Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift: Is It a Good Alternative?

Non surgical eyebrow lift

While surgical lifts have been there for quite a long time, nonsurgical brow lifts are the new talk of the town. Thread lifts have been gaining popularity recently due to the low-risk factor and great results they offer. It works by injecting threads into your desired area to lift or tighten your skin around that area.

Why should you consider eyebrow lift?

Aging is a natural process that no one among us can deny. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this process. Every wrinkle and scar is a reminder of the journey that we have gone through.

However, there are some beauty procedures we can opt for to age gracefully. It is common to wish for a procedure to give yourself a fresh and energetic look.

Some signs that serve as a reminder of the long way we have come through include fine lines, wrinkles, and hooded eyebrows. On the other hand, some of us have naturally heavier eyebrows that may draw extra attention to wrinkles or fine lines.

In such cases, we may wish to reduce the appearance of these signs without having any side effects.

Hence, here comes the cosmetic procedure that can help you with your forehead appearance, brows and can even help with hooded eyes. You can consider the eyebrow lift non-surgical procedure if you want to avoid surgeries. Some of the results you can expect from a brow lift include:

  • Your eyebrows will have that natural low arch back.
  • Your eyelids will appear less saggy.
  • Reduced appearance of crow’s feet.
  • Eyebrows will be less droopy/hooded.

Is there a non-surgical eyebrow lift?

Some of us want to achieve our desired look without having to go for surgical procedures. While everyone wants to look good, whether it is for simply boosting your confidence or enhancing your look, getting under knives is not everyone’s piece of cake.

The good news is, now we have multiple options available to give your eyebrows a natural low arch lift. Also, if you wish to avoid surgical procedures, there are non-surgical eyebrow lift alternatives available as well.

Different types of non-surgical eyebrow lift

Since every person and situation is different, every face is different as well. For some people, fillers may be a good solution, while others may go for laser resurfacing.

It is important to consult a professional before deciding to go with any beauty procedure. Not only can they provide you with detailed information about the most suitable option for you but they can also give you an insight into what you are signing up for.

A non-surgical eyebrow lift may last for several months, but again, it depends on the type of procedure as well. After some time, you may have to revisit the professional to get a retouch as they are not a permanent solution. Also, you may experience some mild side effects like numbness, rash, and swelling.

Some common non-surgical eyebrow lift procedures include:

  • Fillers.
  • Botox.
  • Laser Therapy.
  • Thread Lift.

Botox brow lift

It is a common procedure that can be either used for a brow lift or treating fine lines. It is a great choice for people who want to avoid surgical eyebrow lifts. The procedure uses injections to relax muscles between your brows. As a result, you now have more open eyes and fewer wrinkles on your forehead.

The procedure can be done on both men and women of age above 18 years old. Other than that, there are multiple other things that a consultant may look for. Thus, only after getting a consultation, you can decide if this procedure is suitable for you or not.

The results of the procedure are quick, and you can see the result within weeks. However, after two to three months, you may have to go for a touch-up or another shot.

If you are wondering if there are any side effects, you are right to worry. However, the good part is, there are little to no side effects from this procedure in most cases.

In some cases, people may experience bruises, swelling, numbness, or similar side effects. In rare cases, if the examination is not done correctly, people may experience breathing problems and droopy eyebrows.

Derma fillers

It is another procedure known as nonsurgical eyebrow fillers. The option is mainly used as an alternative to surgical procedures and is also called liquid brow lift. The fillers may contain hyaluronic acid to add volume to the skin. As a result, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Now you may wonder how adding volume relates to eyebrow lift? Well, the filler is injected behind the eyebrows to give an illusion of lifted eyebrows. Resultantly, the person will have less saggy or droopy eyebrows. Also, it will give an overall fresh look to their face. It takes almost 9 to 12 months after which the person may need another filler.

Laser eyebrow lift

Laser therapy works by increasing collagen production. It may have different uses, and one of them is using laser therapy for an eyebrow lift. For eyebrow lift, laser therapy mainly removes wrinkles of your skin and resurfaces them to achieve a youthful look. The result of this process is not immediate, yet they keep getting better for almost two to three weeks. Hence, it may take one to two weeks to recover from laser eyebrow lift.

One aspect that makes it better than Botox and fillers is the absence of introducing any other substance to your skin. Thus, there are fewer chances of side effects like infection or scarring. However, it is a very costly procedure and not suitable for people with a busy lifestyle.

Can threads be used to lift eyebrows?

Another hot topic these days is thread lift for eyebrows. As the name suggests, temporary medical-grade thread material is used to stitch up your skin in this procedure. It is a skin tightening procedure that uses injections to insert the thread into your skin for rejuvenation purposes.

In simple words, the medical-grade sutures are placed in your skin to create a subtle yet visible lift in your skin. What makes it different from other procedures is how instead of removing excess skin, professionals stitch skin to reduce the appearance.

While it sounds scary at first, it is comparatively less dangerous than any other options available. The risks are minimal, especially if compared to surgery, and people easily continue with their everyday lives after going through this procedure.

Another great advantage of this procedure is it invokes the natural healing procedure of the skin, that is collagen production. In other words, a person who has undergone this procedure will notice the constant improvement in their skin.

They will likely notice that their skin is firmer, and their skin tone is more even. Hence, the overall aging signs are less visible or noticeable. Also, there is a subtle yet noticeable lift near your eyebrows.

Who can opt for a thread lift?

It is essential to know how a procedure works before getting yourself into it. While you may consult a professional before opting for this procedure, having a basic idea can help you in identifying the right procedure and the right type of threads for yourself.

A typical candidate for thread lift can be around the age of 30 to 50 years old. While it may vary depending on different factors, most people of this age qualify for the procedure. Another great aspect of this process is the time it takes to complete.

The procedure, if done by a qualified aesthetic, can be done only in 45 minutes. Moreover, you can actually continue with your daily life work and schedule after getting a thread lift.

Thread lift: How does it work?

The process simply works by injecting threads into your skin. These threads are dissolvable; hence they can create some tightness around your skin. The skin can be either of the forehead, eyebrows or even neck.

Once a thread is inside your body, the body recognizes there is some foreign object in your skin. Hence, it triggers the natural healing process of the skin and starts producing collagen. Which, as a result, firms your skin and makes it more youthful.

A typical thread lift procedure may contain these steps:

  • You will be brought to a room where the procedure will be performed. The professional responsible for completing the procedure will prepare your skin with alcohol or topical anesthetic.
  • Now, the primary process of nonsurgical thread lift will start. You may feel slight discomfort, but a thin needle or similar object will be used to insert threads in your skin. It may take almost 45 minutes to insert threads in your skin.
  • After waiting for a few minutes, you will be free to continue with your daily tasks. Hence, the whole process may last somewhere between 35 to 45 minutes.

You must tell your doctor if you are on any medications or have any medical complications. While the process itself is quite safe, it is better to be aware of any possible consequences.

Are there any side effects of thread lift?

The thread lift procedure is quite safe if compared to other procedures. There are minimal to no risks involved in it. In fact, it is for someone who wants to go for a lift but does not want any major side effects. However, that does not mean there are no disadvantages of thread lift. Some side effects are:

  • Some mild bruising.
  • You may experience swelling.
  • Little discomfort or pain.
  • Little discomfort or pain

In some rare cases, people may experience some more side effects as well. However, these side effects or disadvantages of a thread lift are easy to correct. Such complications are:

  • Allergic reaction.
  • Dimpling or pulling.
  • Pain or discomfort.
  • Experiencing extra tightness.
  • Infection.

How long a nonsurgical thread lift last?

You may quickly notice a subtle difference in your face after thread lifts before and after the procedure. However, it may keep getting better as swelling lessens.

It is important to know that the results of a thread lift are temporary. What that means is, like Botox and fillers, the threads may dissolve, and you may need another procedure. However, the good part is, you do not need another thread lift quickly. In fact, the nonsurgical thread lift procedure may last somewhere between 1 to 3 years.

Another advantage of thread lift is the secondary effect of collagen production, which may last up to 3 years.

Types of thread lift

There are almost three types of thread material used in thread lifts.(if you want to know more you can refer to the other article: Types of thread lift) Those are:

PDO thread lift

PDO thread lift is one of the preferable options for many as it is not toxic. There are little to no allergic reactions to it, and it may last up to 8 months. The PDO threads can be fully absorbed. People may experience minor bruising or pain, or even infection in rare cases.

The PDO thread lift cost may depend on various factors like the place of your residence, the experience of the surgeon, and various other factors. Still, if you want an estimate, you may pay somewhere between $500 to $5000.

PCL thread lift

PCL thread lift is an innovative solution, and the effect may last up to 4 years. It works by stimulating collagen production and acts as a filler. It is slightly more expensive than the PDO thread lift.

PLLA thread lift

Another type of threat lift is PLLA or Poly-L-Lactic Acid. It works by increasing the water factor in your skin. Hence, the skin is more firm after the procedure. The results of PLLA thread lift may last up to 18 months.

Final thoughts

Whether you want a nonsurgical brow lift for hooded eyes or wish to go for it for some other reason, there is something available for you. Thus, without going under the knives you can achieve the look you are aspiring for. In comparison to surgical eyebrow lift, these alternatives are easy and safe. By searching eyebrow thread lift near me, you may get your desired look quicker as well.

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