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Yastrid Aesthetics | The Power of Microneedle Pens for Enhanced Skincare and Skin Radiance

As a new type of beauty device, derma pen for face can effectively improve skin texture and brighten dull skin. The microneedle pen employs a special spring device to pop out the needle of the device at high speed. The needles quickly pierce skin tissue and create multiple microchannels. The device is small and lightweight. It can be used as a professional beauty instrument in a beauty salon or as a home device for DIY operations. Compared with applying essence directly on the face, using microneedling pen can increase the absorption rate of the essence. The essence reaches the dermis layer of the skin, effectively hydrating and providing nutrition to the skin.

Moreover, by combining different types of essences, users can tailor their skincare routine to achieve various desired effects, from hydration and nourishment to brightening and rejuvenation. Overall, the derma pen for face offers a convenient and efficient way to elevate your skincare regimen and achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin. Yastrid has been producing and exporting derma pens and other aesthetic products for several years.


Yastrid Derma Pen Advantage 1: Flexible Adjustment of Needle Length and Speed

Yastrid’s derma pen has 6 gears to adjust the speed of the needle pressing down. The larger the number, the higher the speed. Users can choose freely according to their acceptance and their own expectations. At the same time, users can adjust the length of the needle at will, from 0.1 to 3mm, depending on the skin situation. Different facial areas require different needle lengths, such as the forehead, which requires a 0.25mm needle, and the cheeks and chin, which require a 0.5mm needle length. Yastrid derma pen for face is rich in functions and flexible in operation, allowing beginners to get started quickly.

derma pen for face
Yastrid derma pen

Yastrid Derma Pen Advantage 2: Aseptic Control of Production and Disinfection of Packaging

The production workshop of derma pen for face strictly controls the hygiene and environment of each production process, pays attention to the sterility of the products, and strictly sterilizes the products before packaging to ensure 100% safety of the products; as a minimally invasive beauty device, product safety is super important for derma pen suppliers. We strictly control every step from production to packaging and strive to deliver safe and sterile products to customers to ensure the safety of the entire mesotherapy. Excellent quality control staff strictly inspect the quality of products.


Yastrid Derma Pen Advantage 3: High-quality Materials and Anti-slipping Design

Yastrid derma pen for face is made of high-quality materials, with high-grade texture and excellent color. The handle is designed to be anti-slip to prevent it from falling off during operation. It is also convenient for the operator and can be operated flexibly and accurately.

Meanwhile, it has superior performance and elegant appearance, which can meet the various needs of users; it can be used in beauty salons or operated at home to achieve flexible and free skin care. Its main function is to improve facial skin, especially for improving acne marks and pits on the face.

Yastrid derma pen for face

Yastrid High Performance Derma Pen Display

Yastrid supplies 4 models of derma pen for face, inluding E6, E7, G7,G8. Superior performance and simple operation ensure smooth operation and optimal therapeutic effects.

Know More About Yastrid Derma Pen

Model Derma pen E6,E7,G7,G8
Materials medical grade stainless steel/Single crystal silicone
Colors Grey, Pink, Blue
Needle length 0-3.0mm
Power supply  battery
Body material Metal
Speed 6 Levels. MAX 15000 RPM
Weight 390g
Needle Types 16/24/36/42 pins, Round nano. Round fanner
Packing size 170*124*57(mm)

how to choose needle length of derma pen

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How Yastrid Produce High Quality Derma Pen

Yastrid employs a multifaceted approach to ensure the functionality and safety of its derma pens during production.

Starting with material selection, Yastrid chooses high-grade metals such as stainless steel or medical-grade titanium because they are biocompatible and durable, ensuring the product’s safety. Moreover, the manufacturing process involves precision processing technology, including laser cutting, to produce more refined and high-performance derma pens.

For the quality control process, each product is strictly examined by staff in terms of workmanship and performance, and each derma pen is strictly disinfected and tightly packaged. Quality control also emphasizes sterilization procedures of the whole process. Whether by ethylene oxide gas or gamma irradiation, sterilization protocols must be validated to ensure product safety.

Besides, automated systems monitor parameters such as needle penetration depth, needle speed, and motor performance during manufacturing to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

Compliance with regulatory standards such as the medical device ISO 13485 is paramount throughout the process. Yastrid firmly believes that derma pen for face can only fulfill their critical role in medical, cosmetic, and research applications with maximum safety and effectiveness through such rigorous measures.

Yastrid workshop
Yastrid's Factory Display
Yastrid has been producing derma pen for face for more than ten years, having rich experiences and excellent machines.
Yastrid fox eye threads workshop
Production Line
Smooth production line to ensure product production speed and production quality.
Yastrid derma pen machine
GMP Standard Workshop
GMP standard workshop ensure the quality of the products and safety of each employees.
Yastrid quality control staff
Quality Control Process
Each quality control staff strictly checks performance of each products and ensure the smooth operation of each derma pen.

FAQ about Yastrid Derma Pen for Face

  1. How do you choose the length of the derma pen for face?

The needle length of the derma pen for face should be determined according to the specific part of the face and the skin problem that needs to be corrected. For facial microneedling treatment, the forehead area requires a needle length of 0.25 mm-0.5 mm because the forehead area has less muscle tissue. The needle length of the cheeks, temples and chin is 0.5-1.5mm. The needles of the derma Pen used under the eyes are not sharp needles; they are blunt, protruding, small, granular devices. For the needles used on the nose and under the nose, the needle length is 0.5-0.1mm.

Different needle lengths are selected for different skin problems. For skin color and texture problems, you can use 0.5mm. For shallower acne marks, use 0.5-1mm. For deeper acne marks, use 1.5mm.

  1. How should I prepare before microneedling treatment?

Microneedle treatment will puncture the skin tissue, causing small wounds and a small amount of bleeding. Therefore, users must be fully prepared before microneedle treatment: clean your face and hands to ensure smooth operation. To be safe, use iodophor or alcohol to disinfect the face and hands, and disinfect the needle of the microneedle pen to prevent skin infection from the needle; in addition, consider personal pain tolerance and choose whether to undergo anesthesia in advance.

  1. How to care for facial microneedle treatment?

There are a few things you need to pay attention to after microneedling:

  1. Do not touch water within 24 hours to 36 hours after treatment to prevent facial infection and cause stinging at the wound;
  2. For the first seven days after treatment, it is suggestedto apply a mask in the morning and evening to help the wound heal.
  3. Do not wear makeup, irritating skin care products and vitamin C lotion within seven days after surgery.
  4. Pay attention to sun protection throughout the day to prevent facial pigmentation caused by sun protection.
  5. Pay attention to hydrating the skin. In addition to getting a facial mask every morning and evening, usersalso need to apply hyaluronic acid essence or liquid to ensure the skin is moist.
  1. Can microneedlingtreatment remove acne marks?

In many cases, microneedling can remove acne marks, requiring 3 to 5 sessions of treatments;

Derma pen for face mainly creates small channels on the face to help the essence enter the dermis layer of the skin and help promote the skin’s collagen; at the same time, these tiny wounds can promote the skin’s self-repair function, help repair acne marks and pits, and produce New collagen promotes skin smoothness and elasticity.

  1. What’s the frequency rate of microneedling treatment for face?

The frequency of microneedling should be determined based on the needle length of the microneedle. The longer the needle of derma pen, the deeper the wound will be during treatment and the longer it will take to heal. Needle lengths of less than 0.3mm can be done once a week, and treatments of 0.3mm to 0.5mm needle length can be done once every two weeks, 0.5mm to 1mm can be done once every 3 to 4 weeks, needle lengths from 1mm to 1.5mm can be done once every 6 weeks. For longer needle lengths can be done once every two months.

  1. What are the side effects of microneedle treatment for face?

Side effects of microneedling treatment include the following symptoms:

  1. Redness and swelling; the needles on the face after microneedling will cause small channels, which will lead to bleeding and local swelling. These symptoms will generally subside within three days after the operation;
  2. Skin peeling; the growth of new skin tissue, and the degeneration of the original facial skin will lead to partial or large-scale skin peeling on the face. At this time, the facial skin will appear loose and old. These are normal phenomena. After four to five days, will recover.
  3. Itching; During the recovery period of the skin, skin itching will occur. On the one hand, it is due to the regeneration of new cells; on the other hand, it is due to the tingling caused by the facial wound touching water. During this process, attention should be paid to moisturizing the skinto reduce the itching.

7. What should you pay attention to when doing microneedling at home?

When operating microneedling at home, attention should be paid to disinfection before operation, correctness of operation, and post-operation care. When operating at home, attention should be paid to disinfection in all aspects, and a cold compress mask should be applied immediately after the operation to calm the wounds on the face.

In addition, you should pay attention to the technique during operation and do not stay on the same place on the face for a long time repeatedly.

  1. How painful is microneedlingwith derma pen for face?

The pain of microneedle varies according to personal experience and needle length. Some people say that the pain caused by a 0.5mm needle length is acceptable. Some people need to be anesthetized in advance to use a 0.3mm microneedle. Generally speaking, epidermal anesthesia can be used for microneedles exceeding 0.5mm. After anesthesia is used correctly, there is almost no pain.

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