Yastrid crystal multi needle
Crystal Multi Needle - Great Stool for Mesothetapy
Yastrid is a professional needles and blunt cannula supplier with more than ten-years experience

Yastrid: Elevating Skin Texture with FDA-Certified Crystal Multi-Needles

Crystal multi needles include crystal 3 pin needles, crystal 4 pin needles and 5 pin needles. The main body of the needle is made of high-quality plastic material and looks like a crystal. Multiple needles are evenly distributed on the multi injector needles. The sharp needles can easily pierce skin tissue and inject various solutions.

Multi injector needles are mainly used to inject low-concentration potions or essences. They are mainly used for facial mesotherapy and anti-hair loss treatment. The injection efficiency of crystal muti needles is higher than that of single mesotherapy needles. This is one of the reasons why crystal muti needles are popular. Crystal muti needles are generally injected manually, which can significantly improve and enhance facial skin, including increasing skin moisture, promoting skin tightening, and improving skin dullness.

Yastrid has been engaged in the production and sales of multi injector needles for more than 10 years and has very rich production experience. Among them, blunt cannula, multi injector needles and hydra needles have obtained FDA certification, relying on the high quality and safety of the products.

Multi-needles Can Bring Excellent Results

Crystal muti needles can make the skin shiny and improve dullness of the skin;

Crystal muti needles can improve skin spots, including stains, sun spots and other pigmentation;

It can improve fine lines and promote skin firmness;

It can be used for injections under the eyes to help relieve dark circles;

It can help hydrate the skin and reduce acne scars;

It is used for hair loss treatment.

Yastrid Crystal multi needle
Yastrid Crystal multi needle

Medical Stainless Steel Material and Sharp Needle Tips

Yastrid’s crystal muti needles is made of medical-grade stainless steel. The needle tip is sharp and durable. The smooth needle tip can reduce the patient’s pain during use and provides a more comfortable injection experience. Stainless steel also has good corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties, ensuring the hygiene and reliability of the product. Excellent materials and excellent performance have brought Yastrid many loyal fans.

FDA Certification

Yastrid’s crystal muti needles have obtained FDA certification, which means that products meet strict quality and safety standards. With FDA approval, customer can use Yastrid crystal multi needles to give patients a good operating experience and postoperative results during use, and let them enjoy excellent skin care effects.

Yastrid Crystal multi needle certification
Yastrid Crystal multi needle workshop

GMP-Level Production Workshop, Product Safety Guaranteed

Yastrid has a production workshop that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and strictly controls the environment and operations during the production process to ensure product safety and performance. Whether in the production or packaging process, the humidity of the environment will be strictly controlled, and the disinfection and sterilization of products will be strictly controlled to deliver the safest and most reliable products to customers.

Discover Yastrid, Your Trusted Multi Injector Needle Supplier

Yastrid 3 pin Multi Injector Needle
It's for skin under eyes, 34G is the smallest size for safety injection and less pain.
Yastrid 4 Pin Multi Injector Needle
This needle is designed for neck or around eyes, it makes the injection much more efficiency.
Yastrid 5 Pin Mutil Injector Needle
5 needle injector at the same time, your ideal choice for mesotherapy treatment.

Learn More about Yastrid Crystal Multi Needle

Product Name  Crystal 5 Pin Multi Needle
Application Clinic
Color Transparent
Gauge 32
Length of Needle 1.2mm, 1.5mm
Usage Facial and Scalp Treatment
Quantity in a Box 20 Pieces / Box

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Yastrid 5 Pin Multi Injector Needle

Why Choose Yastrid as Your Partner?

Rich production experience: Yastrid has more than 10 years of experience in the production and sales of crystal multi needles and various other needles, and has an in-depth understanding of the technology and market trends in the industry.

Product quality assurance: The multi injector needles produced by Yastrid are made of high-quality medical stainless steel and are precision manufactured to ensure the needle tips are sharp and durable. They are FDA certified and comply with strict quality and safety standards.

GMP production standards: Yastrid has a production workshop that meets GMP standards and strictly controls the environment and operations during the production process to ensure product safety and stability.

Excellent after-sales service: Yastrid provides comprehensive services and has been recognized by many customers. We will promptly respond to every customer question and solve various transportation problems of products.

A full range of product categories: Yastrid not only provides crystal multi needles and blunt cannula, but also PDO threads and PCL threads, with a wide business scope and strong strength.

Reliable supply chain and logistics distribution: Yastrid has established an efficient logistics distribution network to ensure timely and accurate provision of products and services to customers.

FAQ about Yastrid Crystal Multi Needle

1, What are the uses of crystal multi needle?

The uses of crystal crystal multi needle include three major aspects:
facial skin improvement, under-eye skin care and hair loss treatment. Injecting low-concentration essence or liquid injection can help the skin get better care and solve various skin problems. Meanwhile, it can be used to treat hair loss. By injecting hair growth factors into the scalp, it can stimulate the regeneration of hair follicles and solve the problem of hair loss. 3 pins needles and 4 pins needles can be used for injections under the eyes, such as hyaluronic acid or brightening essence, which can relieve dark circles under the eyes.

2. What is the difference between a multi injector needle and a single meso needle?

Crystal multi needle have 3 to 5 needles. Compared with a single sharp needle, the injection efficiency is higher and the operation time is reduced.
It can cover a wider treatment area in a short time and treatment is faster and more convenient than a single injection needle, while reducing the discomfort during the treatment process.

3. Will crystal multi needle hurt?

For most people, the use of multi-head needles may cause noticeable pain. Therefore, physicians should local anesthesia before subsequent injections.
After anesthesia, the patient feels almost no pain or feels a slight sting. Using medical mask after procedure will also reduce the sting. And this pain is only temporary and will disappear within 2 hours. If there is persistent pain, please contact your doctor.
4. How are crystal multi needles used for hair loss treatment?

The crystal multi needle has multiple tiny needles, which can put hair growth factors into the syringe for injection. The hair growth factors can help inactive hair follicles regenerate. The activity of hair follicles will stimulate hair growth, thereby treating the symptoms of hair loss. And through micro-needle stimulation, promotes scalp blood circulation and stimulates hair follicle growth, thereby improving hair quality and scalp health.
It is recommended to use minoxidil solution when using crystal multi-head needles for hair loss, which can achieve better hair growth results.

5. Is mesotherapy using crystal multi needle safe? Is it effective?

Multi-needle mesotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that is generally considered relatively safe. During the treatment process, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the skin surface and operator and operating instruments. In a regular beauty clinic, the operation should be performed by a qualified physician.
Mesotherapy has been proven to be very effective for skin problems and hair loss, and the effect can be doubled after multiple treatments. Just one session is not very helpful for skin problems.

6. What are the side effects of mesotherapy treatment with crystal multi needle?

The side effects of crystal multi needle treatment are usually mild and temporary, and usually return to normal within 5-7 days after surgery, including local redness, swelling, bruises, and tingling sensations. In rare cases, serious side effects such as allergic reactions or infections may occur. If you encounter such serious side effects, seek medical help.

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