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What Are Fox Eye Threads?

Fox eyes and cat eyes are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a youthful, wide-eyed look. Upward-slanting eye corners combined with raised eyebrows make the overall look more radiant and attractive. Fox eyes can be achieved by plastic surgery, minimally invasive surgery – thread lifts and Botox injections, or through makeup, which can temporarily change the eye shape.

Among them, the fox eye thread lift and cat eye thread lift are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a youthful, wide-eyed appearance without the need for invasive surgery.

The procedure involves carefully placing a dissolvable with micro barbs on the brow bone area and pulling it diagonally upward to raise the outer corner of the eye. Meanwhile, after being inserted into the skin, the fox eye threads would stimulate collagen an make the around-eye areas tight, reduce fine lines over time.

Yastrid High Quality Raw Materials and Precision Needles

Yastrid’s fox eye threads use the highest quality and high-purity raw materials. It is well known that the higher the purity of PDO material and PCL material, the more collagen will be stimulated and the lower the risk of side effects.

Moreover, Yastrid’s cat eye threads have superb and precise needle tip polishing technology, including an L-shaped blunt cannula and an R-shaped cannula. This means that every fox eye lifting thread is made from high-quality materials that have been rigorously screened to ensure safety and high performance. The blunt tip produced under precision instruments is designed to minimize discomfort and trauma after being inserted into the skin, making the surgical process smoother and more comfortable.

Yastrid fox eye threads
Yastrid fox eye threads

Fox Eye Threads Strong Barbs for Better Lifting

As a professional fox eye threads supplier, one of the features of Yastrid’s Fox Eye Threads is its unique barbs design and the strength of the barbs. These high-quality cogs not only make the thread more firmly fixed in the skin tissue of the eyebrows, but also effectively lifts the skin around the eyes upward. By providing an even and long-lasting lift, it creates a more pronounced lift in the outer corners of the eyes, creating a more youthful and flattering eye contour.

If it is a smooth thread, it cannot lift upwards and can only remove wrinkles and tighten the skin. Only fox eye PDO threads and PCL threads with cog can achieve the fox eye effects.

Yastrid Fox Eye Threads Functions and Benefits

Yastrid’s fox eye threads have multiple functions and benefits. First, it can visibly lift and improve eye contours, making eyes brighter and more attractive. Secondly, by lifting the corners of the eyes and brow bones, it can reduce eye sagging and effectively delay the aging process of eye skin. Finally, as collagen threads, fox eye lifting thread can stimulate multiple collagen and make the fine lines and sagging disappear. In addition, Yastrid’s fox eye procedure is a minimally cosmetic surgery option with a relatively short-term effect. If the patient is not satisfied with the results after the operation, it only takes a few months to return to the original state.

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PDO fish bone cog threads for fox eye thread lift

18g 70mm, 19g 70mm, 21g 60mm, 21g 90mm of PDO cog threads are used for fox eye thread lift or brow lift threads.

PCL fish bone cog threads for fox eye thread lift

18g 70mm, 19g 70mm, 21g 60mm, 21g 90mm of PCL cog threads are used for fox eye thread lift or brow lift threads.

PDO fish bone cog threads for fox eye thread lift

18g 70mm, 19g 70mm, 21g 60mm, 21g 90mm of PDO fish bone cog threads are used for fox eye thread lift or brow lift threads.

PCL fish bone cog threads for fox eye thread lift

18g 70mm, 19g 70mm, 21g 60mm, 21g 90mm of PCL fish bone cog threads are used for fox eye thread lift or brow lift threads.

Why Choose Yastrid Fox Eye Threads and Cat Eye Threads?

In addition to the quality and effect of the product itself, our company’s fox eye lifting threads have the following advantages:

Customer Satisfaction and Reputation: As a professional fox eye threads supplier, Yastrid has always been committed to safeguarding customers’ careers and bringing beautiful transformation to patients. The company’s sixteen years of production and sales experience are inseparable from customers’ positive feedback and continuous repurchase, and word-of-mouth spread.

Rich production Experience: Yastrid is a professional facial lifting threads provider, owning an experienced and professional production team They have an in-depth understanding and rich practical experience in fox eye threads production. And various sizes of fox eye threads and product packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

Meticulous After-sales Service: Yastrid is not only a fox eye threads manufacturer, but has a professional after-sale team. They pay attention to the tracking and care work after the product fox threads are sold, and asks customers for feedback in a timely manner. Answer customers’ questions and help them solve any problems that arise during operation to make their recovery process smoother and more comfortable.

GMP standard production workshop: Yastrid’s production workshop complies with GMP standards, ensuring a sterile environment and standard and smooth production processes in the workshop. The high standards of the production environment breed high-quality products, from the purchase of raw materials to the transportation of finished products. Make every aspect perfect.

Strict product control: Yastrid ensures the quality and high performance of each product, and is committed to each product bringing beautiful transformation to customers; we will strictly test the toughness of the thread to ensure that the toughness of the thread passes the test; we will test The penetrating power and toughness of the needle ensure easy insertion of the thread, providing maximum convenience for surgery.

Product name Yastrid Fox Eye Threads
Material of Thread PDO, PCL
Material of Cannula Blunt, Half-Blunt
Needle Size 18G 19G 21G
Needle Length 60mm, 70mm, 90mm
Certification CE, ISO, GMP
Packing 5Pcs/Pack, 10Packs/Aluminum bag
Shelf Life 1Year
Sterilization by E.O YES


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FAQ about Yastrid fox eye threads and fox eye thread lifts

  1. Who is suitable for fox thread lift or cat eye threads?

Influenced by Hollywood stars and various social media, many people want to change their eye shape, and fox eyes and cat eyes are the goals they pursue. So what kind of people are suitable for fox eye thread lifting surgery?

People who are suitable for fox eyeliner surgery usually want to improve the appearance of their eyes. They do not have upturned eyes, or they may feel that their eye contours are drooping due to age or their own reasons, and they want to use surgery to improve the appearance of their eyes. It lifts the skin around the eyes to create a fox-like effect.

  1. What are the side effects of fox thread lifts?

Some side effects of fox thread lift, such as postoperative swelling, pain, minor bruising or congestion, and abnormal sensation or numbness, may occur. There may also be risks of inflammation and infection, which require post-operative care to reduce the risk of infection.

  1. How to recover quickly from the fox eye thread lift procedure?

Use ice packs immediately after surgery to reduce facial swelling;

And selectively take pain-reducing drugs after surgery to reduce the discomfort after the anesthesia wears off;

Take a restful approach, including getting enough rest and avoiding strenuous activity, to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Do not wear makeup for two weeks after surgery.

  1. Can fox eyes be created through makeup?

The fox eye make up is achieved through three aspects. The first is the eyebrows, the second is the position of the eyeliner, and the third is the long eyelashes.

First up is the brows, using a brow liner to temporarily lift and shape your brows, which increases the fox-eye effect.

Then the eyeliner, extend the eyeliner along the upper lash line, lift the eyeliner towards the temple, and apply a slightly upward curved dark eyeshadow on the eyeliner area.

Finally, there are eyelashes. The role of eyelashes on the eyes is well known. The shape and thickness of eyelashes can change a person’s overall style. Use an eyelash curler and fake eyelashes to lift and curl your eyelashes, and note that the shape of the eyelashes is similar to your eye shadow.

  1. How long does Fox eye thread lift last?

Fox eye PDO thread lift can last for half a year to a year, and PCL can last for 2 to 3 years. However, postoperative results depend on the individual’s ability to heal, lifestyle, and care.

  1. What celebrities have a fox eye thread lift?

Some celebrities have undergone fox eyeliner surgery, such as Megan Fox, Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid. These celebrities use this surgery to improve their eye contours, lift the drooping ends of their eyes, and change the shape of their eyes to make them look more charming and attractive.

  1. How painful is Fox eye thread lift?

There is generally no pain or discomfort during the procedure because local anesthesia has been injected, so patients only feel numbness and a slight pulling sensation. People may experience mild pain and discomfort after anesthesia, but most people can tolerate it. There may be some mild discomfort during the recovery process after surgery, but it is usually manageable and will lessen over time.

  1. What does fox eye thread lift or brow lift threads cost?

Generally speaking, fox eyeliner surgery can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. There are the following influencing factors: first, the type and number of fox eye threads. Generally, PCL threads are more expensive than PDO threads. Secondly, the technical level of the clinic. Generally speaking, famous and skilled doctors will charge more. And the different consumption levels in various places is also another factor that affect the price of ox eye thread lifts.

  1. What sizes of fox eye threads are used?

Generally, people use  18g 70mm, 19g 70mm, 21g 60mm, and 21g 90mm of threads for fox eye thread lift as brow lift threads.

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