What are the Side Effects of a Cat Eye Thread Lift?

cat eye thread lift before and after

With the emergence of non-surgical advancements, the ever-evolving field of cosmetic operations has witnessed a thrilling turn in the hunt for a youthful and lifted appearance. The cat eye thread lift has become well-liked since it offers a refreshed appearance without requiring invasive surgery.

You can temporarily obtain a natural almond shape that sets you apart from the crowd by gently lifting the brow, eyelid, and eye corners.

But there’s a catch: while the cat eye thread lift seems okay, there are side effects that you’ll encounter.

Let’s explore this intriguing universe, dissecting the components of this cosmetic masterpiece and investigating any potential side effects that might be woven into the overall makeover.

Comprehending Cat Eye Thread Lift

Imagine a delicate yet powerful magic wand that skillfully lifts and shapes your eyes to give you that desired feline appeal. That wand is the cat eye thread lift, sometimes called the non-surgical facelift.

With this technique, some portions of the eye skin are lifted and tightened by carefully placing dissolvable PDO threads beneath the surface, making organically renewed skin appear.

These threads, frequently composed of biocompatible materials, serve as a scaffold to support drooping tissues and encourage collagen formation. This method, influenced by the classic thread lift, has developed to meet the particular requirements of the eye region and offers a customized solution to individuals who want to draw attention to the inherent beauty of their eyes.

Cat Eye Thread Lift Advantages

cat eye thread lift

What’s the big deal? What distinguishes cat eye thread lifts from other aesthetic techniques? The plethora of advantages it provides holds the answers.

Getting a Youthful and Lifted Appearance

The main objective of cat eye thread lifts is to enhance the eyes’ natural features with a subtle yet noticeable lift. This gives one’s eyes a revitalized and renewed appearance that is sometimes compared to having “cat-like” eyes, giving their entire appearance a seductive touch.

Non-Invasive Nature

Cat eye thread lifts’ non-invasive nature stands out when time is of the essence. This method, in contrast to conventional surgical facelifts, requires fewer incisions, which lowers the hazards of surgery, including scars and longer recovery times.

Fast healing

Following a cat eye thread lift, patients can resume their regular activities almost immediately because of the procedure’s short healing period. The short downtime is a valuable choice for people who want revolutionary outcomes without taking a protracted break, especially those with busy schedules.

Possible Adverse Reactions to Cat Eye Thread Lift

Although there is no denying the appeal of cat eye thread lifts, it is essential to be aware of the possible adverse eye thread lift effects that could come with this cosmetic procedure.

Common and Transient Side Effects

Cat eye thread lifts may cause joint and transient side effects like other cosmetic operations. Common side effects include bruising, swelling, redness, and discomfort at the treatment site. When appropriate post-procedure care is provided, these are usually transient.

Well, let’s look in-depth at the following eight adverse effects linked to cat eye thread lifts:

Edema and Bruises


Despite being among the least intrusive procedures available today, patients may occasionally have post-procedural bruising, swelling, and pain. It is among the most often reported complications, if not the most.

There may be slight damage from the introduction of threads beneath the skin, which could result in noticeable bruises. Additionally, swelling could happen as the body reacts to the foreign substance. These side effects usually go away in a few days to a few weeks but are transient.

However, most evaluations and research have opted not to classify soreness, bruising, swelling, pain, or discomfort as consequences.

Sensitivity and Redness

Redness and soreness at the treatment site are possible side effects for certain people. This is the procedure-induced inflammation that happens naturally.

Redness and soreness, like bruising and swelling, are usually transient and go away as the body heals.

Itching or Discomfort

The thread insertion sites can become itchy or uncomfortable during the early healing. This is frequently a component of the body’s normal reaction to the threads.

Itching or discomfort is typically transient and can be controlled with appropriate post-procedure care, much like other common side effects.

Intolerances to the Thread Material

Allergies can still happen even though the threads used in cat eye thread lifts are usually composed of biocompatible materials. Anyone with a history of allergy to specific materials should talk to your cosmetician about this.

It is possible for allergic responses to appear soon after the treatment and must be treated immediately.

Uncommon but Potential Side Effects

Upon closer inspection, we discover rare side effects that, despite their rarity, deserve attention. Although allergic reactions to the thread material are conceivable, the risk of infection is relatively low.

There is also a small risk of thread migration or extrusion, which emphasizes how crucial it is to have a full consultation with a trained expert before having the surgery.

So, let’s explain these uncommon effects:

Migration of Threads

Threads Migration

Threads can occasionally move from where they were initially placed. This may cause an imbalance or impact the intended lifting effect.

Additional steps to relocate or eliminate misplaced threads may be necessary to address thread migration.

Risk of Infection

Cat eye thread lifts carry a slight risk of infection; however, it’s uncommon. Good hygiene and following post-procedure care recommendations are crucial to reduce this risk.

If an infection were to develop, it would need to be treated appropriately and with quick medical attention.

Extrusion of Threads

This is called thread extrusion, when threads emerge through the skin and become perceptible. This could necessitate corrective action and impair the final aesthetic result.

Extrusion could call for additional action, such as adjusting or removing the threads.

Damage to Nerves or Hematoma

cat eye thread lift procedure

Rarely, an operation may cause a patient to get a hematoma. During the thread insertion procedure, the performing physician inadvertently tears or damages a blood vessel’s wall, allowing blood to leak into the surrounding area.

Temporary or, in infrequent circumstances, long-lasting sensory abnormalities may result from this. If it arises, nerve damage might take some time to heal; any enduring problems should be brought up immediately with the treating physician.

In rare instances, the patient may become immobile permanently if a deep facial nerve is injured during the treatment. Although they are uncommon, incidents of hematoma and permanent immobility are not unheard of.

Facial Imbalance

Facial asymmetry is another potential issue from performing a thread lift. Numerous things, including anesthesia, innate facial asymmetry, and insufficient lift on one side, might result in facial asymmetry.

Dimpling & Abnormalities

Following surgery, a patient may experience dimples and abnormalities. The subcutaneous tissue of a “sunken cheek” and the oral angle regions, where there may be exaggerated facial expressions or movements, are among the most frequently occurring places.

More severe side effects like scarring may happen. Consult an accredited plastic surgeon with board certification skilled in advanced thread lift surgery to lower the possibility of unfavorable results.

After-Procedure Handling and Monitoring

As with any cosmetic operation, reducing adverse effects and achieving the best possible outcomes depend heavily on post-procedure care. Patients with cat eye thread lifts should adhere to specific protocols to minimize typical negative effects.

A quicker recovery and more satisfaction with the outcome can be attained by fully realizing the significance of post-procedure care and carefully adhering to the recommendations.

These protocols include avoiding physically demanding activities, minimizing excessive facial motions, and using recommended topical treatments.

To lessen swelling and bruises, use cold compresses on the affected area. Consider taking arnica supplements. A practitioner will suggest patients ice the afflicted area and adhere to post-procedure, extreme facial motions, resting on the face, shaving, applying harsh cleansers, intense exercising, and massaging or pressing the affected area.

For sensitivity and redness, adhere to your practitioner’s post-procedure care instructions. Keep the region treated out of direct sunlight and use mild skincare products.

Before the operation, let your practitioner know about any allergies or sensitivity. Steer clear of scratching the treated area and use over-the-counter antihistamines as prescribed.

In summary

The widespread perception is that the thread lift method is one of the most sophisticated, least invasive, and safest non-surgical procedures—despite all the potential problems listed above. Providers can safely achieve optimal patient outcomes by knowing the causes, effects, and appropriate protocols for managing potential issues.

Comprehending the possible adverse effects, participating in comprehensive discussions, and ensuring appropriate post-operation care are essential components of this life-changing procedure.

Feel free to connect with your provider if you have any concerns.

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