Experience Immediate Beauty With Yastrid Dermal Fillers

Yastrid Dermal Fillers are sought-after throughout Asia, America, the Middle East, and Europe for their immediate and long-lasting effects. Boost people’s confidence in a matter of minutes with Yastrid’s top-of-the-line dermal fillers.

  • Pure, 99.99% Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers
  • Long-lasting effects due to BBDE cross-linking technology
  • Visibly and instantly removes wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles after injection
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Building People's Confidence With Yastrid Dermal Fillers

Yastrid, as a leading manufacturer in the aesthetic medicine pharmaceutical industry, has been keen on creating dermal fillers that provide exceptional, long-lasting results. We make this possible by being versatile and opting only for the highest-grade materials available.

For over 16 years, we have been producing dermal fillers to remove fine lines, dark circles, and body augmentation. We have fine line, derm, deep, and ultra derm fillers for lips, nose, face, forehead, cheeks, chin, buttocks, and breasts. Each of Yastrid products was made of 100% real pure hyaluronic acid powder to ensure the safety and resultful effects.

Our company is a time-tested aesthetics medicine factory, supplier, and exporter. Proof of that is the vast network of businesses that work with us; over 11,000 medical spas, dermal centers, hospitals, and cosmetic surgery clinics use our dermal fillers worldwide.

Various Molecular Dermal Fillers to Meet Your Different Injection

1ml Deep Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

1ml deep is the same as 2ml deep, just the volume is different. But it’s good for lips and it’s know as lips filler.

1ml Fine Line Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

1ml fine line usually used for forehead, crow’s feet, and Frown. The molecules are smallest, it’s not think and hard.

2ml Derm Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

2ml derm is good value for lips, frown lines, and square jaw, etc. The molecules are smaller than deep dermal filler.

2ml Deep Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

2ml Deep is the most popular type which is widely used for cheekbone, nasolabial folds, and temple, etc.

10ml Deep Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

Compare with Ultra, deep dermal filler is smaller molecules, it can be used for different parts which are thick fat.

10ml Ultra Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

Ultra type is used for breasts and buttocks because of the large molecules. It’s hard enough to keep the lasting effect longer.

How Yastrid Dermal Fillers Redefine Excellence

Our dermal fillers are state of the art when it comes to both innovation and reliability. You can rest assured that our products will never put your business at any form of risk when using our dermal fillers.

Yastrid Dermal Fillers use the highest-grade Hyaluronic acid to ensure zero allergies, inflammation, irritation, and infection. Moreover, our fillers are specially formulated to provide a significantly lasting reshaping effect. In the 16 years of company operations, we have never received a single complaint.

Yastrid Dermal Fillers
Yastrid Dermal Fillers Material

Dermal Filler Manufacturing at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Yastrid Dermal Filler is made from 99.99% pure Hyaluronic acid powder to guarantee patient safety. Moreover, pure Hyaluronic acid provides more visible and lasting results. By using the most up-to-date medical-grade manufacturing equipment, you can be sure that your dermal clinic will only receive the best deep and ultra dermal fillers.

Quality Is Our Priority

With our line of aesthetic medicine products, you will never encounter the word “substandard” in your mind as Yastrid has no tolerance for it. It is our goal to ensure the safest and best quality dermal fillers by employing a stringent screening process.

Every step of the production process is examined and measured by our bio laboratories, which have advanced testing equipment to detect impurities and inconsistencies. Moreover, we have several inspectors for maximum quality assurance.

Yastrid Dermal Filler GMP Workshop

Pristine Facilities With 10,000 Cleanroom Rating

Our manufacturing facilities have an American Cleanroom Systems rating of 10,000 (ISO 7 equivalent). This certification assures that our laboratories are always clean, air-filtered, and routinely sanitized. We are consistent at keeping our aesthetic medicine factory immaculate as part of our quality assurance. Our strict procedures have allowed us to be in this business with no contamination incidents for over 16 years.

Excellence in Every Step-Yastrid Dermal Fillers Process

Yastrid Dermal Filler Cross-linking
Hyaluronic Acid Cross-linking With BBDE
Creating Hyaluronic acid in injectable form is the first step of our process. We begin by synthesizing Hyaluronic acid powder using BBDE as our cross-linking agent. This formulation provides a consistent, even, and long-lasting dermal filler.
Yastrid Dermal filler BBDE cross link
Filtering Excess BBDE
Once we have successfully synthesized hyaluronic acid for our dermal fillers, we will then filter out BBDE. Having the excess of this compound removed ensures 100% safety for dermal filling. Moreover, it also doubles the effectiveness and enhancement duration.
molecules Grading
Molecules Grading
After carefully filtering the excess BBDE residue, we then grade our products based on viscosity and potency. The classifications help aesthetics surgeons inject dermal fillers according to their optimal design: fine line removal, breast and buttocks augmentation, etc.
pushing force test
Pushing force test
Actually this test is for the dermal filler syringe. We use BD syringe which is top quality. But ensure the excellent quality, we need to check the pushing force first so that all the syringe can be pushed easy and injected successly.
Yastrid Dermal filler sterilization
Packaging Sterilization
he final step of this five-part process is sterilization for distribution. Once our dermal filler serums are in proper packaging, we sterilize them with ethylene oxide. This sterilization process does not alter quality and effectivity as it is a low-temperature procedure.
Yastrid biological compatibility test
Biological compatibility test
Before sell to the market, there are several quality test we need to do, like biological compatibility test. We know if the dermal filler do not have a excellent biocompatibility, it may be rejected by face and body and will cause a lots problem.
Yastrid Dermal Filler Sterility Test
Sterility Test
Sterility test is a very important step to ensure the safety of the dermal fillers. Because if there are some bacteria left, it may lead to swelling and allergy. Yastrid attached much importance to control this for human.
Yastrid Dermal Filler Assembly
Dermal Filler Assembly
When our Hyaluronic acid liquid has been classified accordingly, we then continue to the assembly phase. Our highly trained personnel carefully pack Yastrid Dermal Filler into syringes, all done in a 10,000 American Cleanroom Systems rated workshop.

Why Yastrid Is the Leading Dermal Filler Manufacturer?

Yastrid has become an industry leader in aesthetics medicine by producing the highest quality dermal fillers. We do not tolerate second-rate products, and we have several screening procedures to bring you the safest and most effective fillers on the market today. We inspect our dermal filler from its raw (Hyaluronic acid) to its ready-to-use form (pre-distribution).

In our 16-year history as a major supplier of dermal fillers, we have received numerous global awards and recognition. However, as a company, we’re most proud of the positive feedback we receive from doctors and patients:

Yastrid Dermal Filler Feedback

These international governing bodies — PCA, UDEM, and USDA — have approved our operations methods, manufacturing techniques, equipment, staff, and exportation practices. We also have a CE2292 certification, which guarantees that our products are of the highest quality. Our dermal fillers demonstrate our unwavering commitment to helping beauty and medical spas from all over the world provide the best service possible.



As an aesthetics medicine manufacturer with bio laboratories for producing medical-grade dermal fillers, we ensure that everything in our facility (from floor to ceiling; from equipment to personnel) is pristinely clean. Our workshop and buildings are rated 10,000 by the American Cleanroom Systems or ISO 7. This rating guarantees contamination-free dermal fillers.

International exhibitions (China International Medical Devices Exhibition, AMWC Asia, and Forum Labo) allow us to showcase our technology, innovation, and premium aesthetic medicine products. Aesthetic medicine, such as Yastrid Dermal Fillers, can provide a lasting solution to low self-esteem through appearance enhancement.

Dermal filler – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Injectable dermal fillers – popular as minimally invasive treatment – can soften facial creases, plump your thin lips, remove fine lines and wrinkles, enhance shallow contours, and improve those stubborn scars.

Dermal fillers have now become the talk of the town and a value-added part of the aesthetic world. If you’re also interested in learning more about this cosmetic treatment, read this guide until the end.

What is dermal filler?

Dermal fillers are a facial aesthetic procedure that helps bring the desired changes in the face they are used on.

Dermal fillers are gel types substances, which are injected beneath the skin surface to restore its volume. It helps in rejuvenating your skin, bringing the radiance and shine back!

All the lines and wrinkles on the skin that appear with age can easily be removed using these derma fillers. Once injected, they fill up the empty spaces, leading to an enhancement of the contours.

The mechanism of the working of derma fillers is unique, which ensures the results. The major component of these fillers is Hyaluronic Acid, which is already a part of the skin. However, with time it diminishes and leads to the sagginess of the skin. The Dermal fillers injections allow the user to rebuild the lost components of the skin and bring its youth back!

What can dermal fillers be used for?

In recent times, dermal fillers have been used in many ways. The most prominent use of this treatment is on the thin lips. This treatment makes it easier for you to plump up the thin lips and make them appear voluminous. Men and women all across the globe use it to have sexy, pouty lips!

Another significant usage of dermal fillers is the enhancement of the shallow contours. With time, your facial contours tend to lose their strength, which gives the whole face a droopy look. Dermal fillers help in enhancing the contours that have gone shallow, adding to their volume and strength.

All the facial creases and wrinkles can be easily removed using these dermal fillers. The old look of the face can easily be changed, and the vibrance of youth can be brought back to it. Another advanced usage of these fillers is that of removing the appearance of scars. The dermal fillers fill the scars up and remove their appearance altogether.

What’s the benefit of the dermal filler?

One of the worst things that come with aging is the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Mostly it is the face that gives away age, without one expressing it in words. Dermal fillers help in reducing this appearance, giving the face a natural youthful outlook. The results of this treatment are incredibly average, and nothing looks artificial or fake.

As one ages, the volume of the skin reduces, and the elasticity diminishes. As a result, the natural youthfulness is taken over by saggy and patchy skin. Dermal fillers, when injected into the skin, lead to producing collagen and elastin. They show visible results almost instantly! As there is no recovery time, most people find dermal fillers an appropriate method of skin rejuvenation.

Dermal fillers boost the confidence of the user. By filling up the empty facial contours, they ensure that the user looks fresh and vibrant at all times!

How long do dermal fillers last?

Well, this depends entirely on the kind of dermal filler being used. As each dermal filler comes with a different composition, it offers a time limit of a different level. A few stay intact for around six months, while others go ahead for twelve months before losing their viability.

However, certain dermal fillers treatments stay intact for as long as five years! Yes, you read that right. These kinds of long-lasting dermal fillers have Hyaluronic Acid as their main component. It is a natural substance, which helps in the automatic production of collagen.

With the collagen and some elastin being produced naturally repeatedly, there is no need for reinjection for five years.

How safe are dermal fillers?

One primary reason why dermal fillers are getting extremely common in today’s time is that they are incredibly safe! They do not generally cause any issue when injected. However, some side effects are associated with this treatment, but their chances are also quite rare.

Some very uncommon side effects of dermal fillers include some itching and skin rash. A pimple or redness may also develop, but everything is for the short term. They don’t last long, and once they are gone, the skin feels fresh and young once again. Hence, due to dermal fillers’ capacity to give vibrancy to the skin without causing any harm, this treatment is becoming widespread amongst those who want to change how they look.

Do dermal fillers ruin your face?

A dermal filler treatment from an expert who knows a highly safe job doesn’t ruin the face. Instead, it rejuvenates the skin and brings its luster back.

However, it is also true that excess of everything is bad. Dermal filler is an external treatment, which should be taken in moderation. This treatment stretches the skin, and using it for a very long period may damage the face. A lip injection taken repeatedly may end up deforming it.

Moderate treatments from an expert – taken with caution – are entirely safe and don’t cause any damage whatsoever!

Are dermal fillers worth it?

Dermal fillers are pretty expensive and heavy on the pocket. This is why a lot of people think a million times before opting for it. However, if you can afford the treatment, it is entirely worth every penny spent on it. These fillers tend to bring the skin’s freshness back, giving it the joy of a lustrous look.

One primary reason why dermal fillers are completely worth it is that they reduce the appearance of fine lines from the skin. The volume of the face loss due to aging can be brought back, giving the user a new and fresh look.

If you want to refresh and rehydrate your skin, you should try dermal fillers treatment at least once, as it is entirely worth it.

Are dermal fillers better than Botox?

Dermal fillers give results just like Botox does! However, one thing that sets them apart from Botox is their longevity. Dermal fillers stay intact for a while, much longer than that of the Botox.

Alongside this, one thing to be considered here is the duration of the derma fillers work only for the duration they are specified for. The long-lasting ones can work for many years compared to that of Botox.

If you have the budget, opting for dermal fillers would be a better option. This treatment would be a bit more expensive than Botox, but it will surely give better results and would work for a longer time.

Do dermal fillers hurt?

Dermal fillers don’t really hurt! However, the user may have to deal with a bit of discomfort while the fillers are being injected. That would be the normal injection pain, which won’t last long. Apart from this, the dermal fillers don’t hurt at all.

The area where the fillers are injected feels fuller with time. This will cause some level of heaviness. However, apart from this, no discomfort or rash appears on the application surface most of the time.

Do dermal fillers age you faster?

No, dermal fillers for sure don’t age you fast. Instead, they do the exact opposite. They help in making a face appear much younger and smoother than before. Likewise, dermal fillers give the skin a youthful look, enhancing its vibrance.

However, one thing to consider is not to overdo this treatment. Going over the board can cause problems, including making the skin much older than it really is. It is the negative effect ONLY if dermal fillers treatment is used excessively.

Taking the treatment in moderation is the key! It would be best to stay within the proscribed limits when injecting the dermal fillers on the skin. Once you do it, the dermal fillers will make your skin appear younger and vibrant.

At what age should you get dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are taken for various reasons. If you are looking forward to having them, especially combat aging, you should start after hitting 25. Starting at the mid-twenties is a good idea, as it helps produce collagen on the skin. The loss of bone that starts happening somewhere around the age of 26 is easy to combat with the help of these dermal filler injections.

Once the dermal fillers are started on time, they show outstanding results on the face and don’t let wrinkles and fine lines appear on the skin. Waiting to reach the 40s before taking the fillers would not show results as effective as those in the late 20s.

How many years can you get dermal fillers for?

The years for which you can get dermal fillers to vary. You can get them just according to your needs and requirements, depending on the kind of treatment it is – it can be either for six months or for as long as five years.

Certain derma fillers provided by Yastrid are FDA approved and can stay in their original condition for around five years to the most. However, a derma filler for the long term requires constant upkeep by consulting the doctor regularly so that it can stay intact for long.

Which dermal filler lasts longest?

Dermal fillers are of different types and kinds. Some kinds are those that stay in their original condition and last longer than others! The longest-lasting one is that of the Yastrid. People who look forward to getting some balance in the nasal folds get these fillers injected.

Yastrid dermal fillers stay effective for quite an extended period. For at least two years of getting these fillers, you don’t need to go for another one.

Is there permanent dermal filler?

Yes, there are permanent dermal fillers that are not decomposable. The three types of dermal fillers are temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. The permanent ones can’t be broken down. Once they become a part of the body, they stay there for long.

Most of the time, a permanent dermal filler is injected into that body area with thick skin. Once injected there, the dermal filler becomes a permanent part and doesn’t break down easily. One most common part of the body where they are injected is the nasolabial folds. Once injected, they can stay intact for as long as five years.

Hence, for those who don’t want reinjection time and again, permanent derma filler is the best way to go by!

What’s the side effect of injecting dermal filler?

The dermal fillers do not come with any apparent side effects. They are entirely risk-free, as long as they are taken in moderation and from an expert.

It is indeed necessary to get this treatment done by a practitioner who knows his job well. This will keep all the possible side effects and risks at bay.

A little bit of swelling, irritation, and rash may appear once the dermal filler application is made. However, it is always short-term and goes off on its own.

What to expect after injecting dermal filler?

Youthful skin with radiance and glow is sure to expect after one injects a dermal filler.

Nonetheless, dermal fillers don’t come with any drastic side effects or after-effects. Instead, it is quite a smooth process that starts and ends before one even realizes it!

Having said that, some minor irritation may occur ONLY due to the dermal filler application, and that’s the only thing to expect from the treatment!

What to avoid after dermal filler?

Once you take the dermal filler, you should avoid massaging the area aggressively. Applying any external beauty product to the injected area is also something that you should avoid doing. Alongside this, strenuous exercise and extensive workout is to be rescheduled for a later time.

Do dermal fillers work immediately?

Yes, dermal fillers work immediately and make you look radiant as soon as they are injected into the skin. You don’t have to wait for months before it starts showing its effects.

Dermal fillers, once injected, start creating collagen and elastin. As it accumulates, the skin gets voluminous and thick. Hence, with time, the effects of the treatment are more visible. The components of the fillers start to integrate with the tissues, letting them breathe once again.

Can I sleep on my side after injecting dermal filler?

No, sleeping on the side after injecting the dermal filler should be avoided at all costs. Once the area is treated with dermal fillers, utmost care needs to be taken for at least two weeks.

If you have the filler on your cheek, you should avoid wearing heavy and chunky earrings. Whichever area has been treated, maximum efforts are required to avoid bringing it in contact with the external bumping.

IF you sleep on the side of the injected dermal filler, it will hinder it from creating collagen and spreading it on the area targeted!

How much does dermal filler cost?

For each injection, the dermal filler costs around 600 dollars to 1200 dollars. However, dermal fillers are of different types, and the one you choose for yourself will have a different cost than the other one.

How many ml dermal filler should you inject into your lips?

The practitioners mostly use 1ml of dermal filler to inject on the lips. This is purely a cosmetic treatment; hence the experts avoid going over the top while injecting the area.

How many ml dermal filler should you inject into your buttocks?

A 100 cc of dermal filler can be used for each session on the buttocks, dividing it evenly on both sides. More than this, or lesser, can disrupt the effects of the treatment.

What should you do after dermal fillers (aftercare)?

Once you have taken the dermal fillers, you should avoid sleeping on that side. Alongside this, it is highly advisable not to rub or massage the injected area aggressively, or it would affect the treatment negatively.

Strenuous exercise that directly connects to the area treated should also be avoided as much as possible.

Can dermal filler cause allergy?

Dermal fillers, when injected by an expert, do not cause an allergy. However, it can be possible in very rare circumstances if the skin is way too sensitive to external treatments.

Can you inject dermal filler if your skin is sensitive?

No matter how sensitive your skin is, dermal filler is highly safe. You can inject it onto the skin without fearing possible side effects.

How many types of dermal filler are there? And what are these?

Dermal fillers are of four types: Hyaluronic Acid, Poly-L-Lactic Acid, Calcium Hydroxylapatite, and Polymethylmethacrylate. Hyaluronic Acid is the filler that one requires to inject if the skin is highly dehydrated and needs some radiance. The Poly-L-Lactic Acid builds collagen and brings the volume back to the face. Calcium Hydroxylapatite brings the skin’s firmness back, while the Polymethylmethacrylate filler is used to treat all those areas that have sagginess.

Hence you need to choose the type of dermal filler according to your own particular need and expectations.

From where to buy the best quality dermal fillers?

Yastrid dermal fillers are in high demand these days as they are made up of premium quality ingredients that restore your natural glow after a single application. They approved CE2292 and ISO13485.

Hope this guide will help you make the right choice!

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