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When it comes to facial threads, Yastrid is at the forefront of the industry, supplying over 11,000 aesthetic salons across Europe, America, Australia, Russia, China, and Southeast Asia. Even more astoundingly, our factory has been and continues to be China’s leading maker of aesthetic medicines for over 16 years!

We have three primary facial thread types, PLLA, PDO, and PCL — all can be used for numerous facial enhancement procedures, from just reducing wrinkles and fine lines to recreating the famous fox eye.

When you choose Yastrid as your facial threads provider, you can be confident that your patients will be more than satisfied with the outcome. Our threads provide extremely long-lasting results when applied correctly.

Long-Lasting Facial Threads

Facial threads are a safer, less invasive alternative to facelift surgeries. The procedure is done by inserting medical-grade facial threads into your skin and “pulling” the skin to lift and sculpt your face. Patients who have medical conditions who suffer general anesthesia during facelift surgeries can significantly benefit from these facial threads instead. Yastrid offers a myriad of Facial Threads — from mono threads, screw threads, cog threads, eye threads, nose threads, and multi-threads.

The materials we use in our aesthetic threads are of the highest quality and have been scientifically proven to promote and boost collagen production. They have neocollagenesis qualities (PDO, PLLA, and PCL) that increase collagen formation, resulting in fairer, younger, and healthier skin. Moreover, our facial threads have also undergone testing and two decades of study to ensure safety.

Yastrid PDO Facial Threads
Yastrid Facial Threads Needle Tip

Japanese Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel for Needle Tip

Yastrid specializes in manufacturing stainless-steel needles to insert Facial Threads into your skin. We import surgical-grade steel from Japan and cut them into needles using the most advanced machinery to ensure precision and safety.

As we all know, if the needle tip is sharp enough, it is easy to insert the skin and reduce the pain. A good quality needle should not only ensure easy to insert but also should be safe. Like Yastrid facial threads needle tip, you can see it’s very clean on the tube wall. No burr and smooth.

100% True Material for Safety

If we want to know how to estimate what is good quality facial threads? Well, the raw material is principal. If we check the threads only by our eyes, in fact, there is no difference. But good threads should not only be absorbed but also long-lasting. If the threads were made of fake materials, they can not be absorbed and even lead to allergies or hurt the skin, even disfigurement.

Yastrid is so serious with production. All of our facial threads are made of real material imported from Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals. With us, you never worry about any accident, but just a good reputation from your clients and patients.

Yastrid Facial Threads Material
Yastrid Facial Thread Workshop

We Are Certified as 10,000 GMP Compliant

Actually, Yastrid was known as a facial threads manufacturer and supplier. We made class III medical instruments selling in hospitals. Due to this, our workshop is extremely in compliance with GMP standards.

At Yastrid, we place a high value on safety and quality. The American Cleanroom Systems and the International Organization for Standardization evaluate our workshops regularly to ensure our facial threads surpass international standards.

Also, all of our workers wear a coverall and gloves to prevent impurities.

All Kinds of Facial Threads to Help Your Business Grow Fast

We manufacture three types of material facial threads of different sizes to help your business get what it needs. Please see below the varieties that we offer:

Yastrid Pdo Threads
PDO threads made of Polydioxanone are the best for boosting collagen synthesis, which helps to tighten the skin and restore its youthful radiance for a more even and fair complexion.
Yastrid PLLA Thread
PLLA Thread are ideal for cosmetic contouring because of their longevity, making them ideal for nose lifts, jawline rejuvenation, and brow lifts, among other procedures.
Yastrid PCL Thread
PCL threads last over three years with proper care (longest of the three). This thread type enhances skin growth, making it great for tightening up sagging skin.

Why Are Yastrid Facial Threads Highly Valued in 50 Countries Worldwide?

As a professional facial threads manufacturer, we can make different kinds of cog threads. No matter the length, size, and type, just tell us your idea; let us make it into reality.

You may know many brand threads, but you never know what sets each one apart. Here is why Yastrid cog threads are superior.



Yastrid Customer's Feedback

As cog threads are Yastrid’s core product, we pay much attention to quality to ensure each thread has strong tension and lifting effect. We are so excited to invite you to witness the remarkable change after using Yastrid cog threads.


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Yastrid Cog Thread Production Workshop

What Makes Yastrid Facial Threads the Best in the Industry?

For Facial Threads solutions, Yastrid is your one-stop manufacturer and supplier. From the raw materials (PLLA, PDO, and PCL) and needles (microcannula, blunt-tip cannula, etc.) to the size and tensile strength, we make aesthetic medication tailored to your demands.

Moreover, Yastrid is a respected and recognized leader in the medical aesthetics industry and a common name for medical professionals. As a result, your patients will feel confident about their decision when they know you utilize a globally recognized, trusted, and competitive brand (more than 11,000 medical dermal beauty spas and centers in over 52 nations prefer our facial threads).

Our daily production of dermal facial threads exceeds around 50,000 pieces, and we also offer a customer support line open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Yastrid is more than ready to provide you with facial threads and other aesthetic medicine ASAP.

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
Our facial threads employ state-of-the-art barb cutting technology to get a solid grip of the tissues under your skin to maintain a consistent and even tension. With this feature, you can rest assured that your face-tightening won't loosen up within the first two years.
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
We have professional cleaners to consistently upkeep our bio laboratories and workshops, making them super clean and sanitized throughout the day. We are certified by international organizations to synthesize and produce facial threads.
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Check
To reduce the risk of bruising and swelling, we test our blunt-tip cannulas' puncturing quality and make them pliable enough to be inserted.
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Sterilization
Our facial threads are sterilized using ethylene oxide - a low-temperature approach that does not affect their quality post-packaging but ensures safety and cleanliness.
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
Our facial threads are all nitrogen purified to guarantee the elimination of moisture (prolonging shelf life and making them pristine clean).
Nitrogen Filling
Six-Stage Quality Assurance
We ensure that our facial threads are of the highest quality every step of the way. More than a dozen employees double-check our work to establish that only the finest products are sent to our partners.

Facial Threads – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Aging is inevitable. No matter how hard one tries to elude the process of aging, sooner or later it always catches up. The result is a longer, droopy face. Areas most affected by this include the cheeks, eyes, jowls, and neck. Considering this issue, a wonderful facial rejuvenation treatment called “facial thread lift” has been introduced by plastic surgeons.

If you’re interested to learn more about Facial threads, read this guide till the end

What are facial threads? Do they look natural?

Facial threads are usually absorbable polydioxanone medical-grade threads that are made of protein and are thinner than hair.

Facial threads are usually available as floating non-barbed threads or floating barbed threads. While thread lifting produces a noticeable change in the face, these threads lift the entire face by only a few millimeters which makes facial threads look a lot more natural.

Facial threads create a more subtle and natural-looking result compared to facial surgery.

Do facial threads build collagen?

According to the latest research, these threads when inserted in the skin help to relax the underlying muscles and tendons while initiating the synthesis of collagen in the treated area.

As collagen is produced around the thread, it helps to fill out the skin and makes it look younger, tighter, and supple.

Do facial threads dissolve?

Facial threads provide a visible change to the face by mechanically lifting the loose and sagging skin. Facial threads tend to remain in place for four to six months after they are inserted, but then they start to dissolve in the body. However, the results of facial threads last for at least a year or more post treatment.

What are the pros and cons of facial threads?

Like any other procedure, cheek thread lifting also has both pros and cons which must be carefully weighed before the procedure can be performed.

The pros include the following

  • It is minimally invasive and very low risk.
  • It is cheaper than other cosmetic procedures.
  • It stimulates the production of collagen in the treated areas which makes the skin supple and firmer instead of using synthetic collagen.
  • It has very little downtime for the patient.
  • It permits the patient to resume normal activities from the same day only.
  • It can be easily performed within forty-five minutes to an hour.
  • It provides more realistic and subtle changes instead of a drastic lift to the affected area.

Similarly, the cons include the following

  • The effects of cheek thread lift usually last for only six to nine months.
  • For longer-lasting or more pronounced results, other cosmetic treatments are used in addition to thread lifts. This requires more money.
  • Thread lifts are not very effective in eliminating fine lines around the eyes or frown lines around the mouth.

Who is the best candidate for a facial thread lift?

Facial thread lift works best for people who only need slight contouring around the face. They are not suitable for people who need a proper “facelift” due to excessive sagging of skin.

What is the best age to get facial threads?

The most ideal person to consider getting a facial thread lift is a person within the late thirties to early fifties. They are also ideal for older people who cannot have the more invasive facial surgery due to medical reasons.

How many years younger can facial threads make you look?

Facial threads can make a person look years younger because they immediately provide a lifted and firmer look to the skin. This outcome intensifies even further over the next few months as the body starts producing collagen which confers elasticity and suppleness to the skin making it look even younger.

How many types of facial threads are used for skin lifting? What is the best type of facial thread?

Currently, there are three main types of facial threads available which are PDO, PLA, and PCL. However, PDO threads are the most commonly used facial threads because they have been around the longest and are made up of a biodegradable polymer that has been successfully used in surgery for many years.

How many facial threads are used in skin lifting?

There are several factors that determine how many threads are needed such as risk tolerance of the patient, expectations of the patient, and the degree of aging in the patient’s face. Normally, approximately eight threads are used in the face.

There are four threads surgically inserted on either side of the face. These include two on either cheekbone. Two more threads are inserted in the lower portion of the face on either oral commissure.

How long is the facial thread procedure?

This procedure is famously known as the “lunchtime lift” because it can be easily performed in forty-five minutes to an hour and does not have to spread over several lengthy sessions.

What body parts are treated using facial threads?

PDO threads are most commonly used to lift the eyebrow area, mid-face, cheeks, jowls, and upper neck. They can also be used to lift the sagging skin of the stomach, arms, thighs, and the skin around the knee.

How long do facial threads last?

The wonderful effects of facial threads safely last for twelve to eighteen months.

Are facial threads bad? Are facial threads painful?

The use of facial threads is a relatively painless procedure in which the surgeon introduces local anesthesia at the site of the puncture and over the contours of the threads themselves, at the start of the procedure, so that a numbing effect is created. Hence, the patient does not experience any painful sensations during the procedure.

Once, however, the anesthesia starts to wear off some pain and discomfort is normally experienced due to the puncture wounds and the presence of threads under the skin. . However, this pain is normal and can be easily managed with over the counter pain killers.

How do facial threads help with jowls and jaw lift?

Facial threads inserted under the skin, initiate the production of collagen in the treated area and are themselves absorbed over the passage of time. The new collagen and elastin which is laid down help the skin to tighten and contract which results in a sharper jaw and improved jowls.

Do facial threads work for double chin?

FDA-approved surgical facial threads have small tags which are hooked on to superficial skin tissues. Hence when the thread is pulled upwards and tightened, the skin and fat in that area is also lifted upwards. This tightens the treated area and provides a subtle lifting effect. This technique can be applied and facial threads can be used to eliminate a double chin.

Are facial threads good for marionette lines?

Not only that, facial threads are also an ideal way to remove marionette lines from the face.  As we age, there is a loss of volume from the face resulting in the formation of deep creases or folds that originate at the outer corners of the mouth and continue downwards to the outer corners of the chin.

In some people, they may be curved and straight in others. Similarly, marionette lines may be in the form of subtle and barely perceptible lines in some people but in others, they can be in the form of deep fissures around the mouth and chin. This dampens the person’s facial beauty because marionette lines create an unappealing shadow between the cheeks and chin, giving the look of a sunken jowl.  People normally begin having marionette lines in their early thirties or forties but the prominence of these lines can vary due to several reasons. Nevertheless, marionette lines can be very effectively treated by facial threads.

This procedure hardly takes much time and helps in giving a visible lift to the skin by tightening sagging or loose skin. The PDO threads inserted in the skin also stimulate the production of collagen in the treated area which further helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles by filling out the skin.

How long does it take to look normal after facial thread lifts?

Facial threads can be conveniently performed in under an hour and the patient can resume work the same day. However, some mild bruising, swelling and pain is common and may persist for a few days.

If the patient carefully follows the set of instructions given to him by his doctor to stimulate the process of healing, then the bruising is likely to dissipate in seven to ten days. Complete recovery is likely to take around two to four weeks with consistent use of icing, over the counter pain medicines, and proper preventative measures. For example, the patient should refrain from putting pressure on the face for at least two days after treatment. In this way, the face can quickly start looking normal.

Do celebrities get facial threads?

In most cases, the impulse to try out new beauty treatments is often influenced by social media which completely surrounds every person’s life in these modern times. Celebrities are usually the foremost people to try out new beauty procedures because of the easy access they have to the best doctors and beauticians and due to the influx of wealth in their lives. Hence as members of this society, we often surf on the internet, hunting for celebrities who have had facial threads inserted into their faces to see how successful the procedure was in beautifying their appearance even more.

Thread lifting is a procedure that has been tried by various popular celebrities and all of them have been thoroughly satisfied by the results produced. The celebrities who have been mystified by the results of facial threads include Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Gwyneth Paltrow and more.

Are facial threads better than dermal fillers?

As mentioned before also, cheek thread lifting is a minimally invasive, cost-effective treatment to tighten sagging skin. It also helps in increasing cheek volume by stimulating the formation of collagen in the skin once the threads are laid in place. The results of cheek thread lifting are more natural and there are usually no complications at all post treatment.

On the other hand, cheek fillers are injections which are meant to boost the volume of the skin around your cheekbones which provides a plumping effect to the face. It also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in this part of the face. They create the impression of a more pronounced facial bone structure.

In comparison, fillers enhance volume in targeted areas only and require frequent touch-ups while threads are used to provide a light lifting effect to the entire face and are usually all inserted together. Moreover, a dermal filler injection takes five to thirty minutes per area while the entire thread lifting procedure can be completed in forty-five to sixty minutes.  A dermal filler result lasts six to eighteen months while a thread lift can last up to three years. The risk of side effects like lumps and facial bloating is much higher in dermal filler injections compared to facial threads which is why facial threads are now considered better than dermal fillers.

Just remember: Dermal fillers and botox are very successful but are often outrageously expensive, time-consuming, and associated with several risk factors.

Are facial threads better than Botox?

Moreover, facial threads and Botox can both be done every three to four months but while facial threads stimulate the natural production of collagen in the skin, Botox does not. Instead, it minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles which contract repeatedly resulting in the formation of wrinkles in the skin.

Hence while facial threads help to improve the elasticity of the skin and do not harm the underlying muscle, botox does nothing to improve skin elasticity and instead paralyzes the underlying muscle.

Also, facial threads help to combat posits caused because of muscle weakness in the face and boost the volume of the dermis, making them an ideal solution for hollow and sagging cheeks. The results of facial threads can also last up to two years. Botox helps to reduce the appearance of lines and creases especially around the eyes and the results last for three to four months. For longer-lasting results, Botox is often performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers which makes the entire procedure a lot more expensive compared to facial threading. It also increases the duration of performance of the procedure by spreading it over several sessions while facial threads can all be inserted together, in one go.  In this way, the recovery time for the patient undergoing Botox and dermal fillers increases compared to a patient undergoing facial threads.

Thus facial threads are now often considered a better alternative to both dermal fillers and Botox.

Are facial threads breakable? How to avoid breaking?

It is uncommon for facial threads to break under the skin but they can start protruding or they can shift position under the skin which can cause pain and swelling. The threads can also collect creating wrinkles in the skin which is called rippling of the skin. As a result of this complication, an infection may develop along with scar tissue formation which makes it difficult for the surgeon to operate in this area for future treatments. This rippling of the skin and the formation of shallow depressions in the skin due to changes in the position of the threads can be prevented by making sure that the placement of the facial threads is as accurate as possible.

Furthermore, before trimming and fixing the threads in place, the surgeon should make sure that the length of the threads will be suitable for the patient’s various facial expressions. Also, make sure that the threads are of the highest quality so that they do not mold under the skin.

If any complication does occur in spite of taking all preventative measures, the surgeon should use an eighteen gauge needle to make holes in the skin and gently remove the threads using a pair of forceps.

How often can you get facial threads?

Facial threads can be performed every twelve months to maintain the elasticity of the skin and to prevent the skin from sagging because these threads do dissolve with the passage of time and their effects can dampen.

What are the side effects of facial threads?

Potential side effects which may occur in rare cases include the following:

If the barbed threads are too thick to be absorbed they can become palpable under the skin and may also undergo extrusion. If the cogs used are not strong enough, depression can form in the treated area leading to visible dimpling of the skin. Bleeding can also occur leading to a hematoma if a blood vessel is damaged during the procedure.

Nerve damage may result in paralysis of the facial muscles. If the surgeon places cog threads in the cheeks such that they are in a standstill, it can lead to sunken cheeks.

Can you do makeup after facial threads?

It is advised not to apply any makeup on the face for at least forty-eight hours after a facial thread lift because the pressure applied in the act of putting on makeup and removing it, can increase swelling. Also, makeup can clog pores and cause problems in already sensitive skin.

Can you exercise after facial threads?

Exercising and heavy weight lifting is also prohibited for at least three weeks because it increases blood pressure which can increase swelling in the face.

Can you smile after facial threads?  

The patient is also asked to keep facial movement at a minimum which means that he or she should refrain from smiling because that may alter the position of the threads. This should be done for at least one-day post treatment.

Can you eat after facial threads?

For at least one week, the patient should consume soft foods and drinks because they do not require much chewing. Hence, chewing gum should also be avoided for a duration of three weeks minimum. The use of a straw to have drinks should also be avoided to prevent rippling of the skin.

How do you sleep after facial threads?

It is also instructed that the patient should sleep on his or her back to prevent blood pooling in the vessels of the face which in turn, reduces swelling on the face.

How do you wash face after facial threads?

The patient should not be, touch or wet his face for twelve hours post treatment. Once washing is permitted, care must be taken to be as gentle as possible and to refrain from massaging or scrubbing the face for at least three weeks after treatment.

Is skin puckering normal after facial threads?

As a result of facial thread lifting, some bruising, swelling, and discomfort is normal. Additionally, slight puckering of the skin is also normal due to the presence of a foreign object under the skin which adjusts with the passage of time.  These problems should disappear on their own over a span of one to two weeks. However, if the puckering does not mitigate then the patient should consult the surgeon as soon as possible.

What is facial thread aftercare? How to reduce swelling after facial threads?

In order to reduce swelling as a result of facial threads, gently apply ice on the treated area for a few minutes at a time, four to five times a day. This should be continued for one week. Tylenol can be taken to reduce tenderness and pain. The use of aspirin should be avoided for some time. Avoid getting any dental procedure for at least two weeks post treatment to accommodate the natural healing process. And whenever possible, try to keep your head elevated. All this will facilitate your natural recovery and minimize swelling.

What are facial thread complications?

Cheek thread lifting is a minimally invasive treatment for sagging skin which makes it very low risk. In rare cases, however, the following complication may develop: Prolonged discomfort and pain which cannot be managed with over the counter medication, a lot of swelling and soreness,  formation of a hematoma in the skin due to damage to a blood capillary wall, and Infections can develop especially if the threads were not sterile. Moreover, facial asymmetry, which may be present in some individuals at birth, can also get more pronounced after a thread lift. The threads may also shift position under the skin or start to protrude leading to pain and further problems.

What is the cost of facial threads?

The cost of having a cheek thread lift can vary on the basis of different factors. These include the region you live in, the experience of your surgeon, and also the size of the area you wish to have treated. According to one doctor, cheek thread lifting costs forty percent of what conventional face lifting would cost. In the United States, the average cost of having a thread lift is $2250. If the client wishes to have several areas treated, the cost of the procedure increases. Similarly, threading of the breast area will also cost more. Roughly speaking, the cost of cheek thread lifting falls in between $1500 and $3000.

From where can we buy high quality facial threads?

Additionally, in order to buy the best quality facial threads, you must make sure that you purchase threads from a manufacturer whose product meets CE2292 and ISO13485 standards. Also, the manufacturer must have ample experience in the making of threads. They must use imported machinery to cut smooth threads. They must have social media presence and user friendly website for easy access. They must also be willing to provide free samples.

“Yastrid.com” is ideal for these threads because it’s a 16 years’ experience facial threads manufacturer and supplier who and provides high quality cog threads at a reasonable price.

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