Perfect Beauty Made Easy With Yastrid Eye Threads

For over 16 years, Yastrid has been helping people look 10-20 years younger with the help of exceptional eye threads. Our eye threads are durable, safe, and effective at tightening your eyes’ surrounding skin (periocular area) to remove dark circles and wrinkles.

● Yastrid Eye Threads use only the purest and highest quality material.
● Pure PDO Eye Threads are proven effective at neocollagenesis.
● We only use premium Japanese 304 surgical-grade stainless steel for our Blunt Tip Cannula.
● Yastrid Eye Threads are used by over 11,000 beauty facilities worldwide.

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Your No. 1 Eye Threads Manufacturer and Supplier---Yastrid

Yastrid, as a leading eye threads manufacturer, is all about overdelivering. From quality to service and logistics, we pride ourselves on supplying aesthetic medicine to renowned medical spas, beauty clinics, medical training centers, hospitals, and all other aesthetic or cosmetics facilities that offer thread lifts. We offer all the aesthetic medicine products you need, from PDO, PLLA, and PCL Threads to Smooth Thread, Twist Thread, Cog Thread, Nose Thread, Eye Threads, and many more. Apart from those, we also synthesize dermal fillers, microcannulas, and meso needles.
We have been in this industry since 2004, supplying over 52 nations and 11,000 cosmetic surgery facilities with premium aesthetic medicine. With our help, making your customers or patients beautiful has never been this easy.

All Kinds Of Eye Threads To Meet Your Different Injection

eye threads lift yastrid

Its special design with blunt tip cannula, which will reduce bruising damage for removing eyes bag or smoothing fine wrinkles around eyes area.

eye threads lifting

It’s very popular among medical aesthecians because its soft specific and long lasting time. It also can help make the skin becomes a little white in some ways.

eye threads lift

This item is very easy to inject for some medical aesthecians who have never use eye threads before. It also helps to stimulate new collagen around eyes area.

Superior, Long-lasting Eye Threads by Yastrid

Yastrid eye threads are not your typical thread lift products. We use 100% pure Polydioxanone, imported from Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals (recognized for its exceptional-grade raw materials), to create eye threads with high neocollagenesis properties.
Our eye threads also undergo the highest level of refining to not only reduce dark circles and eye bags effectively but also avoid bruising or scarring after surgery.

yastrid eye threads lifting

S-Grade Polydioxanone Eye Threads

Here at Yastrid, we never cut back on using the finest materials, which is why we only work with Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals in Korea to provide us with S-Grade Polydioxanone. Aside from enhancing neocollagenesis, pure PDO threads are safer and have never posed any risk of infection. It also leaves a clean, almost non-existent placement trace as it is 100% absorbable by your body.

Blunt Tip Cannula | Japanese Surgical Stainless Steel

The eye threads’ material is only one factor that makes our product superior. Another element that we are proud of is our use of blunt-tip cannula needles for our eye threads.
We import twice-refined surgical stainless needles from Japan for their incredible purity. However, we process them to create blunt-tip cannulas. This technological innovation displaces blood vessels instead of lacerating them — which effectively reduces swelling, bruising, bleeding, and edema.

yastrid eye threads cannula
pushing force test

Rigorous Eye Threads Inspection

Safety is our utmost priority. We understand that our aesthetic medicine products like the Yastrid Eye Threads go into your skin, and one flaw could ruin everything. Fortunately, that will never happen. We have over 13 inspectors who facilitate and assess each thread we make. Rest assured that all cosmetic medicine products manufactured at Yastrid are safe and tested.

Rated 10,000 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

What we boast are not mere claims. We have accolades and certificates to back all of them. Our manufacturing plant is rated 10,000 GMP by the American Cleanroom Systems and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). As a well-respected and reputable eye threads manufacturer, we make sure that we comply and surpass all the requirements given to us by international organizations for safety and quality assurance.

air-conditioning unit

How We Manufacture Yastrid Eye Threads?

cutting cannula
Cutting Tube
Cut raw Japanese surgical stainless steel needles to cannula size.
Cutting threads
Cutting Threads
Cutting Samyang raw material to different size for clients' requirements.
GMP workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Manufacture our eye threads within our 10,000 GMP workshops.
Packing threads into cannula
Packing Threads
Packing different threads into different size cannula one by one.
Sterilized Packing
Sterilized Packing
Pack the ready-to-use eye threads in sterilized medical-grade blister bags.
E.O Ga Sterilization
E.O Gas Sterilization
Sterilize all our products with EO gas to eliminate contaminants.
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removing
Remove moisture using state-of-the-art medical-grade dryers to ensure zero oxidation.
water-proof packing
Water-proof Packing
Second packing using a four-layer foil bag to prevent moisture from contacting the eye threads.

Why Yastrid Is the Leading Manufacturer of Eye threads?

Yastrid PDO Eye Threads are made from the highest quality materials — from premium surgical-grade stainless steel imported from Japan to S-Grade Polydioxanone from Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals in Korea. We are also able to provide customized sizes for your business needs.

yastrid eye thread size list

Yastrid cares about quality above anything else. When it comes to our eye threads, we can guarantee durability and effectiveness as each eye thread goes through six stages of examination (one for each process). With over 13 inspectors scrutinizing each item, you will never experience using a defect from us.

Apart from following the protocols mentioned above, we also comply with strict cleanliness rules posted by the American Cleanroom Systems organization. Our facilities and workshops are rated ISO 7 or 10,000, translating to a near particle-free environment — 0.5-micrometer particle per 10,000 square feet! This level of sanitation ensures that our eye threads are safe from any form of contamination.

As an established aesthetics medicine manufacturer, we are often invited to exhibit our Eye Threads. We join international shows in the aesthetics and cosmetics industry: Forum Labo, AMWC Asia, and China International Medical Devices Exhibition. We aim to expand our connections and inspire other companies to innovate as we have.

As a 16-year-old aesthetic medicine manufacturer specializing in thread lift products, we boast several accolades and awards from well-known international organizations. However, what we are most proud of are the testimonials we get from the end-users: the doctors and patients.

Eye Thread – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

As you get older, you experience dark circles, eye bags, and droopy eyes. A common misconception that you can deal with these problems is by applying under-eye creams or gels?

Under-eye creams are the oldest and the most popular way to treat your dark circles and aging skin around the eyes. But these creams work slow and give results only till the time you use them. To combat this issue, a quick-fix procedure known as under-eye thread lift is gaining popularity all around the world. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and many others have gone through this treatment.

But why has this treatment gained public attention?

The unique part of the eye thread lift procedure is that it is non-invasive, has a little downtime, and offers many other benefits.

So, if you’re also in need to make the skin around your eyes wrinkle-free and plumper, read this guide till the end.

What is an Under Eye Thread Lift?

An under-eye thread lift is a suitable option for individuals looking to improve the appearance of their skin (without using surgery) around their eyes, such as removing eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines.

Many people are confused about How can threads be used under eyes? The answer is that threads are inserted through a blunt tip cannula with mono and twist thread types (known as Wilton Cannula) placed under your eye skin or around it to help lift the sagging skin, thus giving you more firm and smooth under-eye area.

Does It Hurt?

The thread lift procedure is less invasive and is undoubtedly comfortable. You may feel a stinging sensation during the treatment, like needle therapy.

How Do The Eye Threads Work?

The revitalizing PDO mono threads elevate and realign your aging/sagging tissue areas with the help of using innovative technology – that amazed the aesthetic world – in the form of tiny barbs or aka cogs (that are super gentle) inserted under the skin. Indeed, you may benefit from using this advanced injectable treatment technology that not just minimizes or eliminate eye wrinkles but instantly gives you a young fresh look.

How Long Does It Take?

The eye thread lift procedure takes up to an hour to finish.

Are Under Eye Threads Safe?

Under eye lift rejuvenation using PDO and PCL Threads are 100% safe and do not give rise to allergic reactions. However, minor pain, bruising, and bleeding are normal during and after the procedure.

These FDA-approved absorbable threads have been used in heart surgeries for over 50 years, so there’s no denying that the threads are safe and can completely dissolve in the human body.

Does Under Eye Thread Lift Look Natural?

The eye thread lift looks more natural than botox, dermal filler injections, or other procedures. This procedure encourages natural collagen production, which takes a few months to show its full effect.

How Many Threads Are Used In Under Eye Thread Lift?

Depending on the eye area you want to rejuvenate, doctors usually place 10 to 20pcs of mono threads. But in some extreme cases, doctors can also choose to put 20 to 30pcs of threads.

The amount of threads needed also depends on the patient’s skin condition, age, their expectation from the procedure, etc.

Does Eye Threading Only Work For Under Eye Bags? What Other Problems It Can Resolve?

Yes, eye threading is a painless yet effective way to remove your stubborn eye bags. A doctor will inject a thin blunt-tip cannula underneath the eye bag and above the orbital bone. With this non-surgical threading technique, the trough is being filled easily while lifting the under-eye area a little up.

What Causes Under-Eye Bags?

In many cases, eye bags are genetic, but a few factors can trigger your eye bags badly. This includes loss of fatty tissue near the eye area, and as you age, it also starts happening around your cheeks quicker. Because of this uneven skin flattening, your eyes look old and are left with raised lumps of fat – known as eye bags – underneath them.

Besides treating eye bags, other issues that eye thread lift works for includes:

• Reduce under-eye hollowing

• Lighten dark circles

• Reduce the tear trough

• Reduce deep fine lines and wrinkles around the eye

Can PDO And PCL Threads Be Used For Under Eyes Thread Lift?

PDO and PCL thread material are being used in facelift surgery for many years. But now, these are gaining popularity in treating under-eye dark circles, hollow eyes issues, etc. Mono threads are smooth, and their thickness is like fine hair that is inserted via a fine needle under your skin to tighten it. Likewise, these threads also provide a small amount of tightness and lift to the area – both are an excellent option for your under-eye skin rejuvenation.

What Are The Alternatives Of Under Eye Thread Lift Treatment?

As said above, creams work temporarily for under-eye skin issues. Other treatments like therapies, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and botox all improve skin tone and rejuvenate the look of puffy under-eye bags. The results last for a short period of 8 to 9 months.

While these options can offer immediate results when it comes to keeping your under-eye skin soft and hydrated, they really can’t address those stubborn eye bags and the underlying issues that result in droopy eyes. In contrast, under-eye thread list results generally last longer – usually from one to three years. You may need touch-ups after this period lapses.

Is Eye Threading The Best Treatment For Under Eye Wrinkles?

While you meet with your skin care specialists, you should ask if an eye thread lift is a suitable option for you or other minimally invasive procedures you should opt for to rejuvenate your eye appearance.

Generally, people are satisfied with the results of eye thread lift as it is less painful and offers instant, long-term effects.

What Are The Benefits Of Eye Thread Lift?

Lifting and rejuvenation are the two most essential benefits that Eye thread lift offers:

1. Safe and easy procedure

Being non-invasive with minimal downtime makes the risk very low, but you should always go to a certified doctor to prevent serious complications.

2. Recovery time is fast

Compared to surgical procedures, eye thread lift treatment has the least recovery time, up to 2 to 3 days. No bed rest is required, and you can readily resume activities soon after the treatment.

3. Natural-looking contoured eye

The under-eye threading will stimulate natural collagen and elasticity regeneration after 3 to 4 months. Once this period ends, your eye area will regain smoothness and natural contour, with wrinkles diminished.

How Soon Can You See Results Of Under Eye Thread Lift Treatment?

The under-eye thread lift treatment results are immediately noticeable; however, your final results will better appear after 1-2 months of treatment as the collagen production is triggered naturally once your body absorbs the thread. This period is critical because this is the time your skin needs to stay more relaxed as the threads will slightly begin settling into your skin. And, if you’re not satisfied, you can have threads replaced with new threads since it is just temporary. Just remember: Initial results are visible right after the eye thread lift treatment. And due to this, you can already gauge if the results are satisfactory or not.

Is An Under Eye Thread Lift Painful?

The under-eye treatment is less painful compared to other surgical options. You might feel a little discomfort or irritation, but that will be bearable as a local anesthetic is given to patients to keep their bodies calm during the procedure.

Which Is Better Eye Threads Or Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

Fillers are best used to volumize specific areas of concern while providing mild lifting capacity. In contrast, under-eye thread lift can reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkled skin as a whole just after a single procedure. Fillers require touch-ups after a few months, but the eye threat lift (both PDO and PCL) are typically longer lasting.

What Are The Challenges Of Using Fillers In Contrast To Eye Thread?

The difficulties usually faced using fillers is their hydrophilic nature, as you know that hyaluronic acid pulls in water which can create troubles evaluating what quantity filler should be infused to treat your eye bag. The initial appearance after fillers is not as clear as in the case of threads. Therefore, a trained specialist can only gauge its complexities.

Can You Get Filler After Eye Threads?

Typically, there’s no need to get fillers after eye threading, but there’s no harm if you get it. Together these procedures can provide an even fuller eye appearance, closer to results seen in a surgical eye procedure.

How Long Does An Under Eye Thread Lift Last?

Results aren’t meant to be permanent, and the longevity of under-eye thread lift treatment can last from 1 to 3 years but may be longer depending on the person managing it. Afterward, you may need to repeat this lifting procedure (or as advised by the doctor) to ensure continuity of the results.

When Should You Get An Under Eye Thread Lift?

The typical candidate for an under-eye thread lift treatment is in their late 30s to early 50s. In some cases, you may choose to have this treatment before, but a person who is generally healthy and is just starting to notice the wrinkled eye areas or dark circles may benefit the most from a thread lift.

Who’s Not A Good Candidates For Eye Thread Lift?

A patient who has very thin and delicate skin due to genetics, a very mature age person, or those who have too much sun exposure isn’t considered a good candidate for this treatment. The doctor may advise other eye rejuvenation treatments.

How Do You Sleep After An Under Eye Thread Lift?

It is recommended to sleep on your back after you get an eye thread lift treatment – to prevent any bruising or swelling. Likewise, you’ll need to avoid placing pressure on your eye area or whole face as it may disturb the threads placed inside the skin and result in threads misalignment. Just remember: Do not sleep on your side for the first 10 to 15 days or as per the doctor’s advice.

Can An Under Eye Thread Lift Be Removed?

Yes, PDO and PCL threads are removable using minor surgical procedures. If you’re experiencing problems with the procedure or overall not satisfied with the cosmetic results, you can get it removed. But before you choose to reverse the treatment, be informed that the eye thread is completely biodegradable and dissolves within 3 to 4 months.

New collagen formation occurs around the thread that gives the desired results while maintaining the skin’s soft and smooth texture. So, before you decide to remove eye threads, it is advisable to give enough time to the treatment to show its results, then you’ll be able to reevaluate the next step better.

How Often Can You Get Under Eye Threads?

Repeated thread treatments are usually done every 4- 6 weeks. However, your doctor can better decide what time frame suits you, considering your skin condition and the need for desired results.

Is An Under Eye Lift Worth It? Does It Make You Look Younger?

Compared to dermal fillers, botox, and other injectable cosmetic treatments, and under-eye thread lift procedures stand out for their effective and long-lasting results. Results vary among patients, but it generally lasts 18 months to 3years – after which you can again opt for this treatment. There’s no doubt that thread lifts give you a younger and more fresh look. However, the results solely depend on where did you get your treatment from, what quality threads are used, and how you aftercare the results.

What Is The Cost Of An Under Eye Thread Lift?

The cost varies on the location (the prices differ per region ) where you choose to have the procedure done. On average, an under-eye thread lift treatment estimated cost is somewhere between $695 to $1295. However, this cost is split per session, and you don’t need to pay all at once. Moreover, the amount to be quoted by the doctor will depend on your skin condition and how complicated the procedure will be. Hence, you should first have your skin evaluated to get a cost estimation.

Can Under Eye Thread Lifts Go Wrong? What Are The Side Effects Of An Under Eye Thread Lift?

Thread lifts are non-invasive, and so they are low risk. There is virtually no severe bruising, pain, no risk of scarring, bleeding, tenderness, numbness, or other complications post-procedure. In rare cases, you may experience infection, irritation, or sutures (small mono or spiral threads) becoming visible under the skin.

Don’t worry; threads becoming visible can be resolved in a single sitting by cutting the thread back. Usually, these issues happen for a few days after insertion and take a few weeks to resolve.

Furthermore, it is to be noted that severe complications such as damage to nerves or blood vessels, accumulation of blood, snapping of threads can also occur if you get the treatment done by an untrained specialist or if the threads used are expired or of poor quality. Therefore, do not risk your skin and always choose a professional to perform the eye thread lift procedure.

When Can You Shower After Under Eye Thread Lift?

Your doctor will ask you to refrain from showering or washing your eye area for at least 12 hours post-procedure. Even you take a shower afterward, be careful not to scrub or massage the eye area. The best is to wash it off with a washcloth for at least 2 to 3 weeks – allow threads to settle first.

When Can You Go Swimming After Under Eye Thread Lift??

You are not advised to swim for 4 to 5 days after your eye thread lift treatment. It is advisable to wait until the suture area is completely healed. The same guideline is for saunas and hot tubs.

What Are The Eye Thread Lift Before And After Care Instructions?

Pre-Treatment Instructions:

• Lessen caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine intake at least a week before your procedure

• Inform your doctor if you are taking any drug

• Drink plenty of liquids but not very hot beverage

• Do not apply any makeup near your eye area

Post Care Instructions:

• Avoid raising your eyebrows or rubbing your eyes off

• Avoid sun exposure

• For the next 48 hours post-procedure, gently put cold compresses near your eye area

• Do not exert too much pressure on the treated area

• Avoid crying, coughing, or sneezing for the first 48 hours – no excessive movement of facial muscles allowed

• Avoid showering for at least 3 to 4 days after the procedure or as per the doctor advice

• Do not use eye makeup for a week

• No heavy activity or exercise

If the following problems occur after the eye thread lift treatment, immediately contact your doctor

• Bump appears on the eye area

• Your eyes become red, or in case of uneven skin

• If you suspect infection – bleeding, pain, etc.


What Are The Possible Misconceptions Of Pdo Eye Threads?

• Can PDO threads kill fat cells?

No, PDO threads do not kill your fat cells; instead, they stimulate collagen regeneration in the area where your doctor inserts them.

• Can PDO eye threads cause blindness?

The PDO eye thread lift treatment is incredibly safe. Unlike dermal fillers, no single cause of blindness has been reported due to PDO threads which makes it a particularly great choice for sensitive areas such as the eye where there’s a high risk for blindness or other vascular accidents.

• Do PDO threads cause lipolysis when you use them under the eyes?

No, PDO threads are known as collagen stimulators, and they can never cause lipolysis.

• Cannot PDO threads tighten under-eye skin?

PDO threads indeed remove wrinkles and eye bags perfectly, but they are not solely meant to tighten your under-eye skin. However, when threads are placed under the eye, you’ll already feel a tightening effect.

Who Can Perform Under Eye Thread Lifts?

PDO and PCL eye thread lift should only be administered by a trained doctor or medical professional, such as a surgeon who has been specifically trained and specialized in thread lifting techniques.

How To Store Eye Threads For Long?

Eye threads have a shelf life of 3 years. However, its proper storage is essential to keep it durable and effective.

• Do not expose threads in the sun

• Do not store threads in the refrigerator

• Prevent the threads from extreme moisture

• Follow the manufacturer’s storage instructions written on the back of the thread box.

How To Find The Best Manufacturer Of Eye Threads?

Suppose you’re a doctor looking to purchase eye threads for your patients. In that case, it is advisable to search for the best manufacturer and supplier who owns a professional website, active on social media platforms, can provide reasonable MOQ, have great customer 24/7 service, and much more. has been in the business of PDO, PCL, and PLLA threads for two decades and owns a huge market in North America and Europe.

The Verdict

PDO and PCL eye thread lift is the most loved treatment for eye bags and wrinkles. As your eye area is constantly in motion, causing deep lines to appear, it is advisable to discuss this thread lift treatment with your doctor. After all, the eyes hold a prominent and most appealing focal point on your face.

We hope this FAQ guide will help you make the right choice.

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