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No Incision, Less Pain, Long Lasting and Amazing Lifting Results

Yastrid’s Eyebrow Lift PDO Threads: Your One True Solution for Lifted Eyebrows

There are many companies in the market that provide eyebrow lift PDO threads. However, there is undoubtedly no one who does it better than Yastrid. But why is that so?

At Yastrid, we show an undying commitment to the excellence of our products. Since we are constantly churning out eyebrow lift PDO threads, we apply various improvement methods at each step to elevate their quality. It is all thanks to our top-notch and advanced technology and the helpful feedback of our loyal customers. As a result, our team of specialists delivers the perfect eyebrow lift PDO threads to meet all your needs.

  • Expect younger-looking skin
  • Say goodbye to droopy eyebrows
  • Get fully absorbing and pain-free eyebrow lifts

Yastrid's Fan-Favorite Eyebrow Lift PDO Threads

The eyebrow lift PDO threads manufactured at Yastrid are levels above the rest of the competition. because we always use the highest-quality materials for all of our products.

These threads give you an alternative to a lengthy cosmetic surgery that could have potential adverse effects. In addition, Yastrid’s Eyebrow lift PDO threads help in the lifting and tightening of your eyebrows. Let you have the most fashionable eyebrow shape, like fox eye or cat eye.

Eyebrow lift pdo thread

100% Absorbing Sutures for Low-Risk Eyebrow Lifting

If you buy suture material from any local workshop of another company, it is a gamble. If the skin doesn’t absorb the suture material fully, it will lead to an infection.

But luckily for you, Yastrid imports high-quality and fully-absorbing suture material that guarantees to dissolve in the skin when the time is right.

Sharp Barbs for a Longer-Lasting and Powerful Effect

The eyebrow lift PDO threads manufactured at other companies typically have barbs which are short and curved, this thread will be difficult for the threads to hang on your skin. However, Yastrid eyebrow lift PDO threads barbs is long and sharp, making it easier to hang on to the skin. So At yastrid, you can expect a much longer-lasting effect on your eyebrows lift.

Eyebrow lift pdo threads barbs
eyebrow lift pdo thread cannula

No Burrs Equals No Pain

When it comes to eyebrow lifting, the quality of the eyebrow lift pdo thread cannula tip is just as important as the thread. If you use a cannula tip with burrs, it becomes impossible to push into the patient’s skin without causing any pain. But at Yastrid, we manufacture smooth and burr-free cannula tips for pain-free insertion into the skin.

Various Eyebrow Lifting Pdo Threads Products Suitable for All

Yastrid is Professional Provider&Manufacturer for eyebrow lift pdo threads. We provide different kinds of eyebrow lift thread which includs 21g,19g and double needle type, With minimally invasive, painless and no bruise.

PDO Cog Thread 21G
21G is the most popular model for eyebrow lift, it requires the cannula insert into SMAS layer, easy procedure.
PDO Cog Thread 19G
19G thread is thicker, much stronger lifting results,longer duration. with blunt cannula, it will reduce bleeding and brusies.
PDO Double Needle Thread
Double needle type is the new arrival model for eyebrow lift, they are two blunt cannula on the end which requires more higher skills.

Know More About Yastrid Eyebrow Lift Pdo Threads

Eyebrow lift PDO threads will help you to improve your eyebrows shaping, make you have more fashionable eyebrows, like fox eyes or cat eyes. DM or send an email to get the best price, we are waiting for you!

Yastrid Eyebrow lift PDO threads make you more fashionable!

Yastrid is always devoting itself to producing top-quality Eyebrow lift PDO threads. In the past years, because of the world standard products, we were so lucky to get positive feedback and good ratification.

Yastrid Customer's Feedback

You never expected that what a big difference you will get with Yastrid Eyebrow lift pdo threads. Following are some real cases from Yastrid clients.


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Yastrid: Your One True Solution for Effective Eyebrow Lifting ?

Yastrid always does its utmost to manufacture and supply only the highest-quality eyebrow lift PDO threads. We control our product quality and ensure perfection at every step of process. Our trained specialists use only the best material and work by hand to give you a worth product. And last but not least, we always sterilize and remove moisture from our well-packaged products. So, in the end, you can get your hands on reliable and long-lasting PDO eyebrow lift threads!

Advance Barb Cutting
Advanced Barb Cutting
Ensure the barb on thread is smooth and strong.
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Safety production environment is all-important to make a quality thread
Puncture Quality Chek
Puncture Quality Chek
The resistance of Blunt cannula big, puncture check is ensure it's easy to insert into skin.
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas Steriliaztion
EO Gas can kill all microbe effectively to ensure the safety of the threads
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
We adopt imported machine to keep the moisture content is below 3‰.
Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling
We prevent the air and moisture by nitrogen filling, it can extend the shelf life of the threads.