Cat Eye Thread Lift Before and After—What to Expect

cat eye thread lift before and after

Do you admire people with upturned eyes and brows like the Kardashian sisters? The quest for a lifted, youthful gaze has led to numerous advancements in cosmetic procedures. A popular minimally invasive method for getting this desired look is the Cat Eye Thread Lift, also called the Fox Eye Thread Lift.

PDO threads are used in cat-eye thread lifts to gently raise the outer brows and eyes, giving the appearance of an almond-shaped lift. This procedure won’t alter your eye form, but you can get similar results with imaginative eyebrow plucking and sketching.

This article is your one-stop guide to the Cat Eye Thread Lift before and after. It uses before-and-after comparisons to provide a clear image and covers all the information you need, from pre-procedural expectations to post-treatment aftercare. You can trust that you’ll find everything you’re looking for here.

What is a Cat Eye Thread Lift?

The Cat Eye Thread Lift, also known as the Fox Eye Thread Lift, is a unique and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment. It utilizes dissolvable PDO threads to create the illusion of raised, almond-shaped eyes. These strategically placed threads gently lift the outer corners of the brows and eyes, resulting in a sharper, youthful appearance. So, before we discuss cat eye thread lift before and after let’s look into who is capable of taking on the treatment:

This process is perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • Take care of hanging eyelids or a hooded look.
  • For a younger appearance, accentuate the general contour of the eyes.
  • Develop an elevated, more focused gaze.

Reduce the amount of crow’s feet that appear around the eyes.

The following factors could disqualify you from being a good candidate for a cat eye thread lift:

  • Severe sagging skin: Thread lifts work well for mild to moderate laxity. A surgical facelift can be a better choice if you have severe sagging.
  • Fragile skin: Complications could arise because thin skin may not hold the threads.
  • Impractical expectations: It’s important to realize that thread lifts don’t result in a drastic change but produce subtle effects.

What To Do Before the Cat Eye Thread Lift Procedure

cat eye thread lift before and after

Currently, the Cat Eye Thread Lift is making headlines on social media. While browsing your Instagram at one point or another, I know you’ve come across this famous procedure. However, every procedure has its necessities before it takes place.

So, you should consult a licensed and skilled dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon before you get a cat eye thread lift. The practitioner will evaluate your suitability for the operation, discuss your cosmetic objectives, and answer any questions you may have during the initial appointment. To guarantee reasonable results, you must be transparent and honest in communicating your expectations.

Sometimes, the process may involve bleeding or bruising. To minimize the danger, you must avoid specific drugs, supplements, and substances before the surgery. Besides, if you like smoking or drinking alcohol, then this is not the right time to partake. Avoid these two substances to maximize recovery and reduce problems.

Before treatment, your doctor may instruct you to refrain from taking certain drugs or supplements that thin blood and increase the risk of gushing blood, depending on your doctor’s recommendations.

The surgeon will likely take pictures of you before the operation to record your appearance and provide a point of comparison for assessing the outcome.

The Cat Eye Thread Lift Procedure

cat eye thread lift procedure

  • The Cat Eye Thread Lift is fast, and it takes less than an hour as an outpatient surgery in a physician’s office. Here’s a summary of what to anticipate:
  • Cat Eye Thread Lifts are outpatient procedures in medical settings, usually taking 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Before the procedure, your doctor must clean the treatment areas, and a local anesthetic must be administered to ensure patient comfort.
  • Using a tiny needle to move the threads across the brow and temple, the cosmetic surgeon carefully implants them into the precise spots to achieve the desired lift. The surgeon primarily uses barbed or cogged threads. The threads are meticulously handled after placement to create the illusion of elevated, almond-shaped eyes and to lift the eyebrows.
  • After placing the threads, the physician gently pulls on them to raise the targeted tissues just a little bit. Depending on your desired goal and the doctor’s approach, you may need additional threads for further augmentation.
  • The aesthetic surgeon may cut any extra thread ends to guarantee a flawless finish. After the surgery, patients may return to their regular activities immediately. However, short-term side effects may be bruising, swelling, and minor soreness.

What Can I Do to Speed Up Cat Eye Thread Lift Recovery

Even though a cat eye thread lift often only requires a brief recovery period, there are things you can do to encourage healing and reduce discomfort for cat eye thread lift before and after, which could hasten your return to regular activities. Here are some pointers:

Reduce Soreness and Swelling

  • Sometimes, especially in the first 24 to 48 hours, cold compresses are applied to the treated area for brief periods (10 to 15 minutes). It may lessen discomfort and help with edema.
  • Sleeping with your head raised on a couple of additional pillows helps minimize swelling by preventing fluid buildup around the eyes.
  • Acetaminophen, an over-the-counter pain reliever, is one such medication that can help you manage any soreness or discomfort you may have.

Facilitate Tissue Repair and Healing

  • You need to stay hydrated. Drinking eight glasses of water daily will promote the removal of toxins and aid in healing cat eye thread lift before and after the procedure.
  • A nutritious diet high in fruits, veggies, and lean protein helps your body to build and heal itself.
  • Vitamin C and arnica are two vitamins that may help with recovery; however, before beginning any supplement regimen, speak with your doctor.

Cat Eye Thread Lift Before and After

cat eye thread lift costs


  • After a Cat Eye Thread Lift, healing is usually quick and painless. What to anticipate in the upcoming days and weeks is as follows:
  • First, you might have swelling and discomfort. Mild swelling, redness, and pain are typical during the first several days following treatment. Applying cold compresses for brief periods can help reduce these sensations.
  • It is possible to get bruising. Although it usually goes away in seven to ten days, temporary bruises can happen.
  • Has your doctor asked you to refrain from some activities? To promote maximum healing, your doctor may recommend a brief period away from physically demanding activities and frequent facial motions.
  • Recheck appointments to make sure you get all. Make follow-up appointments with your physician so that you can discuss any concerns and track your progress.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cat Eye Thread Lift

You must choose a perfect cat eye thread lift before and after, which necessitates carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages. Here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.

Advantages of Cat Eye Thread Lifts

  • It is minimally invasive. A thread lift requires far less incision than a surgical facelift. It means less discomfort, less recovery time, and less scarring.
  • If you want faster results, this is the perfect procedure. Following the operation, you’ll feel a lifting impact immediately, although it can take a few weeks for the full effects to show as collagen production grows.
  • You’ll have reduced recovery time: Most people can return to regular routines in a few days with little to no downtime after a thread lift.
  • It is perfect for subtle enhancement. Thread lifts provide a rejuvenation that looks natural by gently raising and shaping the eyes and brows to give the face a more youthful appearance.
  • Brow thread lifts are cost-effective. Thread lifts are typically less expensive than surgical facelifts.

Disadvantages of Cat Eye Thread Lifts

  • Sadly, cat eye thread lifts have temporary results. Thread lifts have momentary lifting effects. Usually, the threads disappear after 12 to 18 months, and the lifting effect will progressively wear off.
  • It has limited lifting capacity. Thread lifts are ideal for light to moderate sagging. A surgical facelift can be better if you have severe skin laxity.
  • There are possible difficulties with cat eye thread lifts. Although rare, potential side effects include infection, asymmetry, visible threads, and migration.
  • Although the local anesthetic reduces pain during the treatment, you can feel some soreness and edema afterward.
  • Do you have unrealistic expectations? It’s important to realize that thread lifts don’t bring about a drastic change; instead, they offer minor improvements.

Maintenance and Follow-Up

Patients may periodically have touch-up procedures to keep their results at their best. These follow-up appointments can help extend the benefits of the Cat Eye Thread Lift and guarantee that the intended cosmetic results last over time. During follow-up sessions, the cosmetic surgeon will evaluate the outcomes, address any concerns, and suggest any necessary additional treatments or changes.

Can I Combine Cat Eye Thread Lifts with Other Procedures?

brow lift with filler

Yes, your cosmetic doctor can combine a cat eye thread lift with other cosmetic treatments to address different elements of facial aging and provide a more thorough rejuvenation. Below, I provide a closer look at specific such pairings:

Suitable Techniques

You should combine it with Botox. Botox injections are valuable for relaxing hyperactive muscles that cause wrinkles around the eyes and frown lines. Combining Botox with a cat-eye thread lift might intensify the lifting effect, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Have you ever heard of dermal fillers? They can treat volume loss in particular locations, such as the cheeks, temples, or beneath the eyes. It can accentuate the lifting impact of the thread lift and result in a more youthful, well-proportioned face structure.

Also, it is possible to combine cat-eye thread lifts with non-surgical skin tightening procedures. Ultrasounds and radiofrequency (RF) can tighten the skin and increase collagen synthesis. Combining them with a thread lift amplifies the lifting and tightening benefits.

Things to Take Into Account When Combining Procedures

  • Your overarching objectives are crucial. Discuss your intended result with your physician as you think of the cat eye thread lift before and after treatment. Combining procedures can help with various issues, but make sure they support your overall rejuvenation objectives.
  • Are you suitable for a combination? Only some techniques are appropriate for some individuals. After evaluating your unique needs, your doctor will suggest the best course of action to provide the best possible outcomes with the least risk.

If you combine procedures, you may need more time to recuperate. Plan appropriately and talk to your doctor about the anticipated downtime.

Examples of Combining Procedures

Now, you know that it is possible to combine procedures, but what are the best combinations?

You can try:

  1. Thread Lift and Non-Surgical Skin Tightening: This combination can provide a more thorough tightening and lifting effect.
  2. Thread Lift and Botox: This joint combination addresses muscle laxity and sagging skin around the eyes.
  3. Thread Lift and Fillers: This combination can add volume to specific areas while the thread lift lifts and defines the brows and eyes.
  4. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) and Thread Lift: This procedure can give the upper and lower eyelids a complete makeover. It tightens muscles, shifts fat pads, and removes extra skin. When combined with a thread lift, it can produce exceptional outcomes.

Traditional Canthoplasty and Cat Eye Thread Lift: If you’d like to alter the form of your eyes permanently, consider traditional canthoplasty. This minor surgical operation intensifies the appearance of cat eyes by adjusting the outer corners of the eyes.

Still, there are several essential considerations before combining any other procedure with cat eye thread lifts, for instance:

  • Your doctor will determine the best sequence for achieving the best results.
  • Choose a physician with extensive expertise in combining cosmetic procedures to ensure safety and maximum results.


Those who want to improve the appearance of their eyes and attain a more lifted, youthful appearance should choose the Cat Eye Thread Lift as a minimally invasive option. Patients can confidently approach the treatment process and make educated decisions if they know what to expect before and after this operation. Suppose the doctor meets the right conditions, including adequate pre-operative planning, thoughtful expectation management, and attention to post-procedure instructions. In that case, the cat eye thread lift can produce natural results and revitalize the eye area.

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