Who Can Perform PDO Thread Lift?

To succeed in your cosmetic clinic, you need to keep up with anti-aging treatments. New products are always available, and what was previously thought too expensive or unusable for the average person suddenly becomes the norm. Though many cosmetic treatment options are available for restoring the appearance of aging skin, don’t fall behind in your practice. …

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What is PDO Thread Lift Eyelids?

Aging affects the muscles. So, people develop sags around the eyes and the forehead when they age. And because the skin around the eyes is thin, the muscles in this area weaken faster; losing elasticity and leading to noticeable subsidence. Surgical removal of this excess skin leads to worrisome complications and does not rejuvenate or …

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Does PDO Thread Lift Hurt?

Does PDO Thread Lift Hurt-Yastrid PDO Thread Lift

PDO thread lift is a new and popular cosmetic procedure that has been getting much attention lately. It’s a minimally-invasive alternative to a traditional facelift and has many benefits. PDO thread lifts are less expensive, have a shorter recovery time, and are associated with fewer complications. But people still fear PDO thread lift as they’re afraid of …

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