How does an Eye Thread Lift Work?

As more and more people are turning to plastic surgery for nonsurgical beauty solutions, new technology has emerged – revolutionizing the way we think about the aging face. Even celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore have used an eye thread lift. But what exactly is an eye thread lift? Can it trim the face by eliminating the tell-tale signs of aging?

How does an Eye Thread Lift Work

The answers depend on several factors, including realistic expectations and getting the procedure with an experienced plastic surgeon. Remember, trends in plastic surgery come and go, but the best results always come from signing up with a skilled, family-oriented Plastic Surgery office that adheres to safety procedures.

But first;

What’s an eye thread lift?

An eye thread lift is a quick, in-office procedure that corrects drooping skin in the upper and lower eyelids caused by aging, weight loss, and others. An eye thread lift also provides a natural-looking treatment for bags and dark circles around the eyes. After the treatment, correction is visible immediately, and improvements continue to be visible for up to six months or more, depending on the type of threads used.

How does an eye thread lift work?

The eye thread lift, just like any other thread lift, is usually less invasive; it is carried out without an incision being done on the skin. This procedure improves the upper eyelids, the outer eyelids, and the eyebrows.

What’s thread lift

For the procedure, dissoluble threads are implanted beneath the skin on the outside corners of the eye. The eye threads are then drawn lightly to stretch the upper eyelid and raise the flabby tissue.

This procedure gives the patient a double effect. Firstly, because the threads have small cones that anchor under the skin, they give the eye a lifting effect. Secondly, the cones in the threads cause some scaffolding that brings volume under the skin which increases collagen production.

The regenerative effects will be felt weeks after this procedure has been carried out. This is majorly caused by elements that are activated by the collagen. With time the threads used in the process will naturally disappear from the skin, leaving no sign of their existence.

The threads used in this procedure are either PDO threads, PCL threads, or PLLA threads. They all vary in the lasting time, but all are biocompatible and biodegradable. PDO tends to dissolve faster and last less, followed by PLLA, and PCL threads are the most resilient. They have more tensile strength and elasticity.

The PDO type Nova threads and silhouette instalift threads approved by the FDA for facial procedures are commonly used.

The cat-eye or fox thread lift

The cat-eye thread lift, also known as the fox thread lift, has gained popularity in the US, especially with celebrities. Before gaining popularity, many would use makeup and eyeliners to get this look.

People like the cat-eye look because it gives the eye couture look lifted around the corners. Immediately after the procedure, the person will look a little dramatic, but with time, they settle in, and the eye gets a distinct outer corner of the eye. This then gives the eye a cat-eye effect. The procedure takes between 15-20 minutes with minimal or no pain.

Cost for an eye thread lift

The cost of an eye thread lift is typically personalized to one’s needs and expectations. Primarily the client will know the exact price once they go for their first consultation. However, the cost is averagely estimated at $2000 in most clinics in the US. It includes consultation and subsequent appointments.

Yastrid PCL Eye Thread

Procedure for eye thread lift

Like any other treatment or procedure, the patient needs to book an appointment and consult with the doctor that will do the process. The doctor will provide medical advice but, more importantly, examine to identify if one is fit for the procedure and if the treatment will be suitable for them.

How does an Eye Thread Lift Work with Yastrid Eye Thread

If the patient’s skin is exceptionally flabby, the thread lift procedure is inappropriate. The patient may be advised to go for more advanced techniques like the facelift in such cases.

The eye facelift takes 12 to 15 minutes to complete. The cosmetic surgeon marks them for having a symmetrical outcome after the procedure. The patient is then put under local anesthesia to numb the area and avoid discomfort, and the process begins.

When it comes to the eyebrow thread lift, the patient is usually put under local anesthesia. A small injection is done outside the eye on both face areas. This will make the patient more comfortable and take away any pain or uneasiness.

The cosmetic surgeon then inserts a small thread below the skin by using a blunted micro cannula or a hollow needle. The patient may notice the results immediately after the procedure and will improve as the weeks unfold.

Side effects of an eye thread lift?

Whereas the recovery time for the eye thread lift is very minimal as compared to when done on other parts of the body, there is a possibility of one having visible marks for some time.

The area where the procedure is done may experience some bruising, swelling, or redness. It may be appropriate to stay back and relax and avoid going out to social events or meetings until the marks subside.

It is also crucial to take it slow, though gentle exercises may not hurt. Activities such as walking can be done, but avoid making one sweat a lot.

Benefits of the eye thread lift

Due to the procedure being non-invasive, one can get the look they want without undergoing surgery. It also decreases the flabbiness of the upper eyelid, making it have a smoother look. Additionally, it reduces the fine lines and folds on the eye by lifting it, making the skin soft.

It has a short recovery time. Once the treatment has been performed, one can immediately return to work and their routine.

It also increases the skin’s elasticity, tone, and texture. The treatment uses threads and hence no incisions and therefore no scaring. It also stimulates collagen and produces elastin making the skin youthful. The final look of this procedure is more natural than other cosmetic treatments and can also be significantly customized.

How long do the eye thread lift results last?

So many factors contribute to how long the results will last. Some of the factors include; the lifestyle, the person’s metabolism, daily activities like working out, and the kind of thread used in the treatment.

The PDO threads used in this procedure are generally semi-permanent suture material. They will automatically disappear from the skin in 6 to 9 months.

Yastrid PDO Eye Thread

There are different kinds of eye threads used, some last longer than others. We have those that last for years; however, this doesn’t mean that those that stay for a shorter time do not have the same effect. They will both still give the same youthful and smooth look even if they dissolved earlier.

The production of collagen and the rejuvenation of the skin last longer, and the patient will continue to enjoy smoother skin even as the collagen breaks down on its own with time.

How safe is an eye thread lift?

Because the procedure is non-invasive, it tends to be a shallow risk. An infection might happen, but this could be sporadic because one is given instructions on the aftercare.

It is essential to have the procedure done by a qualified doctor who understands the thread lifting system to avoid complications. The threads used in this procedure are dissoluble, completely fine and medical-grade, but they could have difficulties just like any other treatment. Therefore one needs to be careful.

Some of the risks involved with this procedure, like pulling the skin or the noticeable threads, can be avoided if the doctor uses the right skillset.

New techniques keep coming up, and it is essential to identify a well-trained cosmetic doctor who understands the procedure. There are cases where the threads will be poorly placed, leading to poor results. Anyone intending to do this procedure needs to be careful and do their research prior.

Comparison between eye thread lifts and brow lifts

The cost for an eye thread lift is fair compared to other nonsurgical procedures like Botox and dermal fillers. The eye thread lift procedure will last longer compared to Botox or any other nonsurgical procedures that might need to be done every 3-5 months, which translates to more money being used.

Some of the fillers might last between 9-12 months though we have the modern ones that might last up to 18 months or more.

The recovery time for eye thread lifts is undoubtedly more than the recovery time for other nonsurgical procedures but not as bad as surgical brow lifts.

If one is looking for long-lasting results, then surgical procedures are the best because they reduce the skin’s sagging and folding almost permanently. However, if a patient is afraid of going through a surgical procedure due to risks, the thread lift is the best option. If not sure on what to do, one can do the eye thread lift before undergoing more permanent treatment.

Suitability for an eye thread lift

This treatment can be done to anyone 18 years and above and does not have extreme flabby skin.

Though this is the case, there are two diverse groups of people who are usually keen on having this procedure done on them. Also, young women aged in their 20s to 30s do this procedure to change how their eyebrows look and not to sort out age-related issues they might have. Women in their 40s and 50s might be experiencing droopy eyelids and visible lines and wrinkles, and this procedure would help them have a better look.

This procedure could also benefit someone who wants to fix other problems in the eye, like the unevenness of the eyebrows. It can be performed on one side of the eye to lift the brow to look the same as the other.

Thread lifting is, however, not a procedure for everyone. People who suffer from abnormalities such as blood clotting disorders, keloid scars, or those who develop severe infections at the treatment are advised not to undergo this procedure.

Complementary procedures to the eye thread lift

Other procedures that complement the thread lift exist, and experts say that combined can have a lasting effect. These procedures are also non-invasive, and the recovery time is short.

Some of the recommended procedures also help in the healing process and the release of collagen. They also contribute to the firming of the skin and the complexion.

One of the procedures that can complement a thread lift is the ultherapy which utilizes moderate pulses of ultrasound to heat the connective tissues beneath the skin, provoking collagen production. Ultherapy can be applied to any part of someone’s face as it is safe for use. Together with a thread lift, this treatment will give the patient more lifting.

The second complementary procedure is called skin resurfacing. This procedure involves the removal of the top layer of the dermis, removing any blemishes hence growing a more youthful layer of skin. The process will remove any spots on the skin, wrinkles or uneven pigmentation.

If combined, the patient can have a beautiful outcome without undergoing a surgical procedure. The patient, however, should ensure to conduct proper research and have a qualified doctor do these procedures.


Eye thread lifts are a breakthrough in ultra-modern cosmetic procedures. It is the best alternative procedure to get brows lifted without necessarily going through a surgical procedure. The threads work to lift sagging skin around the eyes without invasive surgery by pulling the dermis up and away from the eyelids.

The outcome of the process is not long-lasting, but it is way less risky than the surgical ones. It’s the perfect minimally invasive approach that requires no downtime, will not cause bruising and is easily reversible. At the end of the day, the choice lies with the patient; but it’s fantastic to see such technological advancements within the cosmetic industry.

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