Foxy Eyes Makeup Tutorial: It’s Easier Than It Looks and Get Your Foxy Eyes Naturally

Foxy Eyes Makeup

Move over classic cat-eye for the foxy eyes makeup is here to stay.

Just as the name suggests, the foxy eyes makeup is inspired by the fox’s mesmerizing, sultry looks.

Revered for its ability to make your eyes look wider and more elongated for a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed expression, the foxy eyes makeup is beloved by countless celebrities, from Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner.

But this trending look isn’t just for the celebs; TikTok superstars and YouTube beauty gurus also show their approval for it.

To help you jump on this makeup bandwagon with ease, we’ve penned an in-depth foxy eyes makeup tutorial below, complete with expert-approved tips and tricks.

Also, you can check out this detailed video about how to do foxy eyes makeup:

Enjoy it 🙂

Master These 4 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Desired Look Naturally

Rest assured that the foxy eyes makeup trend is easier to achieve than it looks — the trick to it lies in more than just the winged liner.

Read on to find out what you need to pull the whole look together.

1. Start With Straight Brows

If you look closely, you’d realize the makeup trend’s main attraction — the upward-tilt winged shape — actually goes against your natural brow arch.

Instead, this makeup look favors straight brows that slant towards your temples.

Even if you aren’t born with naturally straight brows, you can still achieve them with any of the following methods:

  • Pluck the eyebrow hairs to shape your brows into a straight, upward slant
  • Trim the hairs at the end of the brows before camouflaging their appearance with concealer in the right shade
  • Shave the tails of your brows — yes, it’s a little extreme but it’s well worth the freedom of shaping your brows however you want them to look

After perfecting the desired brow appearance, apply clear brow gel to the hairs and brush them in an outward motion (toward your temples) for a seamless visage.

2. Choose Your Fave Eyeshadows

You’d be delighted to hear there’s no hard and fast rule on eyeshadow colors and textures in the foxy eyes makeup look.

Instead, let your creative juices flow.

Go with neutral shades for an everyday look, or choose a smoky base for date night.

Experiment with shimmers and sparkles, or play safe with matte shadows.

After all, the focus is on the upturned winged liner.

That said, you will still need an eyeshadow base to show off your fox-eyed liner in all its glory.

To do that, prime your eyelids and set them with some loose setting powder.

Then, have fun with your favorite eyeshadow palette for some shadows and contours.

3. It’s All About the Eyeliner

It’s All About the Eyeliner

Onto the star of the show — the fox-inspired winged liner.

For crisp, precise lines, always opt for a fine-tipped gel or liquid eyeliner.

But if you prefer soft, sultry lines, try an eyebrow pencil or an angled brush (with powder eyeliner or eyeshadow).

When it comes to eyeliner colors, we recommend black for a more dramatic look.

On the other hand, if you want to be more low-key, brown to dark brown works perfectly fine, too.

How to draw the perfect fox eyeliner:

How to draw the perfect fox eyeliner

  • Use the outer corner of your eye as the starting point and draw a fine upturned line that extends slightly toward the brow bone.
  • Trace the eyeliner towards the center of your eyelid before moving it outward again to create a smooth line. It’s best to look directly forward into the mirror instead of to the side. This way, you can keep a close eye on the liner’s trajectory as you draw.
  • Refine the outward end of the winged liner. Compared to the regular cat eye, the tail of the fox-eyed liner should be longer and more slender in an upturned manner.
  • For the inner corners of your eyes, use the same eyeliner to create a tiny, sharp triangle that points slightly downward towards your nose bridge. The lines of the triangle should closely follow the inner shape of your eye. Doing so enhances your overall eye definition, giving rise to the appearance of almond-shaped eyes.

Pro Tip: Sometimes mistakes happen, especially if you’re attempting a winged liner for the first time.

Instead of panicking or groaning in defeat, arm yourself with a pointed Q-tip or a lip brush dipped in micellar water, and effortlessly clean up the errors.

4. Top It off With Mascara and/or Falsies

To tie the whole foxy eyes makeup look together, you’d need to define your lashes.

If you’re recreating the look for daytime or work, feel free to only use mascara.

Apply it to your top and bottom lashes.

To really open up your eyes, focus on adding more mascara to the outer halves of your lashes to build up lash volume.

Gently swipe the mascara brush through your eyelashes to remove leftover clumps for a more defined look.

If you’d like to go all out (or impress your significant other), combine mascara with some falsies.

It’s a powerful duo, especially for lashes that are short or barely there.

Put on the mascara first, then follow up with the false lashes.

You’d also want to amp up your lash volume here, so only place the falsies along the outer two-thirds of your lash line.

Trim the falsies to the desired length if need be.

Alternatively, you can also try individual lashes for a more natural look.

Simply arrange them along the outer part of your lash line.

Put Your Best Face Forward With the Foxy Eyes Makeup Look

Put Your Best Face Forward With the Foxy Eyes Makeup Look

Now that you’re all caught up on the inner workings of the foxy eyes makeup look, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Grab your makeup pouch and a mirror, then settle yourself in a comfy chair.

For a good start, shape your brows into strong, straight lines.

Next, prep your eyelids with whichever eyeshadows you’re into that day.

Then comes the most important part — the foxy winged liner.

The trick here is to take your time to perfect the precise silhouette.

Once you’re done with that, brush on some mascara (falsies are optional here), and you’re good to go.

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