Face Lift Threads | Surgery-Free Solution to Restoring Your Youthful Glow

Face Lift Thread is today’s most viable, minimally-invasive solution to make you look up to 15 years younger. With Yastrid threads, you will have tighter, more radiant skin instantly after your procedure — zero incension experience.

  • Highest-quality PDO, PLLA, and PCL Face Lift Threads
  • Yastrid facelifting threads are proven and tested to last up to four to five years!
  • Yastrid is the No.1 aesthetics medicine manufacturer of medical threads in China
  • Yastrid face threads are available in over 52 nations


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The Ultimate Face Lift Threads Manufacturer and Exporter | Yastrid

Yastrid is a pioneer when it comes to Face Lift Threads. In fact, our company has been, and still is, the No. 1 aesthetics medicine manufacturer in China for more than 16 years!

We manufacture and supply a myriad of aesthetic threads that you can use for several types of facial enhancement procedures. Our three core dermal thread types are PDO, PLLA, and PCL, all three specializing in specific applications.

With Yastrid as your Face Lift Thread supplier, you can rest assured that your patients will be more than satisfied with their aesthetic procedures. Our threads provide near-permanent results when done correctly.

Three Kinds of Face Lift Threads to Meet Your Different Demand

Yastrid Pdo Threads

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are for facial reshaping due to their durability, making them perfect for face lifting, skin tightening and wrinkles removing.

Yastrid PCL Thread

Polycaprolactone (PCL) threads are best for collagen production enhancement, ideal for tightening the skin and restoring its youthful glow for fairer skin.

Yastrid PLLA Thread

Poly-L-Lactide Acid facial threads (PLLA) last for over three years. It enhances skin growth, ideal for fixing sagging and unresponsive skin.

Yastrid Top Quality Face Lift Threads

Yastrid is the first company who make face lift threads in China. After four upgrades of thread lifting technology, Yastrid has become a full-product factory of threads. We produce PDO (Polydioxanone), PLLA (Poly-L-Lactide Acid), and PCL (Polycaprolactone) threads.

All Yastrid Face Lift Threads, are approved by the Conformite Europeenne (CE). More importantly, our partner for raw materials is Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals, the No. 1 biomedical corporation in Korea.

Yastrid Face Lift Threads
Yastrid Face Lift Threads Cannula

Japanese Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel for Cannulas

Another aspect that Yastrid excels at is the stainless-steel blunt-tip cannulas to deliver the Face Lift Threads into your skin. We import directly from Japan for refined surgical-grade steel and cut them into blunt-tip cannulas using state-of-the-art equipment.

Blunt-tip cannulas are renowned for reducing facial bleeding, bruising, swelling, and scarring. It does that by displacing blood vessels instead of lacerating them.

Our Workshops All Hold a 10,000 GMP Rating

At Yastrid, safety and quality are our utmost priorities. We make sure that all our face lift threads surpass international standards, which is why we invested in building competitive, extra clean workshops inspected by the American Cleanroom Systems and International Organization for Standardization.

Our employees are trained and geared with full PPE (personal protective equipment — coverall and gloves) to eliminate any chance of product contamination.

Yastrid Threads Workshop

How We Produce Yastrid Face Lift Threads?

cutting cannula
Needle and Cannula
We adopt Japan imported stainess stell as raw material, and advanced Germany machine to cutting and making each needle and cannula
Cutting threads
Advanced Barb Cutting
Our Face Lift Threads have a firm grip on your skin, allowing for consistent and unchanging tension. It assures you that your facial tightening won’t loosen up even after years.
GMP workshop
GMP Standard Workshop
Our workshop and bio laboratories are meticulously clean and routinely sanitized. We qualify for medicine synthesis and production.
Packing threads into cannula
Making Threads
Making thread is the most important step for making face lift threads. We can see the artwork to check the quality of thread is good or not.
Sterilized Packing
Sterilized Packing
The Blister packing is the first step to reduce the moisture. The back paper is made of special raw material which can absorb the moisture effectively.
E.O Ga Sterilization
E.O Gas Sterilization
EO Gas Sterilization is our sterilization method of choice as it is a low-temperature procedure that does not alter the quality of our Face Lift Threads post-packaging.
Moisture Removing
Moisture Removal
As mentioned above, we nitrogen purge all our aesthetics medicine products to ensure zero moisture (cleaning and prolonging their shelf life).
water-proof packing
Water-proof Packing
The final packing is most important, we using a four-layer foil bag to prevent moisture effectively so that we can keep the face lift threads longer time.

Why Choose Yastrid as Your Face Lift Threads Supplier?

Our claims are nothing without proof, and that is why we compiled a few of the transformations provided by our Face Lift Threads. See the before-and-after photos and judge the changes for yourself:

Yastrid prioritizes quality and safety over anything else. That is why we test our Face Lift Threads in every stage of their production, from moisture content assurance (nitrogen purging to remove all liquid content) to tensile strength testing (to ensure proper thread strength).

Yastrid begins by importing surgical stainless steel from Japan and Face Lift Thread raw materials from Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals in Korea for synthesis. Thereafter, we carefully produce blunt-tip cannulas as a medium for our PDO, PLLA, and PCL dermal threads. Once we have assembled each thread, we then sterilize them with EO gas for a contamination-free product.

With over 16 years of manufacturing medical aesthetics products, we proudly present recognitions from international pharmaceutical organizations. We have compiled numerous awards for our top-quality Face Lift Threads. However, we are still more eager to show actual feedback from the people who use them: patients and healthcare professionals.

Yastrid Testimonials

Face Lift Thread – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you fed up with your sagging skin too? Yarisid.com has the best Face lift threads recommended used for face lifting procedures.

The drooping or crepey skin occurs as a natural factor of aging and may be a matter of your mental health. For this, experts have utilized techniques using effectively authentic Face lift threads to give your face the rejuvenating profile back.

If you plan on receiving this innovative treatment for your mature skin, do not fret! Because, in this guide, you will get the answer to every question you have:

What are face lift threads? Are they permanent?

Face lift threads are sutures that provide an uplifted profile when used in specific enhancing techniques.

The facelifting approach utilizes these threads as ideals to combat your sagging skin. Rather than surgically removing your loosened facial sag, the practitioner merely puts a halt on the aging skin by anchoring up the targeted area.

Commonly, to gently treat the skin layers by stitching them up, the PDO smooth sutures get utilized in various surgical procedures.

The innovative approach to traditional thread lifting makes use of absorbable threads that dissolve into the skin over time. Although these sutures are ideal in some cases, unlike a facelift, they are not permanent and result in temporary enhanced effects.

However, the duration of the Face lift thread depends upon the type used and the aftercare.

Can you feel the face lift thread?

Luckily, because the face lift threads utilized in a thread lift are relatively minute, you may not sense anything going on.

Face lift threads are non-surgical and minimally invasive, unlike other dermal injection fillers that can be intrusive. But also as even before the initial treatment begins, the doctor might very well anesthetize you. Besides that, once the skin surrounding the sutures has healed, many individuals do not feel them at all. However, one of the reasons it is essential to seek the services of a skilled and certified practitioner is to reduce the possibility of discomfort.

Do all face lift threads build collagen?

Part of the reason the face lift threads are ideal for any thread lift procedure is that they further help battle sagging skin. The dissolvable sutures allow the body to produce a sufficient amount of its natural collagen synthesis in the region of treatment and its surrounding.

The elasticity or collagen production is significant since it plays a crucial part in the process of aging. Moreover, the different areas of the body that lose firmness require various degrees of threads for tightening accordingly.

Collagen serves to maintain the skin robustly, add volume, and supple apart from wound repair. Whenever the body’s system detects any external material inside the epidermis or even a minor injury, it is hardwired to respond in this manner.

The facial tissues become rejuvenated continuously and gradually using this approach. Those who get a thread lift to stimulate collagen can see their skin tone and texture steadily improving.

How many types of face lift threads are there?

The face lift threads are of many types that fall under mono-directional, bi-directional, and three-directional categories.

There may be polydioxanone (PDO), polylactic acid (PLA), and polycaprolactone (PCA).

These sutures are the main kinds of threads presently manufactured and used all over the world. Out of these, PDO face lift threads are the most common that have been in use for over thirty years in operating many surgical procedures. Nevertheless, the continuous evolution in this method allows us to further categorize the PDO sutures as non-barbed threads and barbed threads.

The sub-classifications of non-barbed sutures consist of braided (twist or screw) and mono-filament (smooth) ones. Whereas, the following are some of the sub-categories of barbed (cog) threads:

  • Unilateral
  • Bilateral
  • Spiral
  • Z-type
  • Cutting barbs
  • Molding barbs

Is face lift threads better than dermal fillers?

With the face lifting thread approach, you can comfortably target multiple regions of the body, face, or neck simultaneously without the fear of any risk. However, using dermal fillers, you may be cautious about the usage as treating several areas at the same time may cause heavy swelling and post discomfort.

Dermal filler injections may pose some concerns. Those who fear the use of needles usually opt for using thread lifting techniques.

Unlike any dermal filler, these threads do not offer a permanent outcome. However, it provides an easier and safer platform for the patients and the doctors likewise.

On the other hand, experts recommend the combined use of these sutures with dermal injectables for enhanced and relatively prolonged effects. Your practitioner can help you sort among the possible implications to choose the strategy that best meets your needs.

Are face lift threads better than Botox?

The most prominent aspect of the two is that face lift threads will stimulate collagen synthesis, but a Botox may not. To attain the intended results, most people will need more than one injection of Botox. It differs from a thread lift in that it slowly permanently paralyzes or numbs the muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. This numbness may cause complications like the spreading of toxins and droopy skin later on. However, depending on the degree you require and more relating factors, the cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will advise what’s appropriate for you.

Are face lift threads better than Sculptra?

Just as all dermal fillers, Sculptra almost works the same. However, in some cases, the necessity for multiple sessions to acquire the expected outcome, the need to massage the treated region for at least seven days, and the threat of growing lumps underneath the skin surface are all factors of getting Sculptra that face lift threads have an advantage over.

This Chinese-origin approach may be preferable for some, mainly those who have already experienced these techniques.

What is the best face lift thread?

Despite PDO face lift threads, bi-directional threads are ideal for elevating facial tissue as they deliver instant anchorage to the tissue and do not allow the suture to shift in any position because of the two-way orientation of the barbs. Although they all tend to serve the same purpose but have varied lasting results. However, the suitable Face lifting thread to use may depend upon the following factors:

  • Area to target
  • Degree of lift
  • Desired goal to achieve
  • Skin type and texture

Is puckering normal after face lift thread?

A few days after the treatment, you may experience bruises over the treated region along with swelling and puckering of the skin. The mild tightening of the skin is utterly usual after getting a procedure that includes face lift threads, and it usually eases and fades away within two weeks. However, patients and doctors are frequently concerned about puckering, dumplings, and thread visibility as a complication.

You may avoid these Face lift threads complications by:

  • Obtaining the right level of expertise on how to position the face lift threads appropriately and efficiently.
  • Before cutting the excess suture off, have your facial expressions assessed by the doctor.
  • The doctor must make sure the absorbable threads get correctly anchored.

Despite this, research shows that 18% of threads pucker, whereas only good training can minimize this issue as much as 70%.

Is face lift threads painful?

Very little pain is associated with a thread lifting procedure. Getting the appropriate attention and level of expertise is one of the things on which the outcome of your treatment depends.

Although face lift threads themselves are not painful, however, once inserted, you may feel a slight sense of irritation or itching in the treated area. It may preside for a few days post-treatment.

The following are some common expectations to achieve a pain-free procedure:

  • The practitioner must be a qualified licensed doctor
  • The doctor must be aware of the anatomy of the face.
  • You are to follow the pre-treatment care correctly as well as the post-treatment care.

Who is the best candidate for face lift threads treatment?

Typically, a facelift using face lift threads is best suited for candidates with moderate signs of aging and wrinkling on the face and neck.

Even though there is no defined age restriction for these treatments, both men and women between mid-30s to late 60s ages are likely to go for this approach and act as its successful candidates.

Besides people who have undergone a face lift even five years ago, people who cannot handle or are unwilling to get a standard surgical facelift may benefit from the less intrusive procedures using face lift threads. The method could also benefit individuals who would like to skip surgical procedures and delay the onset of facial aging. Furthermore, the reasons for which an individual who is not applicable for Face lift threads treatment include:

  • Unfortunately, those who experience excess or severe sagging may not be the recommendable candidates for using face lifting sutures.
  • Individuals that suffer from skin diseases are also not applicable for this attempt.

However, in any case, you first must consult with your primary home care doctor before going for the Face lift threads treatment.

Can you remove face lift threads?

Whatever the case may be, an advantage of face lift threads is that you can either merely get them removed or wait for these sutures to dissolve in the skin. A thread lift is not permanent. Therefore they can be reversible, making them a convenient alternative.

Any inconsistencies discovered at the moment are a clear sign that it is best to undo or adjust the sutures. Furthermore, modifying molded threads can be a little difficult than usual, but it still is achievable.

Do face lift threads break easily? How to protect them?

A possible consequence of face lift threads is their breakage. When this happens, the breaking generally occurs near the point of the incision. Most of these sutures are of utmost resistance. The sutures may also break even if they get fixed not accordingly. It is why it is as important to seek the care of an experienced professional.

The structural support, however, will not get affected when a thread becomes displaced or breaks. They are suitable enough to get utilized in a range of crucial surgical procedures, particularly for heart surgeries. The composition of the Face lifting thread often makes them prone to snap when exposed to moisture and is unlikely to get repaired.

Likewise, Face lift threads tend to break or snap under the following critical circumstances, and you can keep this from happening by:

  • Avoid aggressively touching or rubbing the treated skin area.
  • For a few days after the surgery, refrain from getting facial massages
  • Do not wash your face for at least 24 to 48 hours to avoid exposure to moisture.

How long does it take to see results from face lift threads?

Within one or two months of your session, you will witness the final results. However, you can see the initial uplifted profile results right after your treatment. The length of time it takes relies on how the face lift threads interact with your dermis layers and the natural consistency to give you a more youthful look. Among the essential aspects for how rapidly your body generates newer and healthier collagen is your age.

Even though the results from this procedure can be observable within a few weeks, they may last for up to a year or longer. Nevertheless, to achieve more enhanced and lasting effects, your doctor may advise using face lift threads along with specific dermal fillers such as Botox.

How long does swelling last after face lift thread treatment?

Mild swelling and inflammation are usual along the treatment region shortly following the procedure. Because of the face lift threads pushing between the skin layers during insertion, you will feel slight discomfort that results in post-swelling. However, after a week of minor inconveniences caused by edema will be no more. The facial muscles, along with other relative structures, attain their ultimate positioning.

Do celebrities get face lift threads?

The publicity of Face lift threads approach has seemed to conquer the beauty industry, and every other celebrity seems to opt for this treatment.

Moreover, the leading actress Gwyneth Paltrow promoted thread lift using face lift threads in her digital magazine in 2015, bringing the technique to the spotlight of the public at large. The most frequent targeted area is the brow.

Celebrities tend to get attracted to the brow lift to achieve the trendy uplifted fox-eyed look.

How often you should get face lift thread?

The effects are transient, and you can get follow-up treatments every twelve months to maintain the results by using face lift threads, depending on your desired age-reversal demands and the type of thread used.

Although Face lift threads procedures are not permanent, there is no upper limit for getting a face lift treatment.

Can the face lift thread go wrong?

Thanks to the innovative approach, studies have shown lesser odds of face lift threads procedure going wrong. These sutures are minimally invasive.

The different types of face lifting sutures contain biodegradable polymer substances and are completely safe for both men and women to use. The immediate impacts of the Face lift threads treatment have made it prominent around the globe, and it has demonstrated worldwide success in addressing various targeted areas.

Face lift threads are not approvable for pregnant or nursing ladies. Those with a record of keloid scarring, chronic skin infections, or immune disorders should avoid it too.

Can you do makeup after face lift thread treatment?

Avoid using beauty products like makeup for several days after the treatment to stop putting unnecessary stress on the placed face lift threads. Luckily you may resume the use of cosmetics soon enough, unlike in a surgical face lift where you have to wait months to get a hold of your typical routine. However, in rare cases, you may apply a lightweight moisturizer, sunscreen, or a skim foundation or concealer instantly following the procedure.

Unless mild bruises appear on the skin surface, you may carefully disguise them using a naturally hued cosmetics concealer. However, before actually implementing any of these, you should check with your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist.

What are the side effects of face lift threads?

Because face lift threads are minimally invasive, they induce a lower risk of complications. However, like every procedure has its side effects, individuals may endure minor discomfort and irritation after undergoing the Face lift threads procedure. There is no need to get concerned, considering the healing reaction of your body gets triggered once the suture is under the skin.

Given below are some of the most frequently occurring transitory side effects that last up to only 24 hours:

  • Mild bruising along the threads placed.
  • Slight swelling
  • Minor discomfort at the site of injection

In exceptional Face lift threads cases, you may experience:

  • Visible dimpling or puckering along the threads inserted in the skin
  • Bleeding from where the sutures got introduced
  • The face lifting sutures may be noticeable on the outer skin surface, usually in the case of thin skin texture.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of face lift thread?

For a handful of reasons, the progression of face lift threads for face lifting applications is better compared to previous ones:

  • Face lift threads can serve to treat a range of targeted areas of the face, such as:

Nasolabial folds

Marionette lines

Cheeks region

Lines on the forehead


Under-eye bags and brows

  • Apart from proving an uplifted profile, they strengthen the elasticity and texture of the skin. As we get older, our natural skin suffers as a result of the aging process. These threads tend to rejuvenate it somewhat, restoring the enhanced look.
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • It produces a natural outcome.
  • Since the sutures are absorbable, the possibility of infection is almost equal to being non-existent.
  • Efficiently treats acne scars

However, with a few pros, there are always drawbacks when it comes to individual liking. These may be:

  • The face lift threads may not be permanent, but the collagen formed around them can preserve the effects for quite a while.
  • The degree of lift may be moderate as it offers an extensively natural appearance.
  • You may experience a sense of discomfort on the treated skin and other minor inconveniences, but know that these are temporary side effects felt.

What is the cost of face lift thread?

This method usually costs 40% less than a traditional facelift, judging through a detailed evaluation. The overall cost of a thread lift using face lift threads varies upon where you live, how skilled your practitioner is, the type of suture used, and the regions you choose to target. The average charges of the procedure may range anywhere from between $300 and $4,500.

What precautions you should take before and after undergoing face lift thread treatment?

Following any thread lift, it is essential to prevent some tasks. On the other hand, what you choose to do is just as significant as what you avert. Before and after treatment by face lift threads, you must keep the following precautions in mind:

  • You are to take naps or rest with your head facing up towards the ceiling and supported by a pillow underneath. You must repeat the process until at least after a week.
  • Do not apply any medicated creams unless suggested by the doctor.
  • Apply ice periodically to the treated region to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid smoking for a few weeks before going in for your session.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol before and after the treatment.
  • Refrain from doing any intense workouts for the following days of your session.

How to gauge the quality of face lift threads?

Face lift threads can tighten and uplift lax or drooping regions for different areas of the face aiding to decrease the aging effects when inserted underneath the skin. In this case, the practitioner may best advise you regarding this matter after analyzing your facial anatomy and considering your requirements.

From where to buy the best quality face lift threads?

The number of sutures and your locality might surprisingly influence which face lift threads to purchase. You can consider getting these medical-grade sutures from the leading supplier and manufacturer of Face lift threads named ‘Yastrid.com’. They are an FDA-approved manufacturer and make supplies all over the world.

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