How to Fix PDO Threads Under Eyes Bruising

So you took the plunge and got the PDO thread treatment for a brighter, more lifted under-eye area. But instead of feeling refreshed, you’re staring back at unwanted guests – those pesky bruises. 

Fear not, fellow beauty enthusiasts! While bruising is a common side effect of PDO threads, it doesn’t have to hijack your post-treatment glow.

This guide provides everything you need about PDO thread aftercare, explicitly focusing on minimizing and managing PDO threads under eyes bruising. 

Understanding PDO ThreadsPDO eye screw threads

PDO threads, or polydioxanone threads, are cosmetic surgeries in which special threads are inserted below the dermis to reshape a particular body area to make it less droopy. 

Most suture materials used in surgeries are designed to be biodegradable and last briefly as they dissolve in the body. They not only cause collagen production but also temporarily lift the skin.

However, bruises can develop like any procedure where the skin is pierced. Due to numerous blood vessels in a small skin area, the region around the eyes is most susceptible to this.

Why Does Bruising Happen?

When the capillaries or little blood vessels underlying the skin are injured, it leads to discoloration and blood oozing out of the damaged area, referred to as bruises. The skin on the regional area or face, especially the eyes, has thin skin on the eyelids, and the area around the eyes feels a little tender, which is why you see marks under the eyes. 

After a PDO thread lift, bruises can result from several factors:

  • Needle Insertion: Procedures such as threading with a needle or cannula may cause thrombosis, leakage, and slight bleeding in the blood vessels. It is the most common cause of clinching; therefore, it must be addressed to not aggravate the problem. 
  • Individual Variability: Many individuals have been born with or develop constant skin frailness in their makeup due to age, color, or disease. The other causes of bruises include genetic history.
  • Drugs and Supplements: Avoid blood thinners such as ibuprofen or aspirin and vitamins, which induce many tiny bruises 
  • Thread Position: When the threads are placed beyond the dermal layer tissues, their relationship with skin and blood vessels changes the probability of bruising. 

Measures to Minimize the Likelihood of PDO Threads under Eyes Bruising

redness and swelling after PDO thread lift

Preparation is key! Before receiving PDO thread treatment, you can take the following actions to reduce the likelihood and intensity of bruising: 

Consultation and Assessment Procedure 

 There should be a preliminary systematic review in addition to a consultation step. Here is why: 

  • Review of Medical History: Tell the doctor about other medicines and vitamins you may take or illnesses that may make your skin easily bruised. 
    • Pre-Procedure Guidelines: Be keen if the doctor or technician specifies conditions to be met. You may need to discontinue internal thinning agents and supplements like omega fatty acids, vitamin E, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, and aspirin. Other medications that your doctor may prescribe include arnica or bromelain, which improves blood supply with a probability of inflammation. 
    •  You should not consume beverages that contain caffeine and alcohol because the latter causes the expansion of the blood vessels, which in turn causes the formation of bruises. 
  • Drink Plenty of Water: It might help with skin requirements and can stay moisturized if one gets it right with water intake. 

Selecting the Ideal Professional 

Experience is crucial. Choosing the right practitioner significantly impacts the likelihood of getting a bruiser; it is an area that requires keen precision. Experts with extensive knowledge and experience are crucial to doing a thorough job.

TLC After Treatment 

Now is the best time to begin healing those tender spots. Regardless of the measures taken to avoid bruises, about fifty percent of the population is usually affected. Hence, after the surgery, activities should be directed towards relaxation and minimizing the formation of bruises. This is your action plan for after treatment:

Quick Post-Procedure Treatment 

  • Cold Compress: When the operation is completed, you can follow the cold compress application method, as it constricts the blood vessels so that there will be no formation of black and blue marks and decreased blood circulation. Cool compresses should be applied on the region under the eyes for a short time (10 minutes on, 20 minutes off) continuously for 24-48 hours. This assists in decreasing inflammation and the overall activity of the blood vessels. 
  • Steer Clear of Strenuous Activities: Within the first 24 to 48 hours, some activities that should be strictly avoided because they could make the bruise worse include those that cause blood to flow to the bruised skin area.
  • Calm Does It: Refrain from rubbing or touching the treated area, as this could aggravate the sensitive skin even more.
  • Elevate Your Head: Sleep with an additional pillow to enhance drainage and lessen PDO threads under eyes bruising.
  • Put Makeup on Hold: Give the treated area at least 24 hours to heal thoroughly before applying makeup. Once you do resume makeup, use gentle products and avoid applying pressure.
  • Saunas and Strenuous Exercise? Not Today. Avoid activities that raise your heart rate or body temperature for at least a week after the procedure. This may exacerbate bruises and edema.
  • Staying Hydrated Is Essential: Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and aid in healing.

Over-the-counter and At-Home Treatments

  • Arnica Montana is a well-liked homeopathic treatment for bruises. It can be used topically or taken orally to lessen discoloration and edema.
  • Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain, which helps lessen swelling and bruises. It is offered as a supplement.
  • Vitamin K Cream: By promoting blood clotting, applying vitamin K cream can assist hasten the healing process.

Solutions for Skincare and Cosmetics

  • Creams that Hydrate: Use light, non-irritating moisturizers to nourish the skin. This may promote faster and more efficient skin healing.

Expert Medical Care

  • Laser therapy: Some lasers can help soothe bruises and accelerate the treatment process by breaking down the blood cells within them. 
  • Microneedling: In the long run, it could also help rejuvenate the skin or reduce the visibility of bruises. 

Beyond Bruises: Conclusion & Self-Care 

PDO eye thread lift aftercare

Here is Lovely news for you! As time passes, you can regain the radiant and firm skin in your under-eye zone while watching the bruises fade. PDO threads can be used for a specific time—from one year to a year and a half, depending on their type and your reaction to them. 

The following advice will help you maintain your results and preserve the best-looking under-eye area:

  • Sunscreen is essential. However, people often forget that exposing themselves to the sun can cause them to age rapidly or even destroy their collagen. Despite a bland, overcast day, it is advised to reapply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher daily. 
  • Good Practices for a Radiant Skin Tone: Eat on time, eat balanced meals, drink water, get enough rest, and exercise regularly. These practices help general skin well-being and glow. 
  • Think About a Skincare Routine: Using a mild skin cleansing and moisturizing process and products with chemicals that cause collagen production, such as retinol and vitamin C (consult a doctor before starting a new skincare routine). 
  • Booster Interventions: You second need to discuss with your doctor about other treatments that can be done alongside PDO threads to enhance results: microneedling or dermal fillers. 
  • Know When to Revisit: PDO threads are not permanent but offer long-term results. Make appointments with your doctor to determine when maintenance treatments are due and when a retouch is appropriate. 
  • Choosing a Healthier Lifestyle: Eating healthy foods with vitamins C and K and other nutrient-rich foods would also help strengthen the blood vessels and reduce the possibility of easy bruising. 
  • Hydration: Taking enough water inside the body can significantly assist in maintaining strong and healthy skin.

Anti-Bruise Products

Although there isn’t a quick fix for bruises, several topical treatments can help:

  • Arnica Cream: This herbal treatment contains attributes that can help reduce inflammation, such as helping to treat or mitigate bruises and inflammation. 
  • Cream with Vitamin K: This vitamin may help wound healing and is vital for blood clotting. 
  • Bromelain Cream: This enzyme, derived from pineapple, has properties such as restorative and anti-inflammatory. 

 Remember: Patience is Key! 

Generally, bruises take 7-10 days to heal, so there is no need to worry, provided nobody is harassed or injured. The waiting time may feel like ages, but it is advised not to scratch the area or hasten the process. Pay close attention to the aftercare and allow your body to recover. 

Although PDO threads can help solve problems with the under-eye area, knowing that beauty is derived from within is essential. Embrace the skin that you have and focus on being confident and comfortable with your skin tone. PDO threads are not a full-faced transformation but an improvement process to enhance the beauty of a person’s face. 

 Bonus Advice: Travel Record! 

Make selfies before and after the treatment to track your progress and realize the outcomes of PDO thread treatment. It can motivate you and remind you how committed you are to making the changes you want for your body and life. 

When one is treated using PDO threads, are there any unique signs that can be followed that may likely develop into a complication? 

Yes, when a PDO thread lift treatment is done, some signals and signs could indicate a problem. It’s critical to keep a close eye on your health and get in touch with your practitioner if you encounter any of the following:

Excruciating Pain 

Some mild pain or discomfort is expected after the treatment; if your pain increases or becomes chronic, the possible cause is an infection or improper thread placement.

Prolonged Redness or Swelling

PDO threads under eyes bruising

It is natural to have some redness and PDO threads under eyes bruising. While bruises are expected, they should generally fade away in good time. An aggravation of the color of the bruises or their development several days after the treatment reflects the state of vessel injury. 

Infection Symptoms 

Some signs include heat in the treated region, redness, and inflammation coupled with thicker-than-normal and yellowish or greenish discharge. Other system syndromes that may be attributable to systemic infection include chills and fevers. 

Bump or Nodules 

There may be minimal PDO threads under eyes bruising or small nodules, but these are generally temporary and should subside as the threads fully integrate into the skin. If nodules are increasing or remaining fixed, they may represent an inflammatory reaction or the implants have been placed incorrectly. If they soar uncontrollably high, it likely comes with a flu or a horrific side effect. 

Observable Threads 

The stitches should not be noticeable on the skin, and no thick thread should pass through them. Visiting your practitioner when you observe some thread starting to come out or poke through the skin is advisable. 


Some swelling is normal, and mild swelling may cause a minimal asymmetry. Any significant or persistent degree of asymmetry may alert problems with those threads’ positioning. 

Skin irregularities or dimpling 

Although it can cure long-standing skin changes, short-lasting skin dimpling may not be required. 

Circulatory problems

Balance and coordination are already symptoms associated with the nervous system. Nerve irritation often has the potential to cause loss of feeling, itchy sensations, or changes in how the skin’s surface feels. Your practitioner will have to evaluate whether these symptoms are acute or chronic. 

Hypersensitivity Reactions 

Adverse reactions to the components in the PDO threads can occur, though this is very rare. Symptoms will be anything from a rash and itching to severe reactions such as PDO threads under eyes bruising of the face and breathing problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What will the bruise be long after the PDO thread lift has been done? 

The healing process and the extent of the bruise some produce will usually determine how long the bruising lasts, generally between one and two weeks. The instructions issued as guidelines and measures to be observed in the post-procedure period can facilitate recovery. 

Are the bruising after the PDO thread lift hidden by makeup? 

Yes, it is possible to camouflage a bruise with makeup so that the incident goes unnoticed by any passerby. It is recommended not to scratch the area of skin where the surgery was performed for at least 24 hours after the procedure; apply makeup concealer with a peach or yellow hue to the area. 

What are things you shouldn’t do if you don’t want the process of bruising to escalate further? 

As per the surgical site and intense activity, it is recommended not to lift heavy objects, bend, or climb stairs for the initial two days immediately after surgery. These activities may increase the blood flow to the face and aggravate the bruises. 

Return to your practice and your practitioner to check if the bruising does not heal or worsens within the next two weeks. Once they assess your health, they can prescribe complementary treatments like lasers or other beauty products. 

Are there any over-the-counter medications I can take after the PDO thread lift?


Ibuprofen or aspirin are not recommended immediately after the procedure because these medications increase the chances of bruising. Acetaminophen, also known as Tylenol, is recommended for pain. 

In summary 

Sometimes, bruises under the eyes can develop as the aftermath of a PDO thread lift; however, that is not a problem that cannot be addressed. This means that the risks can be significantly reduced through awareness of the causes of risk and proper preventative measures. Lots of cures and treatments are available if bruising occurs; they help the body part heal faster. 

Choosing the right doctor, following all the prescriptions and guidelines before and after the treatment, and having a proper lifestyle can help avoid bruises and ensure quick healing. Through these tips and methods, it is possible to get the benefits of PDO thread lift with minimal sensations of pain and no time off. 

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