyes.

However, some patients will continue to see results for up to two years. It’s important to note that the success rate of this procedure depends on many factors, including how long the prior brow lift lasted.

Also, this depends on their desired results and tolerance for downtime. To achieve the most natural look possible, they must follow all instructions given by the physician during this period. Additional treatments can help maintain the effects.

So, Should Patients Consider a PDO Thread Brow Lift?

For people concerned about more than just a few wrinkles, thread lift procedures are a fantastic alternative. They desire a more thorough lifting and rejuvenation of the face instead. Maybe the face is losing definition and volume, or crepey skin needs to be tightened. All these problems can be solved by thread lifts, which provide patients with various advantages.

Patients looking for a more natural appearance can benefit from a PDO thread brow lift because it will not require them to undergo additional procedures like filler injections or Botox injections. This makes it easier for patients who want to avoid any issues with the skin around their eyes after surgery. Patients will also find this procedure more comfortable than other types of eyelid surgery because it does not require stitches or incisions.

Other advantages of using a PDO thread brow lift include the following:

  • Patients can get immediate results after this procedure. They do not have to worry about healing time or waiting for new growth (the effects last at least two years).
  • Patients will be able to see results immediately since the thread is applied directly to the skin rather than being applied.
  • Faster recovery time, with no downtime required for sutures or stitches.
  • Enhanced aesthetic results with no damage to the brow bone or skin (no “microtears”).
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and requires no IV sedation for the patient during the process. 5-6 hours after the procedure, patients can return to work immediately and resume normal activities as if nothing happened! 6-10 days after the procedure, patients will be able to return to work after a short period of rest (however, even if they feel fine, we recommend keeping away from strenuous activity for two weeks).

PDO thread brow lift may not work for everyone. But it can be used to address each patient’s cosmetic goals and concerns thanks to many different threads with different textures and the ability to inject them from various directions. For better results, you can combine this procedure with other cosmetic therapies such as dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and botulinum toxin injections.

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