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Yastrid is a professional face lifting threads Supplier, we are dedicated to recreate everyone's beauty and youth!

Yastrid丨18 Years Experience Face Lifting Threads Manufacturer, Aways Pursuing the Goal of "Recreate Your Beauty"

As a reliable face lifting threads supplier, Yastrid has long been dedicated to the pursuit of “Recreate Your Beauty.” Yastrid team has achieved it before, and will continue to maintain it in the future! We provide high-quality PDO threads, PCL threads, and PLLA threads to clinics, medical aesthetics spas, and other facilities worldwide. These lifting threads are composed of various bioabsorbable components. When inserted into the skin using a needle, they can graduate tighten wrinkles and lift sagging skin. Unlike surgical face lifting, face threading is a minimally invasive procedure with a short recovery and satisfying results.

Each thread provided by Yastrid undergoes thoughtful design, manufacturing, testing, and packaging processes, ensuring exceptional quality. Our face lifting threads boast a repurchase rate exceeding 90%, surpassing the market standard for facial lifting threads. As a company with over a decade of experience in thread production, we have always prioritized product quality and placed customer needs at the forefront. We strive to meet and continuously exceed our customers’ evolving demands.

Extremely Safe Products for Facial Sagging Solutions

Yastrid has obtained ISO 13458  and ISO 14001 certification and FDA approval.

  • Material source: Imported from Samyang, Korean biggest suture company.
  • Production environment: A workshop adhering to GMP standards.
  • Package process: Consisting of four layers, ensuring 100% sealing.
Face lifting threads
face lifting threads

Powerful Performance of Each Tiny Threads

The tensile strength of face lifting threads has always been a matter of great importance, and Yastrid’s collagen threads undergo testing on a tension testing machine, achieving excellent results.

Moreover, the barbs on the v lift thread exhibit a robust shape and strong compressive ability when observed under a magnifying glass and beening testing, clearly outperforming most of other manufacturers.

At last, the most common praise we hear from customers is that the needles are easy to insert, user-friendly.

Visible and Natural Results after Facial Thread Lift with Yastrid Collagen Thread

Yastrid’s face lifting threads have received high recognition from numerous nurses. The most crucial reason is the perfect facial improvement effects that Yastrid bring to end customers. We brings remarkable yet very natural results to our patients, recreating people’s beauty and rebuilding their confidence. Yastrid collagen threads not only improve facial wrinkles and reshape facial contours, but provide the same effect on the body.

Face lifting threads

Yastrid Various Types of Face Lifting Threads to Meet Your Different Anti-Aging Appeal

Since we are the leading face lifting threads manufacturer in China, we have developed many different types and specifications threads for your different thread lift treatments.  The Main type we have: Mono threads, Twist threads, Eye threads, Nose threads, Cog threads and Molding cog threads, etc.

cog thread
Cog threads are used for eyebrow lifts fox eye lifting with strong lifting. Number of threads needed: 3-4pcs each side.
Body thread lift
Mono threads or screw threads are used for removing forehead wrinkles and frown lines. 40pcs - 60pcs are needed.
eye thread lift
PCL eye threads is used for improving dark circle and fine wrinkles around eyes. 10pcs-20pcs each side.
Jawline thread lift
Mono threads, screw threads, cog threads, cog molding threads are all used for cheek.
Nose thread lift
Nose threads are used for increasing nose bridge, fixing crooked nose. 10-15pcs are needed.
Body thread lift
Mono threads or screw threads are used for improving double chins. 20-30pcs are needed.
Lip thread lift
Mono threads are used for lip enhancement and improving fine lines around the mouth. 10-20pcs are needed.
Jawline thread lift
Mono threads, screw threads, cog threads are used for recreating jaw line. For Mono/Screw Threads, 30-40pcs For Cog Threads: 2pcs
Body thread lift
Mono or screw threads are used for lifting the skin, removing gravidity lines. The number is depended on the areas.

Know More About Yastrid Face Lifting Threads

1, Barbs of threads

Compared to others, the barbs of our threads are precisely cut into optimal shapes. And it carries with strong ability to withstand pressure. It’s easy to hang on the skin to realize the lifting effect.

2, Tension of Threads

Yastrid face lifting threads have stronger tension than others. We could prove it by testing.

3, Shape of the cannula tip

Yastrid cannula tip is shaped like a bullet, and the cut is smooth and clean.

4, Clean workshop

The manufacturing environment determines the cleanliness and safety of the product. Our factory strictly abides by the highest standards and strictly controls the humidity level in the air to build a GMP standard factory to ensure the high quality of the product.

5, Guaranteed raw materials

The threads are premium absorbable sutures that are imported from Samyang — Korea’s biggest suture company and the cannula employed 304 stainless steel, guaranteeing both a satisfying effect and safety for the human body.

6, Perfect package for moisture-proof

product package

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Face lifting threads can be combined with other precedures

The effects of face thread lift can generally be categorized into two aspects: tightening the skin, removing wrinkles, and rejuvenating the complexion; and lifting sagging skin or filling in depressed areas to give the skin a more youthful appearance. Thread lifting alone can bring back your youth and beauty, but when it is combined with other treatments, the results can be significantly enhanced, even doubled. Let’s explore some combinations together.


As we know, Botox is a widely used injectable in the medical aesthetics industry for facial wrinkle treatment. Combining thread lifting with Botox injections can elevate the overall cosmetic outcome. For example, when combined with eye thread lifting, Botox injections can help eliminate fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. The eye area is sensitive, making thread lifting more challenging, but Botox injections can address this issue effectively.

Dermal Fillers:

Lip thread lifting can emphasize the contour of the lips, and when combined with lip fillers, it can achieve a fuller visual effect. Additionally, fillers can be injected into sunken areas of the cheeks and temples to create a more three-dimensional facial appearance, achieving a harmonious and smoother overall look. The results from combined treatment are more noticeable compared to thread lifting alone, catering to individuals with higher aesthetic demands.


In some thread lift procedures, combining face lifting threads with microneedling can accelerate the absorption of the collagen threads and allow for faster visible results. For example, after performing thread lifting to remove acne scars, microneedling can be employed to speed up the absorption process, hastening the treatment progress and achieving quicker scar removal results.

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
Ensure the barb on threads is smooth and strong.
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Safety production environment is all-important to make a quality thread
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Check
The resistance of Blunt cannula big, puncture check is ensure it's easy to insert into skin.
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas can kill all microbe effectively to ensure the safety of the threads
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
We adopt imported machine to keep the moisture content is below 3‰.
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling
We prevent the air and moisture by nitrogen filling, it can extend the shelf life of the threads.

FAQ  about Yastrid Face Lifting Threads:

Q1: What are face lifting threads?

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedure that uses absorbable sutures inserted into the face or body to treat wrinkles and lift sagging skin. This procedure is considered a safe option for those who are not willing to undergo a surgical facelift, as it allows for facial lifting effects without the associated risks.

Face lifting threads also are called collagen threads in the face. There are three types of sutures available on the market: PDO threads, PCL threads, and PLLA threads. In terms of product shapes, the facial threading thread can be divided  into mono threads, barbed threads, screw threads and press cog threads and etc.  Among them, PDO has the shortest duration, lasting approximately 6 months to 1 year. On the other hand, PCL and PLLA have a longer dissolution time, ranging from 2 to 3 years. Naturally, they are more expensive compared to PDO.

Q2: How do face lifting threads work?

As a 100% absorbable suture, the face lifting threads initially are used in surgical procedures for wound closure. Once implanted into the skin tissue, they stimulates the production of collagen, restoring skin firmness and rejuvenating the complexion.

Furthermore, there is a type of suture with barbs, it’s called cog thread or barbed threads, it’s special for v-lifting. When inserted by the practitioners into the skin tissue, barbed threads wound lift the skin tissue slightly, positioning it to the desired location, achieving the facial lifting effect.

Face lifting threads are completely safe and free of side effects, allowing for their confident and secure use. The effects appear immediately after the thread lifting procedure. These effects reach their peak three to six months after the thread implantation as the dissolution and absorption process takes place.

Even after complete dissolution, your skin will maintain a relatively good condition for a certain period, avoiding sudden rebound or drastic decline.

Q3: What is the difference between facial threading and dermal filler injection?

Firstly, in terms of the effects they produce:

Dermal filler injections mainly provide fullness and plumpness to the face, resulting in a subtle facial lift effect. On the other hand, face lifting threads can achieve a mild to moderate lifting effect on sagging facial areas.

Secondly, in terms of the duration of the effects:

Dermal filler injections typically last from six months to one and a half years, while the effects of face lifting threads last longer, approximately 2 to 3 years.

Finally, considering the recovery period:

After dermal filler injections, patients can resume normal activities immediately. However, after thread lifting, patients can regain most of their regular activities within a week but should avoid strenuous activities and extensive facial movements during that time.

Q4: What is the difference between facial threading and surgical facelifts?

Compared to facelift surgery, the advantages of thread lifting are quite evident.

First, thread lifting involves lower risks and is less traumatic.

Second, the recovery period is extremely short, with patients being able to resume normal activities within approximately three days and fully recover within about a week.

However, compared to facelift surgery, the effects of face lifting threads are subtle and temporary, lasting only between 6 months to 3 years. In contrast, facelift surgery can maintain its effects for up to ten years.

Q5: How long do face lifting threads’ results appear?

Generally, after a facial threading procedure, the lifting effect begins immediately because cosmetic threads anchor to the skin tissue and are re-positioned according to the operator’s intentions.

However, it takes about two weeks for the full lifting effect to appear. When the protein threads dissolve and get absorbed, they stimulate the continuous production of proteins, enhancing the facial lifting effect. The process needs some time.

For scar removal or achieving tighter skin and wrinkle reduction, you need to be patient because it may take up to three months for the effects to become noticeable and significant.

Q6: How long do facial lifting threads’ result last?

The duration of the effects of collagen strings in the face depends on the material of the sutures used. For example, PDO threads typically last between six months to one year, while PCL and PLLA threads can maintain their effects for about two to three years.

Of course, the effectiveness also varies depending on the patient’s constitution. Different individuals have different absorption rates, resulting in varying duration of effect.

For those who wish to speed up the dissolution and absorption of PDO threads, techniques such as heating or massaging can be employed to push the process and achieve faster results.

Q7: Are face lifting threads visible under the skin?


In general, face lifting threads are not visible after being implanted into the skin. However, in some cases, inexperienced doctors may place the threads in the wrong position, causing the shape and color of the threads to be visible through the superficial skin layer.

And when using thread lifting to relieve dark circles under the eyes, most practitioners use white PCL thraeds instead of blue PDO threads. The reason is that the thin skin around eyes can cause the blue color of PDO threads to show through, potentially affecting the improvement results.

Q8: Is facial threading painful?

Although facial threading is a minimally invasive procedure, it involves piercing the skin. As a result, there may be redness, swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort, which usually appear within a week.

Regarding the pain caused by face lifting threads, most individuals find it tolerable. Practitioners typically administer local anesthesia before the thread implantation, which may cause some slight discomfort during the injection. However, once the anesthesia takes effect, the face becomes numb, and patients do not feel pain during the thread lifting procedure.

Based on others’ experiences, it is noted that threading near the lips may cause slightly more intense discomfort compared to other areas.

Q9: How to relieve the pain caused by face lifting threads?

During the facial threading procedure, practitioners will perform local facial anesthesia to minimize the pain. In fact, some individuals may not feel any pain at all during the threading process.

After the procedure, once the anesthesia wears off, patients can use ice packs to alleviate discomfort or take some pain relievers. The pain typically subsides on its own within three to seven days. If the pain persists beyond this period, it is important to promptly communicate and seek treatment with the thread lifting doctor.

Q10: Does facial threading make the face frozen?

No, facial threading does not result in an overly tight or numb facial appearance where expressions are limited. The nature of the face lifting threads does not interfere with facial expressions. After being inserted, they gradually dissolve and are absorbed by the facial tissues, without causing any “frozen” effect on the face.

On the contrary, the effects of facial lifting procedures are subtle and natural, offering patients a nice appearance that looks natural and not stiff.

At last, during the absorption process, the threads continuously stimulate the production of proteins, making the skin smoother and more elastic over time.

Q11: When do face lifting threads start to dissolve?

After the thread lifting procedure, the threads in the facial or body area typically begin to dissolve around one month.

During the gradual dissolution process, the skin slowly generates collagen, maintaining its elasticity. The exact time of dissolution can vary depending on the patient’s constitution and the external temperature on the face.

Generally, higher temperatures lead to faster thread dissolution. Additionally, massaging the face can also accelerate the dissolution and absorption of the threads.

Q12: Five don’ts after facial thread lifting.

1, Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, dental treatments, and vaccinations one week before the procedure.

Because these can affect the skin’s healing ability. Dental treatments, in particular, can have a significant impact on post-operative healing.

2, Do not take medication without consulting your doctor at least one day before the procedure, especially blood-thinning medications, to prevent any unexpected issues on the day of the surgery.

3, Do not apply makeup within 12 hours after the procedure, as it can interfere with wound healing and potentially lead to inflammation and infection.

4, Avoid sleeping on your side for the first few days after the procedure. When people side sleep can put excessive pressure on the facial skin, affecting wound healing and potentially altering the position of the threads, thereby affecting the final face lifting result.

5, Don’t touch the needle insertion sites on your face, and avoid making exaggerated facial expressions or engaging in significant facial movements in the days following the procedure. This can prevent the threads from shifting or impacting wound healing.

Q13: Five dos after facial thread lifting.

1, Be mentally prepared and maintain a positive attitude.

Although thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure, having a stable mindset is crucial for recovery, so keep a calm and positive outlook.

2, Within 24 hours after the procedure, you can apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and bruising caused during the thread implantation. You can also take appropriate medication to aid in the healing of bruising, which typically resolves within a week.

3, Stay in contact with your doctor, allowing them to monitor your body or facial recovery and promptly address any unusual conditions that may arise.

4, Maintain a balanced diet, incorporating plenty of vegetables and fruits to supply essential vitamins for skin recovery. Keep a regular sleep schedule, as proper rest is a key factor in the speed of recovery. Ensure you get high-quality sleep.

5, Pay attention to facial miniaturization. Just like how fitness goals require both going to the gym and watching your daily diet, maintaining facial youthfulness and beauty is not solely dependent on a single procedure. Regular skin care and hydration are essential for preserving the effects of thread lifting.

Q14: Will there be any swelling or stitches at the incision site?

It is normal to experience swelling and bruising in the three days to one week after the procedure, but they generally subside with time. If you want external assistance for healing, you can take certain medications, such as bromelain.

After the thread lifting procedure, there won’t be visible stitches on the face. The threads used are buried within the skin tissue.

The only visible mark is a small entry point for the thread, which is very tiny. A small bandage is applied after the procedure and can be removed after two to three days. Remember not to let the incision site come into contact with water within the first 24 hours after the procedure.

Q15: How long does the thread lifting procedure typically last?

The duration of the thread lifting procedure depends on the specific treatment areas for each patient.

For patients aiming to achieve wrinkle reduction on areas such as the forehead and cheeks, using smooth or spiral threads, the procedure time usually ranges from 10 to 20 minutes. Including facial design, disinfection, and anesthesia, the whole process takes approximately half an hour, which is very rapid.

For nose treatments, the entire procedure can be completed in about half an hour.

If the treatment covers the entire face, including a full-face V-lift, wrinkle reduction around the eyes, and filling of nasolabial folds, it may take one to two hours.

However, it’s important to note that inexperienced practitioners may take longer for the thread lifting procedure.

Q16: How to correct wrongly placed face lifting threads?

Scenario 1: If face lifting threads have migrated, they are usually not removed. Instead, new threads can be inserted to correct the issue. Thread migration is often caused by the quality of the threads or the technique used during the procedure.

Scenario 2: If the face develops wrinkles or folds due to the face lifting threads, it is best to consult your doctor promptly. In most cases, the doctor will recommend removing these threads to restore the face to its normal state.

Scenario 3: If bruising and swelling occur, immediate application of a cold compress for about half an hour can be helpful.

Q17: How many threads are needed to lift droopy skin?

Areas Threads needed


For Cog Threads,

3 – 5pcs for each side;

Chin For Mono or screw Threads,


Jawline For Cog Threads, 2pcs
Neck For Mono or screw Threads,


Belly For Mono or screw Threads,


Breast For Mono or screw Threads,

40-60pcs each side

Buttocks For Mono or screw Threads,

100pcs each side

Q18: How often can you get face lifting threads?

The frequency of thread lifting depends on the material used for the threads.

Generally, the second treatment can be performed after the threads have completely dissolved. The results of the second treatment are usually slightly better than the first one due to a certain degree of cumulative effect. Besides, after two thread lifting procedures, the interval for the third treatment can be slightly extended because the results of the second treatment last longer.

Q19: How to choose the brand of face lifting threads?

There are many brands of face lifting threads available in the market, such as Mint and Nova, which are relatively well-known.

However, are these the only brands that can be trusted? Perhaps there are other niche but high-quality face lifting threads available?

The answer is yes. Yastrid’s threads are renowned in the industry for their high quality. Our customer repurchase rate is extremely high. The most important is our products have genuinely brought noticeable and natural changes to our end consumers.

If you want to learn more about Yastrid, you can consult our official website or browse through our online store.

Q20: What are the advantages of Yastrid face lifting threads?

Yastrid is the top face lifting threads manufacturer, we are so proud of our threads have several advantages as below:

First and foremost, we are committed to the goal of “Recreate Your Beauty,” empowering everyone to become the ideal version of themselves, confident and captivating.

One of our key advantages lies in the exceptional quality of our products. This is achieved through the use of advanced machinery, skilled technicians, and reliable suppliers, all contributing to maintaining a high level of product quality.

Secondly, we prioritize the safety of our products. Yastrid face lifting thread has obtained certifications such as ISO 13458 and ISO 14001, and we comply with FDA standards. These certifications demonstrate the trustworthiness and safety of our products.

Lastly, Yastrid is known for its caring and dedicated service. Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience who are ready to answer your inquiries and provide assistance in your aesthetic endeavors, ensuring that more people can experience the benefits of face lifting threads.

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